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    A1. Nietzschestrasse 26
    A2. The Legend of a White Serpent

    B1. Room No. 602 Dream
    B2. Dancing Yosuke

    Katsuo Kuninaka, bass
    Shigeharu Mukai, trombone
    Kazutoki Umezu, reeds
    Shota Koyama, drums

    Recorded live at on 18 October at the Donaueschinger Musiktage 1980 festival

    Next Wave - 25PJ-1008

    Vinyl Rip

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    Heinz Wollny, bass, percussion
    Butch Morris, cornet, percussion
    Dennis Charles, drums, percussion
    Frank Wollny, guitar, bass, percussion
    A.R. Penck, piano, flute, drums
    Frank Lowe, saxophone, percussion
    Billy Bang, violin, flute, drums, percussion

    LPs 1-4 from the 6 albums  listed on the rear cover, 5-6 are unreleased.

    Konzept Raum Alptraum

    A.R. Penck's private label 16-19

    Vinyl Rip

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    A1. Buddy's Blues
    A2. It's All One... Fun
    A3. In Your Own Sweet Way
    A4. Django

    B1. Renaissance Variations
    B2. Daoud
    B3. Hey, Little Mama!

    C1. Sbruce
    C2. Trees Revisited

    D1. March Sun
    D2. Nicolai Covaci
    D3. Cycling Thru The Cycles

    Burton Greene, piano, percussion, recorder

    Recorded in Rome, April 12, 1978 at Mama Dog Studio.

    Horo Records ‎– HDP 27-28

    Vinyl Rip

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    To follow up our previous posting below, here is some truly vintage jazz to commemorate the passing away of Stan Tracey on 6 December at the age of 86. We have selected to hone in on recordings done for BBC radio in the late 70s and the early 80s. At this point he kept a regular quartet which sometimes was contracted into a trio and other times expanded into a sextet, octet and even a full orchestra. For this post, we have two quartets and a trio with a slight variation in line--up as his son Clark Tracey came to replace Bryan Spring on drums. And for a contrast, I've thrown in a batch of the full Orchestra doing a superb set of Ellington covers.

    Stan Tracey Quartet
    Jazz In Britain, BBc radio 3, 31st August 1978
    Art Themen (ts,ss), Stan Tracey (p), Roy Babbington (b), Bryan Spring (d)

    1. Waltzy Waltzy
    2. Amoroso Only More So
    3. Lovers Freeway

    Stan Tracey Orchestra
    BBC jazz Club, 27th January 1980

    Tony Coe (ts, cnt), Bobby Wellins (ts), Don Weller (ts), Art Themen (ts, ss), Jeff Daly (as), Malcolm Griffits (tmb), Jeff Perkins (tmb), Colin Sheen (tmb), Chris Pyne (tmb), Dave Hawler(tmb), Mike Davis (tmp), Henry Lowther (tpt), George Chisholm (tpt), Alan Downy (tpt), Harry Beckett (tpt), Stan Tracey (p), Roy Babbington (b), Clark Tracey (d)

    1. I'm Beginning To See The Light
    2. radio announcer - Peter Clayton
    3. Mood Indigo
    4. radio announcer
    5. prelude To A Kiss (piano solo)
    6. radio announcer
    7. Lay-by
    8. radio outro

    Stan Tracey Trio
    Jazz In Britain, BBC Radio
    Stan Tracey (p), Roy Babbington (b, b-gtr), Clark Tracey (d, perc, tablas)

    1. Radio intro - Charles Fox
    2. Ripped Off In Bogota
    3. Doin' It For Art
    4. OK J.K.
    5. Radio outro

    Stan Tracey Quartet
    Sounds Of Jazz, BBC radio, 26th September 1982
    Art Themen (ts, ss), Stan Tracey (p), Roy Babbington (b), Clark Tracey (d)

    1. Undercover Lover
    2. radio announcer - Peter Clayton
    3. Amoroso Only More So
    4. radio announcer
    5. Fatima Di Milo
    6. radio announcer
    7. Everywhere Derriere

    These were recorded off FM onto cassette, digitised and uploaded to the dime torrent site by aw4, if I remember correctly. Mucho credits for invaluable preservation services!

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    Marc Levin, cornet, fluegelhorn, mellophone, flute
    Brian Ross, saxophone
    Calo Scott, cello
    Balakrishna, sitar
    Frank Clayton, bass
    Billy Hart, drums
    Jay Clayton, voice

    A1. Benediction  05:46
    A2. Birth Of The Dove  07:22
    A3. Love Song  06:18
    B1. Pantomime Of Fear  04:08
    B2. Angel's Face Has Many Doors - Jesus, Moses and John Coltrane  15:00

    Recorded January 1972 at Decca Studios, New York, N.Y.


    (lp rip)

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    A1. Autumn Song
    A2. When You're In Front, Get OFF My Back

    B1. Karasar Zeybegi
    B2. Zephyr

    Narada Burton Greene, harpsichord, piano, prepared piano, percussion, voice

    Side 1, in concert, France, Autumn 1983. B1, NOS Studios, Hilversum, Holland, 11 Apr 1983. B2, Odeon Theatre, Amsterdam, Holland, 12 December 1982.

    Button-Nose Records ‎– BN 06

    Vinyl Rip

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    Here's a further commemorative tribute to to the late great Stan Tracey, in a duo setting with equally legendary saxophonist Mike Osborne.. recorded in 1971 for Cadillac , Ogun also released a collaboration between the two, 'Tandem' in 1977.

    This features Tracey in seldom heard completely free modality, something he returned to later in life in a  fabulous series of duets with Evan Parker , which are available(and whole heartedly recommended!) on Parker's Psi ,label .
    This was transferred some years ago from a friends quite battered copy , the low res covers are from discogs.
    no eq, compression or digi syrup employed, sweeten to taste!


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    Modulos I
    Modulos IIIa
    Modulos IIIb

    Ensemble Instrumental Alea de Madrid
    Jose M. Franco Gil , conductor

    Erato - STU 70385 (1968)

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    Anthony Braxton, sopranino, soprano & alto saxophone
    Dieter Glawischnig, piano
    Ewald Oberleitner, bass
    John Preininger, drums, percussion, pearl syncussion sy-1

    A1. Lines (Glawischnig) 14:25
    A2. Meditation [for Florian, his son] (Preininger) 5:39
    B1. B.O.P. (Preininger) 7:08
    B2. Erzherzog-Johann-Lied (traditional - arr. Preininger) 5:16
    B3. Anthropology (Parker) 5:44

    Recorded on July 24, 1980 at the Tonstudio Ströher, Innsbruck, Austria.

    GNM Vol.3 120754 (1984)

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    A1. EL
    B1. AL Part 1
    B2. AL Part 2

    Sten Sandell, electronics, piano, harmonium, voice
    Raymond Strid, guitar, percussion, amplified and processed instruments, objects
    Mats Gustafsson, fluteophone, flute, sopranino recorder, soprano vocals, tenor and baritone saxophone

    Recorded November 6th, 1996 at Blue Tower Sound System at Fylkingen, Stockholm.
    Mastered March 2004 at Alibi Studios, Gustafsberg.

    Qbico ‎– QBICO 30

    Vinyl Rip

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    Here's another great Horo record , a truly magnificent testament to the love Hampel and Lee  must have had for each other when they did this . To Me this is.another one of those records where one feels one is eavesdropping on an intimate ,private, at times sexually charged conversation ... it feels very much as though they are playing to and for each other ...Lee's scatting even sounds like love smitten baby talk  on a few tracks ..
    Joyous , Wonderful Music, which doesn't deserve to languish in obscurity on  the musty shelves of 'specialist" collectors.

    Info from Discogs
    B1- Wellspring, Op. 34110:45
    B2-Opus 16910:05
    C2-One Excerpt From "The Jamaican Suit" By Jeanne Lee9:55
    D1-Second Excerpt From "The Jamaican Suit" By Jeanne Lee7:40
    Design – Natalia Barsini
    Engineer – Aldo Amici
    Photography – Isio Saba
    Producer – Aldo Sinesio
    Vibraphone, Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet – Gunter Hampel
    Vocals – Jeanne Lee
    Recorded Rome. July 12 & 13, 1978.
    Telecinesound Studio
    Horo HDP 33-34

    A straight vinyl rip , light declicking only ,no compression or digital syrup employed!

    Gunter Hampel , appears to be systematically  reissuing most of his Birth records catalog , check it out here's his web page

    PS ... A small request ,please could someone who downloaded Riccardo's Lee and Hampel concert from 78 the flacs , i and i'm sure others would be very appreciative!

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    Here's another great Stan Tracey Broadcast , originally taped and shared by Dimer Survivor69 (many thanks to him), a duo with Louis Moholo , in beautiful crystal clear sound , again largely freely improvised,though i have a suspicion that the last piece is a blue notes tune, but i cant quite nail it !
    A marvellous show which at times strongly evokes Moholo's Masterful FMP duo with Keith Tippett.

    Novara Jazz : Stan Tracey & Louis Moholo duo 

    Recorded at Auditorium Fratelli Oliveri del Conservatorio Guido Cantelli, Novara (Italy)
    on sunday 30 April 2006, for Novara Jazz Festival 2006
    Stan Tracey, pianoforte - Louis Moholo, drums

    nine unannounced (and unknown to me) tracks, for a total of 58'56" see FFP for sequence

    FM radio broadcast by "Il Cartellone - Radio 3 Suite Jazz", Radio 3 RAI [third channel of Italian national radio], on wednesday 9 August 2006, 22:00 hours.

    duo piano-batteria proveniente dalla storia del jazz britannico, comunque lontano dal soul aframericano (nonostante moholo sia sudafricano), solo verso la fine ci si interstardisce in fastidiosi fraseggi accademici-classici, quasi contemporanei, ma specie nei primi brani vi si trova anche adeguata cadenza. Tra Jarrett (con molte meno note) e Tippett, con un occhio ad Evans...

    Lineage (FM > MD > CDR > wav's > web):

    notes by Survivor69

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    A1. Sniffin The Blues
    A2. Espagnolades
    A3. Tears For Billy

    B1. Chant Inca
    B2. Pour Barbara
    B3. Chromatisme

    Gilbert Rovere, bass (A1 to B1, B3)
    Jef Catoire, bass (B2)
    Gerard Rakotoarivony, Fender bass (B1, B3)
    Jean-Charles Capon, cello
    Lionel Magal, percussion
    Jef Gilson, piano, flute
    Jean-Luc Ponty, violin

    Recorded in November 1968 at the Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture, Colombes.

    Palm ‎– PALM 2

    Vinyl Rip

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    Sad news - Yusef Lateef has left this plane of being. R.I.P.

    Go to his website.

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    In Memoriam Yusef Lateef....
    An Audience recording in very decent sound ,and an unusual context for Lateef!

    Minneapolis, MN, 
    Walker Art Center, 
    McGuire Theater, 

    Roscoe Mitchell,as,ss,fl 
    Yusef Lateef,ts,fl,voc 
    Douglas Ewart,as,contra-bcl,fl 
    Adam Rudolph,gimbri,p,per,voc 

    1 Title (AR,gimbri,voc-solo) 9:53 
    2 Title (YL,fl-RM,ss-DE,contra-bcl-AR,per) 18:00
    3 Title (RM,as,ss,fl-DE,as,fl-YL,ts,fl,voc-AR,per,p) 49:31 

    4 Title (RM,as,ss-DE,as-YL,ts,fl,voc-AR,p,per) 22:40 
    5 Title (RM,as-DE,ss,fl-YL,oboe,voc-AR,per) 12:47

    Thanks to the Original Taper, Seeders ..Traders


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    Holiday greetings to everyone

    Track List

    Itakura Katsuyuki, piano

    Recorded live in Rikuzen Takata, 3 June 1983

    Johnny's Disk - JD-07

    Vinyl Rip

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    The sound quality of this recording is considered too poor to become an Incus release, but Derek's partner Karen has kindly given her blessing for this piece of history to be shared and enjoyed for what it is.
    So, major thanks to her and of course to my good friend Gus who was savvy enough to take his cassette recorder along to the gig back in 1978.

    DEREK BAILEY, guitar
    MIKE OSBORNE, alto sax

    1. First piece  18:50
    2. Second piece  24:12

    Soho Poly, Riding House Street, London.

    6th August 1978

    Cassette recording by Gus

    INCUS RECORDS website here

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    A. The First Cycle
    B. The First Cycle

    Bill Cole, Ghanian flute, Chinese musette, Indian shenai, voice
    Sam Rivers, tenor saxophone, piano
    Warren Smith, drums, kettle drums, marimba, percussion

    Recorded in the Spaulding Auditorium, Hopkins Centre, Dartmouth College, on 1 August 1975

    Music From Dartmouth ‎– D100

    Vinyl Rip

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    This was drummer's 70th Birthday Special concert at LJF 2010 in two sets. First set reunited Louis with Keith Tippett under the title of their 1982 FMP album No Gossip, second set presented him with special version of his Unit. I recorded the broadcast off the BBC i-player and kept the whole sequence with announcements and interview, given in the afternoon before the concert. For various reasons it took me almost 3 years to prepare it for posting, so at last here it is. All the best in 2014 to all.

    01. announcement + intro interview  5:02


    02. No Gossip (improvisation) + announcement  33:24

    Louis Moholo-Moholo - drums
    Keith Tippett - prepared piano including woodblocks, pebbles, bells, music box and plastic pan pipe

    03. main interview  19:55

    Louis Moholo-Moholo and Alexander Hawkins talk to Jez Nelson.


    04. The Tag (Jason Yarde) 5:54
    05.  Mark of Respect (Pule Pheto & Gibo Pheto) 6:08
    06. Un Ti Son Ba Ou (Francine Luce) 5:43
    07. Sonke (Pule Pheto) + Lost Opportunities (Harry Miller) 11:03
    08. Dikeledi Tsa Phelo (Pule Pheto) + Zanele (Pule Pheto) 14:42

    Louis Moholo-Moholo - drums
    John Edwards - bass
    Ntshuks Bonga - alto saxophone
    Jason Yarde - alto & baritone saxophones
    Francine Luce - vocals
    Henry Lowther - trumpet
    Alexander Hawkins - piano

    Recorded at the Purcell Room, London on 19 November 2010
    Broadcast Mon 24 Jan 2011. BBC Radio 3

    0 0

    A1. The Shape Of Music To Come
    A2. Now's The "Frippe" Time
    A3. Spontane-O'reenie Part I
    A4. Spontane-O'reenie Part II

    B1. Spaces And Places
    B2. O-Bop-O'reenie
    B3. Sounds Of Life

    Bengt "Frippe" Nordström, clarinet, contrabass clarinet, tenor saxophone, vocals
    Björn Alke, bass
    Jan Adefelt, bass (A2, B1, B2)
    Peter Axelsson, bass (A2, B1, B2)
    Peeter Uuskyla, drums
    Lars Svantesson, violin

    Recorded at Fasching on 13 June and 21 October 1984

    Dragon Records ‎– DRLP 82

    Vinyl Rip

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