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  • 08/09/15--07:29: HENRY COW - ROIO'S 1972-78

  • This post is on behalf of "anonymous". He has already contributed several links for Henry Cow concerts in the contributions section.


    Dagmar Krause / voice, piano
    Fred Frith    / guitar, piano , violin, xylophone
    Tim Hodgkinson/ organ, clarinet, alto sax
    Lindsay Cooper/ bassoon, flute, oboe, piano
    John Greaves  / bass, voice, celeste, piano
    Chris Cutler  / drums, piano

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    Several weeks ago I was doing research for some liner-notes. Eagerly searching for information also at the www I came across a book called "Postserielle Musik und Free Jazz" by Hans Kumpf.
    The contents of the book did not help in my search. But I encountered some informations (and a score) of Manfred Schoof's "Ode".
    Luckily I found the music in the collection of a friend who generously send me the files.
    "Ode" never was available officially although it seems to be a rather important piece of music for the development of German (European) Free Jazz.

    Schlippenbach's "Globe Unity 70" is or better was available through Atavistic.
    Seemingly it's OOP at the moment - therefore I left it for your enjoyment.

    The title of Brötzmann's tune "Drunken in the Morning Sunrise" reminded me about the circumstances for the recording sessions of "Machine Gun".
    Brötzmann and Buschi Niebergall went - after the first part of the session - for some beers.
    Eventually they took shelter for a nap at a building lot. Next morning Niebergall and Brötzmann woke up, had a mouthful of beer and went back to the "Lila Eule" for the second part of their recording session......

    Kenny Wheeler, trumpet, flugelhorn
    Manfred Schoof, trumpet, flugelhorn, bach-trumpet
    Tomasz Stanko, trumpet
    Bernard Vitet, trumpet
    Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
    Malcolm Griffiths, trombone
    Paul Rutherford, trombone, tenor horn
    Evan Parker, soprano & tenor saxophone
    Gerd Dudek, soprano & tenor saxophone, flute
    Michel Pilz, bass clarinet, flute, soprano saxophone
    Heinz Sauer, baritone, tenor & alto saxophone
    Peter Brötzmann, tenor & baritone saxophone, bassetthorn
    Derek Bailey, guitar
    Alexander Von Schlippenbach, piano, percussion
    J.B. "Buschi" Niebergall, bass, bass trombone
    Peter Kowald, bass, tuba
    Arjen Gorter , bass,electric-bass
    Han Bennink, drums, shell-horn, dhung, gachi
    Paul Lovens, drums, percussion

    Joachim-Ernst Berendt, announcement

    1. Globe Unity 70 (A. von Schlippenbach)     17:51
    2. Ode (M. Schoof)     12:54
    3. Drunken in the Morning Sunrise (P. Brötzmann)     9:53

    Recorded on November 7, 1970 at the Kongresshalle, Berlin.

    (track 1 was released on Atavistic [UMS/ALP 223CD])

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    A1. Chi-Chi-Chi-Nngacah
    A2. Solo I (To Motoki)

    B1. To Apeiron
    B2. IRc2
    B3. Facing The New Morning
    B4. Raise Your First!
    B5. Solo II (To Hirose)

    Junji Hirose, electric guitar, percussion, toys, remodeled junk
    Koichi Ohki, self-made instruments
    Yoshinori Motoki, tape, casio-tone, toys, electric guitar, reed-attached flute, drums, cymbal
    Norizumi Morooka, toy piano, pianica, tape, toys

    Recorded at Kid Ailack Art Hall, Tokyo, June 23, 1983; Akasaka International Artist Center, Tokyo, December 11, 1982; Terpsichore, Tokyo, June 25, 1983; Takoyaki-ya, January 12, 1984.

    Cacoon ‎– CACOON-003

    LP Rip

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    an oop vinyl posted previously on

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    What did Ingmar Bergman say ~ only he who is well prepared has any opportunity to improvise ~ ?

    This is a very interesting, intelligent and beautiful set of improvisations and variations on Bach's Goldberg Variations, by the French-American pianist Dan Tepfer. There's a deep sense of exploration and discovery, as well as love for the music that inspired it. 

    1 - Solar (Evans / Davis - the announcer credits Bill Evans, but I think this was originally from Miles Davis'Walkin'

    2 - All I heard was nothing (Tepfer)

    3 - Variations on Bach's Goldberg Variations

    Temple, Cully; 15th April 2015, and broadcast by Espace 2 on 29th June 2015

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    DAVE GREEN - bass
    IAIN DIXON - tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet
    special guest: EVAN PARKER - soprano and tenor saxophones

    1. Shuffleboil  (T. Monk)  8:19
    2. Exchanges  6:48
    3. Raise Four  (T. Monk)  8:41
    4. A Flower is a Lovesome Thing  (B. Strayhorn)  6:56
    5. Played Twice  (T. Monk)  7:46

    Recorded at Gateway Studios, Kingston Upon Thames
    Broadcast 5th November 2004, BBC Radio 3, Jazz on 3

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    From a live RAI3 broadcast last night from Sant'Anna Arresi, here is the Large Ensemble with William Parker as guest on bass and exotic reeds(!). There are echoes from many different elements of American and European free & improvised music, but also voices, timbres and rhythms that seem new, and which build towards a propulsive force in the final section. The encore is quite different, and equally interesting. I listened to the broadcast and was enthralled, and will spend more time with this over the next few weeks to listen to it properly - its depth, density and intensity demand that.

    Large Ensemble, with William Parker   
    Homage to Butch Morris

    Large Ensemble 
    saxophone Evan Parker   
    piano Alexander Hawkins  
    trumpet Peter Evans  
    bass John Edwards  
    bass William Parker
    percussion Hamid Drake 
    drums Paul Lytton 
    bass Barry Guy 
    computer Walter Prati 
    trombone Giancarlo Schiaffini 
    piano, electronics Pat Thomas 
    saxophone Caroline Kraabel 
    vibraphone Orphy Robinson 
    computer Sam Pluta
    cello Hannah Marshall 

    Sant'Anna Arresi, 3rd September 2015

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    This remarkable album was reissued on CD third times, but none of it is recently available. Earliest One Way Records version sounded poor, next issue on Disconforme seems fine to me sonically - I prefer it before latest release on Eclectic Disc (I was hoping in another issue on their succesors Esoteric Recordings, but they seems to have different preferences). So here is Disconforme sound with scans of Eclectic Disc booklet w/liner notes by Sid Smith and song lyrics.
    Not as much avant jazz, but really experimental songwriting. And first meeting of Julie and Keith Tippett, I can strongly recommend also their latest song based project - Nostalgia 77 Sessions feat. Keith and Julie Tippett on Thru Thougts label.

    JULiE DRiSCOLL - 1969 (Polydor 1971)

    Julie Driscoll - vocals, acoustic guitar
    Chris Spedding - elg [1] / bg [3]
    Jeff Clyne - db [1/2/5/7]
    Mark Charig - cornet [1/7]
    Elton Dean - as [1/7]
    Nick Evans - tb [1/7]
    Trevor Tomkins - d [1/3/7]
    Keith Tippett - p [2/7] / celeste [2] / arrangements
    Karl Jenkins - oboe [3]
    Bud Parkes - tpt [3]
    Stan Sulzmann - as [3]
    Derek Wadsworth - tb [3]
    Brian Godding - elg / voices [4/6/8]
    Jim Cregan - g [4]
    Brian Belshaw - bg / voices [4]
    Barry Reeves - d [4]
    Bob Downes - fl [5]
    Jim Cregan - g [4]

    Tracks: 1. A New Awakening [JD] (3:51) - 2. Those That We Love [JD] (4:48) - 3. Leaving It All Behind [JD] (4:51) - 4. Break Out [JD] (5:23) - 5. The Choice [JD] (5:59) - 6. Lullaby [JD] (4:23) - 7. Walk Down [JD] (4:16) - 8. I Nearly Forgot... But I Went Back [JD] (5:10) 

    Recorded Oct 1969-Feb 1970 at Advision Studios, London. Produced by Giorgio Gomelsky.

    OOP CD Disconforme DISC 1966 CD (released 2000)

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    Don't know from where or from whom I've got this recording - so thanks to the original uploader!

    Fred Anderson, tenor saxophone
    Kidd Jordan, tenor saxophone
    George Lewis, trombone
    Bill Brimfeld, trumpet
    Douglas Ewart, reeds
    Harrison Bankhead, bass
    Hamid Drake, drums

    01. unknown title 40:02
    02. unknown title  5:52

    Recorded at the Chicago Jazz Festival on September 4, 1994.

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    Salah Ahmed Ragab, drums, conga, tambourine
    Hartmut Geerken, piano, xylomarimba, gong, cymbals, tubular chimes, fire-brigade bell, camel bells, horse bells, temple blocks, bendire, conga, maraca, thunder sheet, “toy car producing the sound of a sirene”
    Farouk Abdel Rahman, alto sax, Ramadan drum, cymbals, mokkatam pod rattles
    Fathi Abdel Salam, tenor sax, conga, cymbals, mokkatam pod rattles
    Abdel Hakim Zamel, baritone sax, two Ramadan drums, cymbals, mokkatam pod rattles
    Mahmoud Ayoub, trombone, conga, cymbals, mokkatam pod rattles
    Saddeek Bassouni, trombone, zebra drum, small gong, horse bells
    Mohammed Abdel Rahman, tuba, african tin drum, african wooden drum, tambourines
    Ibrahim Wagdi, trumpet, hand drum, darabukka, horse bells
    Khalifa Ismail, trumpet, hand drum, bendire, small bell
    Moohi El-Din Osman, bass, strings and wood
    Abdel Ghani Metawally, bagpipes
    Rofaeel Francis, bagpipes
    Ahmed Kollaly, bagpipes

    A1. Liberty For Iratilim 20:18
    B1. Turnus 12:28
    B3. Diagnosis For Percussion 07:02

    All compositions by Hartmut Geerken.

    Recorded on March 31 & April 01, 1970 at Deutsches Kulturinstitut, Cairo, Egypt.
    Engineer: Joseph Hermeling.

    Produced by the Deutsches Kulturinstitut, Goethe Institut, Cairo (Saut-el-Kahira).

    GOETHE 7037080

    (lp rip)


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    KEITH TIPPETT - piano
    PAUL DUNMALL - tenor and soprano saxophones
    PAUL ROGERS - bass
    TONY LEVIN - drums

    1. Set one 43:27

    The Acorn, Penzance.  10 November 1989


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    Tomasz Stanko, trumpet
    Zbigniew Seifert, alto saxophone
    Janusz Muniak, tenor saxophone
    Bronislaw Suchanek, bass
    Janusz Stefanski, drums

    1. Music for K (T. Stanko)     21:07
    2. Infinitely Small (T. Stanko)     7:01
    3. Cry and Theme - The Ambusher (T. Stanko)     17:05

    Recorded at the Kongresshall, Warsaw on October 16, 1969.

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    This was originally the third contribution from Can Tutuğ (in mp3; the other two you'll find here and there), who has also a (web) radio show with Free Jazz and Free Improvisation "Bodrum Kat"- check it out:

    This is a new flac rip

    Takao Haga, alto saxophone, voice

    A. Piyo
    B. Pio

    Pinakotheca - PRL 8

    LP Rip

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    Yaqub Malik (formerly Mack Spears) .... who at 19 was chosen as the successor to Charlie Parker & shared the stage with Bud Powell, Duke Jordan, Elmo Hope & even the legendary Miles Davis....

    About six years ago I got this rip from another blog. I don't remember from where. Probably it was El Reza's old blog.
    But this rip is in flac (I checked it) and not in mp3.
    However - thanks to the original uploader and for the LP rip.

    Two weeks ago I visited a friend in Potsdam (near Berlin). During the two days of my visit he got the LP.
    We listened to it and I've again enjoyed especially the first track on side A.
    But the whole LP is thoroughly enjoyable. This is how I was reminded about the files on my pc.
    I've removed manually a few clicks and one heavy point of blasting - that's it.

    More info about Malik Yaqub you'll find here and here. Some more in Spanish here and here.


    Malik Yaqub, tenor saxophone (A1 & A2) + piano (B1-B3)
    J.J. Yaqub, hammond organ + tenor saxophone
    G. Al Aska, bass
    Debbie Gray, drums

    A1. Yaqub Speaks 8:40
    A2. Muna Sweet Tuna 7:42
    B1. The Underworld Of Osman In The Holy Land 6:46
    B2. Ruqaiyah 5:37
    B3. Music For The Four In One 6:59

    Recorded in San Francisco

    THE HOUSE OF YAQUB HY-4141 (1980)

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    Sad to hear of the passing of the beautiful Ray Warleigh due to cancer

    I've posted this previously, but for those who missed it - enjoy.

    RAY WARLEIGH, alto sax
    PAUL ROGERS, bass
    TONY LEVIN, drums

    1. 13:15
    2. 16:34
    3. 11:05
    4. 08:54

    Birmingham and Midland Institute, Birmingham

    18th March 1996

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    you can read about it here:

    the other album  mentioned there is on bandcamp:

    Andrew Lamb: tenor saxophone, flute, conch shell, mismaar
    Will Halsey: poetry recitation
    Andrei Strobert: drums and percussion
    Tom Abbs: bass, tuba.

    1 Saba
    2 Even the Dust
    3 Nonahjayno, Nonahjayno
    4 Law
    5 I Know You Want To Leave Me
    6 November 22, 1963
    7 Flesh of the Spirit

    recorded live at  Tillie's, Brooklin , NY, Nnovember 21, 2003
    compositions by Andrew Lamb and trio
    poems by Will Husley and Henry Dumas

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    A. Tidal Wave (Part 1)
    B. Tidal Wave (Part 2)

    Takao Haga, alto saxophone
    Osamu Yamaguchi, drums, bells

    Recorded at at √-R on 20 November 1977

    Mide Records ‎– Mide 001

    LP Rip

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    A. Church Number Nine Part 1

    B. Church Number Nine Part 2

    Noah Howard, alto saxophone
    Muhammad Ali, drums
    Bobby Few, piano
    Frank Wright, tenor saxophone

    Recorded in Paris on March 7, 1970.

    Calumet ‎– C 3674

    LP Rip


    A. チャー・ナソバー・ナインパート 1

    B. チャー・ナソバー・ナインパート 2

    ノア・ハワード, alto saxophone
    モハメッド・アリ, drums
    ボビー・フュー, piano
    フランク・ライト, tenor saxophone

    Japanese re-issue with extra material

    LP Rip

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    A1. Illusion
    A2. Thanatos

    B1. Up Tight
    B2. So Por Voci
    B3. Lunar Eclipse

    C1. Hiro
    C2. Drizzling Rain

    D1. Microcosm I
    D2. Without Lullaby
    D3. Thanatos - Take 1

    Yoshio Ikeda, bass
    Yoshio Suzuki, bass, electric bass
    Hiro Tsunoda, drums
    Hiroshi Murakami, drums
    Keiji Kishida, drums
    Masabumi Kikuchi, electric piano, piano 
    Yoshiaki Masuo, guitar
    Masahiro Kikuchi, organ, electric piano
    Sadao Watanabe, sopranino and alto saxophone
    Kosuke Mine, soprano saxophone

    Recorded at Victor Studio on Oct. 8th, 13th and Nov. 14th, 1970

    Philips ‎– FS-5052~3

    LP Rip

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    Keith Tippett - piano, composer

    1. Linuckea   40:36

    Bath Festival, May 1996

    BBC Radio 3, Hear and Now  broadcast 15th November 1996


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