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    Suite Pomegranate in six movements
    Bill Dixon: tp
    Ken McIntyre: as,bcl
    Louis Brown: ts
    Bob Cunningham: b
    Tom Price: dr

    recorded in Newport, August 2, 1966

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    1. The Box - Dedicated To Diane
    2. Icarus
    3. Dancing With Monika
    4. New Orleans Blues
    5. Brother To Brother
    6. What It Means To A Woman

    Dave Burrell, piano
    David Murray, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet

    Gazell ‎– GJCD 4006

    LP Rip

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    1. Speak Easy
    2. Jennifer's Poem
    3. Rain Colors
    4. Blues For An Endangered Species
    5. Family Of The Spirits
    6. Easy Living
    7. Free Nelson

    William Parker, bass
    Sunny Murray, drums
    Dave Burrell, piano
    Khan Jamal, vibraphone

    Recorded at Morning Star Studio, Springhouse PA, September 2, 1988

    Gazell ‎– GJCD 4001

    CD Rip

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    1. Horum Instabul  11:36
    2. Paramashivam Smile  13:56
    3. Tekez Zortlatmasi 11:18
    4. Folk Song 6:30
    5. Moving Wagon 12:59

    Alexander Alexandrov: bassoon
    Floros Floridis: soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
    Zurab Gagnidze: electric bass
    Enver Ismailov: electric guitar
    Ivo Papazov: clarinet
    Ergün Senlendirici: trumpet
    Anatoly Stefanet: viola
    Harry Tavitian: piano
    Akay Temiz : percussions, drums
    Okay Temiz: drums, percussions
    Nariman Umerov: accordion

    Recorded in Istanbul in 1996

    Lyra cd ML 0660

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    As this great concert recording posted originally here by Andy back in 2016 sounded a bit deaf, after some time of trying and testing I did remastering work on it. I hope you will enjoy my version and thank you again, Andy, for sharing such gems. And anyway, let me know what do you think about actual sound...

    PAUL ROGERS PROJECT - PARiS 1993 (remastered)

    HARRY BECKETT - trumpet
    JEAN-FRANCOiS CANAPE - trumpet
    ELTON DEAN - saxello and alto saxophone
    PAUL DUNMALL - tenor saxophone
    SYLVAiN KASSAP - soprano and baritone saxophone
    SOPHIA DOMANCiCH - piano
    PAUL ROGERS - bass
    TONY MARSH - drums

    1. Fast 1 & 2                34:58
    2. Riffiffi                      22:12
    3. Three for Louis        33:42

    Les Instant Chavires, Paris. 15 May 1993

    Remastered 2oo8 by Miloš Latislav

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    If someone would have asked me wether this LP is available at Inconstant Sol I would have answered with a firm "yes".
    But I was wrong.  How come I had this 'false memory' I don't know but now I'm almost 100% sure that I got this rip from Nick already five years ago....

    Side A - 深海  (25:55)
    Mototeru Takagi, bass clarinet and composition
    Yoshisaburo (Sabu) Toyozumi, drums

    Side B - Plot (プロット)  (19:27)
    Masabumi Kikuchi, conductor and composition
    Takeru Muraoka, tenor saxophone
    Hisahide Kato, soprano saxophone
    Mototeru Takagi, bass clarinet
    Masahiro Suzuki, electric piano
    Masahiko Sato , piano
    Kunimitsu Inaba, bass
    Yasuo Arakawa, bass
    Yoshisaburo Toyozumi, drums
    Otsuka George, drums

    Recorded live at Yamaha Hall, Tokyo, on 15 April 1970.

    PHILIPS FX-8503 (1970)
    (vinyl rip)

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    R.I.P.  (September 17, 1938 - December 2, 2018)

    Perry Robinson, clarinet
    David Izenzon, double bass
    Randy Kaye, drums

    1. Raga Roni - take 1 (03:46)
    2. Raga Roni - take 2 (00:43)
    3. Raga Roni - take 3 (00:23)
    4. Raga Roni - take 4 (04:46)
    5. Laser Beam Blues (05:50)
    6. Lullaby of the Elements - take 1 (06:14)
    7. Lullaby of the Elements - take 2 (03:31)
    8. Children's Song (02:01)

    Recorded at Vanguard Studios, NYC on 25th January, 1968.

    Note : Exact date and location according George Sala's website and
    according the memories from the owner of the tape
    from which I have made this copy - on the tape one can read :" rec. RCA New York 1968".

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    Finally! A book I wanted to read since years but unfortunately I'm not fluent in Japanese.
    Fortunately Soejima Teruto's book "Nihon Free Jazz-shi / The History of Japanese Free Jazz"has been translated into English and will be available on December 18, 2018.
    Thanks to "Public Bath Press" we're now able to learn more about the music which is featured heavily here at Inconstant Sol.

    Not yet visible at the publisher's website but announced on facebook.

    (Never thought I would share a link to facebook, ever....)

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    1. My Favorite Things
    2. Horn Of Philadelphia
    3. Philly Jazz II
    4. Internal Security
    5. Garden Of Prayer
    6. Mr. "G" (George Gilmore)
    7. The Write Type I
    8. Keno

    Kenny Davis, bass
    Keno Speller, congas
    Webb Thomas, drums
    Jim Dragoni, guitar
    Alfie Pollitt, piano
    Byard Lancaster, soprano, alto & tenor saxophone, bass clarinet

    Recorded at Morningstar Studio, Springhouse PA

    Gazell ‎– GJCD 4005

    CD Rip

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  • 12/09/18--14:29: MUJICIAN - LEICESTER 1989

  • KEITH TIPPETT - piano
    PAUL DUNMALL - saxophones and clarinet
    PAUL ROGERS - bass
    TONY LEVIN - drums

    1. Second set   69:25

    Phoenix Theatre, Leicester , UK  18th Novemember 1989

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    Jani Christou was born at Heliopolis, N.E. of Cairo on January 9th, 1926, of Greek parents. He was educated at the English School in Alexandria, and began composing at an early age. In 1945 he travelled to England to study formal logic and philosophy at Kingās College, Cambridge under Ludwig Wittgenstein and Bertrand Russell (he attained an MA in philosophy in 1948). At the same time he studied music privately with H. F. Redlich, the distinguished musicologist and pupil of Alban Berg, and in 1949 travelled to Rome to study orchestration with F. Lavagnino. He also travelled widely in Europe, culminating for a short period in Zurich, where he met and attended lectures in psychology with Carl Jung....

    Sadly the website dedicated to Jani Christou does not exist anymore.
    But for  those who want to know more the 'web-archive' has kept the website from complete oblivion.

    Bought this LP while on vacation with my family in Greece. Strolling through Athens I discovered a vinyl shop. While browsing through the inventory I didn't find anything which sparked me.
    Then I asked for Xenakis, Christou...and here it was behind the cashier - albeit quite expensive.
    I already wanted to turn away when surprisingly my family urged me three times to buy this LP.
    Astonished and a bit perplexed I obeyed to their wish. It turned out that it was and still is to my own best.

    Nelly Semitekolo, piano, percussion (A1)
    Andreas Rodousakis, double bass (A1)
    Spyros Sakkas, baritone (A2)
    Gregory Semitecolo, voice-actor (B1)
    Theodore Antoniou, conductor (A2, B1)
    Hellenic Group of Contemporary Music (A1 - B1)

    A1. Praxis For 12 (1966) For 11 strings, piano and percussion (9:02)
    A2. Anaparastasis 1 (1968) For baritone and instrumental ensemble (10:50)
    B1. Anaparastasis 3 (1968/69) For one actor, instrumental ensemble and tapes (9:56)
    B2. Epicycle 2 (1968/69) Version for a record (9:45)

    Text from Aeschylus' Agamemnon (track A2)

    Tracks A1, A2 and B1 recorded at "Sifilms Studios" (Athen), end of September or beginning of October, 1970.

    Tape for B2 prepared by the composer himself.

    Columbia / His Master's Voice CSDG 68 (Greece, 1974)
    (vinyl rip)

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    Byard Lancaster - alto sax, bass clarinet
    Dave Gelting - bass
    Jon Mueller - drums.

    4 untitled tunes about 23 minutes long

    It's a homemade CD, but was commercially issued.
    Soultrane SRC 1004

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    In the early days of this blog, Sotise posted a superbe album from L.D Levy who is not the most popular jazz musician… On this lp that you can find here
    he was teaming with Richard Davis that in the opposite needs no introduction.
    Eleven years after here is the second chapter in the rediscovery process of L.D Levy’s music.
    Those two cd self produced are obviously his last records.
    Like in his preview recording chamber jazz and contemporary classical are strong influences.

    -Peshtigo Blues
    1 'Round Midnight
    2 Movement Still
    3 Hetty Get Ready
    4 Epistrophy
    5 Eve Walks
    6 It Was A Very God Year
    7 Toy
    8 March Hare
    9 Le Aige Et Le Roi

    Mike Lucas: drums
    Vince Coleman: bass
    Jack Martinsen: vibes 
    L.D Levy: bass clarinet, flute, alto sax

    Recorded October 91
    Pearl records
    cd rip

    1 Earthbound 
    2 Peacock Season 
    3 Without 
    4 Moon Rocks 
    5 La Salle de Saxophone 
    6 Music for the Play EVE WALKS a) Open Heart b) Julianna c) Linda & Sarah 
    7 Always in Spring 
    8 The Border

    Mike Lucas: percussions
    Vince Coleman: bass
    Jack Martinsen: vibes, modern keyboards
    Dan Ciel: piano, modern keyboards
    L.D Levy: bass clarinet, flute, alto sax

    Recorded March 93
    Pearl records 
    cd rip

    L.D Levy recorded several lp in the late seventies and perhaps also some tapes, if someone have more music from him, it would be absolutely necessary to share here.

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    David Eyges - cello
    Byard Lancaster - alto and soprano sax, flute

    01 - Jumpin' Jenny
    02 - Sweetness is beauty
    03 - Swimming under the good old american flag
    04 - Oasis
    05 - Pyramid
    06 - The arrow
    07 - The hill

    all compositions by David Eyges
    recorded december6 1980

    music unlimited 1981, LP

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    JOHN SURMAN - soprano and baritone saxophones, alto and bass clarinets
    JOHN MARSHALL - drums


    JOHN WARREN - conductor, flute

    1. 42:24
    2. 06:00
    3. 17:36
    4. 07:42
    5. 24:26
    6. 07:49

    Lilian Baylis Theatre, London.  May 1993

    Radio 3 b'cast

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    A1. Straight, No Chaser
    A2. ‘Round Midnight
    A3. Blue Monk

    B1. Black Robert
    B2. No Games
    B3. New York

    Takashi Mizuhashi, bass
    Dave Burrell, piano

    Recorded on April 2nd and 3rd, 1978 at Nippon Columbia’s 1st Studio, Tokyo, Japan

    Columbia ‎– YX-7541ND

    LP Rip

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    Highly recommended solo bass!

    Louis-Michel Marion, double bass

    1. "hay que caminar I"   34:26
    2. "hay que caminar II"  26:52

    Track 1 recorded at Fruits de Mhère in Brassy, France in August 2004.
    Track 2 recorded in Vandoeuvre, France in May 2007.

    "Hay que caminar" is a duo project of L.-M. Marion with the dancer Aurore Gruel.
    At least on track 1 you can hear Gruel's movements with headphones.
    Track 2 seems to be without a dancer.

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    01 - Lightnin'
    02 - Cool Breeze
    03 - Love By The Ocean
    04 - Midstream
    05 - Lion Tales
    06 - A Bird's Eye View (Of The World)
    07 - Lightnin' Strikes Twice
    08 - The Day We Walked By The Pond And Heard The Bells In The Distance
    09 - Jazz Lady
    10 - Talk To Me
    11 - Renaissance
    12 - Sometimes When You Have Time It's Easier To Love
    13 - Pleasant Valley Mama
    14 - Lightnin' strike Twice

    David Eyges - cello
    Byard Lancaster - sax, clarinet, flute

    recorded on 1988 at Ηiρ Pocket studio, New York

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  • 12/19/18--09:43: DoMa Ensemble :: Demo 2oo9

  • Here is Prague based duo's demo recording, which was followed by official album release in 2011 - check the bandcamp player, download has Name your price option. Both Dorota and Marcel are also members of Vertigo sextet and has numerous other projects. Marcel is leader of Muff group, whose demo I posted several years ago. They also have 2 albums available on Polí5 label.

    DoMa Ensemble - Demo 2oo9

    1. Létavice (Shooting Star)  7.51
    2. Změna osvětlení (Change of Lighting)  6.58
    3. K Andromedě (Towards Andromeda)  7.06
    4. Půlnoční slunce (Midnight Sun)  4.36
    5. Impro 261109  11.06
    6. Sám v supermarketu (Alone in Supermarket)  3.54

    Dorota Barová - cello, voice, looper
    Marcel Bárta - saxophones, bass clarinet, percussion

    Recorded in Prague, November 2009

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    This is  "Çonceré Ntasiah", originally released on Universal Justice.

    Shortly thereafter Muse did a reissue with another title: "P'nk J'zz".

    Charles "Bobo" Shaw, drums
    Joseph Bowie, trombone
    Julius Hemphill, soprano saxophone
    Francois Nyomo Mantuila, acoustic & electric guitars
    Alex Blake, bass, electric bass
    Abdul Wadud, cello

    A1. Steam Away Kool 500     (10:02)
    A2. Jacki Bee Tee     (8:23)
    B1. Concere Ntasiah (10:57)
    B2. Be Bo Bo Be     (5:13)

    Recorded at Studio Rivbea, New York.

    Original release on Universal Justice UJ 101
    This rip from Muse MR 5232

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