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    A1. Ich Weiß Auch Nicht, Was Los Ist
    A2. Freddies Tango

    B1. Flöz Air
    B2. Guten Tag, Vogel

    Ekkehard Jost, alto & baritone saxophone, accordion
    Georg Wolf, bass, accordion
    Johannes Oehlmann, drums, accordion
    Manfred Becker, piano, accordion
    Michael Schläper, soprano & tenor saxophone, accordion

    Recorded at the New Jazz Festival, Hamburg, on 21 October 1979 at the Fabrik

    Wergo ‎– WER 80 005

    LP Rip

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    A1. Dancing Mist
    A2. Thanatos

    B1. E.J.
    B2. Yellow Carcass In The Blue
    B3. Puzzle Ring
    B4. My Companion

    Yoshio Ikeda, bass
    Hiroshi Murakami, drums
    Motohiko Hino, drums
    Hideo Ichikawa, electric piano, organ
    Keiji Kishida, percussion
    Masabumi Kikuchi, piano, electric piano
    Kosuke Mine, alto & soprano saxophone

    Recorded at Victor Studio on 2 August (A1), 7 September A2, B1-3 and 9 September 1970

    Philips ‎– FX-8506

    LP Rip

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    Quartier Latin
    Berlin, Germany

    aud->cd trade->eac->tlh->flac

    1. 10:05
    2. 9:09
    3. 11:17
    4. 15:26
    5. 22:28
    TT 68:25

    We had a request last year for Rhythmbox 1 and 2, live recordings featuring Peter Brötzmann, Fred van Hove, Han Bennink + Alfred Mangelsdorff, recorded and broadcast roughly mid-70s. Searching the archives, I came up with this 68-minute set from Quartier Latin, Berlin on 31 October, 1973 which definitely is live, has all four with Mangelsdorff popping in rougly mid-way through, and as was mentioned in the request, sounds like a professional recording suitable for airplay. Whether it is the one that was requested, I have no idea, but if anything, it's a pretty good substitute.

    Having listened through it once, I'm not sure if this is jazz or whether there is anything avantgar(d)ish to it. To these ears, it's primal, pre-civilisational sound-makiing with the pianist trying to inject a bit of civility to the proceedings without really succeeding. So here we have two resident wildmen who could be shamans from an unspecified location in Siberia, trance masters from the Atlas mountains or thereabouts or just frolicking though the wilderness of Schwarzwald, playing what's there (which they eventually did): And there's a lot of homour in this, primal sceams courtesy of Bennink and Mangelsdorff.blending seamlessly into the general mêlée. In other words, whole lotta fun! To be enjoyed without hesitation!

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    A1. Snoopy
    A2. Easy Ridin'
    A3. Fish

    B1-2. Electric Zoo - Desperation

    Takeru Muraoka, tenor saxophone
    Yoshio Ikeda, bass
    George Otsuka, drums
    Masabui Kikuchi, electric piano

    Recorded at Victor Studio on 23 February 1970

    Philips ‎– FX-8502

    LP Rip

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    A1. 序 - Prologue
    A2. 銀界 - Silver World
    A3. 竜安寺の石庭 - Stone Garden Of Ryoan Temple
    B1. 驟雨 - A Heavy Shower
    B2. 沢之瀬 - Sawanose
    B3. 終 - Epilogue

    Gary Peacock, bass
    Hiroshi Murakami, drums
    Masabumi Kikuchi, piano
    Hozan Yamamoto, shakuhachi

    Recorded on October 15th & 20th, 1970 at Victor Studio

    Philips ‎– FX-8509

    LP Rip

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    A. Gongen

    B. Peace And Love

    Reggie Workman, bass
    Motohiko Hino, drums
    Kiyoshi Sugimoto, guitar
    Teruo Nakamura, percussion
    Hideo Ichikawa, piano
    Terumasa Hino, trumpet

    Recorded at TSC Japan on 29 September and 1 October 1970

    Canyon Records ‎– CAJ-1004

    LP Rip

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    A. Dancing Mist

    B. Yellow Carcass In The Blue

    Yoshio Ikeda, bass
    Hiroshi Murakami, drums
    Keiji Kishida, drums
    Masabumi Kikuchi, electric piano
    Masahiro Kikuchi, Hammond organ
    Kosuke Mine, soprano saxophone, percussion

    Recorded live at Sankei Hall, Tokyo on November 13th, 1970

    Philips ‎– FX-8515; this reissue FS-6506, 1977

    LP Rip

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    A1. Tokio Tango
    A2. Watch Out The Bullets
    A3. The Line Of Desire
    A4. For Apples Sally

    B1. Mai Dance Lesson
    B2. Running To Bird
    B3. Strange March To ...

    Tetsu Saito, bass

    Recorded on 7 May 1986 at Vario Hall, Shobi College of Music, Tokyo

    Alm Records ‎– AL-5002

    LP Rip

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    Idrees Sulieman, trumpet
    Jaromir Hnilicka, trumpet
    Richard Kubernat, trumpet
    Rolf Kühn, clarinet
    Leo Wright, alto saxophone, flute
    Michael Urbaniak, tenor & soprano saxophone
    Ronnie Ross, baritone saxophone
    Andrzej Trzaskowski, piano
    Roman Dylag, bass
    Rune Carlsson, drums

    Side A:

    1. Five Degrees EAST - Five Degrees WEST (Rolf Kühn)  05:29
    soli: Kühn / Sulieman

    2. Bluebeard (Andrzej Trzaskowski)                    05:41
    soli: Urbaniak (ss) / Trzaskowski / Dylag

    3. Sub Basement Blues (Ronnie Ross)                   06:41
    soli: Kühn / Ross / Dylag

    4. Majo Taj (Michael Urbaniak)                        06:19
    soli: Wright (as) / Urbaniak (ts)

    Side B:

    5. Beneath The Surface (Jaromir Hnilicka)             06:53
    soli: Ross / Hnilicka / Trzaskowski

    6. Midnight In Berlin (Leo Wright)                    05:11
    soli: Wright (as) / Trzaskowski

    7. The Hip Blues (Rolf Kühn)                          08:26
    soli: Urbaniak (ss) / Ross / Kühn / Trzaskowski

    Recorded at the Ruhrlandhalle, Bochum, Germany on January 30, 1965.


    (vinyl rip)

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    Burton Greene - piano, percussions, voice
    Fred Leeflang - sax soprano alto and tenor
    Raoul van der Weide - bass
    Clarence Becton - drums, percussions

    A1 - Portugese Impressions         16:17    
    A2 - 63rd And Cottage Groove         7:07    
    B1 - Round Robbin'            6:13    
    B2 - Cokertme             11:25    
    B3 - When You're In Front Get Off My Back     4:40    

    recorded januaary 18, 1984 in Holland
    music by Burton Greene except track 4, traditional

    Cat records, CAT LP-49
    vinyl rip

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    A1. Matrix
    A2. Little Aby
    A3. On Green Dolphin Street

    B1. If I Said The Sky Was Falling
    B2. In Fourth Way
    B3. Black Orpheus

    Hideyuki Kikuchi, alto saxophone
    Hironori Takiya, bass
    Takahiro Suzuki, drums
    Masabumi Kikuchi, piano
    Akio Nishimura, tenor saxophone
    Tetsuo Fushimi, trumpet

    Victor World Group - SMJX-10078

    LP Rip

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    A1. Cantata No.1 - Give Water
    A2. Gold Rush

    B. The Eternal Pegasus

    Hiroyuki Iwaki, conductor
    Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus, chorus

    Tamiki Hara, libretto (A1)

    Hiroshi Iwata, poetry (A2, B)

    Masayuki Takayanagi, guitar (A2)
    Ryozo Sugiura, vibraphone (A2)
    Masao Yagi, piano (A2)
    Masanaga Harada, bass (A2)
    Kanji Harada, drums (A2)

    Tokyo Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra (B)

    Recorded in 1958 (A1, B) and 1960 (A2)

    King Records, SKF 3006

    LP Rip

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    Abdul Hannan, alto saxophone, flute
    David Ware, tenor saxophone
    Arnold Clapman, congas
    Rollins Ross, piano
    Anne Brudevold, violin
    Sheila Azores, alumnus
    Chris Amburger, bass
    The Silver Star Steel Orchestra, steel drums (B2)

    A1. Awareness Part (1)            18:13
    B1. Awareness Part (2)            10:40
    B2. Wind and Wood, Band of Steel  07:03

    Track B2 Recorded Memorial day, 1971 on the Boston Common.
    First recorded appearance of David S. Ware.
    Side A and Side B1 recorded at Abdul Hannan's home in Boston, 1968.

    AH 1  (lp rip)

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    A. Oto-No-Uchi-E

    B. Gaku-No-Soto-E

    Morisada Michihiro, bass

    Recorded on 16 August 1979

    Yoyoku Records - 0001

    LP Rip

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    A1. Minor Kimuchi
    A2. Blues Talk

    B1. Mrs. Robinson
    B2. Soul Talk

    C1. Pig's Legs
    C2. Blind Man

    D1. Blues In My Soul
    D2. Georgia On My Mind
    D3. Pepe

    Ushio Sakai, Hammond B3 organ
    Tetsuo Fushimi, trumpet
    Teddy Adams, trombone
    Takeru (Ken) Muraoka, tenor saxophone
    Hidehiko Matsumoto, tenor saxophone
    Ryo Kawasaki, guitar
    Motohiko Hino, drums

    Elec Records - ELW-3004

    Recorded live at the Yokota Non-Commissioned Officers' Open Mess, on 8 April 1973

    LP Rip

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    SIMON PICARD - tenor saxophone
    JON CORBETT - trumpet, valve trombone
    NICK STEPHENS - bass
    TONY MARSH - drums

    Set 1
    1. 36:29
    2. 14:47

    Set 2
    1. 37:34

    Rumours. London.  10 July 1992

    0 0

    A1. The Girl Mad About Honey [After Levi-Strauss]
    A2. Terminal Documents

    B1. Bed Sores
    B2. All That Is The Case
    B3. Surfing Drums
    B4. Talking Bandits
    B5. Watching Barbara Broadcast
    B6. "... A Flattened Cylinder, Fifty Metres Round And Eighteen High..."

    Owen Maercks, guitar
    Charles K. Noyes, percussion, home-made saxophone
    Henry Kaiser, guitar (A1)
    Greg Goodman, piano, percussion (A1)

    Side One recorded live on June 8, 1979, at Woody Woodman's Finger Palace, Berkeley, California

    Side Two recorded on June 12, 1979, at Mobius Music, San Francisco, California

    Visible Records ‎– VS6791

    LP Rip

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    A1. Kami-Fusen
    A2. Moon Over Bourbon Street
    A3. Fela - Ellen David

    B1. Baku-No-Akubi
    B2. Wishful Thinking
    B3. Three-Legged Race
    B4. Goin' Home

    Nobuyoshi Ino, bass, synthesizer
    Lester Bowie, trumpet

    Recorded 1, 2 August 1985 at The Sound Inn, Studio A, Tokyo, Japan

    Paddle Wheel ‎– K28P 6367

    LP Rip

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    A1. Percussax
    A2. Clarisax
    A3. Amplisax

    B1. Saxosaw
    B2. Claribass
    B3. La Gioconda
    B4. Viosax

    Charles K Noyes, drums, percussion, clarinets, amplification, saw, violin
    David Tamura, soprano and tenor saxophone, clarinet, piano

    Recorded from November 1978 - April 1979 in Boston, except A1, recorded on 21 July 1978 in Feeding Hills, Mass.

    Toadfish Tapes, TT2

    Cassette Rip

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    David Wilson - vibes
    Robin Young  - piano
    Rahim Roach - alto sax
    Dale Reamer - tenor sax
    Bert Wilson, Mike Breen - tenor and soprano sax
    Patrick O'Hara - trombone
    Peter Montalbano - trumpet 
    Carol Wilson - vocals
    Chris Amberger - bass
    Smiley Winters - drums

    A1 - Madness (Robin Young)   
    A2 - Pretty Good (Bert Wilson)   
    B1 - Doris (Smiley Winters)   
    B2 - Nirvana (Bert Wilson)    
    B3 - Daniel     (Dave Wilson)
    B4 - Now (Dave Wilson)    

    Recorded at Sierra Sound Studios, Berkeley, October 31, 1968.

    Arhoolie Records - 8002, LP
    vinyl rip

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