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    kip Records, kip3, CD

    1 - Der Raum Spielt Mit             9:16
    2 - Miniaturen                 14:43
    3 - Variationen Über Den Choral "Schönster Herr Jesu"    10:05
    4 - Introitus                 8:12

    Theo Jörgensmann - Clarinet
    Hans-Günther Wauer - ChurchOrgan

    Recorded at "6. Geöffnete Ohren Festival", Dreifaltigkeitskirche, Aachen, 19.10.1989

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    Two sets from this year's Donaueschingen festival, broadcast by SWR2.

    First, Okkyung Lee's septet, which brings the kind of freshness and zest to free music that makes you sit up and think - I haven't heard anything quite like this before, and I want to hear more! Pansori is probably an acquired taste, (but then I did spend about two years of my life listening to little other than Chinese opera), but the music itself is remarkable;

    Okkyung Lee - cello
    Song Hee Kwon - Pansori-Sängerin (musical storyteller)
    Jae Hyo Chang - percussion
    John Butcher - saxophone
    John Edwards - bass
    Lasse Marhaug - electronics
    Ches Smith - drums/percussion/vibraphone

    "Cheol-Kkot-Sae" (Steel Flower Bird) (38’04”)

    Donaueschingen; 15th October 2016

    Second, a lyrical and shimmering duo with Fred van Hove and Els Vandeweyer;

    Duo (44’45”)

    Fred van Hove - piano
    Els Vandeweyer - vibraphone

    Donaueschingen; 15 October 2016

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  • 07/10/17--09:10: UPCOMING RELEASE

  • Scheduled for 5th November, 2016.

    Dics 1 (49:25)

    Manfred Schoof Quintett:
    1.   Roots And Collage (7:28)
    2.   Voices (12:04)
    3.   Rhythm Change (6:09)
    Wolfgang Dauner Trio:
    4.   Tape (17:30)
    Gunter Hampel Quartett:
    5.   Renonciation (6:14)

    Disc 2 (46:39)

    Dick van der Capellen Trio:
    1.   Peace (12:04)
    Peter Brötzmann Trio:
    2.   Intensity (4:38)
    3.   Variability (6:51)
    Joe Viera  Quartett:
    4.   Ambigious Discussion (6:53)
    5.   River Thames (7:09)
    6.   Salute To Roland (Kirk) (9:04)

    April 30, 1966, at Jahrhunderthalle & May 1, 1966 at the Volksbildungsheim, Frankfurt/Germany.

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    Found this CD rip today on one of my hd's.
    It is a contribution from Nick before he came on board - I've forgot to post it back then....

    Marcel Azzola, accordion
    Itaru Oki, trumpet, bugle
    Frédéric Loth, saxophones, clarinet
    Rémi Desbeauvais, clarinet
    Frank Gourgon, piano
    Kent Carter, bass
    Donald Féquière, drums, percussion
    Didier Greiner, clarinet (on Suite Pour Le Monde)
    Marc Steckar, tuba (on Joyaux Des Rues and Esposition De Tableaux)

    1.  B. A. Basse
    2.  Le Livre De Samuel
    3.  Granny Salomka
    4.  Suite Pour "Le Monde" (À Hubert Beuve Méry)
        - Intro Tutti
        - Marche Triste
        - La Cité Qui Rêve
        - Duo
        - Le Temps
        - Final Tutti
    5.  Transit
    6.  Spqr.
    7.  Petit Déjeuner Avec Béa
    8.  Inconséquence
    9.  Rue Des Orchidées
    10. Joyaux Des Rues
    11. Esposition De Tableaux

    Cover Painting by Olivier Melano

    Recorded at Studio Ark, 1989.

    Zoo Records J 9001.

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    A1.  No Skull

    Drum Kit

    A2a. Struck
    A2b. Bowed
    A2c. Shaken

    A3.  Arco Metal

    B1.  Traps
    B2.  I.F.O.'s / Metal & Realdrum
    B3.  Die Blechtrommel
    B4.  A Mummified Person With A Pleasant Smile Is Kept In A Cupboard In The Vestry

    Paul Burwell, percussion

    Sadly true

    Recorded at Anne Bean's Studio, Butlers Wharf, Shad Thames, Sept. 19th 1979, by David Toop for Toadfish Tapes, USA.

    No-label release in UK.

    Cassette C60 recording

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  • 10/30/16--16:21: KEITH TIPPETT - solo 2000

  • Keith Tippett - piano

    1. One January Night 6:11
    2. Harry's Tune (for Harry Miller)  3:52
    3. Prelude to Four Whispers for Archie's Chair  7:26
    4. Linukea Variations  9:19
    5. Let the Music Speak  9:26

    Gateway Studios, London
    BBC broadcast 'Jazz on 3' 8 April 2000

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    Paul Fields - Keyboards, Violin
    Sepp Mitterbauer - Trumpet
    Fritz Novotny - Reeds, Percussion
    Christian Salfellner - Drums
    Reinhard Ziegerhofer - Bass

    A1 - Next Movie         6:06
    A2 - Dance Of The Bear     3:23
    A3 - Clearness         5:06
    A4 - Pannonia Feeling         7:22
    B1 - Neo Bop         4:30
    B2 - Cool Down         6:40
    B3 - Samurai         3:34
    B4 - Clan Fun         4:20
    B5 - Quarter Chords         3:53

    Granit Records, 89106
    Austria, 1988

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    Henry Threadgill, alto saxophone, flute, bass flute
    Mark Taylor, french horn
    Brandon Ross, electric and acoustic guitar
    Masujaa, electric and acoustic guitar
    Edwin Rodriguez, tuba
    Marcus Rojas, tuba
    Larry Bright, drums, percussion

    1. Next 9:04
    2. Snakes Don't Do Suicide 7:39
    3. I Love You With An Asterisk 5:40
    4. Someplace 7:30
    5. Dangerously Slippy 6:51
    6. King Kong 6:09
    7. Breach Of Protocol 8:50

    Recorded on May 4, 1991 at Koncepts Cultural Gallery, Oakland, CA.


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    A5. Ma Mère L'Oye (Ravel)

    Jun Date, harpsichord
    Masayuki Takayanagi, guitar
    Masanaga Harada, bass
    Masahiko Togashi, drums
    Takatoshi Naito, orchestra conductor
    Naohiko Terashima, arranger
    Aquirax, illustration

    The top performers of modern jazz, backed by ensembles, make this album one of the most outstanding release of all time.

    One track of Mother-Goose-orchestra-spy-movie-cool-jazz-harpsichord

    Kings Records - SKK 465

    LP Rip

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    A. I.C.V.

    B. Stationary Dervish

    Wally Shoup, alto saxophone
    Doug Carroll, cello, electronics
    Davey Williams, guitar, banjo, bass clarinet
    LaDonna Smith, viola, violin, voice

    Side A recorded on 26 February 1984.
    Side B recorded on 4 January 1984.

    Cassette Documents ‎– CD 1

    Cassette Rip

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    1. - 4.  The Well Tuned Piano 8 VI 64 Day Of Gammadion (39:54)
    La Monte Young, piano

    5. 12 1 64 First Twelve - Sunday Morning Blues (11:25)
    6. B♭ Dorian Blues Saturday 19th November 1963 - Fifth Day Of The Hammer (11:15)
    [19 October or November 1963]

    Theater of Eternal Music:

    La Monte Young, sopranino saxophone
    Marian Zazeela, vocals [Voice Drone]
    Angus MacLise, hand drums
    Tony Conrad, bowed guitar
    John Cale, viola

    This music was released in excerpts (5 + 6) in 2013 as LP.
    Previously released as double LP (bootleg) in 1992 (taken from a German radio broadcast).

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    A. Close Calls In Texas

    B. Close Calls In Texas

    Wally Shoup, alto saxophone
    Doug Carroll, cello, electronics
    Davey Williams, guitar
    LaDonna Smith, viola, violin, percussion

    Recorded on 16 July 1973

    Cassette Documents ‎– CD 2

    Cassette Rip

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    A. Lost Armadillo Sandwich

    B. Lost Armadillo Sandwich

    Wally Shoup, alto saxophone
    Doug Carroll, cello, electronics
    Davey Williams, guitar, banjo, bass clarinet
    LaDonna Smith, viola, violin, voice

    Recorded on 8 December 1983

    Cassette Documents - CD 3

    Cassette Rip

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    A. No Way

    B. No Way

    Davey Williams, electric guitar
    Wally Shoup, alto saxophone, miscellaneous
    Doug Carroll, cello, electronics
    Mary Horn, dance

    Recorded on 20 June 1984

    Cassette Documents - CD 5

    Cassette Rip

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    A. Boat Songs Of The Yellow Eye

    B. Precipitation Of The Whales

    Davey Williams, electric & slide guitar
    LaDonna Smith, viola, violin, voice, alto horn

    Side 1 recorded live at Roulette, NYC, on 2 November 1984.

    Side 2 live radio broadcast on WMFO-FM, Medford, Massachusetts, on 27 October 1984.

    Cassette Documents - CD 6

    Cassette Rip

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  • 12/01/16--12:01: TOOT "KONFRONTATIONEN 2000"

  • Toot was founded in 1998. Meanwhile they released two CDs with recordings from 2003, 2005 and 2008. You can find them here and there.

    More info about this great trio you'll find at Lehn's website.

    Phil Minton, voice
    Axel Dörner, trumpet
    Thomas Lehn, analogue sythesizer

    1. ... 15:08
    2. ... 15:35
    3. ... 11:53
    4. ... 02:26

    Recorded on July 22, 2000 at Jazzgalerie Nickelsdorf, Austria during 'Konfrontationen 2000".

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    There seems to have been a good reaction, in number of downloads at least, to Grisey's Les Espaces Acoustiques posted here a few weeks ago, and I hope that posting music like this here is not only of interest to regular visitors, but also attracts others who may become equally interested in some of the other music posted here.

    So here is Gérard Grisey's most famous piece, Quatre chants pour franchir le seuil (1997-8), a meditation through four songs - from Christian, Egyptian, Greek and Mesopotamian cultures - on the passing from life to death. I don't hear any morbidity here, or sentimentality, instead a beautiful, rarefied contemplation, on the cusp of Liebestod.

    I recorded this from France Musique earlier this year, and it is a remarkably assured performance. Don't hesitate if you get the chance to see this in concert!

    Gérard Grisey

    Quatre chants pour franchir le seuil, pour soprano et grand ensemble

    Barbara Hannigan : soprano 

    Ensemble Intercontemporain

    Conductor : Susanna Mälkki

    2008 Agora Festival, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
    7th June, 2008

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    Fritz Novotny - soprano sax, arghool, bombarde, glockenspiel, flutes, percussion, artwork
    Paul Fields - violin (track 1), alto sax (track 2), synthesizer (track 3), piano (track 4)

    A1 - Kinds Of...        8:34
    A2 - Existence        5:10
    A3 - Silence        5:41
    B - Europe            19:45

    Recorded September 14, 1983 at Jazzfields Tonstudios, Lower Austria.
    Composed, Arranged by Fritz Novotny and Paul Fields

    Jazzfields Records, RAU 1012
    Austria, 1983

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  • 12/06/16--08:20: DISCOVERED & RECOMMENDED

  • I don't know wether the Al Neil Trio is really the first Free Jazz group from Canada.
    But this recent purchase is surely an extraordinary find for me.
    Especially the vocalisations from Richard Anstey have won me over. And this is true despite my general aversion for lyrics/poems et. al. "attached" to music.
    But that's not the whole story. The integration of field recordings in the process of improvisation and the general musical prowess of the trio makes for an engaged listening experience.
    In my book this double CD is THE reissue (out-of-five) of 2016, albeit released already in 2002.
    It will be available as long as stock lasts. You can get it here as download or as the complete package including liner notes and reminiscences from a.o. Eugene Chadbourne, Milo Fine and Al Neil.

    The first free jazz group in Canada:
    Al Neil - piano, zither, vocals, miscellaneous instruments;
    Richard Anstey - acoustic bass, soprano sax, vocals, toy instruments;
    Gregg Simpson - drums, percussion, toy instruments, sound collages

    Includes 30 page booklet with reviews and photos.

    More info to be found there.

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     I won't give a review for this latest release on the almost dormant label "psi".
    But these 'liquid sculptures' have won my admiration easily. Quite a special sound-world.
    Gouband plays lithophones (percussion played on and with stones) while Nauseef mostly uses metallic percussion.
    Evan Parker feels strongly that this is one of the best records he has ever made.
    And I gladly agree with this notion. Already added to my 'top ten' of 2016.
    Highest recommendation on my side.

     Just deleted the link for a LP rip we've offered in 2010.
    Yesterday morning - some minutes before I went to work - I discovered that it was reissued in September. Luckily it was available in Germany and so I got it today.
    Remastered from the original tapes and housed in a LP replica.
    A great early collaboration between Japanese and Afro-American masters.

    The above recording is the second CD which shall add up to a trilogy.
    "Luten"> Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky is in top condition here despite being 81 when this 30 minutes of music were recorded - yeah.
    The line-up appeared promising before I heard it for the first time some weeks ago:

    Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky - as, cl
    Elan Pauer - p, perc
    John Edwards - b
    Robert Landfermann - b
    Christian Lillinger - dr, perc

    Available through the label Euphorium and elsewhere.

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