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    A1. Take 5
    A2. 'Round About Midight
    A3. Oleo
    A4. Night In Phirygia

    B1. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
    B2. What Is This Thing Called Love?
    B4. On Green Dolphin Street
    B4. Dead Heat

    Norio Maeda, piano, arranger
    Akira Miyazawa, tenor saxophone, flute
    Shigeo Suzuki, alto saxophone, flute
    Akitoshi Igrarashi, alto saxophone
    Konosuke Saijo, tenor saxophone
    Ichiro Mimori, tenor saxophone
    Horoshi Okazaki, baritone saxophone
    Takeshi Inomata, drums
    Tatsuro Takimoto, bass

    Columbia - Takt Jazz Series - XMS-10031-CT

    LP Rip

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    Max Brüel, tenor saxophone
    Attila Zoller, guitar
    Gary Peacock, bass

    A.  Stella By Starlight  (Ned Washington, Victor Young)
    B1. Indian Summer  (Al Dubin, Victor Herbert)
    B2. Yesterdays  (Jerome Kern, Otto Harbach)

    Recorded: 17th March, 1957 at Universum-Filmtheater, Dortmund, Germany.


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    ...seems to be the earliest official recording with Gary Peacock...

    Hans Koller, tenor saxophone, drums (only tr.B1)
    Roland Kovac, piano (not on B2)
    Attila Zoller, guitar (not on tr.B1)
    Gary Peacock, bass
    Siegfried Kocznorski, drums (not on tr.B1)

    A1. Topsy (Eddie Durham)                              7:50
    B1. Jeepers Creepers (Harry Warren, Johnny Mercer)    2:45
    B2. There'll Never Be Another You (Warren & Gordon)   4:50

    Recorded at Universum Filmtheater, Dortmund, Germany on March 16, 1957.

    METRONOME MEP 1138  (EP rip)

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    Michael Vlatkovich - Trombone, Percussions (A1)
    Chuck Sabatino (tracks: A1, A5) - Bass, Percussion, Voice
    Tony Garcia (tracks: A2) - Soprano and  Tenor Saxophone
    Devorah Vlatkovich (tracks: A3, B2)  - Vocals
    David Crigger (tracks: A4) - Drums
    Vinny Golia (tracks: B1) - Baritone Saxophone
    Michael Jacobsen (tracks: B3) - Cello
    Bobby Bradford (tracks: B4) - Cornet
    Bill Mays (tracks: B5) - Piano

    A1 - Fiends With An Are 9113    
    A2 - The Are ... I Am / All I See Are Firetrucks    
    A3 - When Do Clowns Cry?    
    A4 - Complete With Black & White Cows    
    A5 - Serphemple Pog    
    B1 - But My Chair, In The Cafeteria!    
    B2 - Where Hello Means Good-Bye    
    B3 - 9113    
    B4 - 9113: White, Black & White, And Mostly Brown    
    B5 - Friends 9113

    compositions by Michael Vlatkovich

    Thankyou Records, mv003, vinyl

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    A1. The Wasp
    A2. High School
    A3. Struggle

    B1. African Song
    B2. The Other Way
    B3. Rolling

    Tchangodei, piano
    Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone

    Volcanic Records ‎– 15010

    LP Rip

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    A1. Message
    A2. Bass Solo To Horikiri's Theme
    A3. We Don't Know What Jazz Is!

    B1. Fellahin
    B2. I Know

    Naoji Kondo, tenor saxophone
    Daisuke Fuwa, bass
    Shiro Ohnuma, drums

    Recorded live at Tarupho, Yamato, on 26 January 1986

    Taruho Farm - 1001

    LP Rip

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    Update: Recently I've re-listened to this album. And I enjoyed it even more than a few years ago.
    IMO it's a minor classic -


    A meeting between the eastern and the western part of Germany. It was not the first one.
    Already before 1973 Jost Gebers fom FMP brought musicians from West-Berlin to the City's eastern part. These meetings/concerts between musicians from the DDR and the "West" were at the beginning illegal.
    A concert by the Irène Schweizer Quartet on October 1973 marked the beginning of official encounters. The relationship to the DDR administration remained somewhat fragile and demanded creative input especially from Jost Gebers.
    It is safe to say that the reunion was already on it's way before anyone even imagined the german reunification.

    This recording - made two years before the wall came down - is a superb example of this notion.
    But luckily the music does offer a much broader view of sound - humour included.

    It's not necessary to introduce Günter "Baby" Sommer. Ekkehard Jost is mostly known as the author of seminal books about European Jazz (among others).
    By no means only a theoretician he is also an accomplished reedist with a preference for the low tones. An original musician who deserves a wider recognition.

    His own label Fish Music has up to date 14 releases from which only the first three LPs are deleted.
    The CDs are still available from himself.

    His examination of folk music is singular insofar as the original feeling remains intact even when the music becomes "abstract". Clear structures but still some sense of wonder.

    Günter Sommer, drums, percussion
    Ekkehard Jost, sopranino, baritone & bass saxophone, bass & contrabass clarinet

    01. Il passo pesante (Sommer) 2:21
    02. Oh Lützellinden (Jost) 4:55
    03. Nou? (Sommer) 4:13
    04. Ich bin ein freier Bauernknecht (trad./Jost/Sommer) 2:21
    05. Schnatter Jump (Jost) 1:41
    06. One-Two-Tre (Sommer) 5:29
    07. Fahr wohl, lieber Klaus (Jost) 3:43
    08. Ingelheimer Fernsicht (Jost) 2:41
    09. Jamais de Schlappland in my casa grande (Jost) 5:33
    10. So long Karl May (Sommer) 4:05
    11. Es geht eine dunkle Wolke herein (trad./Jost/Sommer) 2:12

    Theme from tr.4 is a peasant song from the 17th century.
    Theme from tr.11 is from Johann Werlins manuscript compilation (1646).

    Amman Boutz Studios, Gießen, Germany on 2nd November 1987

    Fish Music FM 001

    (vinyl rip)


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    KEITH TIPPETT - piano
    PAUL DUNMALL - baritone, tenor and soprano saxophones
    TONY LEVIN - drums
    PAUL ROGERS - bass

    The Albert Inn, Bristol.

    Well almost complete; I had to junk some from the second set of the 1989 gig.  The cassette player picked up a nasty hum, I think because I’d decided to plug into a socket rather than run off batteries and I’d got the transformer too close to the recorder. In my mind the recording was a write-off, but now, twenty five years later, I discover there is an hour and a half of prime Mujician!  This gig was near the end of a tour of mostly art centres and after ‘concerts’ this was time to relax and put the comfy old ‘gig’ slippers on in the intimate, friendly and crowded Albert Inn – renowned as the place for jazz in Bristol. 

    The 1993 gig has appeared here before, in two different postings.  So if you’ve had it before you won’t need it again.  I just thought I’d pull it all together here.


    19th November 1989
    SET 1
    1. 20:12
    2. 42:01

    SET 2
    1. 27:53

    12th September 1993
    SET 1
    1. 36:22
    2. 11:44

    SET 2
    1. 49:53
    2. 5:12

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    A1. Perhaps
    A2. Moritat
    A3. Together Again

    B1. Three-Cushion
    B2. You Don't Know What Love Is
    B3. Sandy

    Isao Suzuki, bass
    Motohiko Hino, drums
    Yoshiaki Miyanoue, guitar
    Ichiro Doi, piano
    Akira Miyazawa, tenor saxophone
    Tadanori Konakawa, trombone

    Recorded at King Studio 2, Tokyo, on 6 May 1981

    Paddle Wheel ‎– K28P-6119

    LP Rip

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    A1. Divieto Di Santificazione
    A2. River Bop
    A3. Luce Rossa
    A4. Verra' La Morte E Avra'

    B1. Viva Fo
    B2. Via Libera
    B3. Stamatopoulos
    B4. Atto Di Nascita
    B5. Abitudini

    Aldo Romano, drums, piano, acoustic guitar
    Jean-François Jenny-Clark, bass
    Alessandro Sperli, voice

    Recorded at Mama Dog Studio, Rome on 23-24 June 1977

    Horo Records ‎– HZ 07

    LP Rip

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    There were a couple of requests for this one, so I thought I might as well put it at the top of the front page as it was originally posted quite a while ago, back in February 2008. Otherwise it is as it was, but with a new link at the bottom of the comments section. Posted back then by Boromir:

    This trio is unlike any of the other projects that Ken Vandermark's been involved in. There's none of the wild energy found in Vandermark 5 and his work with The Thing. The trio was formed to carry on the style of the 1960s drumless trio of Jimmy Giuffre. The influence is obvious, though the music they play is not a straight tribute to Giuffre. Vandermark plays clarinet on all tracks. The music is melodic and reflective, and is a tribute to Vandermarks flexibility. He is well accompanied by an excellent Swedish pairing.


    Ken Vandermark - Free Fall
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Glenn Miller Café, 2007

    Ken Vandermark,reeds
    Harvard Wiik,p
    Ingebrigt Haker-Flaten,b

    Set 1: 45:321
    Title 4:51
    2 Announcement KV 0:08
    3 E.C. (HW,comp) 8:08
    4 Announcement KV 0:33
    5 Methologies (HW,comp) 7:36
    6 Title 3:40
    7 Announcement KV 0:58
    8 Open, Not Closed 6:26
    9 Announcement KV 0:32
    10 Music For Clocks 6:48
    11 Announcement KV 0:09
    12 Invisible Cities (HW,comp) 5:34
    13 Announcement Speaker 0:08

    Set 2: 44:381
    Title 1:59
    2 Announcement KV 0:27
    3 Eulogy For The Typewriter 10:33
    4 Announcement KV 0:29
    5 Ithalics (HW,comp) 4:53
    6 Title 4:30 7 Announcement KV 0:12
    8 Cottonfield 6:41 9 Title 2:23
    10 Title 2:19
    11 Announcement KV 0:31
    12 Turns (TerrieEx,comp) 9:24
    13 Announcement Speaker 0:11

    The concert was broadcast on Swedish radio. Sound quality is excellent. Thanks to jazzrita for seeding this fine concert.
    Link in comments.

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    Here's a lovely Japanese flavoured chamber Folk-Jazz session (with some free improvisation) led by Hozan Yamamoto, very reminiscent of mid 70's Oregon, perhaps even  inspired by them  up to a point...
    I'd certainly have mistaken the guitarist as Ralph Towner in a blind fold test!
    And a dash of early 60's Jimmy Giuffre.
    Gorgeous tunes too.

    Hozan Yamamoto -Shakuhachi
    Yasuo Arakawa-db
    Ryo Noda-Saxophones
    Sadanori Nakamure-Guitars
    released by yupiteru in 1980

    Ps , i recently finally found the correct belt for my turntable, which is now running much more accurately.

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    This one probably comes from dime, but i got it from torrents. Thanks to previous uploaders.

    joachim kühn africa connection feat. pharoah sanders
    'gnawa jazz voodoo'
    haus der berliner festspiele, grosse buehne
    berlin, germany

    source: dvb-s > techno trend tt-premium s2-6400 twin hd > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
    (mpeg1 layer 2/320 kbps) [radio station - rbb kulturradio]

    joachim kühn - p
    majid bekkas - guembri, oud
    ramón lópez - dr, perc
    joseph bessan kouassi - conga, talking drum, voc
    abdessadek bounhar - perc
    fathallah chaouki - perc
    moussa sissokho - perc
    pharoah sanders - sax

    01. pharoah 05:40
    02. soon in june 19:59
    03. transmitting 11:02
    04. gbalele 11:25

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  • 01/20/15--07:43: Alan Silva - Luna Surface

  • Here's another one, reactivated from the early days of the blog, posted back in 2009, again due to a request. This time I did not have to go the archives to find it; instead went to the Rutracker torrent site and lo and behold, there it was! Only difference was that a audiochecker log file was attached, informing me that the files are 99.5 per cent compact disc digital audio, which is kinda funny considering the file was taken from a fine old rusty analogue lp. Stuff travels, eh? Anyway, enjoy the cacophony!

    Original post follows:

    While in the business of resurrecting old BYG Actuel records, here's another one, also posted on the Church#9 blog, then in the mp3 format, but again upgraded to a lossless audio format for posting here.

    How to characterise this one? It is what it is, I guess. To some, an inpenetrable wall of sound, to others a no holds barred piece of collective improvisation. However which way it is viewed, assessed or interpreted, it's a piece which hardly had any precedents and hardly has seen any successors. Or maybe it has, but in terms of intensity and aural onslaught, rare by most standards.

    A veritable star-studded cast of free jazz maestros on this 28-minute piece:

    Bernard Vitet - trumpet, french horn
    Grachan Moncur III - trombone
    Archie Shepp - soprano sax
    Anthony Braxton - soprano and alto sax
    Kenneth Terroade - tenor sax
    Dave Burrell - piano
    Alan Silva - violin
    Leroy Jenkins - violin, viola
    Beb Guerin, Malachi Favors - bass
    Claude Delcloo - drums

    Recorded 17 August 1969 in Paris

    Dive in!

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    A1. Runagirio
    A2. Old Folks
    A3. Estrellita
    A4. My One And Only Love
    A5. Solitude

    B1. Tarirari Blues
    B2. Body And Soul
    B3. Misterioso
    B5. Gipsy Love Song

    Recorded at Aketa-no-mise, Nishi Ogi, in February, June and July, 1982

    Aketa's Disk - AD-13

    LP Rip

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    Stivín's album Zodiac (Zvěrokruh in Czech, released 1977) was never performed live, until Spring 2007, in time for 40th anniversary of original creation. From studio version, posted here before too, Stivín retained original participants except Slovak pianist Gabriel Jonáš, who was busy at the time and was replaced by Karel Rúžička. Added were vibraphonist Radek Krampl and Stivín's occasional internatinal partners Ali Haurand and Daniel Humair. Various medieval melodies are used in choir paqrts. Result is still vital mix of classical & early music, folklore and jazz.

    JiŘí STiVíN - Zodiac Live at Prague Spring 2007

    01. Živly / Elements (Jiří Stivín) 28.15
    02. Nálady / Moods (Jiří Stivín) 23.50
    03. Zvěrokruh / Zodiac (Jiří Stivín) 14.35
    04. Miserere (Stivín-Růžička-Krampl-Haurand-Humair / Anonym) 5.30 (encore)

    Jiří Stivín - flutes, saxes and bass clarinet
    Karel Růžička - piano
    Radek Krampl - vibes, marimba and devices
    Ali Haurand - double bass
    Daniel Humair - drums

    Talich Quartet (Jan Talich - 1st violin, Petr Maceček - 2nd violin, Vladimír Bukač - viola, Petr Prause - cello)
    Kühn mixed chorus, choirmaster Marek Vorlíček.

    Czech Radio broadcast. Recorded June 2, 2007 at Prague Crossroad (Saint Anna Church). Concert was part of Prague Spring festival.

    0 0

    A1. Triplicity For Contrabass
    A2. Projection Esemplastic For White-Noise

    B.  Voices Coming

    Masahiko Tanaka, contrabass (A1)

    A2 and B produced at the Electronic Studio of the NHK.

    Manufactured by Victor Musical Industries Inc., Tokyo, Japan

    RCA Red Seal ‎– JRZ-2104

    LP Rip

    0 0

    A1. I Remember Clifford
    A2. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
    A3. Sombre Dimanche
    A4. In A Sentimental Mood

    B1. Opera Night
    B2. Days Of Wine And Roses
    B3. Like Someone In Love

    Itaru Oki, trumpet, flugelhorn
    Alain Jean Marie, piano
    Jean Jacques Avenel, bass
    Oliver Johnson, drums

    Recorded at Sysmo Record, Paris, 6 December 1984

    Paddle Wheel - K28P 6409

    LP Rip

    0 0

    PAUL DUNMALL - tenor and soprano saxophones, b flat and bass clarinet
    PAUL ROGERS - 7 string, ALL bass
    TONY LEVIN - drums

    1. Deep Joy searches  9:14
    2. Deep Joy creates  6:39
    3. Deep Joy expressed  23:13
    4. Deep Joy ends  16:18
    5. chat  2:45

    Victoria Rooms, Bristol.  9th November 2009

    This is terrific.  The rough mix is totally fine balance-wise, I just brought the volume levels up a bit.
    Paul Dunmall has suggested sharing this.  Amazing.

    0 0

    A. Inter - Posi - Play - Tion

    B. Calling Together

    Yukimasa Morimoto, conductor

    Side A

    Yoshisaburo Toyozumi, drums
    Sumire Yoshihara, percussion
    Masahiko Sato, piano
    Yoshiaki Fujikawa, saxophone

    Side B

    Akiko Suetsugu, Kou Shinozaki, Takeshi Wakamatsu, Tenjo Sajiki, Youko Ran, Yutaka Nemoto, spoken word

    Recorded live on 19-21 December 1971.

    EX-House ‎– EX-001

    LP Rip

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