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    Daoud Amin - bongos ans percussion
    Burton Greene - piano, percussion, lotus flute

    A1 - Suite: Variations On Darbari Kanada In Three Movements (1973)   25:55
    B1 - Woodstock Vibrations (1967)     11:38
    B2 - Vishnu (1972)     13:09

    all compositions by Burton Greene,  A1 is based on a theme by Jamaluddin Bhartiya

    side A recorded live at the Doelen Alternative Jazz Festival, Rotterdam, June 1973
    side B recorded live at the Central Museum Utrecht, September 1973

    Button-Nose Records - 002
    vinyl rip

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    PAUL DUNMALL - tenor and soprano saxophones, bagpipes
    PAUL ROGERS - 7 string bass
    TONY LEVIN - drums

    1. 52:00

    Porgy & Bess Jazz and Music Club, Vienna, Austria.  15th March 2009

    Photo by Bernd Wimmer

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    1. Untitled
    2. Untitled
    3. Untitled
    4. Untitled
    5. Untitled
    6. Untitled

    Mototeru Takagi, tenor saxophone
    Sabu Toyozumi, drums

    Recorded live in October 2002 at Man-Bou, Izakaya

    CDr Rip

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    Saw my rip reposted on another blog  - might be interesting for our followers as well..

    Below is what I wrote in December 2010 (a few days before New Year):

    This one was a real discovery when I got it some weeks ago. I knew Art Brooks only from his work with Bill Dixon and from the last Collective 4tet "In Transition" on Leo, which - by the way - is excellent.
    This is not the work of a "mere" student but the entirely realised and idiosyncratic composition from a still unsung master. I love it.

    Lend your ear to the "Nightcaller".

    Maureen Hoy, flute
    Art Brooks, trumpet, fluegelhorn
    Steve Simon, tenor saxophone
    Paul Austerlitz, bass clarinet
    Kevin Campbell, amplified guitar
    Beverly Dyer, cello
    Laurie Moses, piano
    Chris Faris, double bass
    Sydney Smart, trap drums

    Ensemble V (Bennington College Black Music Division)

    1. Nightcaller (part one) 16:33
    2. Nightcaller (part two) 15:20

    Recorded June 6, 1977 (Bennington College ?)

    Liner notes and cover design: Bill Dixon
    Composed, recorded and produced by Art Brooks

    IBMS 001

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    PAUL DUNMALL - tenor and soprano saxophones
    KEITH TIPPETT - piano
    PAUL ROGERS - bass
    TONY LEVIN - drums

    Set One

    1. 47:11

    Set Two

    1. 57:22

    Cheltenham Town Hall,  16th September 1993

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    This solo one was rescued by mew23 from old Almost Black blogspot. Thanks.

    Tomasz Stanko - Music from Taj Mahal and Karla Caves (Leo 1980)

    01. Sbigi
    02. Shadow of the Midnight Moon
    03. Daada
    04. Almost Black
    05. For You
    06. Night Flight

    07. Almost Black
    08. Small Rooms' Magic
    09. Daada
    10. Mountain Bird
    11. Slambura Road
    12. And the Ancient Ones Smiled
    13. Nightly Whisper

    Tomasz Stanko -  trumpet

    Recorded February / March 1980 in India

    Leo Records 011 / vinyl rip

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    For some fine text about this album go here -
    This rip has been done some years ago but was not posted here - as it was posted then there ;)

    Toshinori Kondo, trumpet, alto horn, mutes

    Side A
    1. Fuigo  7:03
    2. Double  4:26
    3. Cliff  10:19

    Side B
    1. Short-Ichi  1:06
    2. Short-Ni  1:52
    3. Alto  7:58
    4. Slides Out  6:11
    5. Buriki  5:10

    A1 + A2, Side B1, B2, B3, B5 recorded at Studio X in Paris on March 15 & 16, 1979;
    A3 recorded live in Bologna, Italy on March 25, 1979;
    B4 recorded at Sorcerer Sound Studio in New York, on May 24, 1979.

    Bellows Records 001

    (vinyl rip)

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    1. Lapis
    2. 2001.7.6-1
    3. 2001.7.6-2
    4. Lonely Woman
    5. Lacy's Out East

    Daisuke Fuwa, bass
    Shōta Koyama, drums
    Mototeru Takagi, tenor saxophone

    Recorded live at House of Crazy, Toyohashi on 6 July 2001

    Chitei Records ‎– B22F

    CD Rip

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    Marco Eneidi - Alto Saxophone
    William Parker - Bass
    Dennis Charles - Drums

    A1 - Stand Back (traditional west indian folksong)
    A2 - Ballada (Jimmy Lyons)
    B1 - Rise Up (traditional west indian folksong)
    B2 - Broken Shadows (Ornette Coleman)

    Recorded May 1986.

    This album is dedicated to Jimmy Lyons.

    Botticelli Records 1001, Vinyl
    Direct Metal Mastering

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    A shorter recording from a duo which released a long OOP Mini-CD in 1997 - see here.
    Sung/spoken or better a kind of 'Sprechgesang' similar to Schönberg's 'Pierrot Lunaire'.
    At least that's how I tend to hear Sven-Åke Johansson's vocal utterances.
    Text is in German - but the sounds might be enjoyed anyway.

    Sven-Åke Johansson, voice
    Sten Sandell, piano

    1. 3:45
    2. 4:21
    3. 2:35
    4. 1:52
    5. 4:01
    5. 3:07

    Recorded in Ulrichsberg, Austria during the 'Kaleidophon' in May 1998

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    Two dynamic contemporary percussion pieces from a BR-Klassik broadcast yesterday evening;

    Iannis Xenakis - Pléïades (1978)

    Wolfgang Rihm - Tutuguri VI (1981)

    Peter Sadlo & Friends
    Recorded 16th January 2015 / Broadcast on BR-Klassik 12th February 2015, as part of the "unerHÖRT!" (unheard / outrageous) series.

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    1. 麩 (Fu)
    2. 無明 (Mu-Myo)
    3. 月山の水 (Gassan No Mizu)
    4. ウォーターマッシュルーム (Water Mushroom)
    5. 黒胡麻 (Black Sesame)
    6. ブルーブラックの階段 (The Stairway In Blue Black)

    Koichi Matsukaze, alto & tenor saxophone, flute
    Yoriyuki Harada, piano

    Recorded at Mitaka Arts Center on 12 March 2003.

    Ohrai Records ‎– JMCK-1017

    CD Rip

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    This is a re-up (my rip in flac) of Sotise's post from February 26, 2007.
    I've added a new pic above and the line-up etc.
    The following is his text from seven years ago.....

    hi all here's a riveting long unavailable album by tony oxley. incus8 1975

    most of the tracks are solo percussion and electronics,a couple feature ensembles with the usual suspects,derek b ,barry g
    ,paul r,etc.

    this has remained sadly unissued for some inexplicable reason.

    its a very rewarding listen guaranteed to reverse

    any received opinion /assumption you may have about solo percussion being boring.

    oxley also happens to be a visionary painter and graphic artist of some note.

    here is some biographical info about oxley from the european free improvised music website.

    Born Sheffield, 15 June 1938. Drums, percussion, violin, electronics.
    Tony Oxley, with Derek Bailey and Gavin Bryars, created one of the foundations of free improvisation in the UK through their explorations in the group Joseph Holbrooke. A detailed retrospective view of Joseph Holbrooke can be found in Bailey (1992, pp. 86-93) but, briefly, the group existed in Sheffield from 1963 to 1966, initially playing conventional jazz though by 1965 playing totally improvised pieces. The fact that the three were 'isolated' in Sheffield from developments elsewhere (John Stevens and the SME) provided an ideal environment for experimentation and development. After that the participants moved to London, Oxley becoming the house drummer at Ronnie Scott's while all the while continuing with experimental music. He was in at the beginning of the Incus label with Bailey and Evan Parker and some of his work for that label is recognised as landmarks in the development of free music. He also appeared in various (early) versions of the London Jazz Composers Orchestra
    In the last 25 years he has performed and recorded in an extremely wide variety of situations, from those where an emphasis on time-keeping is important to free situations with perhaps Paul Bley at one extreme and Cecil Taylor at the other. His work with Taylor, as a member of The Feel Trio with William Parker, in duos, or augmented with other musicians (such as the quartet of Taylor, Oxley, William Parker and Derek Bailey for two concerts in London and Manchester in 1991) lasted from 1988 to 1991 and can be seen by the viewing a selection of their concert schedule.
    In recent years Tony Oxley has run his own Celebration Orchestra, worked with Bill Dixon - both are painters as well as musicians, and there have been plans for multimedia presentations - and with the Austrians, violinist Andreas Schreiber and pianist Dieter Glawischnig in the trio Cercle. This group briefly toured the UK in 1997 (having played the Beijing Jazz Festival in October 1996), with displays of Oxley's paintings, and had a broadcast on BBC Radio 3 in May 1997. Oxley has also begun to work again in duo with Derek Bailey, playing, for example at the Knitting Factory in New York in September 1995, in London in November 1995 and in Vand'Oeuvre in France in May 1997. He also remains in demand to bring unconventionality to conventional settings, particularly with his 'rainforest percussion', playing for example, on ECM recordings with Paul Bley and John Surman and with the TomaszStanko Quartet.
    His kit is highly individual and an early version of it was described by Derek Bailey (1992, p. 101) thus:
    'The acoustic part is: drums - eight, various sizes and texture; cymbals, fourteen, various sizes, thicknesses, weights, sounds; cowbells - five, from six inches to sixteen inches; wood surfaces - five, wood blocks and oriental skulls; saucepans - two. The amplified section of the kit is: amplified frame containing cymbals, wires, various kitchen equipment, motor generators, springs, used with 3 contact mikes (home-made), 2 volume pedals, 1 octave splitter, 1 compressor, 1 ring modulator and oscillator, 1 amplifier and two speakers.'
    More recently the whole kit has been slimmed down and the electronics have (probably temporarily) been put to one side, but the playing, of course, remains individualistic. A transcription of an interview with Oxley, where he discusses his current kit (1997) with AlynShipton in a BBC Radio 3 Broadcast is available, complete with sound clips.
    Tony Oxley is also a painter and three pages of his paintings can also be viewed: Paintings 1 or Paintings 2 and Paintings 3.



    Tony Oxley, percussion, amplified percussion
    Barry Guy, bass
    Dave Holdsworth, trumpet
    Evan Parker, soprano saxophone
    Howard Riley, piano
    Paul Rutherford, trombone
    Derek Bailey, guitar

    A1. Never Before Or Again  10:41
    A2. M-W-M  6:57
    A3. EIROC II  5:27
    B1. East Of Sheffield  6:26
    B2. South East Of Sheffield  5:47
    B3. P.P.1  8:37

    Track A1 (Parker/Holdsworth/Rutherford/Riley/Guy/Oxley) recorded 1972;
    track A2 (solo Oxley) recorded 1975
    Track A3 (Bailey/Parker/Rutherford/Oxley) recorded 1971
    Track B1 (solo Oxley) recorded 1971
    Track B2 (solo Oxley) recorded 1973
    Track B3 (solo Oxley) recorded 1975

    INCUS 8  (vinyl rip)

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    A. First Part

    B. Conclusion And Encore

    Daniel Humair, percussion
    Alan Davie, piano, clarinet

    Recorded live at Gimpel Hanover Galerie, Zürich, on 5 November 1971

    ADMW Records ‎– ADMW 004

    LP Rip

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    Sonny Grey, trumpet
    Alain Hatot, tenor saxophone
    Mal Waldron, piano
    Gus Nemeth, bass
    Kenny Clarke, drums

    A1. Skippin' 5:44
    A2. Journey Without End 12:06
    B1. The Fire Now 10:44
    B2. Antony 8:13

    A2 + B1 by Mal Waldron
    A1 + B2 by Sonny Grey

    Recorded 3-11-71, Paris

    MERCURY BT-1313 (1974 Japan)

    Originally on NUMERA RECORDS mai 8 (mai 9)

    (vinyl rip)

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    1. Cosmos Has Spirit (Dedicated To Toshihiko Shimizu)
    2. Basho
    3. Safi-Sui-Pure
    4. Sarhanna

    Wadada Leo Smith, self-made bamboo flute, kalimba, trumpet
    Sabu Toyozumi, non tempered scale tuned percussion

    Recorded live at Hair Salon Fuji (Barber Fuji), April 13, 1992

    Scissors ‎– SCISSORS-001

    CD Rip

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    1.  Meeting With Saxophones (solo)

    2.  Meeting With Okabe Yoichi (sampler, percussion)

    3.  Meeting With Royal Squeezit (piano, violin, vocals)

    4.  Meeting With Kirihito (guitar, drums)

    5.  Meeting With Otomo Yoshihide (turntables)

    6.  Meeting With Dowzer (synthesizer, voice, EMS, beat, cue)

    7.  Meeting With Yamamoto Seiichi (guitar)

    8.  Meeting With Ohkura Syounosuke (taiko)

    9.  Meeting With Motoki Yoshinori (Jew's harp, kalimba)

    10. Meeting With Ruins (drums, bass, vocals)

    11. Meeting With Chino Shuichi (piano)

    12. Meeting With Pill (bass synthesizer, beats, effects) and Katsui Yuji (violin, vocals)

    13. Meeting With Dub Squad (bass, synthesizer, sampler)

    14. Meeting With SMI (solo)

    15. Meeting With Remarkable Men

    Junji Hirose, saxophone, self-made instruments

    Tag Rag ‎– TRCD-026

    CD Rip

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    Here's an RAI3 live broadcast from Turin last night;

    Pierre Boulez ~ Livre pour cordes

    Olivier Messiaen ~ Et expecto resurrectionem mortuorum

    Anton Webern ~ Six pieces for large orchestra

    Pierre Boulez ~ Notations I – III – IV – VII – II for orchestra

    RAI National Symphony Orchestra / Marco Angius
    Turin Auditorium, 20th February 2015

    There's also an encore, which I think is one more of Boulez's Notations, but I can't place it at the moment so any help in identifying this would be appreciated.

    0 0

    A1. Launeddas
    A2. Bye Bye Wilhelm
    A3. Glawis Traum
    A4. Nuraghe

    B1. Schleiflack L + T
    B2. Orgel-Morgan
    B3. Brother Datzi
    B4. Unhip Trip

    Ekkehard Jost, alto, & baritone saxophone, balafon, zither, launeddas, dhurki, flexafone, bird tweets, cowbells, bells, double ocarina, steel drums
    Georg Wolff, double bass, organ, balafon, flexible pipe
    Johannes Oehlmann, drums, gongs, congas, balafon, chimes, bells, toy-horn, hot tin case
    Manfred Becker, piano, mouth organ, xylophone, rattle, flutes, pipe organ, coconuts
    Michael Schläper, soprano & tenor saxophone, organ, cuica, rattle, bells, triangle, zanza, flexible pipe

    Recorded on 12th & 25th August 1980 in Giessen

    View Records ‎– VS 0012

    LP Rip

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    James Dillon worked on the pieces that make up Nine Rivers from 1982 to 1999, but it was only in 2010 that all nine were performed together. I think there have been at least two subsequent complete performances, first in New York and then in Holland, but this is my recording from BBC Radio 3 of the November 2010 performances in Glasgow.

    The music has depth, power and range; its influences aggregate like tributaries - Messiaen, Stravinsky and Bartok are obvious - and voices from jazz and popular music can also be heard (I'm sure I can hear Talking Heads in La Coupure), but it also carves its own distinct path. It's surprising that this has not been issued commercially, and if there are plans to do so, please advise in the comments and the links will be removed.

    Part I: Leukosis
    East 11th Street NY 10003 (1982) 
    L”ECRAN parfum (1988) 
    Viriditas (1993-1994)
    Le femme invisible (1989)

    Part II: Iosis
    La coupure (1989-2000)

    Part III: Melanosis
    L’oeuvre du noir (1990) 
    Éileadh squaibe (1990) 
    Introitus (1989-1990) 
    Oceanos (1985-1996)

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