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  • 08/01/13--09:00: Free form
  • Anything else goes here. Observations on the general state of the universe and its overall direction are particularly welcome, but also on more mundane matters as you may see fit.

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  • 08/01/13--10:00: Requests
  • Requests, broken links, re-ups and related topics go here. It may be easier for admins to be attentive to these topics if they are put here and not under the individual posts. There's no guarantee that we may be able to respond to everything, but we'll give it a try.

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  • 08/01/13--11:00: Contributions
  • Anything our readers and followers would like to contribute goes here. That may include recommendations, reviews, recordings, you name it.

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  • 10/24/13--20:34: NEW LINKS FOR OLD POSTS
  • Hi , Heres a new section , which will feature links to the Original posts of things that are just being, or have recently been re uploaded..
    the Contributions and request sections are too cluttered , making it difficult to keep track!
    comments will be disabled for this section!
    Please help us out, if you see comments asking for a re-upload, and you have the files!!
    (preferably use only file hosts accessible to free users,do not use these files to make money!)
    Please do not ask us to re upload records which are generally available, or have been recently reissued, whatever the format!!

    So here goes, Ill start with a few i have recently re uploaded
    Lacy Carter/ Catch, 1977
    Steve Lacy- threads, 1977
    Ron Pittner- Out from the edge
    Francois Tusques- Après la marée noire.
    The New Joachim Kühn - Eje Thelin Group - In Paris
    Pauline Oliveros - Roscoe Mitchell - Leo Smith - John Tilbury - Live at Angelica 21 - 2011
    Lee Konitz-Live in Manchester 1966- with D.Bailey,T.Oxley,G.Bryars IMPROVED SOUND
    Francois Tusques - Le Nouveau Jazz
    Billy Hart - Enchance
    Masayuki Takayanagi + Masahiko Togashi -  Pulsation
    Marion Brown-Le Temps Fou, Flac Upgrade, Raw Vinyl Rip
    Mongoose- Live at Penguin House (Flac Upgrade)
    Ken Hyder's Talisker - The Last Battle
    Louis Moholo - Viva-La-Black
    Modern Jazz Quintet Karlsruhe - Trees (1st LP) link works
    Modern Jazz Quintet Karlsruhe - Frankfurt, 1970
    Presenting Burton Greene-1968, Flac upgrade from clean vinyl
    Jacques Coursil -Black suite,Flac Upgrade
    Francois Tusques-Jo Maka
    Francois Tusques-Intercommunal 2
    Yamashita Trio - Clay
    Miroslav Vitous - Green Line
    Lokomotiv Konkret - 2nd lp
    Sei Miguel - Portuguese Man of War
    Michael Smith - La Musique Blanche
    Steve Lacy Trio - Stalks
    Abdullah Ibrahim - Hamburg 1968
    Sam Rivers - Contrasts
    Laboratorio Della Quercia
    Masahiko Sato - Penetration
    M.Sato-P.Warren-P.Favre-Trinity 1971 (NEW  Better Rip)
    Masahiko Togashi & Steve Lacy  - Eternal Duo
    Revolutionary Ensemble-Mahattan Cycles , (New better Rip)
    Sabu Toyozumi - Water Weed
    Masahiko Satoh & Toshiyuki Miyama's New Herd - Yamataifu (+ artwork of the 1st edition) 
    Howard Riley- Shaped, (new better rip)
    Michael Smith-Geo Music 3..(new rip)
    Kang Tae Hwan - Asian Spirits (re-up)
    Sunny Murray- Shandar, 10.008 F,1968, (new rip)
    Barre Phillips-For all it is, New Better Rip
    Gato Barbieri - Obsession
    Feza,Dyani,Temiz- Music for Xaba1,New Better Rip
    Anthony Braxton and Roscoe Mitchell - Live in Pisa 1978
    B.A.Zimmermann- the Numbered ,Tratto (Wergo-2549-005) 1969, new better rip
    Masayuki Takayanagi - Free Form Suite
    Charles Tyler -Definite Vol. 2
    Baikida Carroll - The Spoken Word (mp3)
    Arthur-Doyle-Takashi-Mizutani-Sabu Toyozumi - Live in Japan 1997
    Bill Dixon 1982 (Edizioni Ferrari)
    Michael Smith, Geomusic 1976, New Rip
    Vienna Jazz Avantguard 1970-71  re-rip (24 bit-48hz)
    Jazz Doctors-Intensive care
    Jacques Cousil-The way ahead 1969 alt rip (zippy)
    William Hooker-Is Eternal life 1977, incomplete (sides 1,2,3)
    Walt Dickerson-Solo-live in Dorchester Ma 79
    Herbert Joos-The Philosophy of the Flugelhorn
    Wuchner - Koller - Joos - Degen - Lauer - Cremer - Piece For Mouth
    Michael Naura - Ochsenzoll
    D.Bailey,J.DeJohnette,B.Laswell-Frankfurt  1998
    Le Quatuor De Jazz Libre Du Québec
    Don Pullen-Castglione del Lago Umbria jazz '76 fm
    Maarten Altena Quartet - Miere
    Maarten Altena - Papa Oewa
    Tommy Koverhult - Jan Wallgren Quintet
    Maarten Altena Octet - Quick Step
    Joachim Kühn - This Way Out
    Oliver Lake Trio - Live in Alassio '79
    Ekkehard Jost - Carambolage
    Kang Tae Hwan & Sainkho Namtchylak - Live
    Ton-Klami - Paramggod
    Karen Borca - Irène Schweizer Quartet - Basel 1989
    Kondo - Lovens - Lytton - Death Is Our Eternal Friend
    Company (New Rip)- Fables
    Abe - Yoshizawa - Kondo - Bailey - Aida's Call
    Anthony Davis Episteme, Botticino 2009
    SIC,trio-Altri Pezzi 1978,(Re Rip)
    SIC,trio-29-9-78,Pezzo Alternative Rip
    Lol Coxhill-Soprano Sax improvisations 1990, improved sound.
    Brötzmann, Portal, Bennink - Paris 1977
    Lee Konitz Quartet - Manchester 1966
    Bergisch-Brandenburgisches Quartet - Köln 1981
    Milford Graves Trio - France 2008
    Willem Breuker/ICP - My Baby Has Gone To The Schouwburg
    Derek Bailey - Duo & Trio Improvisation
    Altena - Bailey - Day - Honsinger - Hosthuis - K'ploeng
    Joseph Scianni with David Izenzon - Man Running
    Human Arts Ensemble - Under the Sun/Whisper of Dharma
    Les Rallizes Denudes - Live in Tokyo 1979

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    This blog is now in its sixth year, started back in February 2007 by our correspondent from down under. Bundles of people have contributed over the years, some gone, other holding on and yet others joining recently and putting their distinctive mark on the contents and direction of the blog. Currently we have about four active posters and some generous supporters, judging from inputs over the last month, but we're always willing to recruit more. Potential authors can get in touch with us c/o our Blogger email addresses. We've had contributors from three continents, with a preponderance of Europeans overall.

    The emphasis has been on the free/improv/experimental side of jazz, but with excursions into contemporary and classical music, from Europe and beyond. There are no rules, however; the blog is whatever the posters make of it, and we'd like to keep it that way. We focus on posting out of print material with the objective of drawing attention to music which otherwise might have remained out of mind and out of sight. Due to spam and ad hominem attacks, we 've had to institute a moderator system, so posts may not appear right away, but they will be published.

    We have retired the old general comments section as it was getting long and unwieldy, but it's still visible for those who want to check back. Instead, three separate sections for contributions, requests and general comments have been created which hopefully will make it all a bit more manageable.

    With these few words, heading on ...

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    Tracks        total:  77:35

    A1         Round About Midnight (Monk)     5:03   
    A2         Senba Yama (YY)     16:42    

    B1         Bolero (Ravel)       9:04    
    B2         Seijaku (HY)     7:18
    C1         Space Unknown (HY)     4:38   
    C2         Farewell Jo Härting (YY,HY)     7:37    
    C3         Passing Rain  (Karl Berger)     6:06

    D1         The Tragedy Of A Grotesque Funeral (YY,HY)     6:28   
    D2         Again (Karl Berger)     6:07
    D3         We Are (Karl Berger)     4:52    
    D4         Scarborough Fair (trad, arr YY,HY)     3:32

        Shakuhachi – Hozan Yamamoto (tracks: B2,C1,C2,C3,D1,D2,D3,D4)
        Piano – Yosuke Yamashita (tracks: A1,A2,B1,C2,C3,D1,D2,D3,D4)


    Recording date: July 4th, 1985
    Location: Amerikahaus Munich

    this beautiful double LP was never reissued since, which is a shame. back then, i was in the audience :-)

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  • 04/01/13--08:55: Futura Poesia Sonora

  • This is a collection of sound poetry, originally issued by the Cramps label in 1978 as a seven lp box and reissued in the 90s as a five cd box set. The cds sound as if they were sourced from the initial lp release and not from master tapes. They cover futurism, dadaism and surrealism and newer excursions into, shall we say, fairly non-sensical poetry and narratives.

    Some of these tracks can also be found on the Ubu web site which we have included in the blog list in the column on the right.

    Tracks are too numerous to be listed here, but please consult Discogs for the details:

    Information about the arstists and selections are scattered here and there, but some net searches are bound to produce results. This posting is without the accompanying comprehensive booklet.

    This is from a torrent site, in mp3, which for speech should be fully adequate, but if anyone has an upgrade, we would not say no.


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    Twelve sets played over three successive nights on 27-29 May 1992 at the Badenscher Hof, Berlin.

    Rüdiger Carl, tenor saxophone, clarinet
    Alexander von Schlippenbach, piano
    Jay Oliver, bass
    Sven-Åke Johansson, drums

    2-9 Things Ain't What They Used To Be4:05
    2-10 Isn't It Romantic3:21
    2-11 How High The Moon4:59
    2-12 Blue Bossa3:33
    2-13 Night And Day5:53
    2-14 All Of Me3:44
    2-15 I Should Care4:41
    2-16 Love For Sale3:34
    2-17 September In The Rain5:26

    Edition Atelier Graz 2003.

    CD Rip

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    I see there are some used copies of '66 shades of lipstick', the cd this pair made around the same time as this concert, available on amazon.  Enjoy.

    Keith Tippett,  piano
    Andy Sheppard,  soprano and tenor saxophone

    St George's Hall, Bristol.

    September 1990

    BBC Radio 3 broadcast.

    1. Improvisation 1 21:57
    2. Improvisation 2 33:26

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    "Masahiko Togashi, numero uno, number one"

    1. The Crust
    2. Unbalance
    3. Longing
    4. Orange
    5. Bone
    6. Blues For Aida
    7. In The Pot
    8. Blinks
    9. Why Not?

    Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone
    Masahiko Togashi, drums

    Recorded live at Shinjuku Pit Inn on 8 September 1995.

    Masahiko Togashi 40th anniversary concert.

    Take One Records - TKOJ-1, 1996

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    This links Miloo2's post of "Output" with our series of releases on the Calig label. In a similar vein, recorded in the previous year. The tracks merge and so there is one side per file.

    A1. Über Musik0:07
    A2. Voices1:22
    A3. Arco0:23
    A4. Blues1:55
    A5. Karg4:44
    A6. Pamukkale4:45
    A7. 4'38"4:38

    B1. Beat2:25
    B2. Op. 54:08
    B3. Bemerkung0:14
    B4. Gespräch0:30
    B5. Dauner3:30
    B6. Tape Two4:08
    B7. Aᵇ—C0:35
    B8. Braceful0:35

    Wolfgang Dauner, vocals, piano, organ, violin, melodica, trombone, plastic pipe
    Eberhard Weber, vocals, bass, cello
    Jürgen Karg, vocals, bass, saw
    Fred Braceful, vocals, drums, percussion
    Christoph Klein, electronics (A5)

    Recorded Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg April 29th, 1969.

    Calig ‎– CAL 30 603, 1969

    Vinyl Rip

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    This is for Onxidlib, who has been waiting patiently.

    A. Part 1
    B. Part 2

    Claude Bernard, alto saxophone
    Kent Carter, bass
    Didier Levallet, bass
    Ron Pittner, drums, harmonica
    Gilles Tinayre, saw, piano, electric piano

    Recorded live in Orly, France, on 27 May 1972.

    Angelus Records ‎– WR-1943, 1972

    Vinyl Rip

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    This is also for Onxidlib, but he's not been waiting long at all

    1.  Quartet 128:41
    2.  Quartet 28:45
    3.  Duo30:17

    Barry Guy, bass
    Ken'ich Takeda, amplified taisho-koto, percussion
    Onnyk (Yoshiaki Kinno), soprano and alto saxophone, electric guitar, percussion
    Evan Parker, soprano and tenor saxophone

    Track 1 & 2 were recorded at Gallery "SAIENSU" in Morioka, Japan on 13 November 1985.
    Track 3 was recorded at "SAIENSU" on 28 November 1982.

    Allelopathy ALL-1

    CD Rip

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    Let's take this as small act of justice between IS and interesting blog Musica degradata, where is possible to find some OOP albums in mp3, originated from lossless rips posted here. Otherwise, that blog is full of ECM-related broadcast recordings and currently unavailable albums, mostly in mp3@320, but there are rare flac exceptions, like this concert. I really admire Christian Wallumrød's work, especially his third ensemble effort A Year From Easter. Truly contemporary chamber music. Thanks for sharing this, Barabbovich!

    CHRiSTiAN WALLUMRØD ENSEMBLE - Live in Lugano 2o1o

    Christian Wallumrød - piano, harmonium, toy piano
    Eivind Lønning - trumpet
    Giovanna Pessi - baroque harp
    Gjermund Larsen - violin, Hardanger fiddle, viola
    Per Oddvar Johansen - drums, percussion, glockenspiel
    Tanja Orning - cello

    1. Snake
    2. Knit
    3. Nash lontano
    4. Mosquito variation
    5. Blop
    6. Dancing deputies
    7. Quote funebre
    8. Jumpa
    9. Stompin' At Gagarin
    10. I Had A Mother Who Could Swim
    11. Iexpie
    12. Eliasong
    13. Bunda sblanga

    Recorded at Auditorio RSI, Lugano, 25 November 2010
    (Radio Svizzera Italiana broadcast)

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    What a (big) band - but quite contraire to Globe Unity, the LJCO or Sun Ra's Arkestra. Much more restrained  in their pace but with no less power or sophistication. Their improvisations were "lower-case" before it became something like a working method for a younger generation. Some have gone in this direction quite far - hear Radu Malfatti's output for the last 15 (or more) years.

    They made four recordings. One LP, which is sadly OOP and three CDs.
    The last one should at least be still available > here

    As far as I know Wolfgang Fuchs is seriously the orchestra is defunct.
    Hope he does well.....


    Wolfgang Fuchs, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, sopranino sax
    John Butcher, tenor & soprano saxophone
    Luc Houtcamp, tenor saxophone
    Günter Christmann, trombone
    Radu Malfatti, trombone
    Melvyn Poore, tuba
    Phil Wachsmann, violin
    Torsten Müller,bass 
    Paul Lytton, percussion, electronics

    1.   unknown title 32:15
    2.   unknown title 17:10
    3.  unknown title  09:28

    Recorded at the Carl-Orff Saal, Gasteig, München, on December 11, 1992.


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    As it is now OOP I'll post for you a recording from which I won't say more than it contains simply fantastic music.


    Kang Tae Hwan, alto saxophone (tracks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6)
    Mi Yeon, piano (tracks: 1, 2, 4, 6)
    Park Je Chun, percussion (tracks: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6)

    1. Part 1     08:07    
    2. Part 2     07:19    
    3. Part 3     06:53    
    4. Part 4     08:59    
    5. Part 5     03:49    
    6. Part 6     14:24

    Recorded at Dolce Classical Hall in Ilsan, South Korea on March 19, 2005.

    Notes: 49'36" - one track - live recording
    Isaiah is a continuous performance.

    Part 1 ~ 08'07" Part 2 ~ 15'27" Part 3 ~ 22'21"
    Part 4 ~ 31'21" Part 5 ~ 35'11" Part 6 ~ 49'36"

    Division of parts is provided for CD listeners only.

    Individually numbered limited edition of 500 (hard-box).

    AUDIOGUY RECORDS (no number)


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    PAUL DUNMALL,  tenor sax
    KEITH TIPPETT,  piano
    PAUL ROGERS,  bass
    TONY LEVIN, drums

    1.  Improvisation  37:36

    100 CLUB,  LONDON

    17 September 1991 

    Live cassette recording.

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    A strange leakage of sounds goes on.
    (from Steve lake's review of the first LP on Uhlklang/FMP).


    Wolfgang Fuchs, bass & contrabass clarinet, sopranino saxophone
    Dorothea Schürch, vocals
    Peter Van Bergen, tenor saxophone, clarinet, contrabass clarinet
    Axel Dörner, trumpet
    Radu Malfatti, trombone
    Melvyn Poore, tuba
    Phil Wachsmann, violin, electronics
    Torsten Müller, bass
    Paul Lytton, percussion, electronics
    Matthew Hutchinson, electronics

    1.   22:53
    2.   06:43
    3.   11:37
    4.   09:34

    Recorded during  "Konfrontationen", Jazzgalerie, Nickelsdorf, Austria on July 21, 1995.


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    Another LP from the amazingly prolific Masahiko Sato in the early 70s. With stellar company.

    A. Sunrise From West Sea Part: 1 18:45
    B. Sunrise From West Sea Part: 2 17:58

    Hideakira Sakurai, electric koto, shamisen, percussion
    Masahiko Sato, electric organ
    Stomu Yamash'ta, percussion
    Takehisa Kosugi, electric violin

    Recorded live at Yamaha Hall, Tokyo, April 18, 1971

    London Records, King Records – SLC(J)-359, 1971

    Vinyl Rip

    0 0

    CLAUDE DEPPA, trumpet
    ALAN TOMLINSON, trombone
    PETE MCPHAIL, sopranino & alto sax, flute
    SEAN BERGIN,  soprano, alto & tenor sax, voice
    ALAN WILKINSON, alto & baritone sax, voice
    ALEX MAGUIRE, piano, leader
    PAUL ROGERS, bass
    STEVE NOBLE, drums & perc
    LOUIS MOHOLO, drums & perc

    1. Overture / Marina / Jig   32:24

    2. Improvisation / Shoehorn / Hoki-Poki   27:30

    Live at Leeds Trades Club, Leeds.  18 February 1989

    Limited edition (500) cassette. WIRE 001

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