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    Sei Miguel, trumpet
    Fala Mariam, trombone
    Rafael Toral, guitar
    Pedro "Chuva" Bretes, bass
    Menina Do Tambor, gong
    Luis San-Payo, snare drum

    1. I     07:31
    2. II     24:57
    3. III     08:16

    Recorded live in studio, July 8, 1994, Angel 2, Lisboa.

    para Chet e Cage

    The threefold division of this work is irrelevant,
    existing only as a help to radiobroadcast and other manipulation of an extended musical piece.
    With the author's permission.

    Fábrica de Sons  FS 100.002

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    Mario Schiano, alto saxophone
    Marcello Melis, bass
    Marco Cristofolini, drums, wood flute

    1. Apollon 1     2:33
    2. Apollon 2     3:51
    3. Apollon 3     3:06
    4. Apollon 4     0:48
    5. Apollon 5     2:33
    6. Apollon 6     5:41
    7. Apollon 7     6:04

    Recorded in Rome at Ager Film, one night between 4th and 9th February 1969.

    Soundtrack for ' Apollon Una Fabbrica Occupata', movie by Ugo Gregoretti

    CD included in the book "Un cielo di stelle Parole e musica di Mario Schiano"
    by Pierpaolo Faggiano (Manifestolibri, 2003)

    Il Manifesto CD 117

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    A1. Parisonophobe
    A2. Micha
    A3. Theme Z

    B1. Brack
    B2. Amma
    B3. Terronesia
    B4. Relaxin

    Jean-François (Jef) Sicard, alto saxophone, flute, bass clarinet
    François Mechali, contrabass
    Gerard Coppere, tenor saxophone, flute
    Manuel Villaroel, piano
    William Treve, trombone
    Sonny Grey, trumpet
    Jean-Louis Mechali, drums, vibraphone

    Recorded on May 8, 1971 at Studio Europasonor, Paris

    Futura Records ‎– GER 25

    LP Rip

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    A. Tristezze Di Sanluigi
    B. Tristezze Di Sanluigi
    C. Tristezze Di Sanluigi
    D. Tristezze Di Sanluigi

    Mario Schiano, alto saxophone
    Han Bennink, drums, percussion, cymbal, bass clarinet, fiddle, whistle, toy
    Misha Mengelberg, piano
    Paul Rutherford, trombone, euphonium

    Recorded live at Teatro Ponchielli, April 24, 1978.

    Horo Records ‎– HDP 35-36

    LP Rip

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    Mario Schiano, saxophone
    Guido Mazzon, trumpet
    Gaetano Liguori, piano
    Roberto Bellatalla, double bass (1-3)
    Pasquale Liguori, drums

    1. The Wild Bunch     12:36
    2. The Wild Bunch     15:10
    3. The Wild Bunch     05:48
    4. We - Effetti Larsen     18:37
    5. We - Effetti Larsen     15:23

    Tracks 1 - 3 Recorded on 11 July 1976 at the Penne Festival.
    Tracks 4 - 5 Recorded on 4 March 1988, Controindicazioni 2 - Sedute di improvvisazione Festival, Colosseo Theatre, Rome.

    Tracks 4 and 5 previously released as "Effetti Larsen" on LP in 1988 on Splasc(h) Records HP09

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    A. Mbizo Radebe Part 1 (They Shoot To Kill)

    B. Mbizo Radebe Part 2 (They Shoot To Kill)

    Dudu Pukwana, alto and soprano saxophone, piano, vocals

    John Stevens, drums, mini trumpet

    Recorded at The Glass Trap, Southall, Middlesex, England, January 14 1987.

    P-Vine Records ‎– PLP-6505

    LP Rip

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  • 03/30/17--04:30: EKKEHARD JOST R.I.P.

  • Ekkehard Jost 22.01.1938 - 23.03.2017

    Songs against marching in lock-step....

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    KEITH TIPPETT - piano
    PAUL DUNMALL - clarinet, soprano, tenor and baritone saxophones
    PAUL ROGERS - bass
    TONY LEVIN - drums

    First set
    1. 28:10
    2. 19:23

    Second set
    1. 30:40
    2. 26:10

    Gloucester Guildhall, 15th April 1989
    Recording by Stu.

    With thanks to my generous friends Mauro, dogon a.d., Peter, Sergio, Vanderbrotz.

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    A. Through The Black Hole

    B. Berlin, Berlin

    Heinz Wollny, bass, guitar
    A.R. Penck, drums
    Frank Wollny, guitar, bass
    Alberto, saxophone

    Music Corporation

    LP Rip

    Discogs suggests Frank Wright for Alberto, or maybe Gianluigi Trovesi?

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    A. Part One

    B. Part Two

    William Parker, bass
    Dennis "King" Charles, drums
    A.R. Penck, piano
    Frank Lowe, tenor saxophone
    Billy Bang, violin
    Jeanne Lee, vocals

    Recorded at Fred Hirsch Recording Studio, New York City

    LP Rip

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    A. The Royal Academy Music Performance I

    B. The Royal Academy Music Performance II

    Heinz Wollny, bass
    Louis Moholo, drums
    Frank Wollny, guitar
    A.R. Penck, piano
    John Tchical (alias Bob Flag), saxophone

    LP Rip

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    Re-discovered this excellent recording today when a friend and myself browsed through my collection and listened to great music for almost four hours (with a meal in-between).
    Also soundwise a superb outing from these two early prime members of the European version of Free Music.
    It seems to me that in later years both worked only very infrequently together. We must not forget that the first visit of Kowald to the UK were he met and played with Parker and John Stevens was a kind of initial ignition for the then burgeoning pan-European scene at the end of the 1960s.
    Not the only early meeting but arguably a seminal one.

    For Correct Silence - I really enjoy your comments and reasoning. Makes IS a better place - Thanks

    Evan Parker, soprano & tenor saxophone
    Peter Kowald, double bass

    1. Introduction (radio host)    00:13
    2. Duo Improvisation No. I     26:08
    3. Duo Improvisation No. II      09:17
    4. Duo Improvisation No. III      10:06

    Recorded on December 2, 1979 in Cottbus, East-Germany at an unknown location.

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    A1. Impressions
    A2. Double Three

    B.  Trio ACW

    Anthony Braxton, alto saxophone
    Heinz Jäger, bass
    Fritz Novotny, arabian flute, clarinet
    Muhammad Malli, soprano saxophone, drums
    Walter Schiefer, drums, percussion
    Paul Fickl, tenor saxophone, electric piano, violin
    Clifford Thornton, trumpet

    Recorded live at the "First International Music Workshop", Krems, on 30 September 1978

    Kovarik's Musikothek ‎– R.A.U. 1010

    LP Rip

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    1. Prayer For Ingo

    Frank Wollny, bass
    A.R. Penck, drums
    Rev. Frank Wright, saxophone

    Recorded at Stadtgarten Köln, November 19, 1989

    Mara Records ‎– 6006

    CD Rip

    I said I had one more A.R. Penck / Frank Wright rip to post, but now we have another thanks to Pierre, our pioneering IS contributor, who posted many of the others.

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    BENNY GOLSON - tenor saxophone
    NATHAN DAVIS - tenor and soprano saxophones
    ARTHUR BLYTHE - alto saxophone
    CHICO FREEMAN - tenor saxophone
    KIRK LIGHTSEY - piano
    ED THIGPEN - drums

    1. Hank's Tune  7:54
    2. announcement (B. Golson)  1:34
    3. Stolen Moments  11:28
    4. band intros (B. Golson)  11:20
    5. To Hear a Tear Drop in the Rain  11:35
    6. Impressions  11:05
    7. ?  14:26
    8. Tokudo  9:39

    Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham  14th April 1996

    BBC Radio 3 Broadcast

    Arthur Blythe's passing prompted me to dig this out.  Enjoy.

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    1. Wartesaal
    2. Deutsche Bank
    3. Haus Blitz
    4. Untitled
    5. Untitled

    Frank Wollny, bass
    A.R. Penck, drums
    Frank Wright, saxophone

    Mara Records ‎– 6003

    CD Rip

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    from the usual people of Reform Art, but here completely different music from what I'v heard from them until now.
    the title says  it all

    Paul Field - violin
    Margarete Jungen - mezzosoprano
    Karl Wilhelm Krbavac - viola da gamba
    Sepp Mitterbauer - trumpet
    Fritz Novotny - glockenspiel, gongs, flute, soprano sax
    Giselher Smekal - piano
    Monika Stadler - harp

    1. Pierrot Songs (Smekal)
    2. Bela (Novotny)
    3. John (Fields, Novotny)
    4. Ovid (Fields, Novotny)

    recorded between december 2000 and june 2001

    Granit record, CD
    GR 2001-0-05

    0 0

    Holywood Blvd 89

    1-1. Beach
    1-2. L.A.
    1-3. Homeless


    2-1. Malibu Experiment
    2-2. Piano Solo
    2-3. Trio Malibu
    2-4. Malibu Duo
    2-5. Swop

    Butch Morris, cornet, flute, piano, percussion
    A.R. Penck, piano, flute, bass, drums
    Frank Wollny, bass, piano, drums
    Markus Lüpertz, flute, percussion, drums
    Tylon Barea, drums, flute, percussion

    CD1 recorded at Hollywood Blvd Studio on 15 January 1989

    Mara Records ‎– 6001/2

    CD Rip

    These are the first two CDs in the set with the last Frank Wright post.

    0 0

    Here we have the first contribution of Correct Silence.
    The following are his own words........

    Wadada Leo Smith has often shared the stage or the studio in duet with drummers: Adam Rudolph, Sabu Toyozumi, Jack Dejohnette, Louis Moholo and Ed Blackwell. Here is a concert with Hamid Drake with whom Smith has played sometimes in various bands but never recorded officially.
    I have no more details about the exact date of the show. The concert is complete, it’s an audience recording with good sound, sometimes there are silences or soft playing by both musicians.
    I have decided to keep the material like it has been recorded, no editing has been done.
    There are five tracks with no particular titles, the music is improvised.
    Listening to this concert, the comparison that comes to mind is Ed Blackwell who’s style is close to Hamid Drake and it can be interesting to listen again to « The Blue Mountain’s Sun Drummer « .
    A fantastic record in my opinion.


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