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    This is really pretty awesome.  At 4:35 the music gels into a fantastic groove set up by Mario Castronari’s bass line which is taken up by Elton Dean’s most lyrical, story-telling invention, Tony Levin’s magnificent funky, swinging shuffle and Keith Tippett’s  perfectly timed chords and wonderfulness.  Magic!
    Always in memory of the greats Elton Dean and Tony Levin.  Turn it up!

    ELTON DEAN, alto sax, saxello
    KEITH TIPPETT, piano
    TONY LEVIN, drums

    SET 2

    1.  Set-to.  31:53

    Vortex. London.  18 April 1993

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    I have listened to this many times, but the transition in Sundance from the spoken-word poem to the dance between Jack Gregg's bass and Jeanne Lee's vocal is still spine-tingling.

    A1. Sundance
    A2. Yeh Come T' Be
    A3. Jamaica
    A4. Subway Couple

    B1. The Miracle
    B2. Your Ballad
    B3. Angel Chile
    B4. Conspiracy

    Allan Praskin, clarinet (B2)
    Perry Robinson, clarinet (B2)
    Mark Whitecage, alto clarinet (B2)
    Jack Gregg, bass
    Steve McCall, drums
    Gunter Hampel, flute, piano, vibraphone, alto and bass clarinet
    Sam Rivers, soprano and tenor saxophone, flute
    Marty Cook, trombone (B2)

    Ensemble tracks recorded by George Klabin, Sound Ideas Studio, New York, February 1974.

    Solo tracks and mix by Jan Rathbun, Blue Rock Studio and Good Vibration Studio, April and May 1974.

    Seeds Records 5, Earthform Records - 814

    Vinyl Rip

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    This is my favourite Bluiett recording up to date!
    Got this rip from a friend about six months ago - he made an excellent one.


    Hamiet Bluiett, baritone saxophone
    Marcello Melis, bass
    Don Moye, percussion

    1. In               2:11
    2. Bars             7:19
    3. Fifth Step       5:58
    4. Mockingbird      4:47
    5. Colloquio        4:33
    6. Black Roses      4:41
    7. Fingerprints     1:49
    8. Out              6:03

    Recorded in February 1977, New York.


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    Kenny Garrett is totally on fire on this!

    Kenny Garrett,  alto sax
    Shedrick Mitchell,  piano
    Nat Reeves,  bass
    Chris Dave,  drums

    1. Unknown title  17:16
    2. Unknown title  14:40
    3. Giant Steps  09:33
    4. Unknown title  06:19

    Barbican, London.  1998
    BBC Radio 3. Jazz on 3 b’cast.

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    All i can say is that this music has some primal atavistic soul  searching quality ,which challenges and ultimately offends the dull mediocre stultifying formalism &/conservatism of our era shaped as it is by a cold heartless, bloodless consumer consensus global economy.

    One could quite happily reside in the vacuum .of this music... the drag is having to snap out of such deep dream listening states , and be jolted back to a harsh unyielding reality of alienation, imminent decay and  collapse.
    This album has just that inexplicable shamanic power. all misanthropic repulsion aside....its so joyously alive...and vulnerable.

    Hamiet Bluiett , is a faith healer of sorts ,who purveys an aural balm , which will in large enough doses sensitize one to the injustice of being trapped in an ever encroaching nightmare , and who therefore deserves support.

    (click on the back cover for the line up and other info).... its a great band with Olu Dara , and Phillip Wilson.. in great form.
    Some of the best records of Bluiett's in print can be bought from Cam Jazz who own the black saint catalog, they are selling them as both downloads and physical cds.
    Jazz based Music of the late 70's doesnt get much better than Resolution or dangerously Suite

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    And here's my favorite band of Bluiett's , the same that also made 'Resolution'on Black Saint,the deep empathetic chemistry , with Pullen dating back to the Mingus band of a few years before ,very much in evidence here.
    Sobre una nube was originally released as the India Navigation Lp SOS,
    This double disc features the whole concert pretty much unedited.

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    This one's for Sotise - don' know wether this my rip or the one Nick has sent me some month ago.
    I still have both on my pc....however: thank you Nick ;)


    Tony Oxley, percussion, violin, electronics
    Barry Guy, double bass (bass guitar on Chant)
    Phil Wachsmann, violin
    David Bourne, violin
    Ian Brighton, electric guitar

    1. Quartet 1              07:44
    2. Sounds of the soil 2   07:24
    3. Brushes                04:13
    4. Chant-Quartet 2        06:51
    5. Trio 2                 05:18
    6. Combination            07:08
    7. On the edge [to E.P.]  02:59

    Tracks 1 and 4 feature Guy/Wachsmann/Bourne/Oxley;
    tracks 2 and 5 feature Brighton/Wachsmann/Oxley;
    other tracks Tony Oxley: percussion and electronics.

    Recorded at Hampden Gurney Studios, London, February 1977.

    INCUS 18 (lp rip)


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    Here's a great gig , of David Murray  with Bluiett's Quartet, or Visa Versa, the lineup is similar to Endangered Species, with Dara and Wilson again in fine form , yeah an excitingly exploratory show!
    thanks to the Dime sharer JackMw for this one!
    Exceptional music , despite the tape being Rough around the Edges!
    if others want to help out with mirrors please do! i'll try not to use Mega in future.

    David Murray Quintet
    Unknown venue
    New York, NY
    October 13, 1976

    David Murray ts
    Hamiett Bluiett bs
    Olu Dara crnt
    Fred Hopkins b
    Philip Wilson d

    Source: Stereo audience tape > ? > CD > EAC v. 1.0 beta 2 (extraction and FLAC encoding) > FLAC compression level 8

    Disc one
    d1t01 [0:22:35.56]
    d1t02 [0:26:29.27]
    d1t03 [0:10:52.27]
    Total time: 0:59:57.35

    Disc two
    d2t01 [0:23:23.06]
    d2t02 [0:08:01.70]
    Total time: 0:31:25.01

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    This is the second release on the tiny imprint CAW. The first one you'll find here.

    Found this LP by chance as I didn't know it existed at all - it was filed as "Rock"...which probably was a joke. I don't know wether CAW made more than two LPs but I'm glad they reorded Roger Turner's solo.
    Always liked percussion solo and this outing is a fine example of the respective art.


    Roger Turner, solos on pedal drum and cymbal

    A1. In 12:42
    A2. E 07:59
    A3. All over 05:49
    B1. Furher inn 09:30
    B2. Going fast 03:35
    B3. Almost finito 06:20
    B4. Finito (or loose as a prune) 07:08


    "E" and "Further inn" at Pathway Studios London N5, afternoon 3 March, 1981.
    The rest at Front Room Studio London W9, afternoon 8 March, 1981.

    CAW 002

    (lp rip)


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    For flat5 - famine then feast

    A1. Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise11:37
    A2. The Height Of Spring10:32

    B1. Encounter6:52
    B2. Reflectors6:15
    B3. Blues Connotation8:17

    Allan Praskin, alto saxophone
    Yoshio Ikeda, bass
    Motohiko Hino, drums
    Kiyoshi Sugimoto, guitar

    Recorded May 6, 1971 at AOI Studio, Tokyo.

    Three Blind Mice - TBM-7, CD Re-Issue - TBM CD 1807

    CD Rip

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    I don't imagine that there are many fans of this music who don't have this indispensable minor masterpiece  by,one of the greatest bands of their day.... it is as far as i know out of print , although if memory serves  it has been bootlegged on CD.

    A live Parisian recording of dubious provenance  originally released on the Italian Durian label ,  this predates  THE  marvelous Symphony for improvisers , on which Cherry employed an expanded version of this basic quintet...With Ed Blackwell Cherry's friend and favourite drummer instead of Romano who plays on this.
    superb music in less than high fidelity  .

    PS- i'm posting it by way of experimenting with a suitable file host  since quite a few people are struggling to use Mega.... basically this upload is a shot in the dark .

    i would appreciate any feedback relating to the accessibility of  Mixturecloud

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    ...a bit cleaning (manually)....with scans provided by Marten512


    Evan Parker, soprano & tenor saxophone
    Barry Guy, bass
    Paul Lytton, percussion

    A1. Fire        05:13
    A2. Heat        12:34
    B1. Light       05:30
    B2. Sidetrack   19:17

    Recorded in London on January 7, 1983.

    'In this set of improvisations Barry Guy and Paul Lytton both use amplification and live electronics to extend the sound of their instruments.'

    INCUS 42

    (lp rip)


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    A1. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes – Masahiko Sato

    A2. Tori – Aki Takase

    B1. Mizu No Kaidan / Odoru Yoru – Ichiko Hashimoto

    B2. Someday – Takashi Kako

    Recorded live at Yamaha Hall, Hiroshima, on 17 June (A1), 8 July (A2), 14 July (B2) and 22 July (B1), 1984.

    Lunatic Records ‎– Lunatic 001

    Vinyl Rip

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    David Murray, ts, bcl
    Dave Burrell, p
    Tony Overwater, b
    Idris Muhammed, d

    Nana Vasconcelos, perc (track 6 only)

    1. Hope scope  10:45
    2. Ballad for the black man  13:38
    3. The gates of Hell  14:32
    4. Daybreak  15:18
    5. Waltz to Heaven  7:40
    6. Calle Estrella  9:25
    7. Brian Morton interviews David Murray  14:06

    Bristol Cathedral.  1992

    BBC Radio 3 b'cast

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    ...also this one with scans provided by Marten512 - Enjoy.


    Alex von Schlippenbach, piano
    Evan Parker, soprano & tenor saxophone
    Paul Lovens, selected drums and cymbals, saw

    1.    Ciclone    16:00
    2.    Fra Di Noi 32:23
    3.    Abbondanza 12:14

    'This album presents the complete recording of the performance given by the Schlippenbach Trio
    during the final concert of the 6 Rassegna Internazionale del Jazz on June 21st, 1981, in the Teatro Verdi of Pisa.
    The Rassegna Internazionale del jazz is organised yearly in Pisa by the Centre for the Research into Improvised Music (CRIM).'

    PO TORCH PTR/JWD 10/11


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    This is the only other LP that I know of on the Lunatic Records label, but since the first two are so good, I'd be glad to hear that there were more.

    One for Sotise, with many, many thanks.

    A1. Monk's Dream
    A2. Misterioso
    A3. The Crust
    A4. Coastline

    B1. Morning Joy
    B2. Blues For Aida
    B3. The Kiss

    Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone

    Recorded live at Higasi Kumin Bunka Center on 24 May 1986 at a concert organized by Hiroshima Real Jazz Crowd.

    Great cover painting by Yukio Imamura and great photo of Steve Lacy by Masaru Yokochi

    Lunatic Records - Lunatic 002

    Vinyl Rip

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    Some more bodyslammin'............. [;-)


    Alexander von Schlippenbach, piano
    Evan Parker, soprano and tenor saxophone
    Alan Silva, double bass
    Paul Lovens, selected drums and cymbals, singing saw, zither

    LP 1 (Side A & B)
    1. Let this mouth shower kisses on you        44:25

    LP 2
    1. Blow on my garden and press out the spice  21:17
    2. Who can this be advancing from the desert? 25:01

    Recorded at the Quartier Latin, Berlin on 6th and 8th November, 1981.

    PO TORCH PTR/JWD 16/17

    (lp rip)


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    this is what they say at all music:
    pianist Glenn Horiuchi's second album as a leader is a strong effort. Horiuchi mixes together his Japanese heritage with inside/outside jazz, creating explorative and unpredictable yet often melodic music.

    and here some interesting reading on Horiuchi:

    Glenn Horiuchi - piano
    M'Chaka Uba - bass
    Taiji Miyagawa - bass
    Leon Alexander - drums
    Rosey Ruey - vocals on "Tear Dem Walls"

    01 - Saburo + Getting togheter
    02 - Cross Current
    03 - Issei Spirit
    04 - Tear Them Walls
    05 - Before the Storm

    all compositions by Glenn Horiuchi
    recorded june 1988
    Asian Improv AIR-0005, 1989

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    For Newk. From The Sonet Recordings double CD, I kept only "Eternal Now", as "Live Ankara" is pretty useless due to poor recording quality. One of Don's numerous world jazz classics, "Eternal Now" was also reissued under the title "Tibet", and is possibly obtainable on vinyl from Jazzloft or Downtown Music Gallery.

    DON CHERRY - Eternal Now (Sonet 1974)

    All composions by Don Cherry except as indicated

    1. "Gamla Stan - The Old Town by Night" - 8:27
    2. "Love Train" - 7:50
    3. "Bass Figure for Ballatune (Two pianos and three piano players)" (Bothén) - 3:44
    4. "Moving Pictures for the Ear" (Bothén, Cherry) - 9:40
    5. "Tibet" - 7:59

    Don Cherry - trumpet, piano, harmonium, vocals, h'suan, daster, gong
    Bengt Berger - piano, Tibetan bells, African finger piano, mridangam, cymbal
    Christer Bothén - piano (2, 3), dousso n'koni (4), Tibetan bell (5)
    Bernt Rosengren - tarogató (2)
    Agneta Ehrnström - Tibetan bell (2), dousso kynia (4)

    Recorded at Studio Decibel in Stockholm, Sweden on April 30 (2-4) and May 1 (1 & 5), 1973.

    from CD Verve 533 049-2 (The Sonet Recordings 2CD, OOP)

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    The A side consisted of two versions of "The Way" plus two improvisations, with Richard Teitelbaum on electronics. This is not posted here, because it was included on the Emanem CD 5022, "The Sun".

    The B side is a rare recording with Michel Waisvisz on electronics. The others are "Saxophone Special", still available on Emanem CD 4024 and "Lumps" which was included in the ICP box.

    B. The Way / Pearl Street / The Duck20:55

    Han Bennink, drums
    Michel Waisvisz, electronics
    Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone

    Cover paintings by Judith Lindbloom

    Recorded 11 April 1974, during the Berlin Workshop Freie Musik at the Academie der Kuenste, Berlin.

    Roaratorio ‎– ROAR 01, 2000.

    Vinyl Rip

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