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    1. Bold and Able
    2. Lardiga
    3. Divine Gift and Yellow God
    4. Only for Life
    5. Never Say Die
    6. Tribal Chief

    Yoshiaki Fujikawa, leader, alto sax
    Tetsuji Yoshida, trumpet
    Ichiyu Komiya, trumpet
    Hiroshi Itaya, trombone
    Haruki Sato, trombone
    Kazutoki Umezu, saxes
    Keizo Inoue, saxes
    Junji Hirose, saxes
    Hiroaki Katayama, saxes
    Keiki Midorikawa, cello
    Takeharu Hayakawa, bass
    Takashi Kikuchi, drums
    Tatsuji Yokoyama, percussion

    Recorded live at Volksbüne East Berlin on June 17, 1984.

    Repertoire Records, REP 4914-WZ; Wave, WWWCJ-1022

    CD Rip

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    Floros Floridis, clarinet, alto & soprano saxophone
    Dimitris Polyzoidis, violin, viola
    Michalis Siganidis, bass

    1. 7, 9, 11                             (05:58)      
    2. Φίγκοβιτς                            (08:40)       
    3. Mysterioso  (Th.Monk)                (05:47)                  
    4. Ο Ζακ Πιτσούνι Στα Εχθρικά Πυρά      (06:02)        
    5. K.R.O.K.                             (03:23)  
    6. Kula-Kula                            (07:14)      
    7. 5 Έλληνες Στον Άδη                   (02:24)

    Recorded at Radio Station Macedonia, Studio EPT-1 on 23rd October, 1986.


    (lp rip)

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  • 02/19/14--08:24: GRAHAM L. ROGERS - R.I.P.

  • I have the sad obligation to announce the death of Graham L. Rogers.
    Today I got a mail from his brother.
    Graham - better known to most as glmlr - has died from cardio-vascular complications on December 21, 2013 in Athens.

    His last contribution to IS was a copy of CT's "Praxis" LP he has send me in November last year.

    I didn't know Graham very well.
    But I shall miss him as a helpful friend and comrade in music.

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    Paul Rutherford, trombone and voice

    Side A:
    1. Hank Over            08:29
    2. Tolly Blues           11:03

    Side B:
    1. Old Moers Almanac     17:17
    2. Arlbedesame           04:53

    Live at 5th International New Jazz Festival (open air), Schloßpark, Moers, Germany on June 7, 1976.

    RING 01014

    (lp rip)

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  • 02/20/14--14:44: MUJICIAN - Toronto 1999

  • KEITH TIPPETT, piano
    PAUL DUNMALL, tenor saxophone, ocarina, bagpipes
    PAUL ROGERS, bass
    TONY LEVIN, drums

    1. 61:03
    2. 07:40

    Music Gallery, Toronto.  21 May 1999

    For Onx and Nick

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    Eddie Prévost, percussion

    1. >Concert< 41:52

    Recorded April 28, 2000 at the Jazzatelier, Ulrichsberg, Austria.

    Note: do not let you irritate by the lone clasper at 16:20 ;-)
    Silence at the beginning of the CD is part of the concert.

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    The picture above (by Iztok Zupan) is from the concert in Ulrichsberg's Pfarrkirche (parish church) during the Ulrichsberger Kaleidophon.
    I only knew his solo CD from 2006. But to see and hear him in a live-setting was quite astonishing.

     "Peter plays lines the likes of which I have never heard. Extremely chromatic, with wide intervals and unexpected changes of direction. This guy can play just about anything, it seems." Dave Douglas

    Peter Evans, trumpet, piccolo trumpet

    1. {  14:15
    2. }  17:34
    3. ]  12:52
    4. [  07:37

    Recorded at the Pfarrkirche, Ulrichsberg, Austria on April 28, 2007.

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    KEITH TIPPETT, piano
    PAUL DUNMALL, tenor and soprano saxophone
    PAUL ROGERS, bass
    TONY LEVIN, drums

    1. 17:21
    2. 11:04
    3. 08:01
    4. 10:33

    Band on the Wall, Manchester.  22 May 1997

    BBC Radio 3 broadcast.

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    SAM RIVERS, flute, tenor sax
    JULIAN PRIESTER, trombone
    JOHN HICKS, piano

    1. 28:01
    2. 11:41
    3. 15:27
    4. 04:58

    Knitting Factory, New York.  June 1998.

    BBC Radio 3 'Jazz on 3'

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    Here's a  good Audience capture of the summit conference band , this was obviously recorded while they were touring the essential postcards Cd.
    Nice long chewy set ... thanks to the original Taper/Seeders!
    SEEDERS Notes
    Reggie Workman's Summit Conference

    August 2, 1995

    Yoshi's, Oakland, CA
    (first set only)

    Reggie Workman  bass,
    Andrew Hill  piano,
    Sam Rivers  flute, soprano & tenor sax
    Julian Priester  trombone
    Pheeroan akLaff  drums

    01 Conversation (Sonelius Smith)  25:31
    02 Suite Tristan (Workman) 13:15
    03 unidentified  8:39
    04 Joanne (Hill) 13:29
    05 Breath (Priester)  10:06
    06 Midnight River Crossing (AkLaff)  5:49

    TT 76:49

    This quintet of giants came to be as a consequence of Ralph Simon’s offer to Reggie Workman to record a CD for his label Postcards in 1993. The result is the brilliant "Summit Conference" (Postcards  POST1003), highly recommended and still in press.
    This show was recorded almost two years later at Yoshi's in Oakland, CA. I can neither find it in a bot list search nor apparently in blogland, so I assume it is uncirculated on the web. This is a remarkably fine audience (or perhaps, on stage) recording with a intimate and very concentrated atmosphere and no distracting noise at all.
    On the CDR I received there were very short silent parts near the start and end of tracks 2 and 3 which are probably due to a transfer from a CDR with SBEs.
     I repaired this and retracked all tracks. Pitch is correct (I suppose this comes from a digital source).
     As the levels initially are very low on the original recording, I raised them a little (more so in the very low passages and less so towards the end).
     I also applied a tiny amount of compression to the really loud passages.
     As always, I did all processing in 24bit.

    The closing stage announcement identifies track 5 as "Midnight River Crossing" and track 6 as "Breath".
     Both relevant discographers (Ronald Lyles in his Andrew Hill Discography and Rick Lopez in his Sam Rivers Sessionography) do so likewise (see below), but track 5 is clearly the same as Julian Priester's "Breath" on POST1003,
     so I assume that track 6 is "Midnight River Crossing" by Pheeroan akLaff.

    There might be a splice in track 1 at 3:32:485. I removed a click there.

    All praise goes to the creators of the music, truly a summit conference, and thanks so much to the unknown taper!

    Aud > ? > Trade CDR > HD (xACT) > 24 bit edited and remastered (ProTools LE with various plugins) > 16bit PCM (with dither) > tracking (Sound Studio) > flac (8) (xACT)

    Entry in the Sam Rivers Sessionography by Rick Lopez

    95.08.02 • Reggie Workman's Summit Conference [Audience Recording]
    August 2, 1995 / Yoshi's, Oakland, CA
    1. Conversation (Sonelius Smith) [25:29]
    2. Suite Tristan (Workman) [12:47]
    3. unknown title [8:24]
    4. Joanne (Hill) [13:24]
    5. Midnight River Crossing (AkLaff) [10:11]
    6. Breath (Priester) [5:48]

    Reggie Workman (bass)
    Andrew Hill (piano)
    Sam Rivers (flute-2, soprano sax-4, tenor sax-1,5,6)
    Julian Priester (trombone)
    Pheeroan akLaff (drums)

    {Primary Source: CD-R;}

    Entry in the Andrew Hill Discography by Ronald Lyles

    Date: August 2, 1995
    Location: Yoshi's, Oakland, CA
    Label: [private recording]

    Reggie Workman (ldr), Sam Rivers (f, ss, ts), Julian Priester (tb), Andrew Hill (p), Reggie Workman (b), Pheeroan akLaff (d)
    a.01   Conversation Piece - 25:10  (Sonelius Smith)
    b.02   Suite Tristan - 12:47  (Reggie Workman)
    c.04   Joanne - 13:08  (Andrew Hill)
    d.05   Midnight River Crossing - 10:00  (Pheeroan AkLaff)
    e.06   Breath - 4:23  (Julian Priester)

    Sam Rivers (f) on b; (ss) on c; (ts) on a, d-e.

    Group known as Summit Conference.

    One additional selection - #3: 8:24 - title unknown.

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    A1 - Blues For Katie     16:58
    B2 - First Feeding     14:30
    B3 - The Intrepid     7:40

    Jemeel Moondoc - Alto Saxophone
    William Parker - Bass
    Rashid Baker - Drums
    Roy Campbell - Trumpet

    music by Jemeel Moondoc
    Live, Festival Jazz Nad Odra, Wroclaw, Poland, 1981

    Released in limited club edition, purchased by subscription.
    PolJazz 1981, PSJ-106, LP
    vinyl rip

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    Thomas Borgmann, sopranino & tenor saxophone
    Peter Brötzmann, tárogató, alto & tenor saxophone
    Christoph Winckel, bass
    Willi Kellers, drums

    1. Machine Kaput     17:05
    2. Nothing To Decide     08:28
    3. Keys + Screws     31:22

    Tracks 1+2 recorded in concert at Tacheles, Berlin, 29th June 1995.
    Track 3 recorded at Eldenaer Jazz Evenings, Greifswald, 30th June 1995.

    KONNEX KCD 5070

    0 0

    Louis Moholo - drums
    Keith Tippett - piano
    Paul Rogers - bass
    Evan Parker, Larry Stabbins, Lol Coxhill, Ray Warleigh, Elton Dean, Chris Biscoe - saxes
    Neil Metcalfe - flute
    Harry Beckett, Henry Lowther, Jim Dvorak, Noel Langley - trumpets
    Malcolm Griffiths, Paul Rutherford, Dave Amis, Alan Tomlinson - trombones
    Mark Charig - tenor horn
    Dave Powell - tuba
    Julie Tippetts, Maggie Nicols, Phil Minton, David Serame - voices
    Steve Beresford - arranger and conductor

    1. 08:43
    2. 06:35
    3. 11:15
    4. 07:16
    5. 05:00
    6. 07:11
    7. 08:55
    8. 07:35
    9. 10:02

    Adrian Boult Hall, Birmingham.  23 March 2003

    BBC Radio 3 broadcast.

    0 0

    This recording is part of a concert which was held in honour of Nelson Mandela.

    Peter Brötzmann, tenor saxophone
    Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
    Han Bennink, drums

    1. announcement              00:49
    2. collective improvisation  22:06
    3. encore                    05:20

    Alexander von Schlippenbach, piano

    4. improvisation (incompl.?) 17:24

    Recorded January 1, 1983 for the NDR in Hamburg, Germany.

    Note: A.v.Schlippenbach is already playing during the 'Encore'.

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    PAUL DUNMALL, tenor saxophone, bagpipes
    SIMON PICARD, tenor saxophone
    PAUL RUTHERFORD, trombone
    HILARY JEFFERY, trombone
    KEITH TIPPETT, piano
    TONY BIANCO, drums

    1. The Great Divide  68:24

    Bath Festival.  The Pavilion.  27 May 2002

    BBC Radio 3, 'Jazz on 3' broadcast

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    I went to see The Thing a week or so back, always keen to catch them whenever they hit town (which isn't that often). Mads Gustafsson ceremonially annouced that they taken an abrupt new turn in music, going from barbecue jazz to Scandinavian avant garde schläger. They still don their Ruby's BBQ tea shirts, though, which has become their regular uniform over the years. If anyone wonders whether that place actually exists, well, it does, right there in Austin, Texas, which also happens to be Ingebright Haaker Flaten's place of residence. The gig coincided with a two-day Blastfest, a metal gathering, so the place was full of long-haired chaps with pointed beards and of chapettes, all dressed up in shades of black. It got me thinking that The Thing ought to fit right into a blastfest, but these metalists tend to be rather strict on genre boundaries. A conservate lot, if you ask me.

    The Thing started out as a Don Cheery tribute project and they even did an album and a tour with Neneh Cherry, but from talking to band members, I got the impression that it was a one-off thing and not at all a future course. One may add that The Thing is also a kind of Albert Ayler tribute project, given that Ayler lived in Sweden in the early sixities and had a decisive influence on the early Scandinavian free jazz scene. Bengt "Frippe" Nordström is a link from those days and a player clearly inspiring the much younger Mads. But The Thing have also covered punk and indie bands of newer provenance.

    I didn't bring any recording equipment as I don't have any, but searching the Dime site, I came across a live recording at the Kultur-Schranne in Dachau, just out of Munich. Checking the date, I saw it was a little less than a week prior to the gig here, so I suspect the repertoire was quite similar to what I've heard, including covers of Coltrane and Ellington!. They have a new album out called "Boot" which, of course, have quite differing meanings in English and German. As they were offering direct sales of "sheissplatten" (Mads), I picked up a rare one which I might post here in the near future.

    The Thing
    Kultur-Schranne, Dachau (Germany)
    February 15, 2014

    Mats Gustafsson - tenorsax, baritonesax
    Paal Nilssen-Love - percussion
    Ingebrigt Haker-Flaten - double-bass, electric bass, effects

    (first set)
    01. Intro (1:52)
    02. (Titles) incl. Hidegen fujnak a szelek (18:58)
    03. (11:42)
    04. (4:51)

    (second set)
    05. Intro (1:02)
    06. India (John Coltrane) (10:46)
    07. (15:18)
    08. Golden Heart (Don Cherry) (8:06)
    09. Red River (7:03)

    total time (79:38)

    Thanks to the taper for capturing this one for posterity.

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    PAUL DUNMALL, tenor and soprano sax
    KEITH TIPPETT, piano
    PAUL ROGERS, bass
    TONY LEVIN, drums

    1. First set  38:40
    2. Second set (inc)  46:43

    Four Bars Inn, Cardiff.  11th July 1988

    OK, so the band wasn’t actually called Mujician at this point.  But it soon would be.  Keith Tippett and Paul Dunmall had played a few gigs with Tony Levin and Chris Bolton at Tony’s Jazz Club Friday at the Bartons Arms in Birmingham.  Paul Rogers had played in Tenor Tonic with Dunmall and Levin and the Keith Tippett Sextet but had recently been away in America.  On his return Dunmall arranged some duet gigs and one of them in Cardiff added Tippett and Levin, advertised as the Paul Dunmall/Keith Tippett Quartet.  So this is really Mujician's very first gig and it’s fresh and exciting and utterly magical in its musical coming together.  Luckily Bruce was in Cardiff that night with his tape recorder – so it’s BIG THANKS to him for the opportunity to enjoy an hour or so of history in the making.

    Leave a comment.  Thanks.

    Mujician on Cuneiform

    0 0

    A1. Egyptian Fruit
    A2. Tent-Making
    A3. Noctule
    A4. Mexican Fruit

    B.  I Shall Become A Bat

    Richard Sanderson, electronics, objects
    Steve Beresford, electronics, objects
    John Butcher, soprano & tenor saxophone

    Side A recorded on April 7 2003 at The Red Rose, Finsbury Park, London.
    Side B recorded on August 23 2000 at St. Michael and All Angels Church, Turnham Green, London.

    Qbico ‎– QBICO 18

    Vinyl Rip

    0 0

    Wonderful music from three scandinavians and one german. Conny Sjökvist of 'Mount Everest' fame and the ever astounding Buschi Niebergall. The other two musicians were knew to me but especially Bengt Ernryd plays an excellent trumpet. Every piece a gem.

    I've re-upped this treasured LP on re-listening to it after a concert of Mats Gustafsson and Agustí Fernández last Friday.
    Mats told me that Swedish Azz is going to release a LP with Bengt Ernryd and Gilbert Holmström (>Mount Everest) this winter - this exciting prospect brought me back to the music posted here in December 2010....

    Bengt Ernryd, trumpet, fluegelhorn
    Jan Wallgren, piano
    Johannes B. Niebergall, double bass
    Conny Sjökvist, drums

    1. Kugel (Niebergall) 10:07
    2. Ballade An Der Ruhr (Ernryd) 08:21
    3. Love Song And Dances No.2 (Wallgren) 11:18
    4. From The Diary Of A Travelling Salesman (Wallgren) 07:07

    Recorded at Tonstudio Burghardt & Sohn,  Schwerte,  Germany on November 27 & 28, 1979.


    (vinyl rip)

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    As I am umable to find the scans on my pc you'll have to live with the clouds above.
    I fear I've lost 'em while getting a new computer - but this shouldn't distract us from this excellent music.

    Dewey Johnson, trumpet
    Jimmy Lyons, alto saxophone
    Karen Borca, bassoon
    Maryanne Driscoll, piano, voice
    Paul Murphy, drums

    1. Fantasy     14:52
    2. Voices      04:16
    3. Calling     04:06
    4. Open        12:05
    5. Cloudburst  03:33

    Live two-track recording at RCA Studio A, New York on February 25, 1983 by Paul Goodman.


    (vinyl rip)

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