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    A1. Circus (Theme From Hairpin Circus)
    A2. For Travelers
    A3. Luna Eclipse ~ Lamentation
    A4. Pierrot's Samba

    B1. Yellow Carcass In The Blue
    B2. Provincial
    B3. Sadness
    B4. Circus ~ No Trace

    Yoshio Suzuki, bass, electric bass
    Motohiko Hino, drums
    Yoshiyuki Nakamura, drums
    Masabumi Kikuchi, Fender piano, piano
    Masahiro Kikuchi, organ
    Kosuke Mine, soprano saxophone

    Recorded at Mouri Studio & Victor Studio, Tokyo,1972

    Philips ‎– FX-8521 (LP); FS-1707 (7")

    LP + 7" Rip

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    I think this has to be here. Got it from Dime, thank you orginal uploader.


    Jim Dvorak (trumpet)
    Simon Picard (saxes)
    Paul Rogers (bass)
    Tony Levin (drums)
    Alex Maguire (keyboards).

    01 - Intro + Interview (11.03)
    02 - Tribute #1 (27.20)
    03 - Tribute #2 (14.11)
    04 - Tribute #3 (10.49)
    05 - Outro (1.08)

    Recorded 13th June 2010 at Elton's old flat in Hackney, London
    Broadcast 6th September 2010

    BBC Jazz on 3, presented by Jez Nelson

    From the BBC website at the time of the braodcast:
    This completely improvised set was recorded in June this year in the living room of Dean's flat in London's Dalston. Four years after his death it still contained posters, tapes and memorabilia that provided poignant reminders of Dean's life and work, and plenty of inspiration for the musicians who came together to remember him. Just a few days after this session was recorded the flat was due to be cleared out and refurbished.

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    The Austrian radio station, OE1, broadcast this concert earlier this week, so here it is. Who'd have thought that vibes could have been such a good counterpart to Brötzmann? A really powerful trio, that traverses a broad gamut of colour and emotion;

    Peter Brötzmann - reeds
    Jason Adasiewicz - vibraphone
    Steve Noble - drums & percussion

    Martinschlössl, Vienna; 21st December 2014. Broadcast on OE1 on 18th May 2015.

    I guess this will be similar to the Oto Roku Mental Shake release, which also has John Edwards on bass, and I'll be ordering that on the strength of this performance.

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    Abbey Rader probably is not much known but he is still making good music:
    an interview here:

    another record at IS with him and Marc Levin:

    this is is first release as a leader

    Abbey Rader - Drums, Percussions
    Peter Ponzol -  Lyricon, Soprano, Sopranino, Alto Sax, Flute, Percussions
    Bob Lenox - Piano, Micro-moog, Fender Rhodes

    A1 - China Center    
    A2 - Three Jewels    
    A3 - Lisa    
    A4 - Funk And Wagonall    
    A5 - Duo    
    B1 - Four-cast    
    B2 - Welfare    
    B3 - Metal    

    recorded at 'The Studio 28' in New York City, N.Y. in October 1978

    I.R.I. - IRI 5005, 1979
    Vinyl rip

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    I was gratified to see that Roscoe Mitchell was on the cover of the May edition of the fine UK magazine The Wire. The mag was marking the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM) with a feature article on Mitchell who spends most of his time outside Chicago now, teaching at Mills College in California. Inside there was a long interview with Mitchell on his current plans and activities.

    The AACM is still very much active, both in Chcago and in New York. Info can be found here: and here:

    So why not have some live Roscoe Mitchell from exactly 39 years ago? This was recorded at La Mama in New York, a place given to theatre and music in the late 70s and a spot for off-mainstream jazzers to ply their trade.

    This was one of a series of recordings by "orchiddoctor" from the latter part of the 70s, inside and outside NY. I have posted a little bit before, but there will be more AACM-related material in the time to come, drawing on these recordings from the period.

    This was upload to the Dime torrent site by "carville", so thanks to both for making it available to members, and we shall do our bit here to keep it available to all interested.

    Basic facts:

    Roscoe Mithcell Trio
    May 23 1976
    LaMama NY, NY

    total time 54:04

    1 31:03
    2 2:31
    3 20:30

    Roscoe Mitchell - reeds
    Oliver Lake - reeds
    Phillip Wilson - drums

    Finally, some keen observations from "orchiddoctor":

    What can I say about Roscoe Mitchell? In my opinion, he is the king of them all. Certainly in the late 70s, he was the most sought out musician in the bunch. Besides seeing him with the AEC some 30 times, I saw him at the Wildflowers festival, with Muhal (and Air), in a septet, in a trio with Oliver Lake and Philip Wilson, and solo. All but the Wildflowers (available commercially) is going up on Dime.

    I have many memories of Roscoe. Sometimes he would just show up to hear someone else play and then hang out. Often, we would catch a set at the Palace and then walk over to the West Side to catch a set of someone else. I walked with Muhal several times and once with "Scowie. We talked about his disdain for the fact that his music (and others') was drawing a predominately white audience with few blacks in attendance, We agreed that the white audience heard things in a more cerebral manner while black folks heard the ancestral rhythms. At any rate, he was pleased that so many people were opening up their ears, minds and hearts to listen to this music. If you're reading this, you already have. Enjoy!

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  • 05/23/15--14:26: A brief history of jazz

  • We had a nice letter from Geoff in April which went something like this:

    As you might know, April is Jazz Appreciation Month and to celebrate I’ve been commissioned to put together an illustrated history of jazz. which you can see here (clicking on the graphic in the link will blow it up considerably).

    It covers the most influential genres, alongside some of the key players in the evolution of jazz, all presented in a cool, retro illustration reminiscent of 50s style graphic design.

    I saw Inconstant Sol covers a lot of jazz and thought it might be something you’d enjoy, so decided to get in touch. If you like it, and think your readers might too, I’d love it if you would like to feature it. Just let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send over a high res image for you to upload!

    Of course we are!

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    Philippe Micol, soprano saxophone
    Urs Voerkel, piano
    Jacques Widmer, drums

    A1. Erstes Sechstel     10:47
    A2. Zweites Sechstel     11:08
    B1. Drittes Sechstel     09:40
    B2. Viertes Sechstel     11:15

    Recorded on October 20, 1987 at WIM Zürich, Switzerland.


    (vinyl rip)

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    A1. Kokiriko Bushi
    A2. Sado Okesa
    A3. Tairyo Utaikomi
    A4. Soma Bon-Uta
    A5. Komoro Mago-Uta
    A6. Nanbu Ushioi-Uta

    B1. Itsuki No Komori-Uta
    B2. Hietsuki-Bushi
    B3. Yasuki-Bushi
    B4. Yosakoi-Bushi
    B5. Kuroda-Bushi

    Hozan Yamamoto, shakuhachi
    Nobuo Hara, conductor
    Sharps and Flats, orchestra

    Recorded on 11 & 14 January 1971 at Victor Studio, Tokyo

    Philips ‎– FX-8510

    LP Rip

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    Got this rip almost five years ago. Sadly I forgot who the original uploader was.
    So thanks to the one who has contributed this rip to the blogland.

    Glenn Howell, string bass, voice, percussion
    Roland Young, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto & soprano saxophone, percussion 
    Aisha Kahlil, vocals, percussion 

    A1. Do It All     8:24    
    A2. Stagflation     1:59    
    A3. The Ocean Moves Primitively     10:45    
    B1. Spanish Tale     7:07    
    B2. Synthetic Variation     11:40    
    B3. Homeland Rhythm Cycles     4:13    

    Aisha Kahlil (tr. A1, A2, B3) , Glenn Howell (tr. A1 to A3, B1, B3) , Roland Young

    1750 Arch Records – S-1755 (vinyl rip)

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    Herbert Joos, fluegelhorn(1,2,4,5), pocket-trumpet(1,3), french horn(1), valiha(1), flute(4), red mouth-organ(4), samba whistle(4)
    Joe Koinzer, berimbau(1), water bells(1), claves(1,5), percussion(1,2), small percussion(4), marimba(2,5), gongs(2,4), cymbals(2,4), tabla(3), samba whistle(4), drums(4), balafon(5)

    1. Artetak (Joos) 13:13
    2. Birds Ballad (Koinzer) 8:10
    3. Miss November (Koinzer) 4:45
    4. Red Mouth Samba (Koinzer) 14:45
    5. Abydos (Joos) 3:28

    Recorded by Carlos Albrecht at Studio Bauer, Ludwigsburg, March 8 and 9, 1980.

    SESAM RECORDS - Sesam Jazz 1003

    (vinyl rip)

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    PAUL DUNMALL - soprano and tenor saxophones
    PAUL ROGERS - bass
    TONY LEVIN - drums

    1. 14:51
    2. 16:41
    3. 20:24

    Lyttleton Theatre, Birmingham and Midland Institute, Birmingham.

    18th March 1996.  Lunchtime concert.

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    A1. Wehay Part i
    A2. Wehay Part ii

    B1. Wehay Part iii
    B2. Wehay Part iv

    Richard Beswick, guitar
    Matt Hutchinson, keyboards, synthesizer
    Phil Wachsmann, violin

    Recorded in London, United Kingdom, April 1983

    Kubu ‎– Kubu Cassette 001

    Cassette Rip

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  • 06/11/15--07:24: RIP Ornette

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    ORNETTE COLEMAN, alto sax, violin, trumpet


    1. 14:20
    2. 13:49
    3. 17:38


    1. 14:56
    2. 16:15
    3. 14:41
    4. 04:03

    Free Trade Hall, Manchester. 14th May 1966

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    FMRJE was established in Boston in 1989 by Dennis Warren. Between the first collaborators the most known are Raphe Malik, Glenn Spearman, Marco Eneidi.
    The group is still playing with different personnel but in the same spirit.
    For a proper reading:
    For some listen (and buy):
    Also the older albums, originally on cassette, are available in CDr
    This is a gentle gift by Dennis Warren

    Raphe Malik - trumpet
    Glenn Spearman - tenor saxophone
    Tor Yochai Snyder - electric guitar
    Larry Roland - double bass, poetry
    Martin Gil - congas, percussion
    Dennis Warren - drums, timbales, baliphon, percussion

    01 - Passport to freedom
    02 - Jet stream
    03 - Search for griots
    04 - Eye in the heart
    05 - Future now music
    06 - Chroma
    07 - Alive & struggling'

    Recorded at Platinum Sound, Boston, MA, november 3, 1991

    original released in cassette in 1991 by FMRJE

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    A.   Henry. Diesel & James II Part I

    B1. Henry. Diesel & James II Part II
    B2. Henry. Diesel & James II Part III
    B3. Henry. Diesel & James II Part IV

    Hugh Metcalfe, guitar
    Matt Hutchinson, keyboards, synthesizer
    Phil Wachsmann, violin

    Recorded live at West Square Studio, London, United Kingdom, 12 March 1983

    Kubu ‎– Kubu Cassette 002

    Cassette Rip

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    Saw and heard this  -WOW!-  duo one year later in Munich...still ringing
    Check out their release on Creative Sources

    Peter Evans, trumpets
    Tom Blancarte, double bass

    1. Science The Destroyer 6:39
    2. Against Rights 6:17
    3. Grand Diversifying Theory 6:42
    4. The Mathematics Of Responsibility 8:41
    5. The Animal In The Dark Tower 7:45

    Recorded January 21, 2007 by Justin Svrcek

    All titles from essays by Ran Prieur

    Selfreleased black cd-r - sold by PE in April 2007, Ulrichsberg, Austria

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    HOWARD RILEY - piano
    BARRY GUY - double bass
    JON HISEMAN - drums

    1. Sweet and lovely  6:47
    2. Romance  2:03
    3. Nardis  5:54
    4. Sunflower  2:05
    5. Children at play  5:03
    6. Spring is here  5:58
    7. What's new  6:06
    8. Folk theme No.1  3:17

    Rec.  20th December 1967

    (Requested by tpfkaa (unusual name))

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    A. Electronic Music Project Quartet

    B. Electronic Music Project Full Group

    Quartet and full group

    Larry Stabbins, saxophone
    Matt Hutchinson, synthesizer, keyboards, piano
    Paul Rutherford, trombone, electronics
    Phil Wachsmann, violin, electronics, tape

    Full group

    Bertrand Clement, double bass
    Anonymous, piano
    Paul Kirby, saxophone
    Steve Moore, saxophone
    Loz Speyer, trumpet
    Phil Durrant, violin, electronics

    Recorded at the West Square Studio, London, in October 1983

    Kubu ‎– Kubu Cassette 004

    Cassette Rip

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    PAUL DUNMALL - tenor saxophone
    PAUL ROGERS - bass
    TONY LEVIN - drums

    1. OT (S.Domancich)  16:57
    2. Jocelyn (S.Domancich)  12:20

    Afternoon session, without audience.

    Lyttleton Theatre, Birmingham and Midland Institute, Birmingham.

    For softnucleus

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