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    This quartet concert (without Joseph Jarman) from 1997 was released with Italian Musica Jazz magazine in 3/2003 and also on AECO Records (AECO 0014, different cover, without date).

    Art Ensemble of Chicago - Urban Magic (Musica Jazz 2003) 

    1. Urban Magic (13:05)
    2. Mama Wants You (10:30)
    3. Dancer (3:32)
    4. Chant (12:40)
    5. Villa Tiamo (3:15)
    6. Horn Web (6:05)
    7. Odwalla (3:56)
    8. Strawberry Mango (5:22)

    Recorded on June 4, 1997 in Laroche-sur-Yon, France. 

    Lester Bowie - trumpet, flugelhorn 
    Roscoe Mitchell - saxes, flute, bamboo flute, piccolo, percussion 
    Malachi Favors - bass, percussion
    Famoudou Don Moye - drums, congas, gong, percussion 

    TT 58:27

    {Musica Jazz MJCD 1150, Italy 2003} 

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    Wadada Leo Smith, trumpet, percussion
    Marion Brown, alto saxophone, percussion
    Thomas Stoewsand, cello, flute(s)
    Manfred Eicher, double bass
    Fred Braceful, drums, percussion

    1. unknown title  28:36
    2. unknown title (fade-out_incomplete) 17:00

    Recorded on December 18, 1970 at Club Laboratorium, Esslingen, Germany.

    Recorded by Süddeutscher Rundfunk and (first) broadcast on SDR-2 "Leo Smith-Marion Brown Gruppe in Esslingen" on February 12, 1971.

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    1. Trio Improvisation 1
    2. Trio Improvisation 2
    3. Duo Improvisation
    4. Trio Improvisation 3

    Kaoru Abe, alto saxophone, harmonica (1, 2)
    Mototeru Takagi, tenor saxophone, alto saxophone (1-3)
    Toshinori Kondo, trumpet (1-3)
    Derek Bailey, guitar (4)
    Motoharu Yoshizawa, bass (4)
    Toshi Tsuchitori, drums (4)

    Recorded at Polydor 1st Studio, Tokyo, 19th April, '78.

    Out-takes from the Derek Bailey - Duo and Trio Improvisations sessions. Promo, not for sale.

    Kitty Records ‎– BCC-1018

    CD Rip

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    Sadly, Lou Gare left us on 6th October 2017.  He was a true gentleman.

    Years ago he was kind enough to send me this cassette covering the years between 1965 and 1985.

    He was a woefully under-recorded saxophonist and consequently didn't receive the recognition he deserved.  Although, in his humility, I suspect he didn't mind that too much.

    A2. 1965.  EARLY AMM   8:07
    A3. 1970.  AMM   7:44
    A4. 1973.  AMM DUO   8:35
    A5. 1978.  AMM WITH STRINGS   8:06
    A6. 1978.  WEBIT   7:30

    B1. 1980.  THE EXETER FREE JAZZ DUO   4:34
    B2. 1983.  SOLO BY RIVER EXE   6:59
    B3. 1985.  'GOD BLESS THE CHILD'   5:39
    B4. 1985   TRIO AT DARTINGTON   28:26

    Cassette compiled by Lou Gare

    ps. Lovely stuff from a couple of years ago

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    One of the many collaborations between Hamid Drake and european musicians. This time Drake plays with Italian vibist Pasquale Mirra who have recorded more in various projects than under is own leadership. You can find him on Butch Morris Conduction® / Induction. (Rai Trade) It doesn’t mean that Mirra is an avant garde player. In fact this set is more inside and relaxed than outside and complicated. Original tracks and covers are in the program.

    01/ Togo, 02/ Brown Rice, 03/ Afro-Blue, 04/ Piacevoli Pensieri, 05/ Mirra Solo, 06/ Water, 07/ Ishmael, 08/ Encore.

    Hamid Drake : Drums
    Pasquale Mirra : Vibraphone

    Recorded September 13, 2013 In Olbia Italy.

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    Here's an update of a post originally published back in 2008, for two reasons basically. First, there was a request for a repost, and secondly, it provides an opportunity to commemorate John Jack, who was the proprietor of the Cadillac label which released this record back in 1983.

    An obituary can be found here:

    The rest of the post is as it was.

    The Jazz Doctors - 'Intensive Care'
    The Jazz Doctors: -
    Frank Lowe - saxophone
    Billy Bang - violin
    Dennis Charles - drums
    Raphael Garrett - bass

    I think they only made one record (as The Jazz Doctors), although I have 2 live tapes and there might be more ?...?

    Intensive Care was made for John Jack's Cadillac Records in the UK in the second half of 1983.
    Anecdotally, only a few weeks after Bang & Dennis Charles had a punch-up on the bandstand in Germany, resulting in Charles losing a tooth..

    The tunes on this are written by Frank Lowe (x2)
    Butch Morris
    Rashied Ali
    Billy Bang
    Jackie McLean
    Ornette Coleman

    I've always loved the 2nd side - but now that I listen to it again, the 1st side's not too bad either<

    Worth adding is that the Cadillac label is well worth a visit, at

    The Ogun label is there too, Cadillac releases include some original vinyl pressings still available (as detailed by Wallofsound elsewhere)as well as CDs on both Cadillac and other distributed labels.

    David Murray, Mike Osborne, Joe Harriott, Louis Moholo, Elton Dean, Chris McGregor etc etc etc

    John & Hazel have been supporting this music for longer than many of us have been walking the planet. I'd urge support for them, and the acquisition of some great music in the process.

    sermon endeth here - enjoy the Jazz Doctors."

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    Boy Raaymakers, trumpet, bugle
    Peter Van der Locht, alto saxophone
    Robert Scholer, bass
    Noel McGhee, drums
    Burton Greene, piano (Side B)

    Side A. 29 Augustus 1970  (20:43)

    Side B. 4 September 1970  (18:13)


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     Heres something that has been requested repeatedly in the comments on Lacy posts ( especially by brent/ 1001)
    One of Lacy’s finest from the period, with masters like Togashi and Yoshizawa on board it couldn’t be otherwise.
    This is unaccountably rare , ive only ever seen the one copy.

    This was posted for the first time in January 2008 by Sotise from a cassette he got from a friend.
    I've hitchhiked the post - here's a reup in flac from another rip...

    1. Stalks (Lacy) 10:35
    2. Moon (Lacy) 9:24
    3. Japanese Duck (Lacy) 6:40
    4. The Wane (Lacy) 6:46
    5- Bone (Lacy) 4:47

    Recorded at Nippon Columbia 1st Studio, Tokyo, June 7, 1975

    Steve Lacy: soprano saxophone
    Masahiko Togashi: percussion
    Motoharu Yoshizawa: bass

    1975 - Columbia (Japan), YQ-7507-N (LP)

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    Just got the sad news that Muhal Richard Abrams has died already three days ago.


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    Thanks to the original taper and poster.....

    Michel Portal,  saxophones, clarinets, bandoneon
    Bernard Lubat,  piano, drums
    Jean-François Jenny-Clark,  bass
    Jean-Pierre Drouet,  percussion

    1. Splendid Yzlment (MP) [20:55]
    2. Voyage (MP) [20:47]
    3. Valse Mauve (BL) [16:16]
    4. Ball (JPD) [09:52]

    Recorded on October 11, 1981 during the 6th New Jazz Festival at the Fabrik, Hamburg, Germany.
    FM radio broadcast NDR Hamburg
    Tracks 2 (faded out) and 3 were probably a single continous performance.

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    Here is a remastered version of this concert previously posted in the early days of « IS » and updated by Kinabalu in March 2016. Sound is so important for me that when I downloaded the original file I was so disappointed by the sound quality that I deleted it immediately. Some years after my interest in the music of Don Cherry and particularly in this period of his music became stronger than my reluctance about poor sound quality and I downloaded it again but the sound haven’t changed… So I thought that the best way was trying to remaster it and it is this result that I present today. The original source is probably an audience recording and in many moments the sound of each players is not clear, particularly when the level of the percussions is high. Johny Dyani is playing with a level of intensity that is totally incredible and one of my purpose was to make is sound more clear. But you can’t recreate what is not in the source and the remastering of a poor source is always a question of point of view. Someone else could choose a different way of sound engineering. If you want you can compare with the original file, still available and if someone else want to try another remastering… why not?

    Last but not least Makaya Ntchoko is credited as the drummer of the band but I’m almost sure that it is not him who is playing but Okay Temiz. Two reasons makes me think this way, first when you listen carefully the use of percussions is totally similar to Temiz’s style and this concert comes from the famous and under recorded period when Cherry had his trio with Dyani and Temiz.

    Don Cherry :cnt, fl, Ram's Horn, zurna, double fl, Gourd
    Dan Nedergaard : tpt
    Johnny Dyani : bass, perc
    Okay Temiz (?) drums, perc

    Recorded October 3, 1970 Bristol Music Center Copenhagen

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    1.  Zürich 17.10.93
    2.  Basel 12.11.93
    3.  Landshut 2.11.93
    4.  Luzern 4.3.94
    5.  Ravensburg 25.4.94
    6.  Dortmund 16.11.93
    7.  Dortmund 16.11.93
    8.  Dortmund 16.11.93
    9.  Dortmund 16.11.93
    10. Dortmund 16.11.93
    11. Dortmund 16.11.93

    Christoph Winckel, bass
    A.R. Penck, drums, vocals
    Lothar Fiedler, electric guitar
    Helge Leiberg, trumpet

    CD Rip

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    Charles Lloyd Quartet

    1. Prayer (Charles Lloyd)  6.42
    2. Zoltan (Charles Lloyd)  5.00
    3. When Miss Jessye Sings (Charles Lloyd)  20.18
    4. God Give Me Strength (Burt Bacharach / Elvis Costello)  16.11
    5. Voice In The Night (Charles Lloyd)  10.26
    6. Sombrero Sam (Charles Lloyd)  12.53
    7. Nachiketa's Lament / Hymn To Her Mother (Charles Lloyd)  6.33

    Charles Lloyd - tenor sax, flute, tibetan oboe, percussion
    John Abercrombie - guitar
    Marc Johnson - bass, cello
    Billy Hart - drums

    Live at Konzertscheune Salzau, Germany, June 6, 2000

    Pre-broadcast DAT copy

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    András Vigh,  hurdy-gurdy
    Ákos Szelevényi,  saxophone, bass clarinet
    Albert Márkos,  cello
    Szilárd Mezei,  piano, prepared piano

    01. Take 1 - untitled 21:39
    02. Take 2 - untitled 33:52
    03. Take 3 - untitled 23:07

    Recorded September 4, 2007 at Rómer House, Györ, Hungary.

    Harmonia Produkcio 2007 GyörFree Muhely 2004

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    Earliest known to me recorded duet of Riley and Dean. From the same event, as R&B by Howard Riley and Jaki Byard, released as Slam CD (with cover designed by Andy Isham).

    HOWARD RiLEY & ELTON DEAN - Pendley Manor Jazz Festival 1985

    01. Tring Thing (improvisation) [27:35]

    Howard Riley - piano
    Elton Dean - saxello

    Live at The First Pendley Manor Jazz Festival, Tring, UK, 5th July 1985

    BBC Radio 3 broadcast, recorded off air, transfered (VHS SP > VHS LP > flac) and shared on Dime by PsyKies in 2010. Additional repairs and slight noise reduction by miloo2.

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    Reform Art Music - Es Steht Geschrieben, Drago PRELOG
    homage for Walter Malli

    CD AR 20105

    Linda Sharrock - vocal
    Sepp Mitterbauer - trumpet
    Fritz Novotny - arghool, bombarde, clarinet, flute, soprano sax, percussion
    Alaeddin Adlernest - basson
    Yedda Chunyu Lin - piano, voice
    David AyankokoVilayleck - laptop
    Ram Chandra Mistry - sitar
    Paul Fields - violin, synth, alto sax
    Johannes Groysbeck - el. bass guitar, groysophon
    Walter Malli - drums, soprano sax

    homage 1 - live at the Amman Studios, april 2012
    homage 2 - live at the Museum des XX.JAHRHUNDERTS, june 1981
    homage 3 - live at the Sophiensale, march 1981

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    In my opinion it is the best record of Okay Temiz due to the fact that the music doesn’t fall too much in some kind of « world cliché ». The reason of this successful cross-cultural meeting is perhaps because it have been recorded live.

    Side a:
    -Introduction, Batum, Ulah- Balkan.
    Side b:
    -Döktür, Kürt Havasi, Madimak, Üsküdar, Anadol Havasi, Trabzon Karsilamasi, Laz Havasi.

    -bass: Björn Alke
    -Clarinet: Saffet Gündeger
    -Drums, percussions: Okay Temiz

    All tracks except A1 & A2 are traditional Turkish folk music.
    All tracks recorded March 25, 1974 in Stockholm except A1 recorded March 6, 1974 in Stockholm.

    Lp Sonet SNTF 668 serie universal folk sounds Vol 5 published in 1975

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    And here is the


    Andreas-Drille Boje, trombone
    Wilfried Eichhorn, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone
    Hans-Jörg Hussong, baritone saxophone, soprano saxophone
    Erich Schröder, viola
    Helmut Zimmer, piano
    Adi-Matthias Boje, bass
    Rudi Theilmann, drums

    Side A
    - Walpurgisnacht 17:15

    Side B
    - Incubus - Succubus - Pestilentia 13:41

    Recorded on July 17th, 1971 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg, Germany.

    T.M.A. 001

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    some already knows it, but after a request is here for all

    side A
    Aboriginal theme song, part I
    side B
    Aboriginal theme song, part II
    Panoramic view points
    side C
    side D
    Gloom and Doom

    side E
    Samba del Sol
    side F
    Five for Max


    Brad Felt
    Geri Allen
    Jerry LeDuff
    Ray Mantilla
    Marion Hayden
    Vincent Bowens
    Marcus Belgrave
    Sundiata Keita Sun Drummer Society
    Teddy Harris New Breed BeBop Society

    Sagittarius A-Star #36
    3LP set in a triple folder cover;
    two black vinyls ('86) + one transparent red ('89)
    released 2013

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    info are very few about Phil Musra, what I found is from cliffordallen blog

    "...Philip Musra, a reedman and composer living in Los Angeles. He’s not a figure who’s well-known in the jazz (or even avant-garde) community, though his work in the 1970s with his brother, multi-instrumentalist Michael Cosmic, Turkish-born drummer Huseyin Ertunc, and bassist-composer John Jamyll Jones is the stuff of curiosity and possibly legend. Part of what has made their music - available on a small scattering of privately-pressed LPs - so interesting is that it does not sound like anything else. I recently characterized the trio music (without Jones) as something like a collision between the AACM and Alan Sondheim’s Ritual 770 or another, similar wild-and-woolly artists’ collective. The group was based in Boston at the time and also worked with pianist Gene Ashton (now known as Cooper-Moore) and poet-vocalist Ntozake Shange, among others. Apparently Musra and Cosmic also spent time in Chicago studying with AACM musicians. Until recently, not much was known about their concurrent and subsequent activities........Shimmering percussion dense but hanging in midair, maniacal insistence on mini-organ chords or frantic arpeggios on a glockenspiel, and intertwining flutes and saxophones are the linguistic building blocks, and the dialect is unlike anything I had previously experienced.

    ... Though Musra has assembled CD-Rs of archival material to almost no distribution over the past few years, his visible output has generally remained known only to connoisseurs of rare records from a bygone era. That is until now, as what is officially his second LP as a leader in over 35 years has been released in a limited edition via the Sagittarius A-Star label. The Creator is So Far Out takes its title from a composition that also appeared on his 1974 Creator Spaces LP (Intex) as well as on the present album. Here, he's joined by drummer Don Hooker, percussionist Steven McGill and pianist Walter Barrilleaux on two sidelong originals.
    The core trio of Musra, Hooker and McGill has been together since last year, making live appearances on the West Coast (most often at the Heartbeat House in LA) and cutting some YouTube videos that have yet to go viral. As one would hope, there is a rather profound difference between this trio and what came before. Rather than the slightly-unhinged democracy of his 1970s free unit with Cosmic, Musra stretches out his husky and somewhat minimalist riff on Newk over dry, regular conga and trap set patterns on the lyrical, loving ode Yvonne, peppered with occasional throaty wails. The title track is taken in a bluesy direction, Barrilleaux laying down churchy chords around Hooker's loose lope and Musra's slightly wandering declarations. McGill's brief, glassy vibraphone is used as a marker between tenor and soprano solos, on which the leader's pinched tone contrasts curiously with the rhythm section's chunky groove. Boxy electric piano and flute shortly make a strange pair, as Musra runs through his arsenal. There's always been an outsider quality to Musra's music, and thirty-odd years ago that unbridled and sometimes unfocused energy probably contributed to his and his compatriots' unknown status. Now, of course, that naturalness is something many musicians work to achieve, and if Musra's music is a little more reigned in today, it's not without a folksy honesty that makes The Creator is So Far Out a charmingly humanist statement."

    A. Yvonne        
    B. The Creator Is So Far Out        

    Phil Musra - Reeds
    Walter Barrilleaux - Piano
    Don Hooker - Drums
    Steven McGill - Percussion, Vibraphone

    Recorded August 22, 2010 @ Mysterious Mammal Studio, Los Angeles.

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