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    Rolf Kühn, clarinet
    Joachim Kühn, piano
    Klaus Koch, bass
    Reinhard Schwartz, drums

    A1. Mobile Waltz (Rolf Kühn) 7:05
    A2. Green Stocking (Joachim Kühn) 7:16
    A3. Corruption (Joachim Kühn) 5:57
    B1. The Mad Man (Rolf Kühn) 8:34
    B2. Life From The Moon (Joachim Kühn) 10:45

    Recorded on June 3, 4 and 5, 1965 at Amiga-Studios, Berlin, Germany.

    CBS S 62407

    (vinyl rip)

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    1. Im Stadtgarten Köln

    Frank Wollny, bass
    Gunter Hampel, bass clarinet, vibraphone, flute
    Butch Morris, cornet, amplified cornet, flute
    A.R. Penck, drums
    Alan Silva, keyboards
    Jeanne Lee, vocals

    Recorded at Stadtgarten Konzertsaal, Köln, Germany

    Mara Records ‎– 6012

    CD Rip

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    HARRY BECKETT, trumpet, flugelhorn
    PAUL DUNMALL, soprano and tenor saxophones
    CHRIS BOLTON, bass
    TONY LEVIN, drums

    KEITH TIPPETT makes a brief appearance on vocal and flugelhorn near the end.

    Set One
    1. 18:56
    2. 20:40

    Set Two
    1. 46:54

    Jazz Club Friday at the Cannonball, Birmingham.  13 January 1989

    Monotype 1985 by Paul Dunmall.

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    And this is the 10th and last of the Radio Jazz Group recordings - at least for the moment.
    Got it about wo months ago from Dime - thanks to the original uploader!

    Track 1-3 (March 31):

    RJGS feat. Engstfeld/Herr Quartet + Didier Loockwood

    Wolfgang Engstfeld, tenor saxophone
    Didier Lockwood, violin
    Wolfgang Dauner, piano
    Michel Herr, piano
    Palle Daniellson, bass
    Leroy Lowe, drums

    Track 4:´(April 25):

    RJGS feat. Toto Blanke's Electric Circus

    Charlie Mariano, soprano saxophone
    Johannes Faerber, trumpet
    Wolfgang Dauner, piano
    Toto Blanke, guitar
    Norbert Daeumling, bass
    Heinrich Hock, drums
    Trilok Gurtu, percussion

    1. Continuous Flow 07:20
    2. Changes         07:43
    3. Blues For Ede   07:22
    4. Bolero Torcello 23:32

    Recorded at Radio SWR Studio, Villa Berg, Stuttgart, Germany on March 31 (tr.1-3) and April 25 (tr.4), 1980.

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    Günter Christmann, trombone, bass
    Detlef Schönenberg, drums, percussion
    Harald Bojé, electronium, synthesizer

    1. Announcement                     02:02
    2. Christmann - Schönenberg         15:56
    3. Christmann - Schönenberg         05:35
    4. Christmann - Schönenberg         08:46
    5. Christmann - Schönenberg & Bojé  06:23
    6. Christmann - Schönenberg & Bojé  11:25
    7. Christmann - Schönenberg & Bojé  10:38

    Recorded on October 4, 1976 at Saal 1, WDR, Köln, Germany.
    Broadcast on WDR's "Nachtmusik im WDR".

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    Kenny Wheeler, trumpet, fluegelhorn
    Trevor Watts, soprano saxophone
    Derek Bailey, guitar
    Dave Holland, bass, cello
    John Stevens, drums

    A. So, What Do You Think? (part 1) 24:39
    B. So, What Do You Think? (part 2) 21:57

    Recorded in London on January 27, 1971.


    (vinyl rip)

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    I post this because I don't find the original post anymore...
    So the original intro is missing. But at least the original liner-notes are included in the files.

    Maybe it is fitting that I do not find the first post as this LP was never released...
    I believe the first poster was Pierre . correct me when I'm wrong!

    Prince Lasha, flute
    Sonny Simmons, alto saxophone
    Clifford Jordan, tenor saxophone
    Don Cherry, trumpet
    Fred Lyman, fluegelhorn
    Bill Wood, bass
    Orville Harrison, bass
    Charles Moffett, drums

    1. Lost Generation 20:50
    2. The Trane       11:20
    3. Prelude To Bird 05:25

    Procucer : Fred Lyman

    Recorded at Zounds Recording Studios, New York City, May, 1963.

    ZOUNDS L-71863

    Notes :

    * : It is common practice among discographers to list Prince Lasha as the leader of this session. This short extract of a Fred Lyman interview suggests that this may not be exactly the case (courtesy of Ben Young and Marc Chaloin) : « ... mostly a jam-session [...] they were all in my studio, I don't know how they got these particular guys up there, it was probably Clifford Jordan got it together. And they just started to play and I started recording, and I played on it too, I played fluegelhorn on this track. And it turned out pretty good, [...] it was an example of what I liked to think music could be at that time. » According to Lyman, they picked up Don Cherry in the street…

    ** : Johann Heidenbauer suggests it could be read as crypted indication of the publishing date : L-7-18-63, i.e. Lasha, July 18, 1963.

    *** : Read also the original liner notes (*.rtf format). Many thanks to A. Lukas for providing the original transfer, pictures of the original plain cardboard sleeve, labels, and liners notes, and to Pierre Crepon for relaying the info.

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    A1. Anonimus

    Recorded in October 1979 at Kichijoji Temple

    Ito Fukuo, guitar
    Masaru Soga, guitar
    Kikuo Shimura, guitar
    Masashi Shinohara, guitar
    Kozo Tate, guitar
    Seimatsu Shunsuke, guitar
    Hisao Nakamori, guitar
    Hironobu Maekawa, guitar

    A2. Gap

    Recorded in April 1974 at Gap Works, Sasazuka

    Masaru Soga, electric guitar
    Sano Kiyohiko, synthesizer
    Masami Tano, percussion

    A3. Cue

    Recorded in December 1973 at Aoyama Town Hall

    Kazuhiko Ogawa, guitar
    Masashi Shinohara, guitar

    B1. Toss-up

    Recorded in May 1975 at Sophia University Hall, Yotsuya

    Sano Yumiko, violin
    Miyajima Motosakae, soprano saxophone
    Naohiro Tsuke, trumpet
    Fujisawa Nobuyuki, trombone
    Hitoshi Nakamura, baritone saxophone
    Murai AzumaTatsuki, contrebasse

    B2. For TRAZOM

    Recorded in October 1975 at Sophia University Hall, Yotsuya

    Kikuo Shimura, guitar, bass drum and cymbal

    B3. URN

    Recorded in November 1978 at Jean-Jean, Shibuya

    Junko Oda, voice
    Miura Takashi, saxophone
    Fumiko Takahashi, keyboards

    C1. Source

    Recorded in October 1971 at the Tokyo American Centre, Akasaka

    Piano, Jo Kondo
    Oboe, Soichi Wakioka
    Mouri Kyojin, cello
    Yasu-sei Ken, guitar
    Unknown Performer, flute, clarinet, viola, cor anglais
    Vocals, Tokyo Music University Choir

    C2. Space

    Recorded in October 1975 at Sophia University Hall, Yotsuya

    Ritsuko Tsuchiya, piano
    Yasunori Yamaguchi, percussion
    Unknown Performer, flute

    D. Kiui

    Recorded in October 1979 at Kichijoji Temple

    Masami Tada, 13 and 17 string koto
    Sano Kiyohiko, 20 oscillators
    Masaru Soga, electric piano

    ALM Records ‎– AL-3008-9

    Vinyl Rip

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    Joe Phillips here credited under his muslim name Yusuf Mumin plays alto sax. He is accompanied by Abdul Wadud on cello and bass, credited under his birth name Ron (Ronald) DeVaughn. The last musician, Haasan-Al-hut on percussions, is I think a totally unknown player that was recorded only during this session. The more well-known of the participants is of course Wadud who is one of most important cellists in free jazz. The only other known session to which Phillips participated was the ESP recording of trumpeter Norman Howard that was just recently reissued as "Burn Baby Burn" ... also a pretty obscure recording in itself (we're reaching the darkest corners of free jazz history here !). The group was from the Cleveland area, probably from Oberlin where Wadud studied. Recording date is not indicated but we can think that it took place after 1968 (recording of the Norman Howard ESP session where Phillips is not listed under his muslim name) and before 1972 (release of Julius Hemphill's "Dogon A.D." where Wadud is credited under his muslim name and do not double on bass anymore).

    A word on the label and pressing. Amongst the rather small amount of info featured on the back cover, we learn that the disc was manufactured by Rite Records, an Ohio based operation offering low-costs packaging to its customers that included everything needed to make a record : recording, mixing, mastering and pressing. It is likely that the "Salaam" label existed only with the release of this record (the catalog number would second that, its choice seems more related to symbolism than to practical counting reasons).

    That's it for the historical info. Maybe something on the music itself later but trust me, it is pretty good. My favourite part of the record is the second side, just check Wadud's arco work on "Opening Prayer" and on the intro of "John's Vision" and I think you'll be convinced.

    As my rip originates from a cassette copy (lots of thanks to NK from Japan by the way) I choosed to post only MP3 at 320, but if some of our readers really want to get a lossless version just let me know in the comments.

    Dedicated to all those not yet members of the Braxton sect :).


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    A1. This Hotel
    A2. All Blues/St. Louis Blues
    A3. Under Darkest Skies

    B1. Sunayama
    B2. No More Blues
    B3. A Love Like Ours
    B4. Bei Mir Bist du Schoen/You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To

    Helen Merrill, vocals
    Masahiko Sato, piano, electric piano
    Hozan Yamamoto, shakuhachi
    Noboyushi Ino, bass
    Masahiko Togashi, percussion

    Recorded at Teichiku Suginami Studio, Tokyo, on 10-11 July, 1982

    Continental Records - Teichiku / HL-5017

    Vinyl Rip

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    A rare early album , by Dan Rose, a conceptually interesting  , adventurous guitarist who is too little known, .

    wide variety of tunes here,delivered with subtlety and urgency.. great band featuring the only slightly less neglected masterful Perry Mark Whitecage, John Betsch and Mario Pavone..

    Rose is still recording, including several recent albums on enja..
    here's a link to his site which includes a broad biographical overview

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    A1. Marie-France
    A2. Tango
    A3. Antigone
    A4. Bhagavad-Gita
    A5. Route 69

    B1. Java
    B2. Mary-Jo
    B3. Poème
    B4. Street Blues
    B5. Rock (La Défense)
    B6. Java

    Joss Basselli, accordion
    Elie Ferré, acoustic guitar
    Steve Potts, alto & soprano saxophone
    Keno Speller, bongos
    Gus Nemeth, double bass
    Jean-Jacques Avenel, double bass
    Donny Donable, drums
    Kenny Tyler, drums
    Christian Escoudé, electric guitar
    Frank Abel, piano
    Ambrose Jackson, trumpet

    Recorded at Studio Acousti. Music from the film "Sujet ou Le secrétaire aux 1001 Tiroirs" by Joachim Noessi.

    Un-Deux-Trois ‎– N° 2

    Vinyl Rip

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    This album was first released as an untitled 2LP set on the Japanese BYG label in 1973.
    The first CD edition on Affinity was titled "Student Studies". Later Black Lion issued another CD edition entitled "The Great Paris Concert".
    The original cover is included in the files...

    Cecil Taylor, piano
    Jimmy Lyons, alto saxophone
    Alan Silva, bass
    Andrew Cyrille, drums

    1. Student Studies (Part 1) 16:00
    2. Student Studies (Part 2) 11:00
    3. Amplitude  19:44
    4. Niggle Feuigle 12:06
    5. A Bright Light (Lover And Love) 21:13
    6. Over There 19:20

    Recorded in Paris at Maison De L'ORTF, Salle 105 on November 30, 1966 (Broadcast 'ORTF').

    Tracks 1-4 originally released on BYG YX4003/4004.
    Source for the rip BLACK LION BLCD760201.

    Note: tracks 5+6 possibly recorded on December 1, 1966 at the Grand Amphitheatre de la Faculte de Droit, Paris, France.
    Note 2: track 5 also titled "Bread, Wine, Lover & Love".
    Note 3: alternate album title "THE GREAT PARIS CONCERT".

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    A1. Tokyo Daytime
    A2. A Touch Of Tokyo
    A3. Sayonara
    A4. Braue Samurai

    B1. Hallelujah
    B2. Soul In Search
    B3. Variations On A Theme
    B4. Blood And Guts

    Mal Waldron, piano

    Recorded in Tokyo, February 7, 1970

    Victor Records - SMJX-10103

    Vinyl Rip

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    Here's a post I've made from a contribution propylaen2001 has made today (see comments section).

    Thank you very much!!

    Here's what he wrote (except I've changed the layout a bit...).

    Here's a great performance from the 95th NDR Jazzworkshop which I compiled from a trade CDR that I had acquired several years ago and a recent DIME upload:

    Randy Brecker, trumpet
    Rolf Kühn, clarinet
    Joachim Kuehn, piano, electric piano
    Toto Blanke, guitar
    Palle Danielsson, bass
    Edward Vesala , drums
    Kasper Winding, percussion

    1. Do Dat Dudek (18:51)
    2. Palle's Tune (8:49)
    3. Paris '73 (9:05)
    4. German Country (19:57)
    5. Things Are What They Used To Be (17:19)
    6. Spider's Dance (15:08)

    Total time 1:29:09

     Rolf & Joachim Kuehn
    NDR Jazzworkshop no. 95
    Studio 10, Grosser Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses
    Hamburg, Germany

    Source: FM radio broadcast
    Lineage: FM > ? Trade CDR > EAC (secure) > WAV > TLH > FLAC (L8)

    My trade CDR had an abbreviated version of track #5 which clocked in at 7:32.
    Last month unclewolfi uploaded a complete version of this tune from a recent rebroadcast at NDR Info.
    I used this one and added the missing applause at the end from my trade CDR.
    Lineage for this track would be: DVB-S > Techno Trend TT-Premium S2-6400 Twin HD > HDD > mp2 (320 kbps) > Nero Wave editor > Flac > TLH > WAV > Adobe Audition CS6 (edits) > TLH > FLAC (L8, align on SB)

    For the purists, the original track #5 (as received on the trade CDR) is included in a separate folder.


    Does anybody know for sure if this is the complete performance or if there is still some part missing?



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    Barney Wilen, tenor saxophone
    Jean-Francois Jenny Clark, double bass
    Carl Heinz Berger, vibraphone, piano
    Jacques Thollot, drums

    A1. Poissons 02:46
    A2. Verseau 02:28
    A3. Capricorne 02:34
    A4. Sagittaire 02:18
    A5. Scorpion 02:52
    A6. Balance 02:53

    B1. Vierge 02:49
    B2. Lion 02:23
    B3. Cancer 02:43
    B4. Gémeaux 03:32
    B5. Taureau 02:34
    B6. Bélier 02:56

    Recorded at Studios Vogue, 54 Rue d'Hauteville, Paris.

    VOGUE CLVLX 9130 (1966)

    (lp rip)


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    A1. J.M.'s Dream Doll
    A2. I Loves You, Porgy
    A3. I'm A Fool To Want You

    B1. Blues For Matsuura
    B2. No More
    B3. Left Alone

    Jackie McLean, alto saxophone
    Mal Waldron, piano,
    Isao Suzuki, bass
    Billy Higgins, drums

    Recorded in Tokyo, April 12, 1976

    Victor Records - SMJ-6137

    Vinyl Rip

    0 0

    Mark Charig, trumpet, cornet
    Walter Wierbos, trombone
    Sean Bergin, soprano, alto & tenor saxophone
    Harry Miller, bass
    Han Bennink, drums

    1. School Days (H. Miller)     7:08
    2. Ikaya (H. Miller)             4:20
    3. Flame Tree (H. Miller)     6:16
    4. Down South (H. Miller)     5:12
    5. Opportunities (H. Miller)     6:33
    6. Mofolo (H. Miller)             5:42

    Recorded at Stuio L, Köln, Germany on March 2, 1983.

    0 0

    This was discreetly slipped into the contributions section a while ago by Alex in Solex. I thought that was quite convenient, because it saved me the time it would take to digitize my own copy, so basically what I've done is to add track titles, convert the files from wav to flac and scan the front and back of the album covers. Nice work, too, if I may add, so thanks to Alex for the job.

    This was, I believe, the third last album Trevor Watts did with his Amalgam group, The following, "Over the Rainbow" and "Wipe Out", added Keith Rowe on guitars and were interestingly a source of imspiration for the indie rock Sonic Youth group. After that, Trevor Watts headed in a more rhytmically complex direction with his Moiré Music concept, combining jazz with African-inspired percussion and even, as has been suggested, the rigorous composition technique of Philip Glass and other American minimalists. That compositional complexity was to some degree foreshadowed by the excellent "Cynosure" by the Trevor Watts String Ensemble a few years before (1976) and released on the Ogun label in 1978. The Ensemble was a much larger group than the trio on display here. This one runs the gamut from tight funk to the more spacious improvisation of the Spontaneous Music Ensemble, with which Trevor  Watts was associated for many years. In fact, the very early Amalgam albums had John Stevens on drums and have been posted here before. This album reflects the individual personalities of the players, one coming from a jazz-improv background, one from soul and funk and one from rock and blues.This diversity shines through on this record and makes for an, shall we say, interesting amalgam. A very fine record all in all, I think and really quite accessible.

    Trevor Watts - alto and soprano saxophone
    Colin McKenzie - bass guitar
    Liam Genockey - drums

    Side A
    De Dublin Thing (Watts)
    South of Nowhere (With Quiet Beginnings) (Watts, McKenzie, Genockey)
    Keep Right (Watts)

    Side B
    Dear Roland (Watts, McKenzie, Genockey)

    Recorded at Windcroft, High Wickham, Hastings on 5, 6 and 7 May, 1978 by Keith Beal

    Produced by Keith Beal (who also did the front cover) and Trevor Watts

    Released on the Ogun label in 1979

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    Upkerry already posted the live part from Mainz - here.
    But I included it for this post as well. So it is complete (as far as I know).

    Michael Mantler, trumpet
    Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
    Roswell Rudd, trombone
    Bob Stewart, tuba
    Gary Windo , tenor saxophone
    Urs Leimgruber, soprano & tenor saxophone
    Carla Bley, piano
    Wolfgang Dauner , piano, synthesizer
    Christy Doran, guitar
    Hugh Hopper, electric bass
    Bo Stief, bass, electric bass
    Aldo Romano, drums
    Edward Vesala, drums, congas
    Joachim-Ernst Berendt, announcement

    Disc 1
    01. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     3:34
    02. Stand Fast (G. Windo)     4:09
        Baden-Baden New Jazz Orchestra

    03. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     1:49
    04. Nonett (B. Stewart)     7:16
        Mangelsdorff, Stewart, Dauner, Stief, Romano

    05. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     0:51
    06. A Love That Cannot Speak Its Name (W. Dauner)     10:21
        Mangelsdorff, Dauner, Stief, Vesala

    07. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     3:39
    08. Wrong Key, Donkey (C. Bley)     12:16
        Solos: Mantler, Windo, Leimgruber, Stewart, Dauner, Doran, Vesala (cga)

    09. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     0:49
    10. Song Sung Long (C. Bley)     13:55
        Solos: Mantler, Mangelsdorff, Rudd, Stewart, Windo, Leimgruber, Doran, Stief, Romano

    11. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     2:25

    Disc 2
    01. You Think You Know Me, But You Don't Know Me (M. Feza) (Dedicated to Mongezi Feza)     7:56
        Baden-Baden New Jazz Orchestra, Windo (cond)

    02. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     1:41
    03. Andiri (U. Leimgruber)     12:05
        Mantler, Mangelsdorff, Stewart, Leimgruber, Windo, Doran, Dauner, Stief, Romano

    04. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     0:27
    05. Paddy (C. Doran)     7:07
        Leimgruber, Doran, Stief, Romano

    06. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     1:31
    07. Movie Music A (M. Mantler)     4:46
        Mantler, Windo, Doran, Bley, Hopper, Vesala

    08. Movie Music B (M. Mantler)     6:55
        Mantler, Windo, Doran, Bley, Hopper, Vesala

    09. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     1:07
    10. Elibom (H. Hopper)     7:56
        Mangelsdorff (L), Rudd (R), Doran, Dauner, Hopper, Vesala

    11. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     1:10

    Disc 3
    01.Maine Light and Power (R. Rudd)     8:56
       Rudd, Mangelsdorff, Stewart, Dauner, Vesala

    02. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     1:02
    03. Toto (A. Mangelsdorff)     11:53
        Mangelsdorff, Vesala

    04. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     1:33
    05. Good Old Circus (A. Mangelsdorff)     2:54
        Baden-Baden New Jazz Orchestra

    Disc 4
    01. Introduction     1:00
    02. Good Old Circus (A. Mangelsdorff)     11:58
    03. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     0:51
    04. Stand Fast (G. Windo)     7:00
        Baden-Baden New Jazz Orchestra

    05. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     0:32
    06. Paddy (C. Doran)     10:36
        Leimgruber, Doran, Stief, Romano

    07. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     0:44
    08. Movie Music     11:37
        Mantler, Windo, Doran, Bley, Hopper, Vesala

    09. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     0:33
    10. Wrong Key, Donkey (C. Bley)     12:50
        Solos: Mantler, Windo, Leimgruber, Stewart, Dauner, Doran

    11. Song Sung Long (C. Bley)     14:06
        Solos: Mangelsdorff, Leimgruber, Windo, Mantler, Stewart, Stief, Romano, Doran, Rudd

    12. Closing announcement     0:19

    Disc 5
    01. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     0:12
    02. You Think You Know Me, But You Don't Know Me (M. Feza) (Dedicated to Mongezi Feza)     7:59
        Baden-Baden New Jazz Orchestra, Windo (cond)

    03. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     1:51
    04. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child (Traditional)     14:34
        Rudd, Stewart, Dauner, Stief, Romano

    05. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     0:59
    06. Toto (A. Mangelsdorff)     7:47
        Mangelsdorff, Vesala

    07. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     0:36
    08. A Love That Cannot Speak Its Name (W. Dauner)     8:39
        Mangelsdorff, Dauner, Stief, Vesala

    09. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     1:24
    10. Andiri (U. Leimgruber) (encore)     12:18
        Mantler, Mangelsdorff, Stewart, Leimgruber, Windo, Doran, Dauner, Stief, Romano

    11. Announcement     1:09
    12. Maine Light and Power (R. Rudd)     8:32
        Rudd, Mangelsdorff, Stewart, Dauner, Vesala

    Recorded at Südwestfunk Studios, Baden-Baden in November 1976.

    Discs 1-3 include music recorded during the Baden-Baden New Jazz Meeting in Südwestfunk Studios in Baden-Baden. The music on discs 4-5 was recorded at a public performance on November 25, 1976 at Kurfürstliches Schloss in Mainz.

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