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    A. With Ted Bowen
    B. With LaDonna Smith

    Ted Bowen, acoustic bass
    Wally Shoup, alto saxophone
    LaDonna Smith, viola

    Side A recorded at the Dogwood Lodge, Cottondale, Alabama on 11 August 1986.
    Side B recorded at Trans Studio on 4 October 1987.

    Cassette Rip

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    Harun Ghulam Barabbas, alto saxophone
    Alaeddin Adlernest, bassoon
    Ahmad Pechoc, piano
    Toni Michlmayr, double bass
    Muhammad Malli, percussion

    A1. Magnetic Girl 10:05
    A2. Space Girl 9:54
    B1. Pissing Girl 6:13
    B2. Everyone A Master 12:50

    Recorded at 22:00 hrs, Austrophon-Studio, Vienna, May 16th, 1969.


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    A1. The Big Deep
    A2. Takeoffs
    A3. Travellers
    A4. The Silver Plume Vamp
    A5. The Sunken Dance Hall

    Live At Klang

    B1. Sky Tunnel
    B2. Riding The Wave Form
    B3. Schools Of Anima

    Davey Williams, electric & slide guitar, tape-measure, 6-motored JPW-autograph model baseball glove

    LaDonna Smith, viola, violin, voice, keyboards

    Side A recorded on 3 May 1990.
    Side B recorded in concert at KLANG, Atlanta, Georgia on 30 April 1990.

    Trans Museq ‎– trans museq 10

    Cassette Rip

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    I have listened to this many more times since the last post, but the transition in Sundance from the spoken-word poem to the dance between Jack Gregg's bass and Jeanne Lee's vocal is still spine-tingling.

    A1. Sundance
    A2. Yeh Come T' Be
    A3. Jamaica
    A4. Subway Couple

    B1. The Miracle
    B2. Your Ballad
    B3. Angel Chile
    B4. Conspiracy

    Allan Praskin, clarinet (B2)
    Perry Robinson, clarinet (B2)
    Mark Whitecage, alto clarinet (B2)
    Jack Gregg, bass
    Steve McCall, drums
    Gunter Hampel, flute, piano, vibraphone, alto and bass clarinet
    Sam Rivers, soprano and tenor saxophone, flute
    Marty Cook, trombone (B2)

    Ensemble tracks recorded by George Klabin, Sound Ideas Studio, New York, February 1974.

    Solo tracks and mix by Jan Rathbun, Blue Rock Studio and Good Vibration Studio, April and May 1974.

    Seeds Records 5, Earthform Records - 814

    Vinyl Rip

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    A1. Cilantro
    A2. Whimsy Hoof-prints
    A3. Evening Song I
    A4. Evening Song II
    A5. Hard Work
    A6. Zero-Sen

    B1. Romance
    B2. Green

    Davey Williams, electric guitar
    LaDonna Smith, viola, Casio keyboard

    Cassette Rip

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    (1) Bogota (Richard Evans) (15.28)

    (2) Manhattan Reflections (Ahmad Jamal) (14.06)

    (3) Extensions (Ahmad Jamal) (11.31)

    (4) Poinciana (Buddy Bernier, Nat Simon) (10.59)

    Ahmad Jamal (piano)
    Jamil Sulieman (bass)
    Frank Gant (drums)

    Studio 104 de la Maison de la radio à Paris; 25th June, 1971 (courtesy of France Musique)

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    PAUL ROGERS - bass
    MARION BRANDIS - flutes

    1. 26:27
    2. 09:48

    Exp.Intermedia, NY

    December 1987

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    Got these two cassette rips from a friend a few days ago. I was alerted that the recordings contain some digital artifacts but haven't found much of it.
    Enjoyed the music (what else...!) and I'm especially delighted to have some more sounds from the rarely recorded Earl Cross.


    Denis Charles, drums
    Jackson Krall, drums
    William Parker, bass
    Hal Onserud, bass
    Albey Balgochian, bass
    Masahiko Kono, trombone
    Marco Eneidi, alto saxophone
    Rob Brown, alto saxophone
    Daniel Carter, alto saxophone, trumpet
    Richard Keene, tenor saxophone, flute
    Lewis Barnes, trumpet
    Leopanar G. Witlarge, fluegelhorn
    Karen Borca, bassoon, soprano saxophone

    A1. Snapping Turtle (Borca) 7:54
    A2. Ceres Interlude (Keene) 8:31
    A3. BoP (Balgochian, Onserud, Parker) 5:28
    B1. Dennis and Jackson at the Beach (Charles, Krall) 2:26
    B2. Ghosts (Ayler) 12:29
    B3. Cross Cross (Krall) 7:32

    Recorded October 27, 1991, 11 pm at the Knitting Factory, NY.

    The Associated Big Band (Stork 1001) (cassette release)

    Source: original cassette > 24 bits / 48 kHz WAV > FLAC [removed - manually - some digital artifacts]

    -   -   -   -


    Yaya Mohammed Majid, tenor saxophone
    Marco Eneidi, alto saxophone
    Earl Cross, trumpet
    William Parker, bass
    Jackson Krall, drums

    A. Beyond the Yellow Line  23:52
    B. Somewhere on Columbus Ave.  27:49

    Recorded July 21, 1984, Shuttle Theatre, New York City

    Jackson Krall & The Secret Music Society (Stork 1003) (cassette release)

    Source: cassette dub > 24 bits / 48 kHz WAV > FLAC  (from STORK 1003)

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    Daisuke Fuwa, bass, percussion, electronics

    Shunji Yamamoto, flute

    All tracks untitled

    Recorded on 17 May 1980.

    Gekkan - gekkan 004

    CDr Rip

    Thanks enormously to Mads for a treasure trove of Gekkan releases.

    Gekkan (aka Fuwa Monthly) was a CDr label selling archival Daisuke Fuwa related CDrs via the web from around 2000-2006. A few were later remastered and issued on Chitei Records.

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    1. Shibusashirazu Orchestra - Ohnuma Blues, Nagisa No Hito

    2. Fedayien - Sauteed Green Pepper and Eggplant, Let's Talk About a Little Home, Fuwa Rumba

    Fedayien live broadcast from NHK 505 Studio, Shibuya, Tokyo , 3 March 1992.

    CDr Rip

    Thanks again to Mads for the rip.

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  • 12/20/16--14:49: AKCE BORORO 1972

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    A. Malleable Gestures

    John Corbett, acoustic guitar
    Sara Boyd, violin
    Wally Shoup, alto saxophone
    Trish McCarl, cello, voice
    Davey Williams, electric guitar
    Jim Willett, electro-acoustic guitar, metal lid, voice
    LaDonna Smith, viola, percussion, voice

    B. Night Blooming Voices

    Wally Shoup, alto saxophone
    Trish McCarl, cello, voice
    Davey Williams, electric guitar
    Jim Willett, electro-acoustic guitar, metal lid, voice
    LaDonna Smith, viola, percussion, voice

    Recorded on 23 June 1986


    Cassette Rip

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    A. The Making Of The Lousitania

    Davey Williams, guitar, arco guitar
    Jim Willet, guitar, whistle, piano
    LaDonna Smith, violin, recorder, percussion

    Return From Earth

    B1. Return From Earth
    B2. Soul Review
    B3. Pavlovian Absentmindedness

    Wally Shoup, alto saxophone
    LaDonna Smith, cornet, piano, viola
    Davey Williams, electric guitar
    Jim Willet, Juno synthesizer


    Cassette Rip

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  • 12/23/16--11:11: FEDAYIEN - IV (GEKKAN, 2003)

  • 1. Davadavadaba

    2. Under Paris Skies / Comme à la Radio

    3. Davadava

    Daisuke Fuwa, bass
    Naohiro Kawashita, tenor & alto sax, violin
    Shiro Ohnuma, drums
    Kazu Nakahara, guitar on track 3

    Photo by Takahashi Hiroshi

    Tracks 1 and 2 were included on the gekkan-002 CDr and track 3 was added on a bonus CDr in a box set -re-release.

    Recorded at Jittoku, Kyoto 1994 (1) and Chocolate City, Yoyogi 1992 (2, 3)

    Gekkan - gekkan-002 and bonus CDr

    Thanks again to Mads for all these.

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    A. The Eternal Recurrence Part I

    B. The Eternal Recurrence Part II

    Alto Saxophone – Kaneko Kunio, Tsubota Yutaka, Yoda Yasuo
    Double Bass – Hiraoki Satoh, Iijima Shin-Ichiro, Nakamura Yo, Tanaka Atsushi
    Drums – Miyauchi Toshiro, Takagi Mikiharu
    Flute – Yoda Yasuo
    Piano – Amemiya Hiraku, Ryo Hara, Yamano Yasuko
    Tenor Saxophone – Kamata Yuichi, Kawashita Naohiro
    Trombone – Amemiya Hiraku
    Trumpet – Hattori Katsuji, Komiya Kazuo, Shoda Jiro, Tomioka Eisuke
    Viola – Itoh Hiroshi

    Recorded live at Hosei University student hall, on 11 January 1980

    New Jazz Syndicate 4

    LP Rip

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    Steve Lacy - soprano saxophone
    Steve Argüelles - drums

        1. Evidence   (Monk)   6:00
        2. Image   (Lacy)   9:18
        3. Wickets   (Lacy)   7:42
        4. Blinks  (Lacy)   6:44
        5. Art   (Lacy)   5:39
        6. Twilight   (Lacy)   7:01
        7. Clichés   (Lacy)   9:59

    Recorded at the Bluecoat, Liverpool (UK) on October 16, 1987
    Produced by Nick Purnell
    1989 - Ah-Um Music (UK), AH-UM001 (CD)

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  • 12/01/16--12:01: TOOT "KONFRONTATIONEN 2000"

  • Toot was founded in 1998. Meanwhile they released two CDs with recordings from 2003, 2005 and 2008. You can find them here and there.

    More info about this great trio you'll find at Lehn's website.

    Phil Minton, voice
    Axel Dörner, trumpet
    Thomas Lehn, analogue sythesizer

    1. ... 15:08
    2. ... 15:35
    3. ... 11:53
    4. ... 02:26

    Recorded on July 22, 2000 at Jazzgalerie Nickelsdorf, Austria during 'Konfrontationen 2000".

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    Dervishes Of Three

    A1. Unembedded Particles From The Wild West
    A2. Dervish Water

    Dervishes Of Two

    B1. Rodent Ground Party
    B2. Night With The Owl Hats
    B3. Combing The Furrows
    B4. Melody For Empty Storefronts

    Wally Shoup, alto saxophone, Casio keyboard
    Davey Williams, guitar
    LaDonna Smith, viola, horseshoes

    Cassette Rip

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    John Tchicai, alto saxophone, bass drum, sudanese zebra drum, coptic church drum, pakhawaj, voice, piano (on A3)

    Hartmut Geerken, piano, voice, gargling, whistle, rubab, dun harp, swarmandal harp, afghan sarangi,
    tabla, wuhan gong, egyptian gongs, peking opera gongs, finger cymbals, egyptian circus cymbals,
    egyptian waterseller's cymbals, finger cymbals, sudanese zebra drum, congas, lead camel bell,
    egyptian donkey bells, afghan bells, egyptian ramzan drum bells, cappadocian door bells,
    byzantine bells, waterphone, triangle, dar, beer tin, zallari, tibetan chinkas, sahara screw,
    parnes steel, tibetan boo-chals, clockwork organ

    A1. Marching Cara Cara     1:01
    A2. I Saw A Continent     5:47
    A3. To The President Of The Heavenly Empire     6:39
    A4. The Indians Of The Continent     2:16
    A5. The Dignity In The Belly     2:38
    B1. Juanschukai Is Baader     5:17
    B2. Maja Thurup     5:48
    B3. Oktana A.E.     4:00
    B4. Towards The Force World Age     6:04

    Recorded at "Ploutashos Studios", Kifissa, Athens, October 18, 1980.

    Praxis CM 102 (vinyl rip)

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  • 12/29/16--21:19: RADIO - RADIO (GEKKAN, 2000)

  • 1. Davadavadava

    2. Radio

    Daisuke Fuwa, electric bass
    Naohiro Kawashita, tenor & soprano sax
    Katsui Yuji, violin
    Takeshi Shibuya, organ
    Yasuhiro Yoshigaki, drums, vocals

    Live recording from 1994

    Gekkan - gekkan-007

    CDr from Mads, thanks

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