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    Half-way through twelve sets played over three successive nights on 27-29 May 1992 at the Badenscher Hof, Berlin.

    Rüdiger Carl, tenor saxophone, clarinet
    Alexander von Schlippenbach, piano
    Jay Oliver, bass
    Sven-Åke Johansson, drums

    3-10 Begin The Beguine
    3-11 Three Little Words
    3-12 Laura
    3-13 I Could Write A Book
    3-14 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
    3-15 In A Sentimental Mood
    3-16 The Breeze And I
    3-17 Gone With The Wind
    3-18 I Can't Get Started

    Edition Artlier Graz, 2003

    CD rip

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    James Manion asked for more Herbert Joos - here is a special project from Hans Koller.
    He is joined not only by Joos, Mangelsdorff but also by five members of the orchestra of the SWF.


    Herbert Joos, fluegelhorn
    Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
    Hans Koller, soprano, sopranino & tenor saxophone
    Jasper van t'Hoff, piano, electric piano (not #8)
    Jürgen Wuchner , bass (not #8)
    Janusz Stefanski, drums (not #8)
    Karl Arnold, french horn (not #8)
    Hans Lemser, clarinet, bass clarinet (not #8)
    Helmut Koch, oboe
    Helmut Müller, bassoon
    Michael Löckle, flute (not #8)

    01. Introduction (Berendt)           03:17
    02. Dorf-Ballade (Koller)            06:11
    03. Introduction (Berendt)           00:29
    04. Flowers All Over (van't Hof)     06:56
    05. Introduction (Berendt)           02:29
    06. Jenissai & 22/8 (Koller)         15:46
    07. Introduction (Berendt)           01:20
    08. Song One (Joos)                  03:23
    09. Introduction (Berendt)           00:44        
    10. Ballade In Zeh (Joos)            05:47
    11. Introduction (Berendt)           00:37
    12. Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde (Joos)   11:03
    13. Closing announcement (Berendt)   01:27

    Announcements by  Joachim-Ernst Berendt.

    Recorded at Südwestfunk Studio, Baden-Baden, Germany on December 19, 1976.

    SWF radio broadcast

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    1. Quartet
    2. Duo I (Miyake / Jenny-Clark)
    3. Duo II (Togashi / Takahashi)
    4. Trio I (Togashi / Takahashi)
    5. Duo III (Togashi / Takahashi / Jenny-Clark)
    6. Duo IV (Togashi / Jenny-Clark)
    7. Trio II (Togashi / Takahashi / Miyake)

    Jean-François Jenny-Clark, bass
    Yuji Takahashi, Roland D-50 & S-550
    Masahiko Togashi, percussion
    Haruna Miyake, piano, Korg M1
    Recorded at Space Who, Saitama, Japan on 8 July and 30 September 1989.

    Egg Farm ‎– EF-03

    CD Rip

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    Cecil Taylor, piano
    Harri Sjöström, soprano saxophone
    Tristan Honsinger, cello
    Teppo Hauta-Aho, bass
    Paul Lovens, percussion

    1. Desperados 71:42

    Recorded at the Klaus von Bismarck Saal, Funkhaus of the WDR, Köln, Germany on March 21, 1999.

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    From "Cool" Jojo to "Blow-Torch" Jojo and Abe

    1. Untitled
    2. Untitled

    Kaoru Abe, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, harmonica
    Masayuki Takayanagi, guitar

    Recorded live at Kousei Nenkin Hall, Tokyo, June 28, 1970.

    Original LP release on Sound Creators Inc., 1970

    CD rip from DIW Records ‎– DIW-414, 1999

    Re-released on DIW Records ‎– DIW-415, 2000

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    A1. Mobile
    A2. Lena
    A3. Monks Mood
    A4. Matrix

    B1. Ant's Dance
    B2. Pulque
    B3. Chrome Coat

    Ali Haurand, bass
    Tony Oxley, drums
    Rob van den Broeck, piano
    Gerd Dudek, soprano and tenor saxophone

    Recorded December 28th, 1984 at Studio 44, Max Bollemann, Monster/Holland.

    Konnex Records ‎– ST 5005

    Vinyl Rip

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    In remembrance of Riccardo . .

    Giancarlo Schiaffini, trombone
    Evan Parker, tenor & soprano saxophone
    Derek Bailey, guitar
    Paul Lytton, percussion   

    1. unknown title 27:12   

    Recorded at the 5th Rassegna Internazionale del Jazz in Pisa, Italy on June 26, 1980.

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    A1. Lovens/Lytton 1
    A2. Lovens/Lytton 2
    A3. Lovens/Lytton 3
    A4. Lovens/Lytton 4

    B1. Lovens/Lytton 5
    B2. Lovens/Lytton 6

    Paul Lytton, drums, percussion, electronics, saw, home-made instruments
    Paul Lovens, drums, percussion, electronics, saw, home-made instruments

    Recorded 22. January 1977 in Plombieres, Belgium.

    Po Torch Records ‎– PTR/JWD 1

    Vinyl Rip

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    Paul Lovens and Paul Lytton, percussion and live electronics

    Side A
    - Moinho da asneira [Mill of stupidity] (23.39)

    Recorded in the morning of 3rd December 1978 at Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum, Aachen
    at the opening of 'IBK-Winterausstellung'.

    Side B
    - A Cerca Da Bela Vista A Graca [The beeg view] (25.44)

    Recorded in the evening of 9th November 1979 at the Zimmertheater, Bremen
    at a concert organised by Torsten Müller of 'Kollektiv Freie Musik', Bremen.

    Record released 1980.

    PO TORCH Records PTR/JWD 5

    (lp rip)

    ...and thank you Nick for the scans...

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    Get a load of Dunmall's scorching saxing on the first trio!!
    Thrill to Elton Dean and Tony Bianco!!
    Leave a comment Howard Cottle!!

    1. PAUL DUNMALL, tenor sax
        JOHN EDWARDS, bass
        TONY BIANCO, drums16:42  

    2. ELTON DEAN, alto sax
        TONY BIANCO, drums13:25

    3. PAUL DUNMALL, tenor sax
        HOWARD COTTLE, tenor sax
        PHILLIP GIBBS, guitar
        TONY LEVIN, drums14:04

    4. PAUL DUNMALL, tenor sax
        SIMON PICARD, tenor sax
        HOWARD COTTLE, tenor sax
        ELTON DEAN, alto sax
        JIM DVORAK, trumpet
        NEIL METCALFE, flute
        PHILLIP GIBBS, guitar
        TONY BIANCO, piano
        TONY MARSH, drums
        BRIAN ABRAHAMS, drums24:06

    VORTEX, LONDON.  13 MAY 2003

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    A. In Memoriam H.M.
    B. King William's Town - In Memory Of Steven Biko

    Masami Nakagawa, alto saxophone, flute
    Masahiko Togashi, percussion
    Takashi Kako, piano, percussion
    Richard Teitelbaum, poly-Moog, micro Moog, modular-Moog-system

    Recorded at Nippon Columbia's 1st Studio, September 17 & 18, 1977

    Denon Jazz ‎– YX-7518-ND

    LP rip

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    "Um Ulm Und Um Ulm Herum" > around Ulm and round Ulm around (approx....) and "Brummnummer" is the buzzing number. Number in this case is referring to the track.


    Paul Lytton, miscellaneous percussion and live electronics

    A1. Um Ulm Und Um Ulm Herum                     02:38   
    A2. Oiloffersoddenkneesstopperedlaundrywrote    11:25
    A3. Occam's Razor                             06:46    
    B1. Brummnummer                             04:06    
    B2. A Strange Bird                             04:25    
    B3. I Can't Get Started (A Quick Bowl Job)     13:55

    Track two recorded at Neue Galerie, Aachen, 16th December 1977 during a concert given by the 1st Aachner Musiker Kooperative.
    All other tracks recorded June/July 1979 in Lytton's home in Plombières, Belgium.


    ... my lp rip and once more Nick's scans - Merci!

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    "Late 1989 we did some concerts in Finland, the last of which put us in one of the classical situations: huge stage, immense auditorium - five musicians, eleven listeners".

    A. The Strange And The Commonplace

    Teppo Hauta-aho, double bass
    Paul Lovens, drums, cymbal
    Harri Sjöström, soprano saxophone
    Paul Rutherford, trombone
    Phil Wachsmann, violin

    Played in Jarvenpaa, Finland on 4 November, 1989.

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    A1. Temper
    A2. Unbounded
    A3. Ballade 56

    B1. Ente-ta-ning
    B2. Panonica
    B3. Der Bumerang

    Ali Haurand, bass
    Tony Oxley, drums
    Rob van den Broeck, piano
    Gerd Dudek, soprano and tenor saxophone
    Ernst Ludwig Petrowsky, alto saxophone, clarinet, flute

    Recorded 20th August 1986 at Studio 44, Max Bollemann, Monster/Holland.

    Konnex Records ‎– ST 5008

    Vinyl Rip

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    Paul Lovens & Paul Lytton, percussion and live electronics

    A. Catching 31:15
    B. Catch    13:19

    The pieces presented here are the complete,
    unedited recordings of the two performances we gave during
    the 5 Rassegna Internazionale del Jazz di Pisa on 27 June 1980
    in San Zeno Abbey of Pisa, Italy,
    organized yearly by the Centre for the Research into Improvised Music
    (CRIM) and the 'Actual 81 Music Festival'
    on 23 August 1981 at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in London,
    promoted by Actuel Music. On both occasions,
    Evan Parker had been invited to assemble together musicians to perform in groups of varying combinations.

    Drawings by Paul Lytton.


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    Recommended reading about Urs Voerkel here.


    Urs Voerkel, upright piano
    Paul Lovens, reduced set of selected and unselected drums and cymbals, percussion

    1. Propinquity 2 (14:44)
    2. Propinquity 3 (05:33)
    3. Propinquity 5 (14:01)
    4. Propinquity 6 (06:51)

    Recorded at the WIM, Zürich, Switzerland on February 14, 1989.


    (lp rip)

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    Paul Rutherford, trombone
    Fred van Hove, piano, accordion
    Paul Rogers, bass
    Paul Lytton, percussion   

    1. announcement   01:19
    2. unknown title  31:21
    3. unknown title  24:07

    Recorded during the Total Music Meeting at Haus der Berlinischen Galerie, Berlin on November 3, 2006.

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    Paul Lovens - Eugene Chadbourne - Me And Paul

    Ulrichsberg, Austria,
    Phonomanie IX 2009

    Eugene Chadbourne,g,banjo,voc 
    Paul Lovens,dr

    1 Title 23:30
    2 Title 36:27
    3 Title 3:49

    Lineage: DPA 4060 > MMA6000 > Sony PCM-D50 > flac
    Thanks to the taper, Seeders,Traders!


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    Paul Lovens - Wolfgang Mitterer - Duo

    Ulrichsberg, Austria,
    Phonomanie IX 2009

    Wolfgang Mitterer,p,electronics 
    Paul Lovens,dr

    1 Title 39:09

    Lineage: DPA 4060 > MMA6000 > Sony PCM-D50 > flac
    Thanks to, the tapers, seeders,traders


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    A1. ´K Zou Zo Gere Wille Leve
    A2. 6 x 1
    A3. Plink Plink

    B1. Kleinste Suite
    B2. Jeu Radiophonique No 1: Thriller

    Fred Van Hove, piano
    Cel Overberghe, saxophone

    Scherzo String Quartet

    Emiel Pieters, violin
    Ivo Lintermans, violin
    Willy Wouters, viola
    Yvo Verelst, cello

    Kamikaze ‎– KAM 2

    Vinyl Rip

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