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    MARCIO MATTOS - double bass
    EDDIE PREVOST - percussion

    1. 29.25

    Earlham Street Breakout at Donmar Warehouse, London.  30th July 1989

    Listening to the ‘Handscapes’ LP (below) and enjoying it after many years, prompted me to dig out my old cassette recording of the same trio. Funny how it’s easy to dismiss a recording you’ve made because of one little wrong thing.  I always thought this was a dusty sounding old thing, recorded rather distantly from the music, up in the balcony. Transferring from tape today, I was pleasantly surprised.  With the dolby on it’s not too hissy, at one point a baby cries, but it sounds pretty good really.  Anyway if you enjoyed Handscapes, you might want to hear this.

    Bozo rightly commented that Akemi once played with saxophonist Chris Green. Consulting an old copy of WIRE (issue 49 March 1988), they played together in Coherents, producing K’Tah (Prime Tapes) and Red Shift (Prime LP).  If anybody has these, it would be good to hear them. 

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    TONY LEVIN - drums
    PAUL ROGERS - bass
    KEITH TIPPETT - piano
    PAUL DUNMALL - baritone, tenor and soprano saxophones

    1. 49:53
    2. 5:12

    The Albert Inn, Bristol.  12 Sept 1993


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    FRANZ KOGLMANN - A White Line (hat ART 1990)

    1 A White Line 7:27
    2 April In Vienna 4:58
    3 Eccentric Shorty 7:12
    4 Quapp 6:06
    5 Festive Minor 3:45
    6 The Fabel Of Mabel 4:45
    7 Bley Play 3:45
    8 Jambangle 5:24
    9 Oof 3:54
    10 Aristony 3:45
    11 For Max 3:48
    12 Out Of Nowhere 3:50
    13 Free (Three) Again I-III 6:26
    14 Je? 3:23
    15 At The Jazz Band Ball 2:37


    Franz Koglmann - flugelhorn, trumpet
    Jean-Christophe Mastnak - French horn
    Raoul Herget - tuba
    Mario Arcari - oboe
    Tony Coe - clarinet, tenor saxophone
    Helmut Federle - accordion
    Paul Bley - piano
    Burkhard Stangl - guitar
    Klaus Koch - bass
    Gerry Hemingway - drums

    Conductor – Gustav Bauser

    Recorded at Haus Der Begegnung Mariahilf, Vienna, Austria on November 13-17, 1989.
    Includes liner notes by Franz Koglman and a poem by Art Lange.

    Producers: Pia Uehlinger, Werner X. Uehlinger.

    hat ART CD 6048 (OOP) / 71:06

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    'The album is terrific, but the gig was an absolute monster.' Richard Williams

    PAUL ROGERS - bass
    ROBIN FINKER- tenor saxophone, clarinet

    1. 57:04
    2. 5:12

    Vortex Jazz Club, London.  13th November 2014

    MD recording by Gus.

    With kind permission of Paul Rogers.

    Blue Moment review of this gig

    WHAHAY website

    Order cd (I can't find a Babel Label link yet)

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  • 11/25/14--12:55: COWWS "NICKELSDORF, 1989"

  • Rüdiger Carl, clarinet & concertina
    Jay Oliver, bass
    Phil Wachsmann, violin
    Stephan Wittwer, guitar
    Irène Schweizer, piano

    1. 'unknown title'  46:33
    2. 'unknown title'  20:26
    3. 'applause'       00:25

    Recorded at 'Konfrontationen' in Nickelsdorf, Austria on July 15, 1989.

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    Charles Tyler ~ Folly Fun Magic Music ~ 1992 (1995 Reissue)
    Bleu Regard CT 1941

    Following on from some 1970s postings of Charles Tyler below, here we move right up to 1990-92, his final years in France where he had settled. On this recording, he is accompanied by a French crew of much younger age, probably thrilled to be in the company of a 60s legend.

    Stylistically, this record is all over the place which is not necessarily a bad thing to these ears. Starting with a mellow jazzy rendering of Wagner, it moves on to Bach and then to country and western (!), sounding not unlike Bob Dylan round about John Wesley Harding time. Nowadays, this is known as "Americana". Tyler can do that, too.

    Then it's on to European fok, Native Indian chants and even futuristic folk, but with a link to the past! The record rounds off with a duet with Santacruz which strikes me as a signpost of what was to follow on his next and final record. Some folly, lots of fun and and more than a touch of magic! This is great record of maturity, versatility and as Thom Jurek says in his Allmusic review, more than that, it walks on the edge of profundity.


    1. Ride Of The Phantom Politician (For Richard Wagner) 10:12
    2. Just Me Luck (For Jean-Sebastien Bach) 3:35
    3. She Caused His Soul To Fall 7:08
    4. European Folk Outline 5:52
    5. Shownee Indian Song 8:38
    6. Star Ship Future Folk Music 9:28
    7. Folly Fun Music Magic 6:20
    8. Spanish Castle 4:05

    All compositions by Charles Tyler, except 8., which is a creation by Bernard Santacruz and Charles Tyler.

    Recorded live on digital two tracks by Gerard de Haro, Studio Aid, Pernes-Les-Fontaines, 10, 11 November 1990 and 26- 27 February 1992

    Charles Tyler: composer, arranger, alto & tenor saxophones, harmonica, pan pipe, tambourine, vocals
    Bernard Santacruz: double bass
    Remi Charmasson: guitar
    Christian Zagaria: violin
    Jean-Pierre Jullian: drums

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    MiCHEL PORTAL - Alors!!! (Futura 1970)

    1. OO Bam Ba Deep (5:19) [Barre Phillips]
    2. Billy The Kid (1:57) [Stu Martin]
    3. Yes, Oh Yes, You Wonderous Sun Kissed Maiden ! (14:04) [John Surman]
    4. Ca Boom ? (:55) [Barre Phillips]
    5. U En A MArre (5:39) [Michel Portal]
    6. Undercurrent (5:34) [John Surman]
    7. New Peace (2:01) [Barre Phillips]
    8. Ca Boom ! (7:47) [Barre Phillips]

    Michel Portal : alto saxophone, bass clarinet
    John Surman : baritone saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
    Barre Phillips : bass
    Stu Martin : drums
    Jean-Pierre Drouet : percussion

    Recorded January 27, 1970
    CD EPM 152072 (1993, OOP)

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    After removing at least 500 clicks I'm finally able to present this wonderful music.

    In my IMHO this is one of Vesala's best recordings - excellent and intense drumming!
    Strong baritone from  Paakkunainen....Koskinen's trumpet!
    Wonderful and joyful bass work from Hauta-aho...Pekka Pöyry's reeds are...Mircea Stan and his trombone...high wailing harmonies - snake-lines...clear articulation - no even when playing heavy....enough praising...
    A real gem - hope it will be re-issued soon - would be happy to delete the links and buy me a remastered CD....

    Meanwhile - Enjoy.

    Heikki 'Mike' Koskinen, trumpet
    Mircea Stan, trombone
    Pekka Pöyry, alto and soprano saxophone, flute
    Seppo Paakkunainen, baritone and soprano saxophone
    Teppo Hauta-aho, bass, pipe
    Edward Vesala, drums

    A1. A-vara (Koskinen)                  12:53
    A2. Marssi For Keinonen (Hauta-aho)  05:12   
    A3. Interlude (Paakkunainen)         01:45   
    B1. Waltz No. 3 (Vesala)             08:40   
    B2. Kling Klang (Paakkunainen)       10:23

    Recorded on April 20, 1972, at Finnvox Studios, Helsinki, Finland.

    UFO 004 (lp rip)


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    A1. Mad High
    A2. Mighty Blues

    B1. Dear Africa
    B2. Makaya Makaya Makaya
    B3. Witchdoctor's Son

    Johnny Dyani, bass, piano, vocals
    Okay Temiz, drums, percussion
    Mongezi Feza, trumpet, percussion

    Recorded at Theater Nine, Stockholm, Sweden, on 2 November 1972

    Sonet ‎– SNTF-824

    LP Rip

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    A1. Peking
    A2. K-Song

    B1. Blue Bolivor Blues
    B2. Ataka's Dream
    B3. Song of Akira

    Akira Sakata, alto saxophone, clarinet, voice
    Hideaki Mochizuki, bass
    Shota Koyama, drums

    Recorded at Freedom Studio, Tokyo on 30 Sept - 1 Oct 1977.

    Frasco - FS-7023

    LP Rip

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    Anders Jormin - Bass
    Elvin Jones - Drums
    Wolfgang Dauner - Piano
    Albert Mangelsdorff - Trombone, Vocals

    A1 - Hot Hut          10:30    
    A2 - E. J. Blues      7:29    
    A3 - Strange Sound       3:28    
    B1 - Trans - Tanz       10:58    
    B2 - Quadrouple        8:43
    Composed by Albert Mangelsdorff (tracks A1, A3, B2), Elvin Jones (track A2), Wolfgang Dauner (track B1)

    Musikant, 1C 066 14 7115 1

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    Charles Sullivan, trumpet & fluegelhorn
    Sonny Fortune, alto saxophone
    Stanley Cowell, piano
    Alex Blake, bass
    Billy Hart, drums
    Lawrence Killian, congas, percussion
    Dee Dee Bridgewater, vocals
    L.Sharon Freeman, fender rhodes (only tr.3)
    Onaje Allen Gumbs, piano (only tr.2)
    Anthony Jackson, bass guitar (only tr.3)
    Alphonse Mouzon, drums (only tr.3)

    A1. Evening Song     8:31
    A2. Good-Bye Sweet John (In Memory Of John Foster: Pianist)     5:57
    A3. Field Holler    3:42
    B1. Now I'll Sleep     4:36
    B2. Genesis     17:36

    Recorded at Sound Ideas, N.Y.C. June, 20 & 21, 1974.
    "Field Holler" recorded at Minot Sound, White Plains, N.Y. July 24, 1974.


    (vinyl rip)

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    A1. Digit
    A2. Nine Note
    A3. Wood
    A4. AB

    B1. The Dom
    B2. Toledo
    B3. Bones
    B4. As Is

    Mark Whitecage, alto & soprano saxophone, flute
    Mario Pavone, bass
    Pheeroan akLaff, drums
    Bobby Naughton, vibraphone

    Recorded on 11 April 1979 at RBY Studios, Southbury, CT.

    Alacra Records ‎– ALACRA 1002

    LP Rip

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    I posted the Folly Fun Magic Music a little while ago and the one following, this one, was to be his last. In contrast to the former, here we're down to a trio, just sax, piano and bass, It' a low key affair, subdued, no flashes, a touch of melancholy to the proceedings. . All in all, a record of intimate beauty, even infinite beauty. We have a mix of standards, some select tunes from the Tyler repertoire, even my fave from the second ESP album, dedicated to Chris McGregor. Did they know each other or meet? Both had settled in France by the 1980s.

    This record is a musical documention of a travelogue, so what better to cite the poem that starts off the record:

    It was a return to the east
    as in the children's music march
    like the flight of the Surf ravin
    on a voyage From jericho
    they were happy sad hip folks
    who knew of Cadiz of the west kentucky woods
    they knew not, of the dark blue depths,
    pale blue planet
    lucifer got uptight
    as he gazed upon the wasteland
    of uptown manhattan puerto-rico
    he came as a space traveller
    to play his role in the warlock mystery drama
    little did he know that the adventures of the ode to lady
    day stand so strong
    it was a saga of the outlaws
    versus The legend of the lawman
    you see
    I was only a mid western drifter
    in search of the route
    from saint-louis to kansas-city by
    way of Chicago
    as I told the tale of bari red
    a man alone
    who could twing twang twiddle all night along
    with a song, A tale of bari red
    I was just a mid western drifter

    To quote Thom Jurek again from the Allmusic review, he left the best for last.


    1. Mid-western drifter
    2. Life can be so beautiful
    3. There was a flower near Napoli
    4. Photo of Cecil Tyler and Jimmy Lyons
    5. Blue Monk
    6. Man alone (for Chris McGregor)
    7. 'Round midnight

    Charles Tyler - alto sax, voice, arrangments
    Curtis Clark - piano
    Didier Levallet - double bass

    All compositions by Charles Tyler, except 5, 7 by Thelonius Monk
    Recorded in France 30-31 March 1992
    Died 28 June 1992

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    Here we have Gumpert's contribution to the soundtrack(s) for a famous and long going 'crime' series - quiet popular in Germany.
    The model for the music is obviously Miles Davis'"Ascenseur pour l'échafaud" (Elevator to the Gallows) - but it has clearly it's own vibe.....and hey - what a line-up!

    Heinz Becker, trumpet & fluegelhorn
    Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, tenor saxophone
    Ulrich Gumpert, piano
    Klaus Koch, bass (9 to 35)
    Matthias Bauer, bass (1 to 8, 36 to 39)
    Günter Sommer, drums

    Markowitz Blues
    01.     Take 1     3:32
    02.     Take 2     1:11
    03.     Take 3     1:13
    04.     Take 4     1:55
    05.     Take 5     0:55
    06.     Take 6     1:40
    07.     Take 7     1:39
    08.     Take 8     4:02
    Tod Einer Alten Frau
    Markowitz 2
    09.     Take 1     0:47
    10.     Take 2     1:04
    11.     Take 3     1:27
    12.     Take 4     0:43
    13.     Take 5     3:32
    14.     Take 6     1:28
    15.     Take 7     0:25
    16.     Take 8     0:41
    17.     Take 9     1:06

    Smell A Rat
    18.     Take 1     1:41
    19.     Take 2     1:03

    Markowitz 2
    20.     Take 10     1:48
    21.     Take 11     1:17
    22.     Take 12     2:53

    Die Sache Baryschna
    23.     Take 1     0:35
    24.     Take 2     2:34

    The Fugitive
    25.     Take 1     2:19
    26.     Take 2     1:40
    27.     Take 3     1:06

    28.     Take 3     2:45
    Geschlossene Akten
    Markowitz 3
    29.     Take 1     0:50
    30.     Take 2     0:41
    31.     Take 3     1:11
    32.     Take 4     1:01
    33.     Take 5     1:01

    Smell A Rat Again
    34.     Take 1     2:25

    Markowitz 3
    35.     Take 1     3:36
    Markowitz 4
    36.     Take 1     1:02
    37.     Take 2     0:56

    Skate On Thin Ice
    38.     Take 1     2:43

    Markowitz 4
    39.     Take 3     1:48

    Tracks 1 to 8 recorded 9.6.1992 at FMP-Studio Berlin
    Tracks 9 to 22 recorded 2.2.1993 at RBT-Studio Berlin
    Tracks 23 to 28 recorded 19.5.1993 at RBT-Studio Berlin
    Tracks 29 to 35 recorded 1.3.1994 at RBT-Studio Berlin
    Tracks 36 to 39 recorded 21.12.1994 at RBT-Studio Berlin

    BASIC 50002 (CD 1995)

    0 0

    1. Intégrales - Edgard Varèse
    2. Kyania - Iannis Xenakis
    3. Distemperament - José Maceda

    Yuji Takahashi, conductor
    New Japanese Philharmonic Orchestra

    Recorded at Suntory Hall, Tokyo, on 24 May 1992

    Fontec - FOCD3157

    CD Rip

    0 0

    Dear friends and followers of Inconstant Sol

    We do this re-up because there has been a so called reissue of this LP.
    Take a look at discogs.
    To put it frankly: It is a bootleg - and of course our post is technically the same.
    But we feel there's a crucial difference - we don't ask you for twenty bucks....
    What's more - we are meanwhile quite sure that the music you would hear on the LP is taken from our previous share here at IS.

    Another point which should be mentioned is that not only Abraxas/Doxy isn't acting right toward the musicians, but it is also directly trying to scam customers.
    Pushing the reissue as a "First edition of 500 numbered copies in a deluxe gold laminated jacket" ( or "Limited, numbered pressing – on clear vinyl!" ( clearly ammounts to trying to get people to assume the product is high end.
    Does "clear vinyl" really matter when you're pressing something which has been unprofessionally transfered from an LP to a digital file back to an LP?
    Mentioning the "deluxe" aspect of the release and forgetting to write about this side of things is rather interesting...

    We decided to do a reup again. This time including scans of the insert/liner notes (see above) which is not a part of the bootleg LP.

    Prince Lasha, flute
    Sonny Simmons, alto saxophone
    Clifford Jordan, tenor saxophone
    Don Cherry, trumpet
    Fred Lyman, fluegelhorn
    Bill Wood, bass
    Orville Harrison, bass
    Charles Moffett, drums

    1. Lost Generation 20:50
    2. The Trane       11:20
    3. Prelude To Bird 05:25

    Procucer : Fred Lyman

    Recorded at Zounds Recording Studios, New York City, May, 1963.

    ZOUNDS L-71863

    Notes :

    * : It is common practice among discographers to list Prince Lasha as the leader of this session. This short extract of a Fred Lyman interview suggests that this may not be exactly the case (courtesy of Ben Young and Marc Chaloin) : « ... mostly a jam-session [...] they were all in my studio, I don't know how they got these particular guys up there, it was probably Clifford Jordan got it together. And they just started to play and I started recording, and I played on it too, I played fluegelhorn on this track. And it turned out pretty good, [...] it was an example of what I liked to think music could be at that time. » According to Lyman, they picked up Don Cherry in the street…

    ** : Johann Heidenbauer suggests it could be read as crypted indication of the publishing date : L-7-18-63, i.e. Lasha, July 18, 1963.

    *** : Read also the original liner notes (*.rtf format). Many thanks to A. Lukas for providing the original transfer, pictures of the original plain cardboard sleeve, labels, and liners notes, and to Pierre Crepon for relaying the info.

    0 0

    Beneath Detroit. The Creative Arts Collective Concert At The Detroit Institute Of Arts, 1979-92
    Leroy Jenkins With The New Chamber Jazz Quintet

    Incredibly already forgotten.
    Geodesic has released only three albums, from what I know, all in 2010. Other were scheduled but never released.

    Leroy Jenkins - Violin, Vocals
    A.Spencer Barenfield - Guitars, African Harp, Vocals
    Tani Tabbal - Drums, Percussion, Balafon, Vocals
    Faruq Z. Bey - Tenor Sax, Vocals
    Anthony Holland - Alto and Soprano Sax, Vocals
    Jaribu Shahid - Bass, Vocals, Wash-tub Bass

    CD 1
    1. Through the ages Jehovah
    2. For players only
    3. Butter
    4. Grab the fab

    CD 2
    1. No banks river
    2. Collegno
    3. A girl named rainbow
    4. Finale from score for O

    Recorded 1981
    all compositions by Leroy Jenkons exept 'A girl named rainbow' by Ornette Coleman

    Geodesic 02, CD
    released 2010

    0 0

    A1. Around Again
    A2. Nital Rock

    B1. Taking Steps
    B2. Snow
    B3. From The Center

    James Duboise, brass
    Mario Pavone, bass
    Laurence Cook, percussion
    Bobby Naughton, piano
    Mark Whitecage, reeds

    Recorded in an outdoor concert at Silvermine College of Art, New Canaan, Connecticut, on 10 December 1969.

    Otic Records ‎– OTIC 1001

    LP Rip

    0 0

    A. Parts 1 To 4

    B. Parts 5 And 6

    Alan Davie, prepared piano, glockenspiel, siren

    Frank Perry, Chinese drums, Chinese cymbals, bamboos

    Recorded on 31 March 1971 at Gamels Studio, Hertford, by Alan Davie.

    ADMW Records ‎– ADMW 002

    LP Rip

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