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    A1. Les Touristes
    A2. Les Partisans
    A3. Versailles
    A4. Le Front Uni Des Travailleurs

    B1. Nous Allons Vous Conter
    B2. L'Internationale

    Michel Marre, baritone saxophone, tenor saxophone, cornet
    François Tusques, Jean-Claude Guillet, Marie Iracane, Tania Munuera, chorus
    Alain Bruhl, Alain Hako, Denis Levaillant, François Tusques, Guy Oulchen, Joël Grasset, percussion, tambora, bongos
    Poc, trombone
    Jean Mereu, Manu, Pierre Ferrier, trumpet
    Claude Marre, tuba
    Gérard Tamestit, violin
    Boussaba, Carlos Andreu, vocals

    Recorded at Prades De Lez in July/August 1974 and in Paris in November 1974.

    Le Temps Des Cerises ‎– 03

    LP Rip

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    A1. Le Borgne Et Le Manchot
    A2. Chezy

    B1. Attention L'Armée
    B2. Le Paso Del Ebro
    B3. Dicen Que La Patria Es...
    B4. Ça N'Arrive Qu'Aux Autres

    Jean-Jacques Avenel, bass
    Christian Ville, drums
    Jacques Mahieux, drums
    Robert Lucien, drums
    Serge Igor, piano, electric piano
    Carlos Andreu, guitar, vocals
    Guy Oulchen, percussion
    Super P.4, tenor saxophone
    Antoine Cuvelier, trombone
    Jean Mereu, trumpet, piccolo trumpet, bugle
    Gérard Tamestit, violin
    Kirjuhel, vocals, spoken word

    Design by ATARPOP 73

    Recorded at Studio Palm, Paris

    Temps Des Cerises ‎– TDC 05

    LP Rip

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    LEE LORENZ  trumpet
    ROSWELL RUDD  trombone
    PETE WILLIAMS  clarinet, soprano sax
    DICK VOIGT  piano, vocal
    BOBBY MORGAN  bass
    LYMAN DRAKE  drums

    plus vocalists on Ugly Chile

    1.  Original Dixieland One-Step
    2.  Basin Street Blues
    3.  Muskrat Ramble
    4.  Wolverine Blues
    5.  Ugly Chile
    6.  Weary Blues
    7.  Bull Dog
    8.  Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gave To Me
    9.  Bermuda Buggyride
    10. That Da-Da Strain
    11. St James Infirmary
    12. That's a Plenty

    NYC  7th June 1955    Columbia CL 736

    Thanks to Calundronius

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  • 10/04/14--18:39: Roswell Rudd-Inside Job 1976

  • As promised here's Roswell Rudd's Inside job, overall I think a pretty fine , and Somewhat undervalued record ..which has to my knowledge never seen a cd reissue!

    A nice live set recorded at Studio Rivbea, on the 21st of May 1976... Rudd and Rava always sounded great together
    And BTW/for newbies who may not have heard it  the masterly eponymously titled" Enrico Rava Quartet"
    on ECM is very special and highly recommended!

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    This was a draft of Sotise - and after I got a rip of this LP some time ago I thought of posting it mayself....

    Side A:       
    Theodor Ross, Wilhelm Bruck, spanish guitar, harmonica
    Mauricio Kagel, piano, harmonica

    Side B:
    UNTER STROM       
    Christoph Caskel, Mauricio Kagel, Wilhelm Bruck, sounds [Experimentelle Klangerzeugung]

    Tactil (Für Drei) was recorded in 1970.
    Unter Strom (Für Drei Spieler) was recorded in 1969.

    Deutsche Grammophon  2530 460 (1974)

    (lp rip)

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    JOHN STEVENS  drums, pocket trumpet
    ROGER SMITH  guitar
    JOHN BUTCHER  tenor and soprano saxophones
    NEIL METCALFE  flute

    John Stevens in conversation with Brian Morton

    1. Chat  7:37
    2. Peripheral Vision  3:05
    3. Chat  3:02
    4. Interplays pt1  20:02
    5. Interplays pt2 /outro  9:53

    BBC Radio 3 'Impressions' 1993

    I'm guessing some of this was used on the expanded version of  A New Distance on Emanem, which is essential listening. (I've got the original ACTA version)

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    A1. You Know
    A2. For The Brave Young Students In Soweto
    A3. Ogun´s Friend

    B1. Brooding
    B2. In The Morning
    B3. The Red Pepper Poets

    Denardo Coleman, drums
    Bern Nix, guitar
    Bill Cole, muzette, nagaswarm
    Joe Daley, tuba
    Jayne Cortez, poetry

    Bola Press – BP-8001

    LP Rip

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    A1. Voyage From Jericho
    A2. Return To The East

    B1. Just For Two
    B2. Children's Music March
    B3. Surf Ravin

    Arthur Blythe, alto saxophone
    Charles Tyler, alto and baritone saxophone
    Ronnie Boykins, bass
    Steve Reid, drums
    Earl Cross, trumpet

    Recorded July 1974 at Studio ONE, N.Y.

    AK-BA Records ‎– AK 1000

    LP Rip

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    1.  Hello Everybody
    2.  Samba Is Power
    3.  I Wonder Who
    4.  She Got He Got
    5.  War Devoted To War
    6.  Find Your Own Voice
    7.  Sacred Trees
    8.  I'm Gonna Shake
    9.  Into This Time
    10. I Got The Blues
    11. Cheerful & Optimistic

    Talib Kibwe, alto and soprano saxophone
    Al MacDowell, bass
    Denardo Coleman, drums
    Bern Nix, guitar
    James Carter, baritone saxophone
    Abdoulaye Epizo Bangoura, djembe
    Salieu Suso, kora
    Sarjo Kuyateh, kora
    Frank Lowe, tenor saxophone
    Jayne Cortez, poetry

    Recorded at Polarity, NYC, on 22 February and 14 March 1994.

    Bola Press ‎– BP9401

    CD Rip

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    A.  Fall's Mystery

    B1. Folly
    B2. Voyage From Jericho

    Charles Tyler, alto and baritone saxophone
    Ronnie Boykins, bass
    Steve Reid, drums
    Melvin Smith, guitar

    Recorded live at the Umeå Jazz Festival, Sweden, 24-26 October 1975.

    AK-BA Records ‎– AK 1010

    LP Rip

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  • 10/07/14--18:04: Ray Russell-Dragon Hill-1970
  • Here's a great little LP on the short lived CBS Realm label series,which released other quite stunning albums by..Gordon Beck,Frank Ricotti Tony Oxley, and Barry Guy among others.

    Ray Russell, a british Guitarist who despite having a jazz background,much like his contemporary Chris Spedding say, seems to have spent a lot of his professional life in the studios,
    making library records for TV, and Films as well as playing on dozens of well known rock albums by Phil Spector, Art Garfunkel, Tina Turner, Dionne Warwick and countless others.

    .He was also notably in Harry Beckett's Sound of Joy and similar fusion projects in the mid 70's.

    This though is an exploratory at times quite free set of sophisticated extended post bop compositions , flavoured by  touches of RnB, and Rock.

    Russell's an interesting thoughtful player who's playing here is fluid,inventive even ecstatic!.yeah very beautiful sitting to these ears somewhere between 60's john Mclaughlin and Sonny sharrock's
    'Tauhid" period, and just as interesting..

    relistening again after many years... one hears a strong stylistic connection to early Soft Machine,as well as Jack Bruce Elton Dean  and Keith Tippett's contemporaneous free inflected Fusion albums...

    heres a link to his website
    and discogs entry

    be nice to know more about some of the other players here, of whom really only Ron Mathewson, Harry Beckett, and Lyn Dobson are familiar names..

    This record has to my knowledge, yet to be reissued , though the even better "Rituels" from 1971 posted here by boromir in 2008 , has been, as has live at the ICA on RCA also from 71
    Righteous RAY!!

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    1.  Adupe
    2.  Maybe
    3.  Drying Spit Blues
    4.  What's Happening
    5.  Make Ifa
    6.  Stockpiling
    7.  Firespitters
    8.  Everybody Wants To Be Somebody
    9.  Push Back The Catastrophes
    10. Nelson Mandela Is Coming 2
    11. Everywhere Drums

    Talib Kibwe, alto and soprano saxophone
    Al MacDowell, bass
    Denardo Coleman, drums
    Ed Blackwell, drums (2, 11)
    Bern Nix, guitar
    Bill Cole, Korean hojok
    Adzenyah Donno, talking drum, congas, percussion
    Abraham Kobena, talking drum, congas, percussion
    Frank Lowe, tenor saxophone
    Jayne Cortez, poetry

    Recorded at Sound Ideas Studios, NYC, on 21 June 1990.

    Bola Press ‎– BP9001

    CD Rip

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    ...from the OOP CD ...

    Howard Riley, piano
    Barry Guy, bass
    Alan Jackson, drums
    Barbara Thompson, flute (tr.7 only)

    1. Exit          5:01
    2. Gormenghast          7:08
    3. S & S          2:18
    4. Fragment          7:47
    5. Angle          7:18
    6. Aftermath          2:36
    7. Three Fragments   3:04
    8. Gill          5:44

    Recorded in London, 3rd December 1968 and 2nd January 1969.

    COLUMBIA – 4944332 (CD rip)

    Originally released in 1969 as LP (CBS 52669)

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    1.  Taking The Blues Back Home
    2.  Bumblebee, You Saw Big Mama
    3.  Mojo 96
    4.  Cultural Operations
    5.  The Guitars I Used To Know
    6.  Talk To Me (For Don Cherry)
    7.  I Have Been Searching
    8.  Global Inequalities
    9.  Blues Bop For Diz
    10. You Can Be
    11. Endangered Species List Blues
    12. Nobody Knows A Thing

    Talib Kibwe, alto saxophone
    Al MacDowell, bass
    Denardo Coleman, drums
    Bern Nix, guitar
    Carl Weathersby, guitar
    Billy Branch, harmonica
    Nakoyo Suso, vocals
    Abdoulaye Epizo Bangoura, djembe
    Salieu Suso, kora
    Sarjo Kuyateh, kora
    Frank Lowe, tenor saxophone
    Jayne Cortez, poetry

    Recorded and mixed at Harmolodic Studios, Harlem, NY.

    Harmolodic ‎– 531 918 2, Verve Records ‎– 531 918 2

    CD Rip

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    1.  Sunny Side Of The Page
    2.  Pocket Trumpet
    3.  Afro Spot
    4.  Beautiful Sea Of Waves
    5.  In The Morning
    6.  About Flyin' Home
    7.  A Miles Davis Trumpet
    8.  Dialogue On Violence
    9.  Mr. Louie
    10. Know Your Reality
    11. Somewhere A Woman Is Singing
    12. What's Your Take

    Sam Furnance, alto saxophone
    T.K. Blue, alto saxophone
    Alex Harding, baritone saxophone
    Al MacDowell, bass
    Charnett Moffett, bass
    Ron Carter, bass
    Denardo Coleman, drums
    Bern Nix, guitar
    James "Blood" Ulmer, guitar
    Jan Cherry, violin
    Frank Lowe, tenor saxophone
    Jayne Cortez, poetry

    Recorded on 26 May, 29 July and 23 August 2002 at Harmolodic Studios, NY

    Bola Press ‎– BLP2003

    CD Rip

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    Rhodri Davies, harp
    Mark Wastell, cello
    Simon H. Fell, bass

    A1. Index Of Microgrooves 07:00
    A2. Strim Stram Strellach 11:12
    A3. Adolphus Hailstork And The Barlow Composers 05:19
    B1. Chwit Chwat Chwilen Bwgen 13:22
    B2. Used Sacks To Iceland 08:32
    B3. A Beaker Full Of Death 03:54

    Recorded at Soundworld, Chelmsford on 8 August, 5 September and 15 December 1995.

    SIWA Records SIWA#3

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    Some" rescue remedy" ,for Aussie Tony.. a perfect antidote to those brutal nightmares you've been having of waking up naked in a room full of hamsters, razor blades,plastic tubes and Western Australian Senator Cory Bernardi  also naked... i'm appalled and terrified at the intensity of shock you must be suffering ... hope this helps  its magnificent...
    Elliott Schwartz interview.. Changes in Contemporary Music

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    A1. There It Is
    A2. U.S. / Nigerian Relations
    A3. I See Chano Pozo
    A4. Skin Diver

    B1. Opening Act
    B2. If The Drum Is A Woman
    B3. To A Gypsy Cab Man
    B4. Blood Suckers

    Jamaaladeen Tacuma, bass
    Farel Johnson Jr, bongo, bells, congas
    Abraham Adzinyah, congas
    Denardo Coleman, drums
    Bern Nix, guitar
    Charles Moffett Jr, tenor saxophone
    Bill Cole, shenai, musette, korean sona
    Jayne Cortez, poetry

    Recorded July 22, 1982 at O.A.O. Studio, Brooklyn, New York

    Bola Press - BP-8201

    LP Rip

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    Here's a post for Rasimov77 - he shared some goodies in the 'Contributions' section.
    Among the links was one for a GUO recording from 1979.
    It turned out that it was a part of the recording presented here.

    Manfred Schoof, trumpet
    Enrico Rava, trumpet
    Kenny Wheeler, trumpet
    Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
    Paul Rutherford, trombone, euphonium
    Günter Christmann, trombone
    Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone
    Gerd Dudek, soprano & tenor saxophone, flute
    Evan Parker, soprano & tenor saxophone
    Michel Pilz, bass clarinet
    Bob Stewart, tuba
    Alexander Von Schlippenbach, piano
    J.B. "Buschi" Niebergall, bass
    Paul Lovens, drums & percussion

    Disc 1
    1. Flat Feet (E. Rava)     13:51
    2. Reflections (M. Schoof)     12:48
    3. Trom-Bone-It [Trombonaut] (G. Christmann)     7:56
    Disc 2
    1. Boa (A. von Schlippenbach)     11:26
    2. Nodagoo (K. Wheeler)     10:47
    3. Quasimodo (S. Lacy)     11:23
    4. Worms (S. Lacy)     9:53
    5. The Forge (A. von Schlippenbach)     9:15
    6. Improvisation (Globe Unity Orchestra) (encore)     5:59

    Recorded January 26, 1979 at Stadttheater Bad Godesberg, Germany.

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    AB. Mary Mary

    C1. After You Left A
    C2. After You Left B

    D.  Tortuga

    E.  Push Pull

    F.  Breakout

    Jimmy Lyons, alto saxophone
    Hayes Burnett, bass
    Karen Borca, bassoon
    Munner Bernard Fennell, cello
    Roger Blank, drums

    Recorded live, May 6, 1978 at the Collective for Living Cinema NY.

    Hat Hut Records ‎– Y/Z/Z

    LP Rip


    C. What To Do About #1 And #2

    Jimmy Lyons - alto saxophone
    John Lindberg, bass
    Sunny Murray, drums

    Recorded live at Jazz Festival Willisau on Saturday August 30, 1980.

    Hat Hut Records ‎– TWENTYONE (2R21)

    LP Rip

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