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    One of my favourite FMP releases, "5, die sich nicht ertragen können!" by Vinko Globokar was recently re-released on the FMP download site at Destination Out!, which reminded me to share this.

    A1.  Echanges Für Einen Blechbläser

    A2.  Res/As/EX/Ins-Pirer Für Einen Blechbläser

    Vinko Globokar, trombone

    B.  Discours IV Für Drei Klarinetten

    Jacques Di Donato, B clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet
    Jacques Noureddine, B clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet
    Michel Portal, B clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet

    Recorded in Paris, Salle Adiar.

    Deutsche Harmonia Mundi - 1C 065-99 712

    Vinyl Rip

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    This is only a temporary post - BUT I HAVE TO CONFESS:

    I have deleted all comments for the last nine days - I was obviously asleep.

    So please - SORRY!

    This apology goes especially to Nick and Milo for deleting their comments with the links....shame on me....

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    Some more oop Marion Brown on Calig.

    A1.  Dance No.110:47
    A2.  Exhibit B3:35
    A3.  The Sound Of A Song8:16

    B1.  Malipieros Midnight Theatre8:10
    B2.  Il Ne Chant Pas6:00
    B3.  Dance No.28:50

    Marion Brown , alto saxophone
    Daniel Laloux, bass, percussion
    Steve McCall, drums, percussion
    Ambrose Jackson,  trumpet, percussion
    Gunter Hampel, vibraphone, bass clarinet, percussion
    Jeanne Lee, voice, percussion

    Recorded live at Bayerisches Staatskonservatorium der Musik, Würzburg, Germany, May 17th 1969.

    Calig – CAL 30 605

    Vinyl Rip

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    Wonderful radio broadcast contributed by mew23. Photos are from "Country Cooking" album, recorded January 1988.

    CHRiS McGREGOR's BROTHERHOOD OF BREATH - Live at Middelheim Jazz Festival 1987

    Harry Beckett - trumpet
    Dave Defries - trumpet
    Claude Deppa - trumpet
    Annie Whitehead - trombone
    Fayyaz Virji - trombone
    Julian Arguelles - soprano and baritone sax
    Chris Biscoe - alto sax, clarinet
    Steve Williamson - tenor and alto sax
    Jeff Gordon - tenor sax, clarinet, flute
    Robert Juritz - tenor sax
    Chris McGregor - piano
    Ernest Mothle - electric bass
    Gilbert Matthews - drums
    Thomas Dyani - congas

    1. Dakar [19:37]
    2. Atlantic Island Dreams [10:42]
    3. You And Me (Sejui) [10:29)
    4. Country Cooking [13:12]
    5. Big G [10:38]
    6. Andromeda [06:20]

    Recorded live at the Jazz Middelheim Festival in Antwerp, Belgium, August 14, 1987

    FM radio broadcast
    Total time [70:58]

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    Tomasz Stanko,  trumpet
    Bobo Stenson,  piano
    Anders Jormin,  bass
    Tony Oxley,  drums

    1. Intro   0:32
    2. Cain's Brand   18:00
    3. Leosia   14:40
    4. Maladoror's War Song   18:33
    5. White Ballad   4:46
    6. Outro   0:19

    East-West Jazz Festival, Nuremberg, Gemany.  1996

    BBC Radio 3. 'Through the Night'

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    A1. Sunflowers
    A2. Dream Drums

    B1. Diom Futa
    B2. Black Snow

    Cheik Tidiane Fall, percussion
    Bobby Few, piano
    Jo Maka, alto saxophone
    Anedra Shockley, vocals (B2)

    Recorded in Paris, May 1979

    Free Lance - FRL001

    Vinyl Rip

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    There are some other recordings by pianist and saxophonist Yoriyuki Harada on Inconstant Sol, including here with Kazutoki Umezu and here as leader. This album includes mainly extended pieces for quartet.

    1.1.  1995.12.5
    1.2.  1995.12.5
    1.3.  An Intermission (1983.2.16)
    2.1.  1995.11.29
    2.2.  1995.11.29
    2.3.  1995.11.29

    Hideaki Mochizuki, double bass
    Shota Koyama, drums
    Takeo Moriyama, drums on 1.3
    Yoriyuki Harada, piano, soprano saxophone on 1.3
    Hideo Tokioka, saxophone

    Recorded at Shinjuku Pitt Inn, except Intermission.

    Off Note – ON-9, 1996

    CD Rip

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  • 03/20/13--06:00: Jacques Bisceglia, 1940-2013
  • Black & White Fantasy

    French photographer Jacques Bisceglia passed away on March 1st, 2013. Even if his tool was not a musical instrument, his work is an integral part of the history of the music we love and we feel it is important to pay tribute to him. From the 60's onward, Jacques Bisceglia photographed many moments of jazz making: iconic episodes such as the Pan-African Festival in Algiers or Albert Ayler at the Fondation Maeght, but also many more mundane moments, daily life episodes or concerts now forgotten, moments he captured masterfully.

    At the end of Jacques Bisceglia's Black & White Fantasy book, published in 1984 and now out-of-print, Abbey Lincoln wrote "Bisceglia's work speaks for itself, of course." Very much so, this is why we would like to share a few pictures, taken from Black & White Fantasy.

    alan silva & françois tusques - paris, 1969

    don cherry - paris, 1968

    anthony braxton & barbara bisceglia - paris, 1971
    beb guérin - paris, 1970
    june tyson, richard wilkinson, marshall royal, eloe omoe, sun ra - between paris and donaueschingen, 1970
    sonny simmons, barbara donald & son - san francisco, 1971

    For more information on Jacques Bisceglia's life and his often astute views on the history of the music, see William Parker's essential Conversations book (Rogue Art, 2011). The book features an interview with Bisceglia (the only non-musician) and is illustrated with his work. Rogue Art also published a collaboration between Bisceglia and poet Steve Dalachinsky, titled Reaching Into the Unknown (2009). French speaking readers might want to look for the "Memories of You" series of articles Bisceglia wrote for the Improjazz magazine.

    peter gannushkin - peter brötzmann & jacques bisceglia - new york, 2009

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    The word is that eventually the whole of Paul Dunmall's DUNS Limited Edition catalogue will be available to purchase as downloads.  Until then Paul has given me permission to upload this one which is a big favourite of mine.  Passionately subdued.  Give yourself an hour to get lost in it.

    Paul Dunmall,  tenor sax
    Paul Rogers,  7 string ALL bass
    Philip Gibbs,  guitar

    1. Don't take the magic out of life  57.51

    Recorded live at the Quaker Centre, Warwick
    by Chris Trent
    10 December 2005

    DUNS Limited Edition 049

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    This was an excellent concert - and the music was quite different than what I've expected from their CD "Kopros Lithos" (you can get the CD here or there but also in downtown). More "subdued" but not less fascinating - maybe the music for an excellent SF (i know that's a rare species).
    The concert and the three were a real fun to behold - haven't heard the recording yet, as I prefer to cherish my memories as long as possible - but you've missed it. So here's it for you.


    Peter Evans, trumpet & piccolo trumpet
    Agustí Fernández, piano
    Mats Gustafsson, soprano & baritone saxophone

    1. title 09:35
    2. title 14:19
    3. title 08:18
    4. title 08:00
    5. title 10:50
    6. title 06:15
    7. title 04:58 (encore)

    Recorded during the 8th "ad hoc music" festival, at the Unterfahrt, Munich on September 20, 2012.


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    Masahiko Togashi's first professional performance was in 1955 and his first recording in 1957. Over the next couple of weeks I have a few albums to share from a series of 40th anniversary live concerts recorded in 1995. The first is with his long time collaborators, Masahiko Sato on piano and Nouyoshi Ino, on bass. On saxophone is Junji Hirose, who is probably best known outside Japan for his work with Otomo Yoshihide in Ground-Zero.

    Togashi did the cover painting too.

    1.  In The Pot
    2.  Inter-Action
    3.  Little Eyes
    4.  Mr. Jorke
    5.  Waltz Step
    6.  In The Pot (Short Closing Theme)
    7.  Quick Motion (Encore)

    Nobuyoshi Ino, bass
    Masahiko Togashi,  drums, cover picture 
    Masahiko Sato, piano
    Junji Hirose, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone

    Masahiko Togashi 40th Anniversary concert.

    Recorded at Hall Egg Farm, Saitama, on 9 December 1995.

    Take One Records – TKOJ-2, 1996.

    CD Rip

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    A1.  Chirato6:50
    A2.  Phénobarbital - Septième Songe12:45
    B1.  Debora8:00
    B2.  Enitram - Narcisse11:50

    Didier Levallet, bass
    Yochk'o Seffer,  bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone
    Jean-My Truong, drums
    Siegfried Kessler, piano, flute

    Recorded on Jan 9, 1971.
    Futura Records  – GER 19, FUT 2015, 1971

    Vinyl Rip

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    I got this from rutracker torrent site and somebody (possibly original uploader - thank you mishka1981) was carrying enough to make complete early ECM-like CD artwork for it. I found it while searching for Eberhard Weber and realized later that this is his first ECM date ever. Probably one of the weirdest albums on the label, it was well described by Tyran Grillo on his "between sound and space" blog:

    An early outlier in the ECM catalog, Output convulses with as much lively originality as it did when it was first released. Wolfgang Dauner, perhaps better known as founder of the United Jazz + Rock Ensemble, assembles a modest trio of talent for this classic 1970 studio free-for-all. The end result is humor, provocation, brilliance, and chaos all rolled into one. (...) Superb, if jumbled, musicianship and a strong attention to detail make for a unique experience all around. Dauner does wonders with limited means, Braceful sheds his skin at every turn, and this is a far cry from the Weber of the languid orchestral suites. Not an easy listen for the faint of heart, but one that will give back what’s put into it. Viable candidate for quirkiest album cover of all time?

    WOLFGANG DAUNER - Output (ECM 1970)

    1. Mudations  5.45
    2. Output  7.42
    3. Bruch  4.15
    4. Nothing To Declare  10.40
    5. Abraxas  4.24
    6. Brazing The High Sky Full  4.25

    all compositions by W.Dauner, except 6 by F.Braceful and W.Dauner

    Wolfgang Dauner - piano, ring modulator, Hohner Electra-clavinet C
    Eberhard Weber - bass, cello, guitar
    Fred Braceful - percussion, voice

    Recorded September 15 and October 1, 1970 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg. Produced by Manfred Eicher.

    ECM 1006 (vinyl rip)

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    A1.  Maignelay Blues
    A2.  Punch
    A3.  It Will Come

    B. Suite Pour Orchestre À Cordes Et 2 Soloistes En 4 Mouvements
    -    Inner Dance
    -    Dialogue 1
    -    Inner Dance Continued
    -    Dialogue 2
    -    Bass Fanfare
    -    Epilogue

    Kent Carter, double bass, cello, violin, viola, percussion
    Oliver Johnson, drums
    Michala Marcus, flute
    Takashi Kako, piano
    Carlos Corujo "Zingaro", violin

    Recorded at Victor Studio, Tokyo

    Le Chant Du Monde – LDX 74686, 1979

    Vinyl Rip

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    This is the second of the 40th anniversary releases.

    1.Monk’s Hat Blues
    2.Spontaneous Compassion
    3.Cranky Cue
    4.Rumba De Funk
    5.I Remember Goko
    6.My Old Dreams

    Kosuke Mine, soprano and tenor sax
    Masahiko Sato, piano
    Nobuyoshi Ino, bass
    Masahiko Togashi, drums

    Recorded live at Shinjuku Pit Inn, 16 December 1995

    Take One Records – TKOJ-3, 1996

    CD Rip

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    After removing at least 500 clicks I'm finally able to present this wonderful music.

    In my IMHO this is one of Vesala's best recordings - excellent and intense drumming!
    Strong baritone from  Paakkunainen....Koskinen's trumpet!
    Wonderful and joyful bass work from Hauta-aho...Pekka Pöyry's reeds are...Mircea Stan and his trombone...high wailing harmonies - snake-lines...clear articulation - no even when playing heavy....enough praising...
    A real gem - hope it will be re-issued soon - would be happy to delete the links and buy me a remastered CD....

    Meanwhile - Enjoy.


    Heikki 'Mike' Koskinen, trumpet
    Mircea Stan, trombone
    Pekka Pöyry, alto and soprano saxophone, flute
    Seppo Paakkunainen, baritone and soprano saxophone
    Teppo Hauta-aho, bass
    Edward Vesala, drums

    A1. A-vara (Koskinen)                  12:53
    A2. Marssi For Keinonen (Hauta-aho)  05:12   
    A3. Interlude (Paakkunainen)         01:45   
    B1. Waltz No. 3 (Vesala)             08:40   
    B2. Kling Klang (Paakkunainen)       10:23

    Recorded on April 20, 1972, at Finnvox Studios, Helsinki, Finand.

    UFO 004 (lp rip)


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    Here is music from three BBC Sounds of Jazz broadcasts by heroes of British jazz taken from cassettes.  I haven't separated the presenter's introductions so they are included with the music here and there.  I'm afraid I do not have a record of the dates of recordings or broadcasts, presumably some time in the 1970/80s.  Any help would be gratefully received.

    Harry Beckett Quintet +1

    Harry Beckett,  trumpet, flugelhorn
    Elton Dean,  alto sax, saxello
    Pete Lemer,  piano, synth
    Paul Rogers,  bass
    Tony Marsh,  drums
    Courtney Pine,  soprano sax, tenor sax, bass clarinet

    1. Wind of change  10:43
    2. Time of day  13:35

    Alan Skidmore / Malcolm Griffiths Quintet

    Alan Skidmore,  tenor sax
    Malcolm Griffiths,  trombone
    John Taylor,  piano
    Ron Matthewson,  bass
    Tony Levin,  drums

    3. Silver sliver  8:43
    4. Das ist Alice  14:37

    John Taylor Sextet

    John Taylor,  piano
    Stan Stulzmann,  tenor sax
    Kenny Wheeler,  flugelhorn
    Chris Pyne,  trombone
    Chris Laurence,  bass
    Tony Levin,  drums

    5. Cameo  5:24
    6. Lao  8:46
    7. Silver  5:53
    8. O  5:54

    BBC Radio 2.  Sounds of Jazz.  Presenter: Peter Clayton.  Dates unknown.

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    Another great jazz release on the Calig label.

    A1.  Vibes First  5:50       

    A2.  We Are You (I)  5:16              

    A3.  Marimba Dance       2:50       

    A4.  The Positive  9:03   

    Easy Suite (18:08)

    B1.  When I Sing  9:10    

    B2.  Easy               6:20       

    B3.  We Are You (II)  2:38             

    Peter Kowald, bass

    Allen Blairman, drums, percussion

    Karl Berger , vibraphone, piano, marimba

    Ingrid Berger, vocals, percussion

    Recorded in November 1971, Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg.

    Calig ‎– CAL 30607

    Vinyl Rip

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    A1.  Albane De Lune2:32
    A2.  Dzingarella4:10
    A3.  Groucho Marx0:30
    A4.  Glucose Confectionnerie N° 11:10
    A5.  Un Veilleur De Nuit Phosphorescent (L'Âne En Penne)7:05
    A6.  Leila4:20
    A7.  F.J.L.M.F.J.3:20

    B1.  Introduction2:35
    B2.  Vashkar2:40
    B3.  Clarté Somnambule1:55
    B4.  Glucose Confectionnerie N° 21:00
    B5.  Tic Tac Des Sapopithèques1:40
    B6.  Chanson D'Enfant3:10
    B7.  Elzevir4:20
    B8.  La Ferme De Brique Aux Joies Creuses5:30

    François Méchali, double bass, cello
    Jean-Louis Méchali,  drums, percussion,vibraphone, voice
    Mico Nissim, piano

    Recorded on March 22 and 29, 1971, at the Théâtre de l'École Centrale in Chatenay-Malabry.

    Futura Records – GER 28

    Vinyl Rip

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    IRENE SCHWEiZER - Solo piano in Prague 2ooo

    Piece 1 - 9:51
    Piece 2 - 4:09
    Piece 3 - 8:41
    Piece 4 - 6:03
    Piece 5 - 5:30
    Piece 6 - 5:00

    Irene Schweizer - piano

    Total time with applause 39:16

    Recorded at Suk Hall of Rudolfinum, Prague, November 2000 during INTERNATiONAL FESTiVAL OF JAZZ PiANO - SOLO RECiTALS. Soundboard recording for radio broadcast.

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