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    Evan Parker, soprano & tenor saxophone
    Dave Holland, double bass

    1. unknown title 10:26
    2. unknown title 07:58
    3. unknown title 10:18
    4. unknown title 09:15
    5. unknown title 14:38

    Recorded at an unknown venue in Roccella Jonica, Italy on August 31, 1989.

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  • 04/22/17--11:45: UPCOMING + RECENT RELEASES V

  • More good news from Chicago. John Corbett's label Corbett vs Dempsey will release three wonderful CDs on May 1.
    The above picture show the cover of the first edition originally issued by FMP.
    It's a double-CD with 12 previously unreleased titles.
    1. King Alcohol (Carl/11:45)
    2. Thrombose (Christmann/8:19)
    3. Aeiou (Schönenberg/6:08)
    4. a) Rush-Hour (Carl)
    b) Something? (Schönenberg)
    c) Triotrip (Christmann)
    (total time: 13:08)

    Unreleased tracks:
    5. KA Alt #1 (6:33)
    6. KA Alt #2 (4:23)
    7. KA Alt #3 (9:50)
    8. KA Alt #4 (6:08)
    9. KA Alt #5 (9:29)

    1. KA Alt #6 (13:08)
    2. KA Alt #7 (15:55)
    3. KA Alt #8 (12:20)
    4. KA Alt #9 (11:15)
    5. KA Alt #10 (12:25)
    6. KA Alt #11 (11:00)
    7. KA Alt #12 (9:21)

    Rüdiger Carl, tenor saxophone
    Günter Christmann, trombone
    Detlef Schönenberg, drums

    Tracks 1-6 originally released on FMP (FMP 0060, 1973). All other tracks previously unreleased.

    GET IT!

    The following two CDs are from Hans Reichel.
    Guitarist extraordinaire, inventor of instruments and world renowed font maker.
    Both Reichel CDs are due for May 1st at Corbett vs Dempsey.

    1. Gier I (2:17)
    2. Peter Zweifel (2:41)
    3. Lurch (3:26)
    4. Toeni (1:31)
    5. Moor (5:17)
    6. Bonobo II (3:30)
    7. Bonobo I (3:59)
    8. Mariahilf (2:31)
    9. Des Jägers Klage (2:52)
    10. Nicht Sand, Sondern Popel Im Getriebe (1:30)
    11. Gier II (7:51)

    Hans Reichel, guitar

    All compositions by Hans Reichel.
    LP originally released on FMP (FMP 0280, 1976).
    Recorded by Jost Gebers and Joachim Ehrig (track 6) at Conny’s Studio, Berlin, in October 1975. Track 6 was recorded in July 1975, and is the only piece to use overdubbing.
    LP produced by Jost Gebers.
    LP design by Hans Reichel.

    1. Wenn das Rohr Dommeit (4:04)
    2. Lupi (0:27)
    3. Wichlinghauser Blues (6:40)
    4. Krampfhandlungen 1st Version (5:45)
    5. Allegro (3:20)
    6. Krampfhandlungen 2nd Version (7:08)
    7. Abendlied (4:17)
    8. Alfons “Al” Piepenbrink & his Lonely Wah-Wah Pedal (1:38)
    9. Shaved Guitar (3:26)
    10. Schlafflied (3:41)

    Hans Reichel, guitar

    All compositions by Hans Reichel.
    Remark: All tunes have been taped as played (indeed).
    A homemade 11-string guitar (3 pickups) has been used for all tunes except the first one.
    LP originally released on FMP (FMP 0150, 1973).
    Recorded by Joachim Ehrig between April and June 1973, at home, at Youth-Center Hagen-Haspe, and at EROC-Studios in Hagen.
    LP produced by Jost Gebers.
    LP design by Hans Reichel.

    And not at least this fantastic LP (dl also available) from Lithuanaia's No Business Records.
    Some weeks before I aquired this great, great LP I saw a video with the same group on youtube. I was quite enchanted and thought about mailing Frédéric Blondy hoping to get a CDr of this concert.
    Fortunately (?) it wasn't necessary to ask Mr. Blondy - got the dl - got the LP - I'm glad the music is as good as I hoped for.

    Peter Evans - piccolo trumpet
    John Butcher - tenor and soprano saxophones
    Frédéric Blondy - piano
    Clayton Thomas - double bass
    Paul Lovens - selected and unselected drums and cymbals

    SIDE A
    SIDE B

    Recorded on the 2nd November, 2013 live at Tampere Jazz Happening (Old Custom House), Finland by Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle)

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    A. Endless Jazz

    B. After 997

    Frank Wollny, guitar, bass
    Lisle Ellis, bass
    Coen Aalberts, drums
    Dennis "King" Charles, drums
    A.R. Penck, flute, piano, keyboards
    Clarence Sharpe, saxophone

    LP Rip - file courtesy of Pierre once more

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    1-1. Session

    2-1. Recession

    Mara Records ‎– 6008/9

    CD Rip

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    This is the start of a series of early ROVA albums I'm planning to post.
    But for some I would like to have good scans (if possible...) - so your help would be appreciated.
    The scans for this post has been provided by mew23 - my thanks goes to him.

    Does anyone have scans (or links leading to good scans) for:
    Scans for the next two are especially wanted:

    The following has a reasonable good scan on discogs but a better one would be appreciated:

    ...and on we go

    Bruce Ackley, soprano saxophone, clarinet, alto clarinet
    Larry Ochs, tenor, alto & sopranino saxophone
    Jon Raskin, baritone, alto & soprano saxophone, clarinet
    Andrew Voigt, alto, soprano & sopranino saxophone, flute

    1. Exiles (Ochs) 10:17
    2. Flamingo Horizon (Raskin) 11:39
    3. 3x30° Each (Ackley) 2:38
    4. Trobar Clus 5 (Ackley, Ochs, Raskin, Voigt) 14:25

    Recorded at Mobius Music, San Francisco, CA, August 17 & 24, 1979.

    Moers Music 01080

    (vinyl rip)

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    Here is the cd version of this curious and great album that contains two performances by two different bands with the same background. Almost all of the musicians comes from the Austrian avant garde music scene that is famous under names like Reform Art Unit, Three Motions or Masters Of unorthodox Jazz.
    The two first tracks are credited to « Acting Seven » and the two last are from « Clan Music Overdrive ». This second band have recorded another album kindly shared by Corvimax here:
    01. Babel 02. Jazz For Thinkers 03. Jackie 04. Clan Music Overdrive
    Acting Seven:
    Bass: Attila Lörinszky
    Percussions: Walter Schiefer
    Percussions/Reeds: Fritz Novotny
    Piano: Giselher Smekal
    Trumpet: Sepp Mitterbauer
    Violin: Mia Zabelka
    Voice: Othmar Zechyr

    Clan Music Overdrive:
    Bass/Electric Bass: Reynhard Ziegerhofer
    Clarinet, Soprano Sax, Sheng: Fritz Novotny
    Drums: Christian Salfellner
    Drums: Walter Schiefer
    Keyboards: Paul Fields
    Saxophone Tenor & Soprano: Gerhard Fritsch
    Saxophone Tenor: Sandro Miori

    cd rip, longer than the lp version : KKM 1016-2

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    artrecords, CD, 2011

    it starts with one minute and a half talking in german, good if you understand, if not just be patient and will be rewarded

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    Larry Ochs, tenor, alto & sopranino saxophone
    Andre Voigt, alto, soprano & sopranino saxophone, flute
    Jon Raskin, baritone, alto & soprano saxophone, clarinet
    Bruce Ackley, soprano saxophone, clarinet

    A1. Trobar Clus #6           (09:06)
    A2. Druids                   (15:51)
    B.  Narrow Are The Vessels    (21:32)

    Recorded in Berkeley, California on May 15, 1980 (A1), August 28, 1981 (B), October 4, 1981 (A2)

    Fore FORE 80/EIGHT

    (vinyl rip)

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    A1. Ram-Headed Serpent
    A2. Offering Of An Aphrodisiac
    A3. Sacred Cow

    B1. He Whom No Sign Can Describe Is Made Known To Us by His Mystic Dance
    B2. Offering To The Ram-Headed Serpent

    Goudie Charles, double bass
    Vince Clarke, percussion
    Douglas Cook, piano, glockenspiel, xylophone
    Alan Davie, sopranino, alto and tenor saxophone, flute, xylophone
    Mac Johns, trombone, bass guitar
    Janet Thomas, violin

    Recorded at Ding Dong Studio, Cornwall

    ADMW Records ‎– ADMW 001

    LP Rip

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    CD 1

    1. Hans-Jürgen Lindner "Wir Beginnen Jetzt..."  2:37
       2.LJT 9.6.1977

    2. Berliner Improvisationsquartett "Siebenviertel"  6:24
    Hermann Keller, piano, composition
    Manfred Schulze, baritone saxophone, clarinet, composition
    Andreas Altenfelder, trumpet
    Wilfried Staufenbiel, cello
       2. LJT 9.6.1977

    3. Friedhelm Schönfeld Trio  "Nachtwalzer"  13:11
    Friedhelm Schönfeld, tenor saxophone
    Reinhard Walter, piano
    Dieter Keitel, drums
       3. LJT 21.5.1978

    4. Andreas Altenfelder Quintett  "Für M."  7:32
    Andreas Altenfelder, trumpet
    Johannes Bauer, trombone
    Heiner Reinhardt, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
    Christoph Winckel, bass
    Wolfram Dix, drums
       4. LJT 11.5.1979

    5. Doug Hammond Duo  "Steps"  11:57
    Doug Hammond, drums
    Sulaiman Hakim, alto & soprano saxophone
       4. LJT  11.5.1979

    6. Das Quintett  "ohne Titel"  33:38
    Heinz Becker, trumpet
    Konrad Bauer, trombone
    Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, alto & soprano saxophone, clarinet
    Klaus Koch, bass
    Günter Sommer, drums
       5. LJT  26.6.1980

    CD 2

    1. Albert Mangelsdorff  "ohne Titel"  6:10
    Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
       5. LJT  27.6.1980

    2. Jost / Glawischnig Doppeltrio  "ohne Titel"  11:57
    Ekkehard Jost, baritone & bass saxophone
    Dieter Glawischnig, piano, bass trombone
    Michael Schläper, soprano & tenor saxophone
    Jürgen Bock, bass
    Georg Wolf, bass
    John Preininger, drums
       6. LJT  28.3.1981

    3. Károly Binder Quartet feat. John Tchicai  "Exercise"  8:12
    Károly Binder, piano
    John Tchicai, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, flute
    Mihály Dresch, tenor saxophone
    Róbert Benko, bass
    István Baló, drums
       8. LJT  30.9.1983

    4. Hannes Zerbe Sextett  "B-A-C-H"  19:00
    Hannes Zerbe, piano
    Michael Sell, trumpet
    John English, trombone
    Manfred Hering, soprano & tenor saxophone
    Klaus Koch, bass
    Dieter Keitel, drums
       8. LJT  1.10.1983

    5. Borbetomagus  "ohne Titel"  33:18
    Jim Sauter, alto & tenor saxophone
    Donald Dietrich, alto & tenor saxophone
    Donald Miller, guitar
       9. LJT  30.9.1984

    LJT 2500-1/2501-2

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    1.  To The Promenade
    2.  Coloring Heaven I
    3.  A Second
    4.  10.27
    5.  Coloring Heaven II
    6.  Music Gallery
    7.  Pizzicatissimo
    8.  124
    9.  Okinawa Mama
    10. To The Sea
    11. Invitation

    Barre Phillips, bass
    Tetsu Saitoh, bass
    Sabu Toyozumi, drums, percussion
    Hideaki Kuribayashi, 17-string koto

    Recorded in December 1988 at Kuchu-Sanpokan, Yugawara.

    Aketa's Disk ‎– AD-27CD

    CD Rip

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  • 05/19/17--05:11: Armonicord Esprits de sel
  • Jazz with harpsichord is not so famous, here is a fantastic and unknown album of French free jazz with a very special touch… Free and organized. The most famous name in the band is certainly Jouk Minor who have played with Leon Francioli or Pierre Favre.
    -Drums, percussion, horns: Christian Lété
    -Harpsichord: Odile Bailleux
    -saxophone alto, oboe, english horn, flute: Jean Querlier
    -Soprano, baritone saxophone, picolo flute, clarinet, gumbri, contrabass: Jouk Minor
    -trombone: Joseph Traimbl

    A1 Deuxième Jour
    a El Cerreno
    b Sur Lerre
    c La Gomme Arabique
    a1d Passe Océan
    a1e Ahora

    A2 Premier Jour
    a Ile De Pâques
    b Le Manoir De Mes Rêves
    c Gumbri Pitch

    B Troisième Jour
    a Ecolong
    b Wings
    c Mercurio
    d Contact
    e Ecolong
    f La Colophane Des Moujiks
    g Bollets Acides
    h Ile De Pâques
    i Pour L’Heure

    recorded on June 14, 15, 16, 1977

    L’éléctrobande ELB 7701 lp rip

    0 0

    A1. Shodo
    A2. Favors
    A3. 1638

    B1. Heads First
    B2. Passage
    B3. Double
    B4. Mops

    Phil Buettner, clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, flute
    Mario Pavone, double bass
    Pheeroan akLaff, drums
    Emmett Spencer, drums (B3)
    Bobby Naughton, marimba
    Nick Makros, tenor saxophone, flute
    Peter McEachern, trombone
    George Alford, trumpet, flugelhorn

    Recorded on Feb. 6, 1981 at RBY Studios, Southbury, CT.

    Alacra Records ‎– ALACRA 1004

    LP Rip

    0 0

    Jon Raskin, baritone (A), alto (A, B5) & soprano saxophone (B3), clarinet (B3)
    Larry Ochs, tenor (A, B5), alto (B3) & sopranino saxophone (B2, B3)
    Andrew Voigt, alto (A, B2), soprano (B3) & sopranino saxophone (B3, B5)
    Bruce Ackley, soprano saxophone (A, B2, B3, B5), clarinet (B3)

    A.  That's How Strong (18:59)
    B1. Carmen (5:03)
    B2. 3 x 60° EACh (2:11)
    B3. Druids (9:41)
    B4. The Removal Of Secrecy (0:48)
    B5. Trobar Clus #3 (3:15)

    Recorded at Walden Studios, Carmel Highlands, California on February 12, 1979. Mastering at the Automatt, San Francisco.

    Metalanguage 106

    (vinyl rip)

    0 0

    A.  Bristol Concert

    B1. Dialog I
    B2. Abschied

    Heinz Wollny, bass
    Frank Wollny, guitar, bass, vocals
    A.R. Penck, drums, guitar
    Andreas X, drums

    Recorded at the Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, in 1995.

    LP Rip

    0 0

    Michel Doneda, soprano saxophone
    Beñat Achiary, vocals
    Didier Masmalet, bass clarinet, synthesizer
    Gérard Siracusa, percussion
    Phil Wachsmann, violin, electronics

    A1. Le Passeur D'Étoiles     8:48
    A2. Vert Et Jaune     4:30
    A3. Théâtre     1:58
    A4. Ene Maëtia     6:00
    B1. Rose Noire     7:30
    B2. Xorri Fourmy     2:59
    B3. When Did You Come?     3:08
    B4. L'Île D'Hanako     6:00

    Recorded at studio Nato, Chantenay-Villedieu, France, June 4 to 6, 1985.

    Nato 532

    (vinyl rip)

    0 0

    A.  London Underground With Billi

    B1. Experiment 2
    B2. Duo 1
    B3. Duo 2
    B4. Duo 3

    Heinz Wollny, bass
    A.R. Penck, drums, piano
    Frank Wollny, guitar
    Billy Bang, violin, piano

    LP Rip

    0 0

    A1. Woiczischke
    A2. M.L.U.

    B1. The Present is Past
    B2. Der alte Fritz

    Dick van der Capellen, bass
    Martin Van Duynhoven, percussion
    Chris Hinze, piano, flute, alto flute, piccolo flute
    Theo Loevendie, bass clarinet (A2)
    Erik Van Lier, bass trombone (A2)

    Recorded April 25, 1967 in Soest, Netherlands.

    Relax ‎– 33.009

    LP Rip

    0 0

    No tracks here - only side A + B...

    David Toop, electric guitar, flute, home-made-found stuff, cassette tapes, water, rubbish, noise, small explosives
    Paul Burwell, percussion, 6-string harp, bamboo fiddle, bird decoys, whistle, rubbish, paper, water, etc

    Side A (21:12)
    A1     Stigmata     4:30
    A2     Marks And Social Purpose     9:21
    A3     Mud / Swifts / Din / Stench     5:13
    A4     Concerning The Housing Situation In London     0:58

    Side B (21:58)
    B1     Cosmopolitan Order Of Birds     4:54
    B2     The Experiment Of Olgas Hand     6:47
    B3     Extasy Of A Bird Karma     2:37
    B4     We Can Have A Good Time Without Snakes     4:31
    B5     No Electricity     1:54

    This record edited from tapes recorded at the London Musicians Collective, 42 Gloucester Avenue / concert evening of Saturday 30 June 1979.
    Recorded on a Uher Stereo Report with 2 AKG S224 microphones.
    Music improvised / one of many hundreds of performances given by this duo in the 10 years they have played together.

    The parrot's long goodbye recorded London Zoo + whirled tape recorder with tape of Continamo Falls,
    recorded Amazonas, 16 November 1978 by Toop and Figuera.

    Quartz Publications !QUARTZ 003

    (vinyl rip)

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