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    A1. Number Nineteen
    B1. Trip
    B2. Watakushi No Sekai

    Dick Van Der Capellen, bass
    Martin Van Duynhoven, drums
    Mal Waldron, piano

    Recorded in Baarn, Holland, 30th May, 1971.

    Trio Records ‎– PA-9733, Freedom ‎– FLP 41073

    LP Rip

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    Here is a very well recorded live of the Carla Bley Band in a period that is in my opinion one of the most interesting. There are some great studio recordings of the C.B.B like « European Tour » or « Musique Mecanique ». But the official live in her discography comes later and the music seems more static than on the preview years. Here we have the eccentric approach à la Mingus, some influences of what we can call « popular music » and a fantastic band. High musical quality and fun, here is what we have. Gary Windo who have been under recorded is particularly great here.

    01. announcement by Michael Naura
    02 Floater
    03 Ida Lupino
    04 Wrong Key Donkey
    05 Dreams So Real
    06 Walking Batterie Woman
    07 I’m A Mineralist
    08 Boo To You Too
    09 Musique Mecanique
    10 Song Sung Long

    Carla Bley - Piano, Vocals, Organ / Gary Windo - Tenor Sax / Carlos Ward - Alto Sax / D. Sharpe - Drums, Vocals / Arturo O’ Farrell - Piano / Gary Valente - Trombone / Michael Mantler - Trumpet / Earl McIntyre - Tuba / Steve Swallow El Bass.

    Recorded live in Berlin November 14, 1979

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    A. Le Mur De Saint Etienne

    B. Good Morning Rock

    Frank Wollny, guitar
    Heinz Wollny, bass
    Ralf Winkler, drums

    A.R. Penck self-released

    LP Rip

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    Henry Kaiser, electric guitar (A1, A2, A3, B), acoustic guitar (B)
    Bruce Ackley, soprano saxophone (A1, A2, B), alto clarinet (A2)
    Larry Ochs, sopranino (A1) & tenor saxophone (A2, A3, B)
    Jon Raskin, soprano (B), alto (A1, B) & baritone saxophone (A1, A2, B)
    Andrew Voigt, sopranino (B), soprano (B) & alto saxophone (A1, A2, B), flute (A2, B)

    A1. Daredevils    10:26
    A2. Kol Nidre     09:37
    A3. Zaum          03:48
    B.  Mal Qué Arroz 27:35

    Recorded at Walden Studios, Carmel Highlands, California on March 11, 1979.
    [The group's website dates the recording to February 13, 1979]

    Metalanguage ML-105

    (vinyl rip)

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    A. Konzert In Zürich

    B. Konzert In Amsterdam

    Heinz Wollny, bass
    A.R. Penck, drums
    Frank Wollny, guitar
    Markus Lüpertz, piano
    Hans-Peter Hiby, saxophone

    LP Rip

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    From a BR-Klassik live broadcast  from Munich yesterday evening, here is Mahler's fifth symphony by the Bavarian State orchestra under Kirill Petrenko. There's a slightly bent note in one of the opening trumpet phrases; this seems to serve to concentrate everyones' mind to deliver an immensely powerful performance, full of light and shade, the struggle to address the conflicts and ambiguities of being an adult, and the desire to return to the innocence of childhood.

    Gustav Mahler
    Symphony no. 5 in C# minor

    1. Trauermarsch (12.44)
    2. Stürmisch bewegt, mit größter Vehemenz (14.06)
    3. Scherzo (16.56)
    4. Adagietto (8.30)
    5. Rondo finale (14.46)

    Bavarian State Orchestra
    Kirill Petrenko
    Munich National Theatre; 6th June 2017

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    B2. sccniee oiiftnc

    A.R. Penck, percussion, synthesizer
    Detlev Kessler, drums, percussion
    Frank Wollny, guitar, percussion

    Weltmelodie – WM LP 4719

    LP Rip

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    Marion Bown, alto saxophone, percussion (6,7)
    Maarten Van Regteren Altena, bass
    Han Bennink, drums

    on track 6 + 7
    Leo Smith, trumpet, percussion, etc.

    1. Similar Limits     (6:25)
    2. Sound Structure     (6:10)
    3. Improvisation     (5:50)
    4. Qbic             (6:32)
    5. Porto Novo             (11:55)
    6. And Then They Danced (16:05)
    7. Rhythmus No. 1       (3:30)

    Tracks 1 to 5 recorded in Soest, Holland 14th December, 1967.
    Tracks 6, 7 recorded on 12th May, 1970;
    Originally released as Side B of "Creative Improvisation Ensemble" Freedom FLP 40136.

    Black Lion BLCD 760200

    (originally on Polydor 583 724)

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    This trio left only one - excellent - official recording "Seven Compositions".
    Culled from an analog radio broadcast in really good sound quality.
    Braxton offers the music as an mp3 download for members of his website.
    Here you'll get it in flac.

    Anthony Braxton, reeds
    Adelhard Roidinger, bass
    Tony Oxley, percussion

    1. Composition No 6A / 40G(+87) / 110A(+63)  (44:34)
    2. The Angular Apron / Composition 40J  (33:10)
    3. Composition 40M  (17:13)
    4. applause (00:35)

    Recorded March 11,1989, Wuppertal, Germany.

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    Joe Henderson- tenor saxophone
    Helio Alves - piano
    Nilson Matta - bass
    Paulo Bragga - drums

    1. Triste   12:34
    2. Photograph   10:27
    3. Happy Madness  3:06
    4. Recorda-Me   21:05
    5. Take the A Train   9:26
    6. Felicidade   14:00

    Brecon Jazz Festival 1996

    BBC Radio 3, broadcast      

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    This rather obscure recording with Glenn Spearman was requested some time ago.
    So we're happy to get this rip due to a friend (and more) of Inconstant Sol.
    Offered here almost as I got it except I've removed several dozens of clicks and pops manually.

    Louis Armfield, alto saxophone, piano
    Nedly Elstak, trumpet
    Harry Piller, drums
    Glenn Spearman, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet

    A1. Spooks  8:45
    A2. Herrie  7:50
    A3. Loaded Rough Lunch  4:56
    B1. Incident  10:33
    B2. A Music Ensemble  10:39

    Recorded in Amsterdam, Netherlands, July 23, 1977.

    Coreco 01, 1977

    LP Rip

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    DEREK BAILEY - guitar, voice

    1. Intro. Charles Fox.   00:38
    2. 'Introductions'  12:06
    3. Charles Fox   02:18
    4. 'Inaudibles'  14:37
    5. Outro   00:23

    BBC Radio 3.  Jazzin Britain. July 1980.

    A short, amusing one.

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    1. One Is One Is Two Too  (16:56)
    [for two diagonal tuned pianos]

    Georg Gräwe & Carlo Inderhees, piano

    2. Überdruck "For Paul Lovens" (16:20)
    [for 7 brass and improvising soloist]

    Paul Lovens, drums
    Ensemble Klamgspur Linz:
    Anton Voigt, leader
    Johann Peer, trumpet
    Josef Eichenberger, trumpet
    Bernhard Kirchner, horn
    Albert Heitzinger, horn
    Hans-Peter Gaiswinkler, trombone
    Otmar Gaiswinkler, trombone
    Walter Krempl, tuba

    3. Qualcosa "For The Leonardo Quartett” (19:56)
    [for string-quartet and improvising soloist]

    Radu Malfatti, trombone
    Thomas Pözlberger, violin
    Johann Gstöttner, violin
    Wolfgang Schatz, viola
    Andreas Pözlberger, cello

    4 Fárrago "For Melvyn Poore Und Wolfgang Güttler" (20:59)
    [for 14 double-basses and improvising soloist]

    Melvyn Poore, tuba

    Recorded at 'Offenen Kulturhaus Linz', Linz, Austria on December 3 (tracks 1 + 2) and December 5 (track 4), 1992.
    Track 3 recorded at the same location between December 1 and 7, 1992.

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  • 06/16/17--01:48: Frank Van Bommel - Harmoniak
  • Here is a strange record by pianist Frank Van Bommel considering the music he is doing now that is more inside than outside. This record is difficult to describe, between jazz and contemporary, in one word adventurous. 
    Apparently this cd has never been made commercially available. Recorded in 1992, it appeared for me for the first time 6 or 7 years ago; it was probably sold during concerts.

    Frank Van Bommel : Piano, Harmonium
    Tim Zwemmer Marimba, Percussions, Harmonium, Glockenspiel
    Carl G. Beukman Contrabass

    1/ The Mirror, 2/ Harmoniac, 3/ Caba, 4/ The Crypt, 5/ Rota, 6/ Salut, 7/ Triptych, 8/ Harmoniacal Hyperventilation

    track 1 to 7 recorded in 1992, track 8 recorded in 1990

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    A1. Interpretation Of Dreams
    A2. Time And Essence
    A3. Chips And Hammers

    B1. Chants Meeting
    B3. Kohe Dances
    B4. Mix Zoom Pan Cut

    C1. Sounding The River
    C2. Kamatsn

    D1. Things Go
    D2. Memory Bank

    Al Mattes, guitar synthesizer, acoustic bass
    John Kamevaar, synthesizer, pre-recorded sound
    Michael Snow, piano, trumpet, siren
    Nobuo Kubota, voice, cowbells, wind-controlled synthesizer, synthesizer
    Paul Dutton, voice, harmonica

    Recorded at The Music Gallery, Toronto, on 6 December 1989 (1A1-3), 11 October 1989 (1B1-4), 2 June 1990 (2A1), 26 September 1990 (2A2) and 10 October 1990 (2B1-2).

    Music Gallery Editions ‎– MGE 90

    Cassette Rip

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    Six Etudes

    1.  Staccato - Legato
    2.  Legato - Staccato
    3.  Con Sordino - Senza Sordino
    4.  Ricochet
    5.  Flageoletti
    6.  Senza Arco

    Vladimir Tonkha, violoncello

    7.  De Profundis

    Friedrich Lips, bayan

    Seven Words

    8.  Text
    9.  I
    10. II
    11. III
    12. IV
    13. V
    14. VI
    15. VII

    Yuji Takahashi, conductor
    Vladimir Tonkha, violoncello
    Friedrich Lips, bayan
    Shinsei Nihon Symphony Orchestra

    Recorded at Suntory Hall on 27March 1990.

    CD Rip

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    A. Concert In Derry

    B. Concert In Derry

    Heinz Wollny, bass
    A.R. Penck, drums
    Frank Wollny, guitar

    LP Rip

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    A. Concert In Dublin Part I
    B. Concert In Dublin Part II
    C. Concert In Dublin Part III
    D. Concert In Dublin Part IV

    Heinz Wollny, bass
    A.R. Penck, drums
    Frank Wollny, guitar

    Private label - A 0024

    LP Rip

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    Frank Wollny, guitar
    Heinz Wollny, bass
    H. Georg Kohnert, synthesizer
    A.R. Penck, drums

    A. Nachtfahrt 18:52
    B. Vision 18:29

    "After leaving East Germany to Athens [F. Wollny] moved back to West Germany.
    ...met Penck in Cologne where they discussed a new concept about TTT as a band.
    Recording 3+1 in Bad Homburg West Germany (1982)."

    Wau Wau Records WW LP 46831 (vinyl rip)

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    Many of us seem interested in the collective group Reform Art Unit. The history of this collective has often been punctuated by individual sub-projects among the members of the group. The trio Pei fits in this musical tradition. Indeed, Yedda Chunyu Lin is Reform Art Unit's pianist. She created the group with R A U's founder Fritz Novotny and Lucas Ligeti. P.E.I means Passion, Energy, Intensity. Here is a live recording kindly offered by Yedda, given at the release of their first album. Also included some sound clips of this first cd packaged in a beautiful gatefold lp sleeve.

    This album is fantastic and you can support the artist and order it directly to Yedda 
    You can also visit her web at

    Find one recent recording of the R A U with Yedda Chunyu Lin recently posted here

    Great live, two tracks:
    Yedda Chunyu Lin: piano
    Fritz Novotny: Soprano sax, flute
    Lukas Ligeti: Drums

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