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    There have been several requests for a repost of the Instant Composers Pool recordings for Hilversum radio in the Netherlands in 1967. These were posted on the blog back in 2008, but unfortunately the links have lapsed since then. So only too happy to be able to respond.

    Update from 17.04.2018
    After correct silence requested a reup of these files I've searched on my hd's and found an expanded version.
    Included in my repost are the years 1967 and 1968 (in flac) with more titles than listed below and two CDs with more music from the early years (in mp3).
    Also the files are rearranged - haven't checked the infos..
    So the repost is good for some surprises.

    Basic info:

    INSTANT COMPOSERS POOL Volume 1 (1967)

    1967-06-19 / MENGELBERG
    19.6.1967 – Hilversum, V.A.R.A. studio 5
    Manfred Schoof cnt; Willem Breuker cl; Theo Loevendie bcl; Gilius van Bergeyk ob; Misha Mengelberg p; Maarten van Regteren Altena b; Han Bennink d.
    1. JUMP ITALIANO (Misha Mengelberg) – 5:34
    Length: 1t/5'43"
    Source:rb/VARA, Radio Hilversum 2, 1967
    Lineage: FM>2 gen.tape>HD/wav>flac

    1967-11-23 / MENGELBERG
    23.11.1967 – Hilversum, V.A.R.A. studio 5
    Nedly Elstak tp; Theo Loevendie bcl; Willem Breuker bcl; Erik van Lier btb; Misha Mengelberg p; Maarten van Regteren Altena b; Han Bennink d.
    2. DE LAATSTE STUNDE (Theo Loevendie) – 13:10
    Length: 1t/13'32"
    Source:rb/VARA, Radio Hilversum 2, 1967
    Lineage: FM>2 gen.tape>HD/wav>flac

    1967-12-18 / MENGELBERG
    18.12.1967 – Amsterdam, Lurelei-Theater (live)
    John Tchicai as; Willem Breuker bcl; Misha Mengelberg p; Maarten van Regteren Altena b; Han Bennink d/vib.
    3. COOL EYES (John Tchicai) – 9:46 [Trio, WB & MM out]
    4. DIE BERGE SCHÜTZEN DIE HEIMAT (Misha Mengelberg) – 13:50
    Length: 2t/24'15" (incl. radio announcements and applause)
    Source: rb/AVRO(?), Radio Hilversum 1967/68
    Lineage: FM>2 gen.tape>HD/wav>flac

     INSTANT COMPOSERS POOL Volume 2 (1968)

    1968-02-22 / MENGELBERG
    22.2.1968 – Baarn (NL)
    Peter Brötzmann ts; Willem Breuker bcl; Lodewyk de Boer viola; Misha Mengelberg p; Han Bennink d.
    5. DEDICATION TO PIETER SMEERPUTS (Misha Mengelberg) – 12:08
    Length: 1t/12'08
    Source: rb/VARA(?) (NL), Radio Hilversum 2, 1968
    Lineage: FM>2 gen.tape>HD/wav>flac

    1968-05-00a / MENGELBERG
    May 1968 – Hilversum, V.A.R.A. studio
    John Tchicai & Willem Breuker as; Misha Mengelberg p; Maarten van Regteren Altena b; Han Bennink d.
    6. SCANDINAVIAN DISCOVERIES (John Tchicai) – 15:44
    Length: 1t/15'44"
    Source: rb/VARA (NL), Radio Hilversum, broadcasting date 10.5.1968
    Lineage: FM>2 gen.tape>HD/wav>flac

    1968-05-00b / MENGELBERG
    May 1968 – Hilversum, V.A.R.A. studio
    Evan Parker ts; Willem Breuker bcl; Misha Mengelberg p; Han Bennink d.
    7. I.C.P.69 (Misha Mengelberg) – 14:00
    Length: 1t/14'
    Source: rb/VARA (NL), Radio Hilversum, broadcasting date 10.5.1968
    Lineage: FM>2 gen.tape>HD/wav>flac

    Additional info by the poster (on the Dime network):

    The first ICP-sessions in 1967 are important documents for the second root of this very special kind of Dutch "free jazz": the tradition of the European contemporary written music. It's a strange kind of "Third Stream Music".

    The recording sessions are also documents for the beginning international integration of the European Improvised Music scene with the guests from Germany, England and Denmark.

    The technical quality of these pieces is poor due to my possibilities to receive these broadcastings in 1967/68. Specially the two live recordings (tracks 3 and 4) are something only for hard-core musicologists, because I got them by trade from an x-generation copy. But let's be happy that these recordings have survived and hope, that there will be someone who has received and preserved a better cut.

    The recordings are giving an impression of the treasures which are still hidden in the Netherlands archives.

    I hope that my seeds will motivate someone for digging there. It would be quite amazing to be able to listen to these unique beginnings of the contemporary jazz from the Netherlands in a good quality on CD or on Radio someday.

    Links in comments.

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    Cecil Taylor, piano
    Jimmy Lyons, alto saxophone
    Andrew Cyrille, drums

    1. Bulu Akisakila Kutala (vol.1)  61:06
    2. Bulu Akisakila Kutala (vol.2)  20:38

    Lono (solo):
    3. Choral Of Voice (Elision) 7:19
    4. Lono 9:23
    5. Asapk In Ame - 1st Layer Part Of Indent 7:07
    6. Indent - 1/2 Of First Layer, 2nd 1/2 Of 1st Layer  7:15

    Trio recorded May 22, 1973 at Koseinenkin Dai-Hall, Tokyo.
    Solo recorded May 29, 1973 at Lino Hall, Tokyo.

    Source: Konnex KCD 5039 + KCD 5040

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    A1.  Our Neighborhood
    A2.  What Is Truth?
    A3.  Theme From Alfred Hitchcock
    A4.  Bernadette Gnossienes
    A5.  The Law Is For The Protection Of The People
    A6.  The Shephard
    A7.  Jammin' With Gene
    A8.  Cocaine For Children
    A9.  Donovan Deutsch
    A10. Once More With Feeling
    A11. Godfather Waltz
    A12. What Is Cocaine?
    A13. Bitches Brew

    B1.  Another Day Gone Lawman Wrong
    B2.  Tommorow
    B3.  Alfred Hitchcock, Bessie Smith's Godfather
    B4.  Your Song Ruby Flintsones
    B5.  Jammin' With Gene
    B6.  The High Safeway
    B7.  Godfather Theme
    B8.  Chinese Soup

    Tom Shephard, bass, electronics
    Bob Jordan, booking agent
    Murray Reams, drums, percussion
    Doug Henderson, electric guitar
    David Doyle, French horn, mandolin
    Eugene Chadbourne, guitar
    Lenny Kaye, pedal steel guitar
    David Henderson, saxophone

    Recorded on 15 November 1989.

    Cassette Rip

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    Imagine the soundtrack of a novel by Edgar Allan Poe or Lovecraft, scary, mysterious, dark, cosmic …

    This have been published first by Leo Records on lp in 1986 and reissued in Russia by Solyd Records in 1997.
    What is interesting in the cd version besides the Cyrillic sleeve is the fact that the two parts of the title are reunited in one uninterrupted sequence.
    Boris Grebenshchikov: electric guitar
    Sergey Kuryokhin: Organ
    Recorded Spring 1985 In Leningrad

    Solyd Records slr 0087 cd rip
    also available on lp Leo Records lr 167

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    Eugene Chadbourne, dobro, electric guitar, vocals
    Franz Koglmann, flugelhorn
    Walter Malli, soprano saxophone

    Not good sound quality, but what else is out there?

    Cassette Rip

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    For the last post of this serie, let’s finish where we’ve started. This split cd is the perfect exemple of the Yass movement. Two bands are featured on this recording Miłość (love) and Tymon I Trupy. If Miłość was the most popular group of this movement, its music remains pretty much in the tradition of jazz. Noticeably less popular, Tymon I Trupy shows more the Yass spirit by having much wider influences. The leader of those two bands and one of the founding members of this cultural movement is the multi instrumentalist Tymon Tymański. An interesting article about the history and ideas of Yass can be found here:
    Last but not least Miłość shared the studio and the stage with Lester Bowie, they have recorded two albums together that will perhaps be featured here in the future.
    -Pamiętny Merta (Przykrywanie Gałęziami / A Nuż Bóg
    -Kontredans II
    -Doxy II
    -Kontredans III
    -Senna I
    -Etno II
    -Senna II
    -Zdrowy Kołłątaj I
    -Pływaj Obok Mnie
    -Chory Kołłątaj
    -Zdrowy Kołłątaj II
    *Tymon I Trupy
    -Widziałem, Widziałem
    -Komu Się Poskarżyć
    -To Coś

    -Mikołaj Trzaska: alto & soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
    -Tymon Tymański: contrabass
    -Jacek Olter: drums
    -Lesław Możdżer: piano
    -Maciej Sikała: tenor & soprano sax
    *Tymon I Trupy
    -Tomasz "Święty" Hesse: bass guitar
    -Jacek Olter: drums
    -Tomasz Gwinciński: guitar
    -Lesław Możdżer: keyboards
    -Maciej Sikała: tenor sax
    -Tymon Tymański: vocals, guitar
    Music for the film « Sztos" by Olaf Lubaszenko
    Recorded on  3, 5 and 17 March 1997 in the studio of Polish Radio Gdańsk.

    Gowi Records cdg46 cd rip

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    A1. Form För Sextett
    A2. Två Blå - Fyra Blå(sare)
    A3. Six And Four

    B1. En Man Satt Vid Rödingsjön Och Hade Torskat Sin Sista Spinnare
    B2. Possibile
    B3. Summer Is Gone

    Chris Holmström, alto & baritone saxophone, flute, clarinet
    Wåge Finér, alto & tenor saxophone, claves
    Gösta Wälivaara, bass
    Ivan Oscarsson, drums
    Lars Olovsson, trombone
    Bengt Ernryd, B-trumpet, diskantposaun, zinka, Japanese bamboo-flute, voice, mellophone
    Stefan Ernryd, piano intro

    Recorded on 2 October, 1966

    Magnum ‎– MLP-713 - mono

    LP Rip

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    It will certainly be less interesting than a lesson of meditation by the Pr L. But I have nothing better for answering, sorry.
    01 Raga Kafi
    02Anything Two
    03 Sun Love
    04 Breathtaking
    05 Brigach And Ganges
    bass: Uli Trepte
    Drums: Mani Neumeier
    Piano: Irene Schweizer
    Sitar: Dewan Motihar
    Tablas: Keshay Sathe
    Tampura: Kusum Thakur
    Tenor & Soprano sax: Barney Wilen
    Trumpet & Cornet: Manfred Schoof 
    Track 1 is based on a traditional and it is a duet between Dewan Motihar and Keshay Sathe. Track 2 is just the trio of Schweizer, Trepte and Neumeier. Tracks 3 to 5 is the complete group.

    Recorded October 30, 1967 at radio Bremen.

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  • 05/03/18--05:22: Keith Tippett
  • This blog has has often featured and celebrated the music of Keith Tippett. Keith has suffered a heart attack and complications from pneumonia, and needs our help now.

    The Wire and DGM Live both have links which show how donations or purchases of his CDs can help Keith, which will hopefully be useful to some of the regular readers and users of this blog. I wish him well and hope he makes a quick and full recovery.

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    A1. OTS
    A2. Ruminations
    A3. Nebula
    A4. Hum Over The Horizon
    A5. Carnations
    A6. Marmosa

    B1. Castillian Dreams
    B2. Blue Tales In Time
    B3. Au Privave
    B4. Everyone In Likeness

    Paul Cram, alto & tenor saxophone
    Lyle Lansall-Ellis, bass
    Gregg Simpson, percussion
    Paul Plimley, piano, vibraphone
    Ken Newby, soprano saxophone
    Karen Oliver, violin

    Recorded on April 18 and 19, 1981 at Studios West, Vancouver.

    Onari ‎– ONARI 006

    LP Rip

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    A1. P.M. In Iron Tortoise - Tortoise Kin Duets
    A2. P.M. In Iron Tortoise - Tortoise Kin Duets
    A3. Dr Jazz & Guests - Growing (& Other) Pains
    A4. Dr Jazz & Guests - Truly Twisted Boogie
    A5. Dr Jazz & Guests - Zzajsax Blooz
    A6. Dr Jazz & Guests - JT's Music-Rap/Scholary Pursuits
    A7. Dr Jazz & Guests - Whatzitnot (With Claps)

    B1. Mooningham - Coaltrain Responses From The Other Side Of The Berm
    B2. Mooningham - Phaseshift Mooningham
    B3. Dr Jazz & Guests - Zzajrap #1
    B4. Mooningham - +4, 5, 8, 13000
    B5. Mooningham - Zzajrap #2

    Davey Williams, clarinet, guitars
    John Thompson, drums, percussion, rap
    Dick Metcalf, keyboards
    LaDonna Smith, reeds, percussion, horns
    Wally Shoup, saxophone

    Recorded live at The Cavern, Birmingham, Alabama

    Cassette Rip

    Also available as a free MP3 torrent from Dick Metcalf's download page on

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    I have no particular details about this live show, exact date and exact location. Due to the fact that it lasts only 37 mn we can suppose that it is only a part of the concert but that’s all I own.
    It is the regular crew: Roscoe, Joseph, Lester, Malachi, Famoudou.

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    A contribution from a friend - offered for Inconstant Sol.

    A1. Nuages (Reinhardt)
    A2. Le Funambule (Boni/Marais)
    A3. Le Rêveur Au Fil D'Or (Boni)
    B1+2. Colchique Dans Les Prés (arr. Boni/Marais) + Summertime (Gershwin)
    B3. Son D'Une Nuit D'Été (Marais)

    Raymond Boni (el-g)
    Gérard Marais (el-g)

    Recorded on January 30, 1979, live at the Totem, Paris.

    Marge - 10 (1979)

    (vinyl rip)

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    Pavel Blatný, composer
    Gustav Brom, leader

    The Gustav Brom Orchestra:
    Jaromir Hnilicka, Vaclav Holub, Jindfich Smek, trumpet
    Jan Formanek, Mojmir Bartek, Gustav Brom, trombone
    Jiri Kaniak, oboe
    Frantisek Navratil, soprano & alto saxophone
    Zdenek Novak, tenor saxophone, flute
    Josef Audes, baritone saxophone, flute
    Josef Blaha, piano
    Jan Hubanek, bass
    Vaclav Skala, drums

    Josef Audes, baritone saxophone (solos A2, B1, B2)
    Josef Blaha, piano (solo B1)
    Jiri Kaniak, oboe (solo A1)
    Mojmir Bartek, trombone (solos B1, B2)
    Jaromir Hnilicka, trumpet (solos B1, B2)
    Brno City String Quartet (A3)
    Members of the Philharmonic State Orchestra Brno (B2)

    A1. Study for Jiri Kaniak 6:06
    A2. D-E-F-G-A-H-C 6:26
    A3. Jazz - In Modo Classico 10:55
    B1. Suite For Gustav Brom 15:36
    B2. Per Orchestra Sintetica 5:13

    Recorded and produced 1972 - 1975 at the studios of Radio Brno, CSSR.

    L+R Records LR 40.010 (vinyl rip)

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    This post is comprised of two compositions by Luigi Nono culled from two LPs.
    Never reissued on CD or as an official download.
    Exemplary interpretations with Luigi Nono himself as (sound) director for both recordings.

    Concerning the first composition it isn't really clear wether all the given names for 'voice' were actually participating...

    1. A Floresta È Jovem E Cheja De Vida (1965-66)  34:07
    (for soprano, voices, clarinet, copper plates and magnetic tape)
    based on texts and sources compiled by Giovanni Pirelli

    Liliana Poli, soprano
    Kadigia Bove, voice
    Elena Vicini, voice
    Umberto Troni, voice
    Enrica Minini, voice
    Franca Piacentini, voice
    The Living Theatre

    William O. Smith, clarinet

    copper plate players directed by pianist Bruno Canino

    (rec. at the RAI Studio di Fonologia in Milan in 1977 – sound director: Luigi Nono / recording engineer: Marino Zuccheri)

    From Deutsche Grammophone DG 2531 004

    2. Y Entonces Comprendió (1969-70) 32:06
    (for six female voices, choir and magnetic tape)

    Mary Lindsay, soprano
    Liliana Poli, soprano
    Gabriella Ravazzi, soprano
    Kadigia Bove, voice
    Miriam Acevedo, voice
    ELena Vicini, voice
    Coro Da Camera Della RAI
    Nino Antonellini, choir master

    Tape and recordings effected at the Studio of Fonologia of RAI, Milan - Italy

    Deutsche Grammophone DG 2530 436

    Composed by Luigi Nono.

    (vinyl rips)

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    I don’t know if this cd have been really distributed. Obviously it have been released by the label Plainisphare that had a good distribution but this record is referenced nowhere and the only occurrence that can be found on the internet about it is this article by Jon Corbet, nothing else.

    The packaging seems also more like a promotional one than a commercial one. The cd is inside a transparent slim case and part of the informations is written on the case, part on the disc. There is no recording date but in relations with the informations that I have about the artist, I think that this have been recorded in late 1993, early 1994. At this time urs Blöchlinger was playing with the band No Secrets In The Family and the drummer of this band, Martin Gantenbein is the producer of this enigmatic cd.  
    1 Regozenter
    2 Hope So Flic
    3 Irinquisitor
    4 Intime 2
    5 S'chunt Bsuech
    6 Cadavre Exquis
    7 Huber
    8 Just The One
    9 Lord Of The Flies
    10 An Herberts Breiter Brust
    11 Lee Minor Complex
    12 Hitchcock
    13 Who Is Who
    14 Early Morning Raga
    15 Ende Meier
    Urs Blöchlinger: alto, sopranino, bass saxophone, flute, alto horn, trumpet, piano, organ, guitar, ch-phone, chugelibahn, voice.
    Martin Gantenbein: drums on track 5 and on the bonus after 15

    Plainisphare pl 1267-97 cd rip

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  • 05/31/18--09:08: UPCOMING + RECENT RELEASES X

  • 3 x LP on Cognard's private label. (already ordered today) limited edition of 300 boxes

    Mats Gustafsson with Jason Adasiewicz on vibes in a more subdued but gorgeous CD on Corbett vs Dempsey.

     Reissue on on CD (gatefold cover) on John Corbett's label Corbett vs Dempsey with Beaver Harris, Don Pullen, Hamiet Bluiett, Ricky Ford, Buster Williams and Francis Haynes. Great LP from 1984 produced by Hal Willner.

    Finally available again on double CD with one extra tune (11:00) on Corbett vs Dempsey

     Dyani solo on bass, piano, percussion and voice. Released two weeks ago.

     Brötzmann + Kowald + Aaltonen + Vesala.
    Remastered reissue as 2 x LP or 2 x CD with ca. 30 minutes more music from a previously unreleased radio broadcast.

     Previously unreleased 1968 concert recording from the last day of Ronnie Scott's old location.
    With Mike Westbrook, John Surman, Harry Miller, Mike Osborne, Malcom Griffiths, Paul Rutherford, George Khan, Bernhard Living, Alan Jackson and Dave Holdsworth.

    One of two new Henry Threadgill CDs on Pi Recordings. Almost a big band. But never too crowded and with a.o. fascinating sound-colours. Highly recommended.

    Already listened to the this double CD at least six or seven times. Great music from two older masters; Dave Holland and Evan Parker joined here for duos, trios and quartet meetings by Craig Taborn and Ches Smith.

    Two new - previously unreleased editions with Gordon Beck.
    The above cover is for the more mainstrean outing with soul singer Joy Marshall.
    And below is a three CD box-set with a.o. Tony Oxley and Jeff Clyne (in trio), Kenny Wheeler, Frank Ricotti, Chris Pyne....> Jubilation!

    And last but not least two upcoming releases on No Business Records: a reissue of 'The Haunt' with Bobby Naughton, Perry Robinson and Wadada Leo Smith and another Japanese/South-Korean release with Kim Dae Hwan, Choi Sun Bae, Motoharu Yoshizawa and Junji Hirose from the label's 'Chap Chap' series. Both out in June.

    And that's only a tiny part of all the goodies we can expect in 2018.

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    Derek Bailey, guitar
    Sabu Toyozumi, drums

    1. Duo Improvisation
    2. Solo Improvisation

    Recorded live at Taruho, Yamato, Kanagawa on 19 November 1987

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    a short one and sound quality not the best
    titles are from discogs, on my copy there are no titles

    Label: Nolabel
    Format: CDr
    Country: US
    Released: 2003

    1 - Consolation For Things That Pass     24:01
    2 - Process             14:41

    Guitar – Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut
    Tenor Saxophone – Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre

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