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    A1. A Cheer Song . . . for Mr. Napoleon
    A2. Das Lied von der Unzulänglichkeit Menschlichen Strebens
    A3. Grasshoppers
    A4. Variations on "Fröhlicher Landmann"
    A5. Letters of Palestinian Children to God

    B1. Nanohana Flowers All Over
    B2. I Won't Come Back Tonight--Polish Partisan Song
    B3. The Pain of the Wandering Wind
    B4. 43° North-- A Tango

    Haruna Miyake and Yuji Takahashi, two pianos, toy piano, harmonium, rabana, chafkas, temple block

    Music by Haruna Miyake (A1, A4, B1, B4), Bertolt Brecht (A2), Ryuichi Sakamoto (A3), and Yuji Takahashi (A5, B3)

    Recorded by Yukio Kojima at Nova Hall, Tsukuba, August 16 and 17, 1983

    Alm Records, AL-7007

    Vinyl Rip

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    A1. Taihen
    A2. The Day After
    A3. Takao Blue

    B1. A Song For Buddha
    B2. Oiwake
    B3. Shosuke-San

    Toshinori Kondo, trumpet, vocals
    Cecil Monroe, drums
    Rodney Drummer, electric bass, guiro
    Reck, electric guitar
    Taizo Sakai, electric guitar
    Yoshinori Teramae, electric guitar
    Kiyohiko Semba, percussion
    Bill Laswell, tape
    Fusako Fujimoto, Backing vocals
    Rika Tanaka, backing vocals

    Recorded & mixed at Sedic Studio, Tokyo 1984.

    Polydor ‎– 28MX 2503

    Vinyl Rip

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    Daunik Lazro, baritone saxophone
    Jouk Minor, sarrusaphone
    Thierry Madiot, trombone, homemade instruments
    David Chiesa, double bass
    Louis-Michel Marion, double bass

    1. part I    10:44
    2. part II   11:37
    3. part III  06:19
    4. part IV   16:16
    5. part V    09:42
    6. part VI   03:28
    7. part VII  07:43

    Recorded on May 31, 2003 at Centre Culturel André Malraux in Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy, France during Musique Action 2003.

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    Already posted in 2011 - here's the  re-up....

    A forgotten masterpiece of European Jazz.
    'Room 1220' is a tender yet burning duo of Mangelsdorff and Surman. And the mood of 'My Kind Of Beauty' still needs a public location (club or however you want to call it) to be build for ... in general I'm not a big fan of the Hammond organ, but what Eddy Louis is able to deliver ... and please listen to John Surman and Albert Mangelsdorff - they use the clichés - yet they reach a level far above such truisms.

    Sadly OOP!

    John Surman, baritone saxophone
    Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
    Eddy Louis, piano, hammond organ
    Nils-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, bass
    Daniel Humair, drums

    1. Room 1220 (22:05)
    2. Triplet Circle (08:33)
    3. My Kind Of Beauty (12:50)

    Recorded at Iino Hall, Tokyo, August 30, 1970 by Okihiko Sugano.
    Produced by Joachim-Ernst Berendt and Shoichi Yui.



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    A1. パラビアソ (Par Avion)
    A2. テンダリー (Tenderly)
    A3. 永遠の詩 (The Song Remains The Same)

    B1. ムード (Mood)
    B2. ステップ・ワン (Step One)
    B3. Manha De Carnaval

    Itaru Oki, trumpet
    Keiki Midorikawa, double bass
    Hozumi Tanaka, drums
    Kosuke Mine, alto saxophone (B2-3)
    Takeshi Kamachi, piano (A2, B2-3)

    All compositions by Itaru Oki, except A2 (Walter Gross) and B3 (Luiz Bonfá)

    This is an all time favourite from Itaru Oki, from the early days of Japanese free jazz. There were a rush of tracks that they released around this time :-

    Satsujin Kyoshitsu - LP on the Jazz Creaters label, recorded in Tokyo in February 1970, currently available on CD - Bridge (049) from Japan Improv

    Mood, recorded live Shibuya Public Hall, on April 30, 1970 and included on "Sensational Jazz '70", which was recently re-released on CD by Columbia and available at Japan Improv (with other tracks by Mototeru Takagi, Masahiko Sato, Terumasa Hino, New Herd, etc).

    Four Tracks on Trio By Trio + 1, recorded  live at Yamaha Hall, Ginza, Tokyo, May 20, 1970, also re-released on CD on Think! Records: 1 side Yosuke Yamashita Trio, 1 side Itaru Oki Trio, 1 side Yuji Ono Trio and 1 side Itaru Oki + Yuji Ono + Kimiko Kasai.

    This all preceded a live recording of October Revolution, on Inspiration & Power 14 Free Jazz Festival 1, from 1973.

    This LP was in a box set of 10 LPs by Japanese jazz artists. I think it was mainly sold to people buying Toshiba audio equipment.

    Great, historic music and 40 years out of print.

    Toshiba Records ‎– TW-6045

    Vinyl Rip

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    For health reasons, Kenny has been unable to work for most of the year.

    He needs our help financially. Please consider donating what you can through PayPal to:

    Thank you


    EVAN PARKER - tenor and soprano saxophone
    BARRY GUY - bass
    PAUL LYTTON - drums

    Special guest:

    KENNY WHEELER - trumpet

    1. 19:50
    2. 21:34
    3. 17:19

    Vortex, London. 9th January 1994

    Photo by Caroline Forbes.
    This is posted with the kind permission of Evan Parker.

    Hear also Foxes Fox live at the vortex psi.12.01

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    Derek Bailey, electric guitar
    Evan Parker, soprano saxophone
    Hugh Davies, live electronics
    Jamie Muir, percussion
    Christine Jeffrey, voice (tr.1+5)

    1. Third Stream Boogaloo (2:40)
    2. Dragon Path (10:25)
    3. Packaged Eel (8:43)
    4. Untitled no.1 (7:06)
    5. Untitled no.2 (7:33)
    6. Tuck (3:09)
    7. Wolfgang Van Gangbang (6:54)

    Recorded on August 25th, 26th, 27th, 1970 at the Merstham Studios, London.

    ECM 1005

    (this rip from UCCU-9019, CD Japan)

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    Here's a compilation of Tristano oddities , largely consisting of home recordings, originally simultaneously released by East Wind and  Inner City labels in the mid 70's .

    Tristano was an eccentric pioneer, a contemporary and friend of Bebop legends like Gillespie and Parker , he developed an alternative transition out of the swing era.
    Like one of his greatest formative influences Art Tatum, he was blind, and equally prodigious.

    One hear's advanced harmonies,angular block chords extensive use of dissonance, and hints of  atonality in even his earliest work..

    His 1949 Capitol recordings (Digression,Intuition) with a group featuring Lee Konitz and Warne Marsh have been described as the first Free improvised jazz without predetermined thematic material, fixed Chord structures, predetermined Rhythms etc..

     whats interesting about this is that, quite apart from the more conventional group pieces, the 1953 title piece Descent into the Maelstrom (Inspired by Edgar A.Poe) is a collage of his most passionately dense free playing on record, which to my ears recalls some of Cecil Taylor's Solos of 20 years later , , circa Indent and Silent Tongues.

    A raw rip,(taken from my Inner City vers) no syrup , no tracking ... click on the back cover scans for personnel (session dates range from 1952-66)
    There are some great Tristano records currently available including the perennial Atlantic classics, "Lennie Tristano", 1955, "the new Tristano"1960, a proper box set of early recordings , loads of live material on Carol Tristano's Jazz records Label.

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    KENNY WHEELER - trumpet, flugelhorn
    MARK FELDMAN - violin
    JOHN TAYLOR - piano
    ADAM NUSSBAUM - drums

    1. Kind folk  11:48
    2. 3000  11:57
    3. Ambleside  16:33
    4. Where do we go from here?  9:09
    5. Sly eyes  12:24
    6. Mark time  14:33
    7. A flower is a lovesome thing  9:46

    TT 86:11

    Bath Pavilion, Bath, 26th May 2002

    BBC Radio 3 broadcast

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    Kenny Wheeler - trumpet
    Hugh Fraser - conductor
    Norma Winstone - voice
    Gwilym Simcock - piano
    John Parricelli - guitar
    Dave Holland - double bass
    Martin France - drums
    Lee Konitz - alto saxophone
    Evan Parker - tenor saxophone
    Julian Arguelles - saxophones
    Duncan Lamont - saxophone
    Stan Sulzmann - saxophone
    Ray Warleigh - saxophone
    John Barclay - trumpet
    Ian Hamer - trumpet
    Henry Lowther - trumpet
    Derek Watkins - trumpet
    Gordon Campbell - trombone
    Barnaby Dickinson - trombone
    Richard Henry - trombone
    Mark Nightingale - trombone

    1. Marked Time  17:25
    2. How Deep Is The Ocean (+ ann.)  14:07
    3. Long Suite 2005 (+ outro) 42:16

    Recorded at Queen Elizabeth Hall, 14th January 2005
    BBC Jazz on 3 broadcast

    Again...Please donate to help the great Kenny Wheeler at his time of need.

    Through PayPal to 

    This from the Ottawa Citizen.

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    Three weeks ago I bought the book "Free Jazz And Improvisation On Vinyl 1965 - 1985".
    I was a bit disappointed but as an 'addict' I enjoyed it notwithstanding its shortcomings and mistakes.
    And the 'mistakes' prompted the idea to collect all known information about never released LPs (or cassettes
    In the book there's a section about Po Torch Records - Paul Lovens' label.
    An insert which was included in some of the releases (e.g. Rutherford-Lovens JWD/PTR 3) had an announcement for six (two in the book) LPs which never made it onto the turntable...

    I would like to suggest that we confine ourselves to the period from 1960 to 1985.
    Maybe we should - at least for a start - list only items which are related to Free Jazz.
    Items which are circulating as bootlegs of these elusive sound carriers are welcome as well - we are looking for NIP (never in print) issues which would/could/should have been official releases.
    As much information as available would be nice: line-up, title, recording-date, track-titles, label etc. - maybe we can collect some data for a discography solely made of recordings which were never edited.

    Here are the first few un-released recordings..........



    ILPS61 (test-pressing) - "DOUBLE TRIO"
    Evan Parker, soprano saxophone
    Trevor Watts, alto saxophone
    Dave Holland, bass
    Peter Kowald, bass
    Rashied Ali, drums, percussion
    John Stevens, drums, percussion

    1. Double Trio – Part 1              30’55                        
    2. Double Trio – Part 2              25’13

    Recorded by Eddie Kramer at Olympic Sound Studios, London, March 10th, 1968.
    ("In Part 1 Ali plays small side–drum, hi–hat & cymbal while Stevens plays rest of kit including bass drum. Their roles are reversed in Part 2")



    miscellaneous live percussion & live electronics, guitars
    recorded 1981

    Werner Lüdi, sax
    Stephan Witwer, guitar
    Martin Schütz, cello
    Paul Lovens, percussion
    Recorded 1988/1989
    ("...two almost complete concerts,...the legendary group which disbanded in 1990")

    PTR/JWD 20 - >SOLOS<
    ((a recording, the mastertape of which has hitherto not been traced ... !))
    Hans Reichel, guitar
    Evan Parker, sax (soprano?)
    Recorded 1989
    ("...each playing solo live in concert")

    Harri Sjöström, soprano saxophone
    Wolfgang Fuchs, reeds
    Paul Lovens, percussion
    Karri Koivukoski, viola
    ("...two live sets , one in quartet with Karri Koivukoski)
    recorded 1988/1989

    (some more by quintet moderne, probably
    recorded 1991

    live recording of a trio, probably
    recorded 1992



    Prince Lasha, flute
    Sonny Simmons, alto saxophone
    Clifford Jordan, tenor saxophone
    Don Cherry, trumpet
    Fred Lyman, flugelhorn
    Bill Wood, bass
    Orville Harrison, bass
    Charles Moffett, drums

    1. Lost Generation 20:50
    2. The Trane       11:20
    3. Prelude To Bird 05:25

    Producer : Fred Lyman
    Recorded at Zounds Recording Studios, New York City, May, 1963.

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    For the Hill and Murray fans.....
    A wonderful one off(?)... in excellent Sound...

    Andrew Hill Trio-Unknown venue-Paris, France,November 4, 1999

    Andrew Hill p
    James Lewis b
    Sunny Murray d

    seeder/tapers Notes
    Source: Radio broadcast > cassette > CD > EAC v. 1.0 beta 2 (extraction and FLAC encoding) > FLAC compression level 8

    Thanks to Dimer jackmw, for this one!

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  • 08/26/14--23:43: Paul Bley- Mr Joy 1968
  • An Alternative to the rip kindly shared here by Chris , my rip from a scratchy 70's reissue on semi bootleg label..Trip..
    A great record and one that's been surprisingly unissued on CD... something which we deplore!
    Perhaps someday , the boffins who curate Mosaic records might consider issuing a deluxe Box-Set , of Bley's important  60's Trio recordings.
    Enjoy , and please support Bley by buying his current cd's and fascinating book of interviews with Norman Meehan, "Time will Tell' from Bley's own site if possible.

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    ROSWELL RUDD’S BROAD STROKES BAND invitée SHEILA JORDAN - “Banlieues Bleues” 2oo1

    Change Of Season (Herbie Nichols) 8.49 ~ Symbeeoobop (Rudd) 4.52  ~ Almost Blue (Elvis Costello) 8.59 ~ Stokey (Rudd) 6.31 ~ God Had A Girlfriend (Rudd) 9.15 ~ Open House (Rudd) 3.44 ~ Slide Mr.Trombone (Ernie Andrews) 9.22

    The Light (Rudd) 12.01 ~ Su blah blah buh sibi (Rudd) 15.38 ~ Bamako (Roswell Rudd/Verna Gillis) 9.16 ~ Bis:Ornithology (Charlie Parker) 8.12

    Sheila JORDAN, Steve RIDDICK, voix
    Harvey KAISER, saxophone tenor, clarinette, flute
    Josh ROSEMAN, Steve SWELL, trombones
    Greg GLASSMAN, trompettes
    David WINOGRAD, tuba
    Matthew FINCK, guitare
    Ken FILLIANO, basse
    Lou GRASSI, batterie
    Roswell RUDD, trombone, piano, voix, direction

    Enregistré a St Ouen a l’espace 1789, dans le cadre du festival “Banlieues Bleues” le samedi 03 mars 2001 par Radio France.

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    Carin Levine, flute, bass flute
    Peter van Bergen, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone
    Wolfgang Fuchs, alto clarinet, sopranino saxophone
    Evan Parker, tenor saxophone
    Michiel Scheen, piano, prepared piano
    Maarten Altena, bass
    Witwulf Malik, cello
    Karri Koivukoski, viola
    Phil Wachsmann, violin
    Melvin Poore, tuba
    Marc Charig, trumpet, fluegelhorn
    Martin Mayes, french horn
    Radu Malfatti, trombone

    and a cricket...

    1. introduction      00:54
    2. unknown title     49:16
    3. unknown title     07:48
    4. unknown title     19:38

    Recorded at Utopia, Innsbruck, Austria on December 11, 1989.

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    KENNY WHEELER - trumpet, flugelhorn
    STAN SULZMANN - alto sax, flute
    JOHN TAYLOR - piano
    CHRiS LAURENCE - bass

    1 (01:05) Radio announcement
    2 (11:30) Kind Folk
    3 (12:27) Jigsaw
    4 (11:15) One Two Three
    5 (12:02) unknown

    "Clusone Jazz", Italy, July 25, 2004. RAI 3 broadcast

    Thanks to original uploader on DIME.

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    New Age Jazz Chorale - Light (Button-Nose 1976)

    music Burton Greene, poetry Vincent Gaeta

    A - Manifesto For Angels     30:33    
    B - Tarot             30:44    

    Daoud Amin - Percussion
    Ernst Reijseger - Electric Cello
    Wally Shortz - Flute, Bass Flute
    Gerrit Jan Herring - Flute, Recorder (Tarot)
    Charles Green - Trumpet (Manifesto)
    Frank Grasso - Trumpet (Tarot)
    Sean Bergin - Saxophone (Manifesto)
    Harvey Wainapel - Saxophone (Tarot)
    Martin Koeman - Violin (Tarot)
    Maurice Horsthuis - Viola (Tarot)
    Christian Landry - Electric Bass (Tarot)
    Burton Greene - Piano, Conductor

    Phil and Marga Arosa
    Hans Van Winsen (bass)
    Andrea Goodzeit (alto) on Tarot
    Wilma Bos (alto) on Manifesto
    Cornelia Van Der Horst (soprano) on Tarot
    Linda Haslach (soprano) on Manifesto

    "Manifesto For Angels" recorded June 1976
    "Tarot" recorded June 1975

    Button-Nose Records  03
    Vinyl rip

    on vinyl the tracks are actualy split, and has been digitalised so

    0 0

    Heinz Becker, trumpet
    Conrad Bauer, trombone
    Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, alto saxophone, clarinet, flute
    Manfred Hering, alto & tenor saxophone
    Helmut Forsthoff, tenor saxophone
    Ulrich Gumpert,piano
    Klaus Koch, bass
    Günter Sommer, drums

    1. announcement WDR  00:25
    2. unknown title 21:42
    3. unknown title 11:51
    4. unknown title 10:38
    5. unknown title 04:51
    6. unknown title 06:50

    Recorded at the Berliner Jazztage, Berlin on November 1, 1979.

    some covers you'll find at htakat's website here - scroll down, it's the picture(s) at the bottom...

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    Update 4-9-2014
    A repost of the great 1979 Anima duo LP + Distinction without Difference, Billy Bang's 1980 Hat Hut (IRO4)LP
    No Syrup, no EQ,no tracking... just light manual De Click 

    (POST-12-8-2008)Another timeless relic from the halcyon
    years when the New York loft scene was burgeoning with fresh talent. Lindberg and Bang are both particular favourites of mine ,discovered years ago whilst stumbling across those early new york string trio records on black saint. Lindberg was a teenage prodigy who was playing with the likes of Jimmy Lyons, Roscoe Mitchell, Anthony Braxton and Sunny Murray while barely 18. Those more familiar with either of the two's later work may struggle at first to find a way into this session which is about as thorny as anything from the period. the pieces are largely improvised and make full use of extended techniques like col legno , and scrapping, and even what sounds like tapping the soundpegs inside the resonators of the instruments. This is the only ANIMA lp i've ever come across ,it appears to have been an artist run label that was very short lived.. ive included scans of the contemporaneous catalog in the files. this is truly superb and still sounds very fresh. i recommend the flac's ,but will also upload the mp3's. BTW/ im hoping someone has the collaboration by David Murray and Charles Tyler mentioned in the catalog as the next forthcomming release. enjoy!!

    0 0
  • 09/06/14--06:46: COWWS "ULRICHSBERG, 1988"

  • An audience recording from a wonderful group who made only very few recordings - especially the first track here is excellent.
    At the moment there's only one recording readily available as a download - but it's worth every penny.
    Check it out at destination-out bandcamp store > Two Compostitions by Rüdiger Carl with COWWS

    Rüdiger Carl, tenor saxophone & clarinet
    Jay Oliver, bass
    Phil Wachsmann, violin
    Stephan Wittwer, guitar
    Irène Schweizer, piano

    1. in einem fort  47:59
    2. in einem fort setzung  4:23
    3. kühl gleitend  12:51
    4. wellenförmig  3:39
    5. iterativ  7:21
    6. walzer  3:38

    Recorded at the Jazzatelier in Ulrichsberg, Austria on June 4, 1988.

    (the picture of the Jazzatelier's entrance area is from Francois Lagarde)

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