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    People get ready...

    JOHN STEVENS, drums, mini-trumpet
    BARRY GUY, bass
    PAUL RUTHERFORD, trombone

    1. 23:47
    2. 39:54
    3. 18:31

    Green Man, London.  4th May 1980

    Thanks and encouragement to El Pozo

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    The first day of the 1972 edition of the Berlin Jazz Festival was reserved for musicians from the British Free Jazz/Improvisation scene. Several days ago (October 22) they all played also in Donaueschingen at the SWF-Jazz-Session. There the event was announced as 'London Music Now'.
    I borrowed the title although I don't know wether it was used in Berlin.
    I post it as I got it several years ago - to my ears the sound overall is very good.

    Kenny Wheeler, trumpet
    Paul Rutherford, trombone
    Evan Parker, tenor saxophone
    Howard Riley, piano
    Barry Guy, bass
    Tony Oxley, drums, percussion, electronics

    01. introduction  01:19
    02. Nephritic Tool (T.Oxley)  18:04
    03. announcement  00:42

    Evan Parker, tenor saxophone, etc.
    Paul Lytton, percussion, electronics, etc.

    04. announcement  00:29
    05. Cat's Flux No.2  (E.Parker/P.Lytton)  17:32

    ISKRA 1903:
    Paul Rutherford, trombone
    Derek Bailey, guitar
    Barry Guy, bass

    06. announcement  00:44
    07. Improvisation 1st November (Rutherford/Guy/Bailey)  13:47

    Howard Riley, piano
    Barry Guy, bass
    Tony Oxley, percussion

    08. announcement  01:09
    09. Cartridge  (Riley/Guy/Oxley) 22:41
    10. announcement  00:55

    Derek Bailey, guitar
    11. announcement  00:39
    12. The Lord May Us Show (D.Bailey)  10:46

    Kenny Wheeler, Mark Charig, Dave Holdsworth, Harry Beckett, trumpet
    Paul Rutherford, Mike Gibbs, Paul Nieman, trombone
    Dick Hart, tuba
    Trevor Watts, Mike Osborne, alto saxophone
    Dave White, Evan Parker, Alan Wakeman, tenor saxophone
    John Warren, baritone saxophone
    Derek Bailey, guitar
    Howard Riley, piano
    Jeff Clyne, bass
    Chris Lawrence, bass
    Barry Guy, bass
    Tony Oxley, drums, percussion
    Paul Lytton, drums
    Buxton Orr, conductor

    13. announcement  00:51
    14. introduction  03:06
    15. What's Parker Beckett To Me Mr. Riley (K.Wheeler)  15:22
    16. applause  00:26
    17. Pirtoge (P.Rutherford)  24:00
    18. applause  01:07                            

    Recorded on November 1, 1972 at the Philharmonie Berlin during the Berlin Jazz Festival 1972.


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    A1. Blue Monk
    A2. À Cause De Monk
    A3. To The Golden Lady In Her Graham Cracker Window

    B1. Contemplation
    B2. Hurry Sundown
    B3. A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing

    Marion Brown, alto saxophone
    Mal Waldron, piano

    Recorded on November 9 & 10, 1985 at Gimmick Studio, Yerres, France.

    Free Lance ‎– FRL 006

    Vinyl Rip

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    A1. K & J
    A2. A Time For Us

    B.  Firebird Part I & II

    Nobuyoshi Ino, bass
    Steve Jackson, drums
    Kazumi Watanabe, electric guitar
    Kenji Mori, tenor saxophone, tapes, alto flute

    Recorded on 6-7 January 1977 at Epicurus Studoio, Tokyo.

    Three Blind Mice ‎– TBM-3003

    Vinyl Rip

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    A1. Overture: Windward Passages
    A2. Punaluu Peter
    A3. Stepping Out (Or, Monday Night Death Rehearsal)

    B1. On A Saturday Night
    B2. Sarah's Lament
    B3. Menehune Messages / Heritage Carnival

    C1. Teardrops For Jimmy
    C2. I Want To See You Everyday Of Your Life
    C3. Black Robert

    D1. My Dog Has Fleas / Polynesian Dream / Popolo Paniolo / Embraceable You
    D2. AM Rag

    Dave Burrell, piano

    Hat Hut Records ‎– FIVE (2R05)

    Vinyl Rip

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    A. Impressions22:25

    B. Impressions21:46

    Henry 'Light' Huff, soprano saxophone
    Ed Wilkerson, tenor saxophone
    Kahil El'Zabar, percussion

    Recorded June 1981 in Bologna, Italy.

    Red Record ‎– VPA156

    Vinyl Rip

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    A. We The Blessed

    B. Mother Africa (In 3 Parts)

    William Byard Lancaster, alto saxophone, vocals
    Jean-François Catoire, bass
    Keno Speller, congas, bells
    Jonathan Dickinson, drums
    Clint Jackson III, trumpet, bells

    Recorded at Studio PALM, Paris, on 8 March 1974

    Palm ‎– PALM 9

    Vinyl Rip

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    This kaleidoscopic, epic work, a bit like a piano concerto and symphony colliding, describes Brazil from many different angles – landscape, people, colours, street sounds, wildlife, culture. If you know Messiaen´s Turangalîla-Symphonie, you might also like this.

    This is a live performance from 1992, rebroadcast a few months ago on Rádio Cultura FM. There are occasional tape quality issues, but nothing too serious;

    Heitor Villa-Lobos - Chôros no. 11, for piano & orchestra (1928) 

    [piccolo, 3 flutes, 2 oboes, English horn, 2 clarinets, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, requinta, 2 bassoons, contrabassoon, 4 horns, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, tuba, timpani, tam-tam, reco-reco, chocalhos, xylophone, bells, tambor, bombo, cymbals, tambourine, celesta, 2 harps, strings, piano]

    Marco Antonio de Almeida (piano)
    Orquestra Municipal de São Paulo
    David Machado, conductor

    Teatro Municipal, São Paulo; 14th February 1992

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    One more recording from the Berlin Jazz Festival - this must be one of the last concerts of this seminal duo before this two oustanding musicians went different ways...

    Günter Christmann, trombone, bass, percussion
    Detlef Schönenberg, percussion

    1. Part 1 5:16
    2. Part 2 5:09
    3. Part 3 6:26
    4. Part 4 5:31
    5. Part 5 8:48
    6. Encore 2:00

    Recorded on November 5, 1978 at the Philharmonie, Berlin, Germany during the Berlin Jazz Festival.

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    The First Philly Jazz Album,was this potent trio which despite the low fidelity of the sound,Musically and Spiritually is a vivid testimony to His plangent lyricism and bluesy tone.
    all but the title track Exodus were recorded live at a WXPN jazz awards concert.

    "These are 77 efforts in my attempts to speak to the world of love, Peace and understanding"

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    As a warm welcome back to Tantris and small coda to his post, heres a magnificent, passionate recital by Nelson Freire as a young man, delivering a vivid set of some of Villa Lobos's most challenging  and often percussive piano music , including the best version i've ever heard of the highly dissonant early Rudepoema!

    Nelson Freire @last FM

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    A1. Toru Takemitsu – Stanza Ⅱ
    A2. Katsuhiro Tsubono –Poem Of Lin

    B.  Takehisa Kosugi – Heterodyne

    Ayako Shinozaki, harp
    Takehisa Kosugi, violin (B)

    Denon ‎– OW-7845-ND

    Vinyl Rip

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    A1. Open Sea
    A2. Entr'Acte
    A3. Downtown
    A4. Almond Flower

    B.  Changing The Time

    C1. Saveva
    C2. To Know Love

    D1. Perfect Love
    D2. Elba
    D3. Aldogia

    Karl Berger, vibraphone, piano, harmonium, balaphon
    Ingrid Berger, vocals, percussion

    Recorded November 16, 1977 and January 17, 1978 at Mama Dog Studio, Rome.

    Horo Records ‎– HDP 21-22

    Vinyl Rip

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    I was very glad to see here lately some Byard Lancaster works, an artist that I much enjoyed, soulful and passionate. Here is a duo with his sister, in a devotional moode, blues, gospels-kind etc. Some beautiful tunes.

    01 - Abide with me
    02 - Tha national anthem
    03 - Lift every voice and sing
    04 - Jesus you are the center of my joy
    05 - Jesus you are the center of my joy (instrumental)
    06 - Blessed assurance
    07 - Amazing grace
    08 - Amazing grace (vocal)
    09 - Danny boy
    10 - 'A' heavenly sweetness
    11 - Love prose
    12 - Soweto (Cyryus Foster Bey)
    13 - Island Jamaica
    14 - Afro-ville
    15 - Jesus love me
    16 - Yeld no temptation
    17 - Turn your eyes upon Jesus
    18 - Afrcan American museum of Philadelphia (Aamp)

    Cyryus Foster Bey - Keyboard, Composer, Lyricist, "Soweto"
    Billy Kimes - Guitar
    Marc Johnson - Keyboard, Arranger, "Love Prose"
    Rick Tate Sr. - Electric Bass.. "Love Prose"
    Charles Beasely - Electric Bass.."Soweto"
    Jeffery Johnson - Drums & Chant
    Robert 'Rogi' Kenyatta - Conga....."Soweto"
    Razul Sadik - Trumpet
    Kenneth "Keno" Speller - Conga..."Aamp"
    Charles 'Mobalaji" Walker - Conga..."Aamp"
    Michal Beckham - Supreme Vocalist
    Rev Joe Craddock - The Prayer
    Dr Mary Ann Lancaster Tyler - Keyboard, Duo/Trio
    Willlam Byard Lancaster - Horns, Vocal, Composer

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    This post is for Andy.  He was asking for "Praxis" which will follow as soon as I'm able to replace my corrupted cd-r copy of  the LP.
    The music here was never released but it is certainly worth your attention.

    The one and only:

    Cecil Taylor, piano

    1. radio intro         00:06
    2. Carmen With Rings   57:55
    3. radio outro         00:17

    Recorded at 'de Doelen', Rotterdam, Netherlands on July 1, 1967.


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    I hadn´t come across Almeida Prado except as a footnote in some books, but I began to hear a few interesting fragments of his music on Brazil´s Rádio Cultura FM, so when I´ve come across LPs of his music, I buy 'em. He has an interesting biography, studying in Paris with Olivier Messiaen and Nadia Boulanger before returning to an academic life in Brazil.

    Here is a substantial cycle of his piano music – Cartas Celestes – that is on the surface a description of the night sky. The percussive sections clearly owe a debt to Boulez, but the deeper and pervasive influence is Messiaen - there are direct quotations from the Catalogue d´Oiseaux and Vingt Regards throughout. Just as the Catalogue is less a literal transcription of birdsong, and more an evocation and transformation of landscape, so the Cartas Celestes moves from description in Book 1 - nightfall, the milky way tracking across the sky, and then dawn - to deeper themes in the later books. The close of Book 5 and the opening of Book 6 are connected and really about time, and perhaps the fabric of space-time itself. Other sections evoke pulsing light and darkness. Some of the themes are very well done – particularly the entry of Orion the hunter in Book 3.

    I don´t know much about the pianist, Fernando Lopes, and am hoping that I´ll find more of his recordings, as he´s clearly very capable. The recording is full and luminescent, and I hope the vinyl rip is OK – any tips on how to improve this are gratefully received. With a bit of luck, we´ll see increased interest in Almeida Prado´s music, and some more recordings – there seems to be very little available. Apparently the Estudio Eldorado label was once the main presence for contemporary and improvised music in Brazil, but folded a few years back. I´m trying to find out what else was released on this label. There doesn´t seem to be anything similar operating now, but it would be great to see this recording reissued as it´s a major piece in contemporary piano music that deserves to be much better known.

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    CECIL TAYLOR, piano
    WOLFGANG FUCHS, sopranino sax
    HARRI SJOSTROM, soprano sax
    BARRY GUY, bass
    TONY OXLEY, drums

    1.  Intro  1:35
    2.  CT.BG.TO trio  9:18
    3.  Quintet 1  36:46
    4.  Quintet 2  4:20

    Jazz Club Fasching, Stockholm.  9th September 1991

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    So - here we have the original rip from glmlr. The LP was posted here already in 2007 by sotise.
    I'll take the freedom to use the links of Alex and glmlr in the comments.
    I appreciate the collaboration - my thanks goes to both Alex and glmlr - both links lead to the same rip.

    Cecil Taylor, piano

    A. Praxis part I 18:37
    B. Praxis part II 19:14
    C. Praxis part III 19:15
    D. Praxis part IV 19:00

    Recorded live in July 1968 in Italy.

    PRAXIS (Greece) CM 104/105 (lp) 1982


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    Here is the first of the two Ovary Lodge records released, This was out on RCA in 1973 and rereleased on cd in 1999. I have the lp, but comparing it to the cd version, I would have to conclude that the background noise and pops/clicks are a little less noticeable on this version. One can hear that it is sourced from an lp, particularly in the quiet passages, of which there are many, indicating that the master tapes may have got lost in the mentime. The second Ovary Lodge came out on Ogun a few years later with Harry Miller replacing Roy Babbington and adding Julie Tippetts. That one is fairly easy to get  on cd, though the initial lp release is out of print. But as I understand, even the cd release of the first one may be hard to find.

    This first one came two years after Tippett's mammoth Centipede ensemble with 50 plus players and one year after Tippett went to the other extreme with the closeted, chamber-like Blueprint with roughly the same small group of musicians featured here and Ovary Lodge is very much a follow-up to Blueprint. This new one was fully improvised, as Tppett informed us, and all acoustic with no electronics, as producer Robert Fripp added.

    Reading some reviews, it seems quite apparent that for critics coming out of the jazz-prog-fusion intersection, this one was outside the comfort zone, especially for those who associated Tippett with his contribution to King Crimson records (with producer Robert Fripp being the obvious link). What we get here are two trio pieces at the beginning and end. In between there are a couple of piano solos and several pieces exploring space and silence, getting into some very quiet and intimate dynamics, even sounding vaguely meditative at points. This record, the Mutant Souds blog informs us, made the NWW (Nurse With Wound) list, a list which has been a sort of holy grail of obscure gems. The fellow at Allmusic finds this record to be challenging and one supposes, rewarding. Yes, I would think so, too.


    1 First Born
     Mountain Temple Spring
    2 Part 1: Amethyst, Gold And Royal Blue (My Way Of Saying Thank You)
     3 Part 2: A Frail White Butterfly, Beneath The Spell Of Moon Is Sleeping On The Huge Bronze Bell (Buson)
    4 Tropic Of Capricorn
    5 Come On In
    6 Nursery Rhyme
    7 Sylphs In Pisces

     Composed By – Perry (tracks: 1 - 3, 7), Tippett* (tracks: 1, 3, 5- 7), Babbington* (tracks: 1, 5, 7)

    Piano – Keith Tippett (tracks: 1, 3, 5 - 7)
    Bass – Roy Babbington (tracks: 1, 5, 7)
    Percussion – Frank Perry (tracks: 1 - 3, 7)

    Producer – Robert Fripp

    0 0

    A. Drive, Drive, Drive!

    B. Blues, Autonomy, Drive, Chaos

    Toshiyuki Miyama, conductor
    Shuko Mizuno, organ (B), conductor

    Kenji Mori, alto saxophone (A)
    Isao Kimura, alto saxophone
    Kazumi Oguro, alto saxophone
    Shigeru Hirano, baritone saxophone
    Hideto Kanai, bass
    Hiromi Sano, clarinet (B)
    Masaaki Sano, clarinet (B)
    Seiichi Nakamura, clarinet (B)
    Takashi Shikata, clarinet (B)
    Isao Yomoda, drums
    Masaaki Ito, electric bass
    Masayuki Takayanagi, guitar (B)
    Joe Mizuki, percussion (B)
    Mamoru Mori, tenor saxophone
    Seiji Inoue, tenor saxophone
    Seiichi Tokura, trombone (B)
    Takeshi Aoki, trombone (B)
    Masamichi Uetaka, trombone
    Takahide Uchida, trombone
    Takashi Hayakawa, trombone
    Teruhiko Kataoka, trombone
    Terumasa Hino, trumpet (A)
    Ken-ichi Sano, trumpet (B)
    Koji Hadori, trumpet (B)
    Kazumi Takeda, trumpet
    Shuji Atsuta, trumpet
    Shin Kazuhara, trumpet
    Yoshikazu Kishi, trumpet

    Recorded August 23, 1973 (A), and September 2, 1973 (B) at AOI Studio, Tokyo.

    Three Blind Mice ‎– TBM-55

    Vinyl Rip

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