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    Tomasz Stanko, trumpet
    Michel Pilz, bass clarinet
    Christian Ramond, bass
    Klaus Kugel, drums

    1. Suite (Melusina) 14:53
    2. Cecelina 6:53
    3. Gaby's Rhapsody 8:46
    4. War Song 8:15
    5. Sunia 8:19

    6. Sandrinella 8:08
    7. Relais De La Petrusse 6:45
    8. Fast Song 7:39
    9. Suite 2 12:59

    Recorded for the WDR Jazzmeeting at 'Die Röhre', Moers on March 7, 1985.

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    A1. Sonny's Back
    A2. No Arguments, Please
    A3. I Love You - But Later
    B1. Der Kungusische Cheftrainer
    B2. Let's Take Take And Then The...

    Urs Blöchlinger, alto & sopranino saxophone, melodica
    Heinz Geisser, guitar
    Tomi Hirt, bass
    Dieter Ulrich, drums

    Tom Varner, french horn (B1)
    Dave Taylor, bass tuba (B1)
    Jacques Siron, bass (B2)
    Jean-Paul Autin, bass clarinet, recorder (B2)
    Ives Cerf, tenor saxophone (B2)
    Jürg Solothurnmann, alto & tenor saxophone (B2)

    Recorded April 10 1987, at ‘Festival Intime’ Radiostudio DRS, Zürich

    Unit Records ‎– UTR 4027

    Vinyl Rip

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    Following on from Nick’s posting of the Burn/Butcher album Fonetiks, I dug out this old radio broadcast of Chris Burn’s Ensemble.  I’ve left in all the between-track chat not only because it’s interesting but because it is a joy to hear such well-spoken voices.
    Some Ensemble recordings are still available through John Butcher’s website.

    CHRIS BURN, piano
    JOHN BUTCHER, sop and tenor sax
    JIM DENLEY, flute
    STEVIE WISHART, violin, hurdy-gurdy
    PHIL DURRANT, violin
    MARCIO MATTOS, cello, bass
    JOHN RUSSELL, guitar
    MATT HUTCHINSON, synth, electronics

    01. Introduction  0:56
    02. Airground glide  4:42
    03. Interview 1  3:10
    04. Influence and concealment  7:29
    05. Interview 2
    06. Fun for all  12:51
    07. Interview 3  0:41
    08. Cordboil and the four dwarves  11:21
    09. Interview 4  0:43
    10. Interview 5  1:48
    11. Slow storm scene  4:33
    12. Zip code  7:36
    13. Outroduction  0:33 

    BBC Radio 3. 'Midnight Oil'.   Broadcast March 1993  (I think)           

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    ORNETTE COLEMAN, alto sax, violin, trumpet


    1. 14:20
    2. 13:49
    3. 17:38


    4. 14:56
    5. 16:15
    6. 14:41
    7. 04:03

    Free Trade Hall, Manchester. 14th May 1966

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    A.  Writing In Water

    B.  Water Writing

    B1. Prelude
    B2. Song
    B3. Violin Song
    B4. Monody Line With Squeaks And Foot Work In Two Parts
    B5. Blurred Edge
    B6. Melody

    Phil Wachsmann, violin, electronics

    A side recorded at the Actual Festival, Bloomsbury Theatre, London, 19 October 1984

    B1 recorded at The Cut, 3 October 1984
    B2 at the Ufton Centre, 1 April 1985
    B3 and B4 at West Square Studio, 15 June and 8 June 1985
    B6 in London, 31 August 1985

    Bead Records ‎– BEAD 23

    Vinyl Rip

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    Live in Teheran, Calcutta, Dacca, Manila, Seoul and Osaka in 1976

    A. Untitled

    C. Untitled
    D. Untitled

    E. Untitled
    F. Untitled

    G. Untitled
    H. Untitled

    I. Untitled
    J. Untitled

    K1. Excerpt From "Arrangements" (Toshi Ichiyanagi)
    K2. Lonely Mountain (Shoko Shida)
    L1. Same Trains
    L2. Coda

    Michael Ranta, mallet instruments, xylophone, marimba, metallophone, vibraphone, tabla, flexatone, castagnets, Japanese oboe, argool, gong, tamtams, short-wave receiver, Chinese violin, er-hu, jung-hu, wood block, echo machine, cup bells, Indian israj, voltage-controlled oscillator, voltage-controlled filter, vocals

    Hartmut Geerken, piano, prepared piano, piano strings, Tibetan tingshak, water tingshak, waldteufel, mokkatam pot rattles, bells, water bells, sleigh bells, gongs, water gongs, Tibetan boo-chals, water boo-chals, musical clock, Tibetan horn, singing tube, maracas, wood block, temple block, Peking opera gongs, castagnets, lead camel bell, short-wave receiver, swarmandal, whistles, argool, monkey drum, toy xylophone, lion bell, gopichand, Egyptian cymbals & sagat, waterphone, voice, toy glockenspiele, thumb piano

    José "Pepito" Bosch, congas [G,H]

    Toshi Ichiyanagi, synthesizer [L2]

    LP1 recorded on 25 November 1976 at Baghe Ferdows-Zafaranieh in co-op with Nirt, Teheran, Iran.

    LP2 recorded on 3-4 December 1976 at Max Mueller Bhavan, Calcutta, India.

    LP3 recorded on 8 December 1976 at the German Cultural Institute in co-op with the Academy of the Arts, Dacca, Bangladesh.

    LP4 recorded on 13 December 1976 at Abelardo Inner Green (open air) in co-op with the U.P. College of Music, Manila, Philippines.

    LP5 recorded on 15 December 1976 at the Korea Drama Center, Seoul, Korea.

    LP 6 recorded on 18 December 1976 at the Goethe-Institute, Osaka, Japan.

    Qbico ‎– QBICO 101

    Vinyl Rip

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  • 08/18/13--00:43: EMBERS LIVE

  • JIM DENLEY, flute, piccolo, alto sax, voice
    JOHN BUTCHER, tenor and soprano sax
    CHRIS BURN, piano, percussion
    MARCIO MATTOS, cello, digital sampler

    1. Quarrying at the Bim  19:56
    2. Nite bites  7:41
    3. Breakfast with Vincent  17:25
    4. Tenderfoot's haruspicy  10:12

    1 & 3 Recorded at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam. 17 Nov 1988
    2 Recorded at the Bunker, Rotterdam. 19 Nov 1988.  and (??) Cafe Wilhelmina, Eindhoven. 21 Nov 1988
    4 Recorded at Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham. 25 Oct 1988

    ACTA 3.  Cassette only.  

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    A. Solo • Trunk Cymbalism

    "when an elephant gets to beating the top cymbal with its trunk........."

    B. Duo • High-Hat Ratation

    "when a rat starts running around in the high-hat........."

    Toshi Tsuchitori, drums, voice

    Fred Frith, six strings bass guitar, Casiotone, home-made instruments [B]

    Recorded live on 17 May (A) and 20 July (B) 1984

    Balcony Records ‎– BOYS 2

    Vinyl Rip

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    Manfred Schoof, trumpet
    Ack van Rooyen, trumpet
    Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
    Rudi Fuesers, trombone
    Michael Pilz, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone
    Emil Mangelsdorff, alto saxophone
    Heinz Sauer,, soprano & tenor saxophone
    Gerd Dudek, tenor saxophone
    Wolfgang Dauner, piano, e-piano, synthesizer
    Günter Lenz, bass
    Ralf Hübner, drums

    1. Out Of Rich/Nuggis            15:46
    2. Gebäude                       12:14
    3. Hammerkopp                    16:00
    4. Hornsalut                     13:43
    5. Announcement by Werner Götze  00:13

    Recorded at the Jazzclub Domicile, Munich (Germany), September 9, 1971.

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    1.  Summertime
    2.  Skylark
    3.  Waltz Step
    4.  Misty
    5.  My Favourite Things
    6.  Kansago-No
    7.  Begin The Beguine
    8.  Coral Spring
    9.  Laura
    10. Bley's Triad
    11. Home On The Range

    Gary Peacock, bass
    Masahiko Togashi, percussion
    Masabumi Kikuchi, piano

    Recorded at Onkio Haus, Tokyo, on 1-2 April 1994.

    Aeolus – AJCD-S002, 1994.

    CD Rip

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    Manfred Schoof, trumpet
    Ack van Rooyen, trumpet
    Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
    Rudi Fuesers, trombone
    Rolf Kühn, saxophone
    Emil Mangelsdorff, saxophone
    Heinz Sauer, saxophone
    Gerd Dudek, saxophone
    Wolfgang Dauner, piano
    Günter Lenz, bass
    Ralf Hübner, drums

    1. Sketch Up And Downer   08:26
    2. introducton            00:10
    3. Invention For Five     19:33
    4. introduction           00:06
    5. Run Summer             14:12
    6. introduction           00:11
    7. Impressionen           08:42
    8. Thema Mal Drei         06:13

    Recorded at the Domicile, Munich, Germany in January 1969.

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    A. Fred's Fable

    B. Verrillon 9 (Excerpt)

    Marvin Green, glass instruments
    Miguel Frasconi, glass instruments
    Paul Hodge, glass instruments
    V. Eric Cadesky, glass instruments

    Glass Orchestra Records ‎– G001 E.P.

    Vinyl Rip

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    Marian McPartland died last night.
    I dug out an old hissy tape (the sound gets rather wobbly towards the end) and am posting it here in respect.
    If anyone has this in better sound....

    Just in mp3.

    1. Part 1  27:56
    2. Part 2  26:12

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    DEREK BAILEY, guitar
    JOHN STEVENS, percussion, mini-trumpet

    1. 32:59
    2. 36:39

    Green Man, London.  13 April 1980

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    A1. Tracks Along The Water
    A2. Two Up
    A3. Skittles (to Fred Astaire)
    A4. Barrytown

    B1. Two Down
    B2. Suite For Hopalong Cassidy: A Stop In Town / Back On The Trail
    B3. Hollows
    B4. Tanz Pesen

    Lesli Dalaba, trumpet
    Polly Bradfield, violin (B2)
    Wayne Horvitz, bass (A2)

    Barrytown was recorded live at Bard Hall, Annandale, N. Y. June 1978.
    Two Down was recorded live at Transpace, Tuscaloosa, Ala. August 1978.
    Two Up and Hollows were recorded at WKCR studio, Columbia University, January 1979.
    Remaining titles recorded at Studio K, N.Y.C. March 1979.

    Parachute ‎– P010

    Vinyl Rip

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    This ones for Aussie Tony, not my favorite Lowe by any means... flawed by the very high standards of ' the Flam', and other magnificent masterpieces F.Lowe who simply was one of the of the greatest period.!

    the AACM and more specifically Wadada Leo Smith;s influence is obvious here

    My own dessert island selections, apart from 'the Flam' are the ferociously beautiful collaborations with Joe Mcphee on legend streets one and two.... check them out on the Cadence website!

    and yeah..Polly Bradfield, is subtly brilliant  here , she should be as famous as John Zorn , who doesn't to my ears sound entirely comfortable.


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    What a coincidence - it seems that Bozo requested this during the upload...

    Bill Brimfield, trumpet
    Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
    Fred Anderson, tenor saxophone
    Dieter Glawischnig, piano
    Ewald Oberleitner, bass
    John Preininger, drums

    1. Unknown Title     04:45
    2. Unknown Title     12:41
    3. Unknown Title     04:28
    4. Unknown Title     04:58
    5. Unknown Title     14:27

    Recorded at the Jazz Festival in Frankfurt (unknown location), Germany on February 1, 1977.

    Note: The rhythm section are the "Neighbours", three Austrian musicians who played on several occasions with Fred Anderson.
    The four recorded the LP "Accents" on the Musicians Record Co. label (1978).

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    A1. Calmos
    A2. Carcajou
    A3. Jeu De Dame

    B1. Comme Un Invitée
    B2. La Femme Du Cheikh Souffre De Chromatisme

    Claude Simard, contrabass, electric bass
    Jean Derome, flute, bass flute, voice
    Pierre Saint-Jacques, piano, melodion, percussion, voice

    Recorded at Studio Marko, Montréal, October 1978

    Les Disques Cadence ‎– CAD-1002

    Vinyl Rip

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    Here's a Nice M.McPartland lp , the few,non virtual friends i have who like Jazz dismiss this and her records in general as cocktail tinkling.. there's a lot more to it than that.
    ... and no to my ears she's no Bill Evans clone..
    True this is a mellow affair compared to live at hickory house, and the bassist isn't as interesting or subtle as she...
    According to discogs, this is from 1970, and can be purchased for as little as , 2 dollars, her stock is obviously lower than it should be!

    Roll a fat one , mellow out  enjoy, and spare a thought for those around the world living in squalor , under the jackboots of oppressive governments, or living in War zones , who can barely feed themselves, let alone accumulate terabytes of music,unlike the majority of us living in a luxury predicated on the very squalor of those oppressed peoples.

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    Not much Australian music improvised or otherwise on I.S so far, Here's something by a friend of mine.. who was active on the small experimental, and free improvised music scene in Sydney from roughly 1978-9 to the mid 80's...

    A genuine rarity,100 copies released on what was John Rose's LP/and Cassette lable until he sold the enterprise in the mid or late 80's , to someone who has done absolutely nothing with it since..
    I met Graham in the late 80's ,just before he pawned his Alto , he had fallen on tough times, and i was close to being on skid row myself...

    This album is a mixed bag , as was the experimental scene in the 80's a fertile time during which outside of AM radio,there was lots of cross pollination of genres,one could go to a pub and see 5 completely different sets in one evening with occasional  unrehearsed jams in between...Post Punk bands were experimenting , and improvising extensively , the Slug Fuckers, Mad room and numerous others playing completely unscripted sets, something which just wouldn't happen today.. besides which by the early 90's poker machines, had already killed off all but the most mainstream venues , today there isn't  a  single Jazz club in Sydney where you will see free improvised music of any kind or what most of us think of as free jazz.
    where improvised music takes place publicly it tends to be in Art galleries or tiny warehouses, or special festivals one or two weeks a year such as the Now Now.

    Stylistically here echoes of Don Cherry are evident in the flute pieces, the group pieces being basically long Jams , AACM influenced ethno freak outs with an electrto acoustic element..the electronics being oscillators built by Graham

    For my money the best and most individual pieces are the 3 Alto solos... some startling soulful original playing there....
    Graham didn't even have a copy of the tape.and was surprised to see it resurface.. thanks to Juke for lending me his Copy !
    which despite Grahams comments is not that bad sounding at all , no worse than many cassette releases of the time.

    Here's Graham in his own words on "Gurus are Fucked" ..

    "It was a surprise to hear from my friend Sotise that he'd come across a copy of 'Gurus are fucked'.
    I made this recording thirty years ago , most of the work being done in a hall near circular quay.
    It is not my best work ,and quite frankly I was glad it was behind me and forgoten ,but there you have it,
    All our deeds both good and bad are recorded for eternity in the fabric of the universe.

    I was about 24 years of age and this was probably recorded with a Selmer balanced action alto.
    The other members of the band were Alan Corne and Paul Huntingford.
    Alan is still playing drums but I don't know what Paul is doing.
    The recording quality poor because the trashy tape recorder , which I purchased from a pawn shop,had a very heavy compression function and consequently ironed out all of the dynamics ,which really crapped me off because I like to play with a lot of light and shade.
    The title 'Gurus Are Fucked', is a rebuke for "spiritual teachers of all flavours who claim to know God and his plans and who perceive that taking money , time ,and energy from their customers is a valid occupation.
    So many of my friends were sucked in screwed and ripped off by these charlatans.
    Although thirty years has passed I still think that gurus are fucked.,but time has made me more erudite and the manipulation of language in poetry is like a fine telescopic site on a canon.

    Although I never found a way to make money from music or art ,and gave up music twenty five or so years ago in order to purchase food and not sleep in squats , I have always managed to assuage my creative urges and have recently purchased a beautiful 1943 Beuscher Big B alto,and have taken up painting again.
    Please find attached some poems pertinent to my continued views on gurus.
    Thank you"
    Graham Sparks.

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