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    A1. Larry's Listening
    A2. Upon Arriving

    B1. A Postponement
    B2. Circuitry
    B3. Down The Street

    C1. Yourself Elsewhere
    C2. Radio In A Stolen Car

    D.  Uncalledforness

    E1. Silky Times
    E2. Back To Timmons

    F1. Leaves Shed Their Trees
    F2. One Of Your Lips
    F3. Qui Ne Sert Qu'A Nous Faire Trembler

    Larry Dubin, drums, pipe drums, percussion, marimba
    Al Mattes, bass, electric bass, guitar, percussion
    Casey Sokol, piano, electric piano, percussion
    Michael Snow, piano, electric piano, synthesizer, percussion, copper tubophone, trumpet
    Nobuo Kubota, alto and tenor saxophone, percussion
    Peter Anson, guitar, vegematic, electric piano, kettle harp

    Recorded at the Music Gallery, Toronto, except F1 recorded at Conservation Hall, Toronto

    Music Gallery Editions ‎– MGE 15

    LP Rip

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    A present from Mark Wastell.  Thanks to him.

    PAUL DUNMALL - tenor saxophone
    DAVE KANE - bass
    MARK WASTELL - tam-tam, harmonium, frame drum, percussion

    1. First Piece  22:28
    2. Second Piece  15:22

    Recorded live by Graham MacKeachan at the Hundred Years Gallery, Shoreditch, London.
    13th September 2015.

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    KEITH TIPPETT - piano
    PAUL ROGERS - bass
    PAUL DUNMALL - soprano and tenor saxophones
    TONY LEVIN - drums

    1. Set 1  41:16

    Band on the Wall, Manchester. 16th November 1989

    Don't miss the classic second set from this concert.

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    Bruce Ackley, Bb + alto clarinet, soprano saxophone
    Abdrew Voigt, alto, soprano & sopranino saxophone
    Jon Raskin, baritone, alto & soprano saxophone, Bb clarinet
    Larry Ochs, tenor, alto & sopranino saxophone

    A1. New Sheets (8:25)
    A2. Trobar Clus #1 (5:47)
    A3. Trobar Clus #2 (6:08)
    B.  Ride Upon The Belly Of The Waters, Building Your Boats To Carry All (21:18)

    Recorded at John Altmann Recording, San Francisco, on July 25 and August 2, 1978.

    Metalanguage 101

    (vinyl rip)

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    Here is something different than our usual posts. Years ago some contributors posted some Indian classical music, mostly Khyal, let’s return to this tradition of world music. Here is a post of instrumental dhrupad. This tradition is the oldest and the most respected in India. Originally it comes from temple singers but Dhrupad masters became court musicians. It is the case of Ustad Ziauddin Khan father of Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar who was musicians ate the court of Udaypur’s Maharajah. Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar was born in 1929 and died in 1990, he represents the 19th generation of the Dagar tradition also named Dagarvani. Beside Ustad Asad Ali Khan, Ustad Z.M. Dagar was probably the most famous Dhrupad musician who played the rudra vena or Been. In the Dagar tradition Ustad Z.M. Dagar opened a new tradition. Before him the rudra veena was never played in front of audience. If almost all the Dagar were trained in the veena, they were only privately playing it, in public they concentrate on the vocal Dhrupad. Ustad Z.M. Dagar is the first to choose the rudra veena as his primary instrument, he also made some changes in the structure of the been to create greater resonance. With the help of instrument maker Kanai Lal from Kolkata the rudra veena get a deeper sound and became a larger bass instrument.
    More informations on the history of the rudra veena/been can be found at 

    Here we have the full recital given by Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar on May 27, 1988 at radio France. First he plays a long improvisation on the raag Purya Kalyan following the classic development in three parts: alap, jor, jala and a conclusion with the packawaj. Then he concludes the performance with the raag Lalit only in alap.

    Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar: rudra veena
    Mohin Bahauddin Dagar : tanpura
    Philippe Bruguiere : tanpura
    Pandit Shrikant Mishra : packawaj

    raag Puriya Kalyan:
    -alap (slow tempo without rhythm)
    -jor (slow tempo with rhythm)
    -jala (fast tempo with rhythm)
    -chautaal (12 bits rhythm with percussion/packawaj)

    raag Lalit

    May 27, 1988 studio 105 maison de la radio

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    Following the preview post of the solo recital by Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar here is a performance in duo (jugalbandi) by the two sons of Ustad Ziaudin Khan Dagar: Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar (1929 - 1990) and Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar (1932 - 2013). The first is the famous Binkar (rudra veena player), the second is a renowned vocalist as important as the senior Dagar brothers in the representation of the Dagar style of Dhrupad. The jugalbandi between voice and instrument is very rare and the ones made by those two brothers are absolutely incredible in the fact that they represents perfectly the strong link between the voice and the instrument. In his playing Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar have always wanted to be as close as possible to the voice. he used to say: « voice is king, instrument is minister ».

    This performance of the raag Chandrakauns, a late evening composition have been recorded in Amsterdam in 1985 and have been briefly published on cd by the Dagar Family.
    The development of this raga is done in the tradition with an alap, jor and jala followed by a composition played in Dhamar (12 bits) with the Packawaj.

    The Swedish label « country & eastern » have published two cd’s of jugalbandi by the two Dagar Brothers presented here, they are worthy of interest because they are actually the only documents commercially available in this style of Dhrupad.

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    A.  Who Is It?

    B1. That's Art Gerry
    B2. Smoke

    C1. Tapioca
    C2. A Space Number Too

    D.  Che Whiz

    still from the documentary Cowboy and Indian (1972), Don Owen, National Film Board of Canada

    Robert Markle, tenor saxophone, piano, door knocks
    Gordon Rayner, drums, percussion
    Gerry McAdam, guitar
    Michael Snow, trumpet, piano, whistling
    Graham Coughtry, trombone
    Nobua Kubota, soprano & baritone saxophone
    Jim Jones, bass
    Denyse MacCormack, vocals

    Recorded at Gordon Rayner's studio and the A Space Gallery, Toronto, June 1975 - April 1976.

    Music Gallery Editions ‎– MGE 3

    LP Rip

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    A. Looks Like Snow

    B. Is It Addicting? (A Love Song)

    C. Raynershine

    D. Markle-O-Slow

    from Cafe Le Hibou Recollections; Denis Faulkner

    Gordon Rayner, art director
    Terry Forster, bass
    Jim Jones, electric bass
    Michael Snow, piano, celeste, flugelhorn, trumpet, whistling
    Nobuo Kubota, soprano, alto & baritone saxophone
    Robert Markle, tenor saxophone, electric piano
    Graham Coughtry, trombone
    Harvey Cowan, violin

    Photo: John Reeves, 1965

    Recorded June 1973 at Eastern Sound, Toronto, except "Mark-O-Slow" recorded live at the University of Windsor, March 1973.

    Isaacs Gallery & Music Gallery Editions, no number

    LP Rip

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    A1. Manhattan Reflections
    A2. You've Changed
    A3. My Song Is Blue
    A4. Felicidade

    B1. First Moves
    B2. Det Finns (So Many Things)
    B3. Beat Me Again
    B4. Meaning Of The Blues
    B5. Give Me Peace

    Gunnar Bergsten, baritone saxophone
    Torbjörn Hultcrantz, bass
    Lars Bagge, bassoon, horn
    Lennart Jansson, clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano, alto and baritone saxophone
    Johnny Martinez, congas
    René Martinez, congas
    Sabu Martinez, congas
    Lars Färnlöf, cornet, flugelhorn
    Leif Wennerström, drums
    Bernt Rosengren, flute, alto and tenor saxophone
    Tommy Koverhult, English horn, soprano and tenor saxophone
    Okay Temiz, percussion
    Claes-Göran Fagerstedt, piano
    Bobo Stenson, piano, electric piano
    Anders Lindskog, tenor saxophone
    Jan Jansson, trombone
    Janus Miezek, trombone
    Lars Olofsson, trombone
    Lennart Löfgren, trombone
    Sven Larsson, bass trombone
    Björn Borg, trumpet
    Bertil Lövgren, trumpet, flugelhorn
    Maffy Falay, trumpet, flugelhorn
    Nannie Porres, vocals
    Bennie Svensson, vocals

    Recorded April 12-15, 1977, at EMI Studios, Stockholm, Sweden.

    EMI ‎– 7C 062-35428

    LP Rip

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    No Business Records will release five LPs and two CDs in the second half of August.
    For me the most anticipated release is Ton-Klami's CD. They did release two recordings in the 90s on Crown Records which are both OOP but worth seeking out.  No Business Records
    You might also take a look here. 

    For the upcoming Steve Lacy CD on Emanem Nick has already reproduced the label's info in the third comment. (somehow I published this post accidentally before it was ready)

    Roger Turner and Fred Van Hove - what a pair - this release scheduled for August 4 on Relative Pitch Records is very high on my want-list. And what a nice 1950s design and typography. Should be amazing...


    PAUL RUTHERFORD "in Backward Times" (1979-2007) Emanem 5045

    Four very different concert settings featuring sensational performances by trombonist PAUL RUTHERFORD:
    two festival solos - one from 1979 with electronics and the other from 2004 without;
    a 1988 duo with PAUL ROGERS (double bass) a few months before their ROGUES CD;
    and from 2007 a trio with VERYAN WESTON (piano) and MARCIO MATTOS (cello & electronics)
    - a very promising group, except that this turned out to be Rutherford's last public appearnance.
    All previously unissued. 76 minutes.

    The above release of Gruppo Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza is actually a reissue of a two CD + one DVD release from Italy's 'Die Schachtel' (2007),
    Ten years later we'll get 4 CDs or 5 LPs plus a DVD (and a 64p. booklet in LP format) or both.
    The DVD contains a German documentary (b/w) on the group. Filmed in 1967 the documentary is an unknown classic. Do they still produce films like this one?

    I've encountered the above release a month ago.
    It's Agustí Fernández, Peter Valsamis and two canadian musicians previously unknown to me (shame on me). Wonderful free improvisation with a saxophonist who according Stuart Broomer might have had Lee Konitz as a role-model. But Yves Charuest and bassist Nicolas Caloia are all their own on this highly recommended CD/download.

    The CD "Stir" was also the reason I discovered this 1988 Vancouver recording on  bandcamp - download only.


    Last year I got an email from ECM. They've 'found' a wealth of LPs from their early catalogue believed to be OOP, in their vaults. Immediately I've ordered about 100 items from several groups/musicians for the shop (Among the treasures was f.e. the first pressing of Jarrett's Köln Concert. I've ordered all remining stock - about a dozen LPs - sold after a few days).
    For myself I took 'Endgame' with John Stevens, Barry Guy, Trevor Watts and Howard Riley.
    But at home I discovered that the vinyl was beyond repair - so to say. I knew they had only 7 items of this release. Two were sold at our shop, one (mine) was defect and four remained - or were they gone?
    After a quick telephone call with ECM the rate of my heart's rythmn dropped considerably.
    A few days later I went to ECM's headquarter at the outskirts of Munich. After climbing to the first floor I met Steve Lake. Among other things I asked him wether he's producing "something" new.
    He mentioned a Roscoe Mitchell Nonet (or tentet..) - and here it is.
    Already on my list for >Best of 2017<.

    Marching Song vol. 1 + 2 are a classic of British creative Jazz from the 1960s. This three CD box-set not only offers remastered versions of the two LPs but also sextet/quartet renderings of some themes of the greater line-up.
    From 1966 and 1970 with Surman (sextet only) and Mike Osborne. Also added a rare 7" with Norma Winstone and the Concert Band. Includes a very informative booklet.

    As the sub-title suggests 'Cappuccini Klang 2' is the previously unreleased second part of a 1992 recording session. It was offered as download only on bandcamp somewhat unnoticed in 2013.
    The original CD was edited by Splasc(H) Records which - BTW - is active again.

    Some of the above mentioned recordings are not 'Upcoming + Recent' releases. But I do not care as long as the music is as original and revelatory as on the double CD "Retrospective" by the Al Neil Trio.
    Al Neil was unknown to me before Nick posted Neil's solo LP on this blog.
    Many words but only one necessary step > Get it! Get It! as long as the one time pressing lasts.
    My highest recommendation.

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    Howard Riley, piano, electronics
    Barry Guy, double bass, electronics
    Tony Oxley, drums, percussion, electronics

    1.    Gambit (H. Riley)     15:04
    2.    Introduction (Riley)   00:45
    3.    Splinter (H. Riley)     10:30

    Recorded at the BBC Studios, London, December 1975.

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    A1. Bombastica
    A2. Dancing In A Country Summer House
    A3. Living Up To Life
    A4. Latin Beat
    A5. Sergel

    B1. Bombastica (Up-Tempo Version)
    B2. Drottningholm Ballad
    B3. Too Late
    B4. Happiness Beans
    B5. Sweet Summer

    Torbjörn Hultcrantz, bass
    Sune Spångberg, drums
    Lars Werner, piano
    Bernt Rosengren, tenor saxophone

    Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden; June 30, 1960

    Jazzland ‎– JLP 926 - this is the mono pressing

    LP Rip

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  • 08/10/17--01:20: Gil Mellé - Waterbirds 1970
  • Gil Mellé is famous for is late 50’s recordings on Blue Note and later for his superbe Tome VI that includes electronic processing over acoustic instruments. This one have been reissued in Japan some years ago and still can be found. From the start of the seventies Mellé will concentrate on compositions for movie or television. His soundtrack for « The Andromeda Strain » is considered as a landmark music in the field of electronic. Here is « Waterbirds » that is probably his last jazz album. In fact this lp is a compilation of themes composed between 1969 to 1970 for various télé series.

    A1 Waterbirds (Pt. 1) 7:37
    A2 Waterbirds (Pt. 2) 6:34
    A3 Walkin' Down The Gloomy Streets...Alone...Broke...Depressed...Gonna Kill Myself Blues 4:55
    AA4 Little Big Horn 9:24
    AA5 The Love Song 1:28
    AA6 My Sweet Charlie 6:34
    AA7 Charlie Chaplin 4:10

    Bass [Fender] – Dave Parlato (tracks: A2, A3, AA4 to AA7)
    Composed By, Arranged By, Conducted By, Conductor, Soprano Saxophone, Other [Special Electronic Musical Instruments] – Gil Mellé
    Drums – Fred C. Stofflet
    Guitar – Art Johnson (tracks: A2, A3, A5), Joe Cinderella (tracks: A1)
    Piano [Fender] – Pete Robinson (tracks: AA4, AA6, AA7)

    This album is superbe and show the strong ability of Mellé as a composer. The listen gives a unified feeling despite the fact that each title have been composed independently from the rest.
    I have remastered and edited this album from a mp3 version.

    This lp has been edited for the first time under the reference:
    Nocturne Nrs 702
    and have been reissued by Jazz Chronicles in 1977 under the reference Jcs 702

    0 0

    David UU & The Avalettes

    A1.   Mountain Air
    A2.   Bing's Cherry -- Take 1
    A3.   The Celestial Summer Of Doctor Dog -- Resurrected
    A4.   Dog Byte
    A5.   Whale, In Memoriam John Coltrane
    A6.   Stompin' At The Dada Ball
    A7.   Bing's Cherry -- Take 2
    A8.   Solar Mass
    A9.   How I Wrote Certain Of My Books

    The Avalettes

    Phil Morgan, bass
    Gregg Simpson, piano, percussion
    Bob Coleman, vocals
    Ingrid Harris, vocals
    Patricia Garrett, vocals

    David UU And Gregg Simpson

    A10.  Zen Haul/Western Skies

    David UU

    B1.1. Variations On Themes 1
    B1.2. Variations On Themes 2
    B2.   Toronto
    B3.   Song For A Beggar
    B4.   Auditory Liturgy
    B5.   How Can I Touch You Now …
    B6.   Try A Little Tenderness
    B7.   Songs For A City: 1
    B8.1. Vercussion 1
    B8.2. Vercussion 2
    B9.    Auditory Two
    B10.  Red Rose Red Rose …
    B11.  Don't Give Up The Ship Ive Got The Oar …
    B12.  For D.A. Levy
    B13.  Corn Plasters & My Heart
    B14.  Breaking Open …
    B15.  Salmon River Soliloquy
    B16.  Salmon River Soliloquy II
    B17.  Portrait
    B18.  Is There Blood On Your Finger Yes There Is …
    B19.  Cloud Shit Hung Down Fold Over …
    B20.  The Glory In The Heavens …
    B21.  Rhyme
    B22.  Chants From Tas:mania
    B23.  Chant From Embalmination
    B24.  Song Of Childhood (Memories Of The Baptist Church)

    David UU, voice, vocals

    Ed Varney, Ingrid Harris, vocals (B23)

    Recorded at The Studio, North Vancouver, BC, 1972 (A1-7).
    Tape compositions with 'live' content performed & composed at 136 West 1st Street, North Vancouver, BC, 1972 (A8-9).
    Live at the Art Gallery of Ontario, 1973 (A10).
    Recorded at 141 East 27 Street, North Vancouver, BC, 1983 (B1-24).
    Except recorded at Mahon Street, North Vancouver, 1970 (B22).

    Underwhich Audiographic Series – No. 18

    Cassette Rip

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    Similarly to Karel Krautgarter a decade earlier (unfortunately not very well documented on records), Milan Svoboda was relatively interesting presence in a field of big band jazz in former Czechoslovakia during late 70's and early 80's. Born 1951, composer, pianist and graduatee of the Organ class at Prague Conservatory (and a cousin of saxophonist Jiří Stivín), he started first big band in 1974 with his colleagues from jazz rock area on purely enthusiast base. During the next few years, Prague Big Band established itself as main attraction on Czech big band scene, aside of long-standing names as Czechoslovak Radio Jazz Orchestra and Gustav Brom Big Band.
    First PBB album "Portarit" was released in 1978, followed by "Reminiscences" in 1980, with leader's compositions exclusively. Last album of original PBB is "Poste Restante" from 1982, reissued on CD by German label Aurophon in 1994. CD of "Reminiscences" was issued by former label Supraphon in 1995, but is OOP for long time now. This rip comes from CD release, while I was trying to enhance the sound slightly and to repair huge bug in the beginning of first track. In the group line-up, Svoboda is credited as leader only, but he plays also piano on track 3 at least. Overall sound is a bit fusion tinged, with occasional use of electric keyboards and bass guitar.

    Live footage of Prague Big Band from 1980

    Since early 80's, Svoboda leads also his own small groups, mainly quartet sized. During 1984 he studied at Berklee College of Music, where he recorded live album with international big band, consisted of his College schoolmates. Back at home, he did one album of Czech-Polish Big Band, released as Nr.5 in "Interjazz" Supraphon series, and in 1990 he started other big band named Kontraband, with mainly younger jazz players. Aside of his other musical activities, Svoboda leads new version of Prague Big Band (sometimes presented as Milan Svoboda Big Band) since 1995 until now. 

    0 0

    To introduce this post, a small note intended for those who are only able to bring criticism but nothing more, you are not obliged to download content if for some reason you do not like it. 

    Here is a rarity.

    Douglas Ewart is one important member of the AACM since the early seventies. He have played with almost all the musicians of this association and you can find him on records by George Lewis, Muhal Richard Abrams or Anthony Braxton to name a few.
    In the early eighties Ewart started is own record company: Arawak and the two first releases were tapes. Here is the first one probably recorded in 1985.

    Douglas Ewart b-flat bass clarinet, contrabass b-flat clarinet, b-flat soprano clarinet, endblown flute (on Jamaican bamboo)
    Edward Wilkerson b flat soprano clarinet (not on whale song)
    Mwata Bowden e-flat soprano clarinet, contra alto clarinet, e-flat sopranino clarinet, b-flat sopranino clarinet
    J.D. Parran contra alto clarinet, e-flat alto clarinet (only on whale song and red hills)

    1. ofo
    2. whale song
    3. red hills
    4. Jamaican bamboo

    Instruments are listed in the order they are played.

    The music is deeply soulful and spiritual. The meaning of the title is in relation with Martin Luther King’s speech pronounced on August 28, 1963. Here are the words:
    « I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slaves owners will be able to sit down together at a table of brotherhood. »

    With the « Invention Clarinet Choir » Douglas Ewart have made a second record:
    It seems that Mr Ewart still have some copies of this cd, that includes more guiding lights of the AACM.

    …and for those who still understand that it is important to pay for getting music, for the present of the musicians and the future of the culture you can purchase two recent releases featuring Douglas Ewart, both are great:

    Arawak 002 cassette rip.

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    1. Brecht Die Macht Der Tyrannei - Karstatt - World War 2 - Lale, Lale

    A.R. Penck, piano
    Helge Leiberg, trumpet
    Annette Jahns, vocals

    Mara Records ‎– 15

    CR Rip

    0 0
  • 08/20/17--10:17: COMPANY. 1991 Broadcast.

  • DEREK BAILEY - guitar
    JOHN BUTCHER - saxophones
    PHIL WACHSMANN - violin
    LOUIS MOHOLO - drums
    THEBE LIPERE - percussion, didgeridoo

    1. LM.TL   6:19
    2. DB.PW   4:31
    3. VM.JB   7:21
    4. DB.LM.TL   11:21
    5. VM.JB.PW   11:03
    6. DB.VM.JB.PW.LM.TL   10:41

    BBC Radio 3.  Music in Our Time. March 1991  

    0 0

    Zelenka and Mills began their collaboration as part of the Human Art Ensemble.
    Since 1979 they have been working as Exiles.
    They seems to keep a low profile on the net, I found no many personal info , but they have -or partecipate to- a label :

    Greg Mills - piano, melodica, prcussions, drums
    Jay Zelenka - flute, alto sax, vibes, percussions, drums

    A-1 Perihelion    
    A-2 The Only Cure    
    A-3 Burning Bridges Variations I And II    
    A-4 Contours    
    A-5 Cosmophaney    
    A-6 Invocation    
    A-7 Invitation    
    B-1 Sanctuary    
    B-2 Sonaire For The Dawn Of Time    
    B-3 Jugalbandi

    Esfoma Recordings - ER52
    Cassette, 1984

    0 0

    Phil Minton, trumpet, voice
    Lars-Göran Ulander, alto saxophone
    Lars Gunnar Gunnarson, bass
    Sten Öberg, drums

    1. Day     8:31
    2. Blue Reading I     10:06
    3. Wood Song Five     5:00
    4. Up Umeå     7:40
    5. Blue Reading II     6:41

    Recorded in Umeå, January 1969, at the Swedish national TV studios.

    Blue Tower Records BTCD 07 (1999)

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