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    A1. Laughin'Sophie
    A2. Saxifrage
    A3. Three-four Strings
    A4. Parodixieland
    A5. Big Ben

    B1. Java For Raspail
    B2. Before Z
    B3. Horoscope
    B4. Three-Four-Two
    B5. King Of The Mountain
    B6. Up To The Light

    Jean-Luc Ponty, violin, clarinet (B6)
    Bernard Vitet, flugelhorn (A1,2,5,6, B4,5)
    François Jeanneau, soprano saxophone (A1,2, B2-6)
    Jean-Louis Chautemps, tenor saxophone (A1-4, B2-6), baritone saxophone (A3,4)
    Joseph Martin, french horn (A1,2, B2-6)
    Claude Lenissois, bass clarinet (A1,2, B2-6), clarinet (B3)
    Jef Gilson, piano (A1-4, B1-6)
    Henri Texier, bass (A1,2,3-5, B1-6)
    Stephane Vilar, drums (A1-4, B2-6)
    Mowgli Jospim, trombone (A4, B4,5)
    Pierre Bergeret, trumpet (A5, B1)
    Ivan Jullien, trumpet (A5, B1)
    Michel Poli, trumpet (A5, B1)
    Jean-Pierre Burtin, trombone (A5, B1)
    Dominique Watre, trombone (A5, B1)
    Raymond Pichereau, bass trombone (A5, B1)
    Joseph Martin, french horn (A5, B1)
    RM Nicolas, clarinet (A5, B1)
    Claude Lenissois, bass clarinet (A5, B1)
    François Jeanneau, soprano saxophone (A5, B1)
    Jean-Louis Chautemps, tenor saxophone (A5, B1)
    William Boucaya, baritone saxophone (A5, B1)
    Michel Portal, alto saxophone (A5, B1)
    Claude Langue, harp (A5, B1)
    Jean-Claude Petit, piano (A5)
    Jacques Thollot, drums (A5, B1)
    Willy Coquillat, percussion (A5, B1)

    Recorded in Paris, Januray and March 1963

    Palm ‎– PALM 19

    LP Rip

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    Dusko Goykovic, trumpet, fluegelhorn
    Milo Pavlovic, trumpet, fluegelhorn
    Åke Persson, trombone
    Eric Van Lier, trombone, tuba
    Eddie Busnello, alto saxophone
    Johnny Griffin, tenor saxophone
    Hans Koller, tenor saxophone
    Mal Waldron, piano
    Karl-Theodor Geier, bass, cello
    Eddie De Haas, bass
    Albert "Tootie" Heath, drums
    Hans Gertberg, announcer

    01. Rehearsal chatter                         0:16
    02. Blues In The Closet (B. Powell)         5:05
    Solos: Goykovic (tpt); Persson; Goykovic/Persson/Heath (4s)

    03. Rehearsal chatter                         1:33
    04. Keep The Fort (O. Pettiford)         4:17
    Solos: De Haas (b); Geier (cello)

    05. Rehearsal + chatter                 3:21

    06. Remember O.P. (M. Waldron)                 5:10
    Solos: Goykovic (tpt); Pavlovic (flh)

    07. My Little Cello (O. Pettiford)         4:00
    Solos: De Haas; Geier (cello)

    08. Introduction (Hans Gertberg)         0:15
    09. Keep The Fort (O. Pettiford)         4:14
    Solos: Persson; Van Lier (tb)

    10. Introduction (Hans Gertberg)         0:50
    11. Bohemia After Dark (K. Clarke)         7:27
    Solos: Pavlovic (tpt); Busnello; Griffin; Pavlovic/Busnello/Griffin (4s)

    12. Introduction (Hans Gertberg)         0:41
    13. Blues In The Closet (O. Pettiford)      7:08
    Solos: Griffin; Heath; Griffin/Heath (4s)

    14. Closing announcement                 0:22

    Recorded on February 24, 1967 at Studio 10, Grosser Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg.

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    A1. Et Monk?
    A2. Fast Fats
    A3. Hot-Times
    A4. Modo Azul

    B1. Quiproquo

    Roger Guérin, trumpet (A1-B1)
    Fernand Verstraete, trumpet (A1-3, B1)
    Luis Fuentes, trombone, (A1-3, B1)
    Bobby Jaspar, tenor saxophone (A1-B1)
    Walter Davis Jr, piano (A1-3, B1)
    Doug Watkins, bass (A1-3, B1)
    Art Taylor, drums (A1-3, B1)
    Claude Civelli, tenor saxophone (A4)
    Salvatore Parotta, tenor saxophone (A4)
    Michel Gaudry, bass (A4)

    Recorded in Paris, 1958

    Palm ‎– PALM 21

    LP Rip

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    ....don't know wether this will be of interest for you - at least (again) something a bit different (;-]

    Theatre of Eternal Music String Ensemble

    Charles Curtis, cello, leader
    Yuri Christiansen, cello
    Reynard Scott, cello
    Christopher Williams, double bass

    'The First Dream of The High-Tension Line Stepdown Transformer'
    from 'The Four Dreams of China' (world premiere)
    )La Monte Young(

    01. part I    03:57
    02. part II   06:04
    03. part III  05:48
    04. part IV   18:29
    05. part V    43:32

    Recorded on August 4, 2007 in Polling, Bavaria at Kunst im Regenbogenstadl.

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    I have added the extra 15 minute track that was recorded at the same session and later included on Anthology Jef Gilson: The Meeting Time; Bobby Jaspar/Byard Lancaster, PALM 21, 1975

    A. We The Blessed

    B. Mother Africa (In 3 Parts)

    +1. Love Always

    Byard Lancaster, alto saxophone, vocals
    Jean-François Catoire, bass
    Keno Speller, congas, bells
    Jonathan Dickinson, drums
    Clint Jackson III, trumpet, bells

    Recorded at Studio PALM, Paris, on 8 March 1974

    Palm ‎– PALM 9

    LP Rip

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    Allan Botschinsky, tpt, flh, mellophone
    Roger Guérin, tpt, flh
    Locksley "Slide" Hampton, tb
    Nick Evans, tb
    Radu Malfatti, tb
    Herb Geller, ss, as, ts, cl, fl, bass fl, oboe
    John Surman, ss, bs, bcl
    Leszek Zadlo, sss, ss, as, ts
    Pierre Cavalli, g
    Steve Kuhn, p
    Palle Danielsson, b
    Stu Martin, dr

    1. Catching the New Ones (S. Hampton)     6:17
       Solos: Hampton, Zadlo (ts)
    2. Joachim (S. Martin)     6:47
       Solos: Martin, Danielsson, Surman (bs)
    3. Raindrops, Raindrops (S. Kuhn-L. Wallin)     6:27
       Solo: Kuhn
    4. Transmutations (P. Cavalli)     10:51
       Solos: Geller (ss), Cavalli
    5. Let Me Play the Lion, Too (H. Geller)     13:22
       Solos: Kuhn (org), Geller (ss, bass fl, fl, oboe, ss)
    6. Pretty Thing (S. Hampton)     7:13
       Solos: Hampton, Zadlo (as), Kuhn
    7. Black Horse (N. Evans) (inc (fade out))     6:11
       Solos: Botschinsky (flh), Evans, Surman (bs), Kuhn
    8. Mini Rock (S. Hampton)     7:04
       Solos: Zadlo (ss), Cavalli

    Studio 10, Grosser Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg, November 28, 1969.

    "Mini Rock," was issued on NDR Jazzworkshop '69/'70 (NDR 654 094).

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    Glenn Horiuchi's music is generally political (he was heavily involved in the reparations movement for the Japanese-Americans forced to live in prison camps during World War II.) and hints strongly at the traditional Japanese taiko rhythm yet also has the improvising and excitement of jazz.....
    from all music

    The title cut reflect Glenn's experiences on community pilgrimages to Manzanar, California - the site of one of the ten concentration camps.
    from liner notes

    Glenn Horiuchi - piano
    Leon Alexander - drums
    M'Chaka Uba - bass on A2 and B1
    Taiji Miyagawa - bass on track A1 AND B2

    A1 - Blues for John Okada
    A2 - Manzanar voices
    A3 - Edna's dream
    B1 - Stockton calling
    B2 - Seeds of resistance
    B3 - Lullaby

    recorded june 1989 at Fanfare studios, El Cajon, CA
    all compositions by Glenn Horiuchu

    Asian Improv, AIR-0006, 1989

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    A1. Augure
    A2. Jerkologie

    B.  Balada Y Tres

    Jeff Sicard, alto & tenor saxophone, flute, bass clarinet
    Michel Gladieux, bass
    Jacques Mahieux, dums
    Patricio Villaroel, piano, electric piano
    Gérard Coppéré, soprano & tenor saxophone

    Recorded in Paris, July 27, 1970.

    Société Française De Productions Phonographiques ‎– SFP - 53.006

    LP Rip

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    Allan Botschinsky, trumpet, fluegelhorn
    Torolf Mölgard, trombone
    Claes Rosendahl, tenor saxophone, flute
    Lee Konitz, alto saxophone, flute
    Heinz Sauer, soprano & tenor saxophone
    Cecil Payne, baritone saxophone, clarinet
    Wolfgang Dauner, piano, organ
    Attila Zoller, guitar
    Barre Phillips, bass
    Stu Martin, drums

    01. Struwwelpeter (A. Zoller)     6:02
        Solos: Botschinsky, Sauer (ts), Mölgard, Dauner, Payne (bs), Rosendahl (ts), Zoller, Phillips

    02. Beehive '94 (W. Dauner)     6:50
        Solos: Zoller, Payne (bs), Dauner (org), Konitz (as)

    03. The Sweet Hustler (A. Zoller)     5:56
        Zoller and rhythm section only. Solos: Zoller, Phillips

    04. At Twilight (A. Zoller)     6:23
        Solos: Sauer (ss), Konitz (as), Mölgard, Zoller

    05. Up To The Moment (B. Phillips)     8:33
        Solos: collective, Phillips, Sauer

    06. Rumpelstilzchen (A. Zoller)     8:14
        Solos: Zoller, Phillips, Sauer, Martin

    07. Impressions Of Sounds For Piano And Band (W. Dauner)     5:47
        Solo: Dauner (p)

    08. Flying Fish (C. Payne)     7:14
        Solos: Payne (bs), Botschinsky (flh), Dauner (p), Zoller, Sauer (ts)

    09. Cry Cry Gypsy Cry (A. Zoller)     9:36
        Solos: Zoller, Sauer (ts), collective

    10. Rebecca Is 18 (L. Konitz)     5:56
        Konitz and Zoller only

    11. Git The Money Blues (J. Owens)     7:31
        Solos: Zoller, Sauer (ts), Botschinsky (flh), Rosendahl (ts)

    Recorded at Studio 10, Grosser Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg on March 29, 1968.

    NDR Jazz Workshop No. 56; produced by Hans Gertberg.
    "The Sweet Hustler,""At Twilight," and "Rebecca is 18" are included on the LP NDR Jazzworkshop '68 (NDR 654 057).

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    This LP was posted about four years ago over at Dust in the nostrils. Go there for more information about the group and Ermoll.
    I got it from a friend but it seems to be from the blog.
    However - as the last request for a re-up is from December 2013 I take the freedom to post this strong outing here again.
    I've manually removed the worst clicks etc.

    Edward Bronson, tenor saxophone
    Serge Ermoll, piano
    Lewis Burdett, drums

    A. The First Movement     17:15
    B. The Second Movement  19:30

    Recorded October 10, 1976.
    Recorded and mixed at Earth Media Recording Company, Sydney Australia.

    FREE KATA 002 (vinyl rip)

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    A.  Tormilina

    B1. Tonton SFP
    B2. End Starting
    B3. Cirrus

    Jeff Sicard, alto & tenor saxophone, flute, bass clarinet
    Michel Gladieux, bass
    Jacques Mahieux, dums
    Patricio Villaroel, electric piano
    Gérard Coppéré, soprano & tenor saxophone
    Gérard Marais, guitar

    Recorded in Paris on 17 May 1971

    Société Française De Productions Phonographiques ‎– SFP - 13.006

    LP Rip

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    Harri Sjöström, soprano saxophone
    Phil Wachsmann, violin, electronics
    Teppo Hauta-Aho, bass
    Paul Lovens, drums   

    1. announcement   00:34
    2. unknown title  28:27
    3. unknown title  09:44
    4. unknown title  03:45
    5. unknown title  05:29

    Recorded at the Alte Gerberei in St. Johann in Tirol, Austria on March 7, 2009.

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    Tomasz Stanko, trumpet, fluegelhorn
    Frederic Rabold, trumpet, fluegelhorn
    Radu Malfatti, trombone
    Wlodzimierz Nahorny, flute, alto saxophone
    Jan Wroblewski, flute, tenor saxophone
    Alan Skidmore, flute, soprano & tenor saxophone
    Leszek Zadlo, soprano, alto & tenor saxophone
    Louis Stewart, guitar
    Eric van Lier, trombone, bass trombone
    Andrzej Trzaskowski, piano
    Roman Dylag, bass
    Tony Oxley, drums

    1. Pyxis (T. Oxley)     (14:38)
       Solos: Trzaskowski, Wroblewski (ts), Malfatti, Stanko
    2. Catherine's Dance (L. Stewart)     11:05
       Solos: Stewart, Zadlo (ss), Nahorny (fl), Dylag
    3. Emotion (F. Rabold)     8:57
       Solos: Nahorny (as), Stewart, Zadlo (ts)
    4. That Makes You Laugh? Me Not! (W. Nahorny)     8:39
       Solos: Stewart, Van Lier (tb), Stanko, Skidmore (ts), Dylag
    5. Collection (A. Trzaskowski)     11:19
       Solos: Rabold, Stanko, Trzaskowski

    Recorded at Studio 10, Grosser Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg on April 17, 1970.

    Note: "That Makes You Laugh? Me Not!," was issued on NDR Jazzworkshop '69/'70 (NDR 654 094) for promotional purposes only.

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    1. Untitled
    2. Untitled
    3. Untitled
    4. Untitled
    5. Untitled
    6. Untitled

    Yagihashi Tsukasa, alto saxophone
    Higo Hiroshi, electric bass
    Sato Yukie, electric guitar
    Phil Minton, vocals

    Recorded at Former Nippara-Elementary-School, Tokyo on March 18th 2004 (1-3) and at The Temple Of No Power, No Virtue, Koenji, Tokyo on March 16th 2004

    Austin Records ‎– ARR-0017

    CD Rip

    0 0

    Palle Mikkelborg, trumpet, fluegelhorn
    Tomasz Stanko, trumpet
    Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
    Nathan Davis, flute, soprano & tenor sxophone, bass clarinet
    Wlodzimierz Nahorny, alto saxophone
    Jan 'Rtaszyn' Wroblewski, tenor saxophone
    Andrzej Trzaskowski, piano
    Roman Dylag, bass
    Ronnie Stephenson, drums
    Hans Heinrich Breitkreuz, engineer
    Hans Gerthberg, producer

    01. Announcement  (03:00)
    02. Opener - 5 Deegrees East 5 Deegrees West  (01:52)
    03. Mellow For Othello  (06:47)
    04. Out Of The Way  (06:11)
    05. Beat For Pete  (06:16)
    06. The Hop  (10:57)
    07. For The Highest Stake  (05:12)
    08. Hey, Coco  (09:44)
    09. Berlin Calling  (05:32)
    10. The Quibble  (11:09)
    11. Show Biz'n Done (Grand Waltz Brilliant)  (07:29)
    12. Dookola Wojtek  (08:01)
    13. Post Scriptum  (04:28)
    14. Seant  (12:20)
    15. Requiem For Scotty  (04:14)
    16. Just The Coincidence  (07:44)
    17. Closer - 5 Deegrees East 5 Deegrees West  (01:40)

    Note: "The Quibble" on 599865 NDR JAZZWORKSHOP '67 (issued only for promotional purposes)

    Rec.: January 27, 1967, Großer Sendesaal des NDR, Hamburg, Germany.

    0 0

    GARY THOMAS - tenor sax, flute
    BENNIE MAUPIN - tenor sax, bass clarinet
    MICHAEL CAIN - piano, keyboards
    LONNIE PLAXICO - electric and acoustic bass

    1. 25:19
    2. 12:01
    3. 44:23
    4. 10:12
    5. 11:48

    Symphony Hall, Birmingham.  4th October 1993
    BBC Radio 3 broadcast

    0 0

    A1. 禁じられた儀式
    A2. 悪魔の涙
    A3. ハリクリシュナ

    B1. サバンナ
    B2. フライング
    B3. ブラック・ナルシス

    Kimio Koizumi, bass
    Chito Kawachi, drums
    Toshiaki Yokota, flute
    Kimio Mizutani, guitar
    Yusuke Hoguchi organ
    Fujio Saito, Larry Sunaga, Minoru Ishiyama, Pedro Umemura, Tadaomi Anai, Yoshinori Nohmi, percussion
    Shunzo Ohno, trumpet

    Think! Records, Universounds ‎– DTHK-001

    Original LP on EMI, 1971

    LP Rip

    0 0
  • 11/19/14--15:01: MUJICIAN - Brecon 1993

  • KEITH TIPPETT, piano
    TONY LEVIN, drums
    PAUL DUNMALL, tenor and soprano sax
    PAUL ROGERS, bass

    1. 38:43 (feedback interruption @ 16:51)
    2. 31:52

    Brecon Jazz Festival.  14th August 1993

    0 0

    This NDR Jazz Workshop was in the collection of Rudi Fuesers. First I didn't realise what it was as the cd-r has almost no information on the cd or booklet.
    But I took it home for a try - and found to my astonishment an unknown workshop!
    Obviously it was in his collection as Fuesers is playing on it.
    Soundwise this workshop is probably the best I've ever heard.

    Ack van Rooyen, trumpet & fluegelhorn
    Kurt Sauter, trumpet & bass trumpet
    Rolf Schneebiegl, trumpet & horn
    Klaus Mitcherle, trumpet & fluegelhorn
    Rudi Fuesers, trombone & bass trombone
    Rudi Flierl, tenor & baritone saxophone
    Hans Koller, tenor saxophone
    Helmut Reinhard, baritone saxophone
    Karl Berger, piano
    Joep Christopher, bass
    Klaus Hagl, drums
    Hans Gertberg, announcements

    01. introduction + theme 2:24
    02. Broadway 4:01
    03. Lonely 6:48
    04. Homer's Concert 3:24
    05. Remember 4:05
    06. Warming Up The Bar Worm 4:57
    07. Monkey 4:28
    08. Nippon Kazuki 6:01
    09. Hard Bop For Hartung (Hans Koller) 3:35
    10. It Had To Be You (Isham Jones) 3:02
    11. Cry 6:12
    12. Soft And Easy 4:12
    13. introduction 1:38
    14. Tune For Antibes (Hans Koller) 6:25
    15. Waltz With Me (Hans Hammerschmid) 5:00
    16. Black Cats (Hans Hammerschmid) 4:48
    17. Indiana (MacDonald/Hanley) (fade-out) 2:44

    Recorded January 27, 1961 at Großer Sendesaal, Funkhaus Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany.

    At least two more titles were performed: "Workshop After Hours" (7:49) and "D'Accord" (6:01).
    Hans Gertberg announces "D'Accord" after "Black Cats" as a trio of piano, bass and drums...obviously not included in the cd-r I inherited from Rudi Fuesers.

    Note: On "Tune For Antibes" only quintet. On "Waltz With Me" solos by Koller, Van Rooyen and Schneebiegl on horn.
    On "Black Cats" two tenors played by Koller and Flierl.

    0 0

    MARCI MATTOS - double bass
    EDDIE PREVOST - percussion

    1. Bird's eye view  15:28
    2. Handscapes  6:47
    3. In winter  13:40
    4. Rise to the future  8:50

    Recorded 9th August 1983  Leo Records LR143  LP

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