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    Here we have another high quality rip by mvns - my thanks goes to him.

    Kondo Masaomi is a well know Japanese actor who made this one-off LP in 1971. He raps away on 6 tracks about various plant species such as the Mandragora, breathing out an endangered atmosphere that borders at times on sheer anarchy and agitation.

    Takeru Muraoka, soprano saxophone
    Hiroshi Suzuki, trombone
    Kiyoshi Sugimoto, guitar
    Masahiko Satoh, piano, electric piano, music
    Masaoki Terakawa, electric bass
    Akira Ishikawa, drums
    Masaomi Kondo, voice
    Michio Yamagami, lyrics

    A1. ツタ             9:55
    A2. オリーブ     9:36
    A3. キャベツ     2:03
    B1. サボテン     8:26
    B2. マンドラゴラ     7:03
    B3. バイバブ     4:45

    Transliterations (titles):
    A1. Ivy
    A2. Olive
    A3. Cabbage
    B1. Cactus
    B2. Mandragora
    B3. Baobab 

    Canyon CAL-3002 (vinyl rip)

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    Here's something else for the meantime.

    Ralf Hütter, organ
    Basil Hammoudi, glockenspiel, congas, gong, musical box, bongos, voice
    Florian Schneider-Esleben, electric flute, alto flute, bell, triangle, tembourine, electroviolin
    Butch Hauf, bass, shaky tube, small bells, plastic hammer
    Fred Monicks, drums, bongos, maracas, cowbell, tambourine

    Conny Plank, engineered

    1. Tone Float     20:47
    2. Milk Rock     5:24
    3. Silver Forest     3:19
    4. Rhythm Salad     4:04
    5. Noitasinagro     7:42

    RCA Victor SF 8111 (UK 1970)

    Recorded probably already in 1969.

    This rip from a 1990s bootleg CD.

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    A1. Guadalquivir
    A2. Duende
    A3. Le Collier De La Colombe

    B1. Pena Negra
    B2. Ghardaïa
    B3. Selam I
    B4. Parade
    B5. Selam II

    André Jaume, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet

    Recorded at the Studio du Groupe de Musique Expérimentale de Marseille on June 3, 1977 and on September 26, 1977 (B2).

    Palm ‎– PALM 30

    LP Rip

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    A1. Damp
    A2. Perhentian
    A3. To Be

    B1. Ahead
    B2. Flowing (To Sanna)
    B3. The End, And

    Sören Runolf, electric guitar
    Sten Sandell, prepared piano, synthesizer, percussion, gong

    Bauta Records ‎– BAR 8502

    LP Rip

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    A1. Hamiltonian Cycle: Saxophone
    A2. Mega

    B1. Meditation 2
    B2. Changes: Incantations With 64 States Of Change

    David Mott, saxophone
    Robert Morris, hyoshigi (A1)

    Music Gallery Editions ‎– MGE 35

    LP Rip

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    Here we have music which contains traditional tunes and yodeling from Austria.
    Not from professional musicians but from a landlady and her brother. Nowotny was a teacher who helped the siblings to find a record company and participated here with his singing on a few tracks.
    Sometimes it sounds like it was recorded somwhere in Central Asia - at least a bit.

    Kathi Hohla, vocals
    Franz Biereder, vocals
    Rudolf Nowotny, vocals (on a few tracks)
    M. Königseder, zither

    01. Innviertler Landler     2:49
    02. Innviertler Trio-Weisen     2:57
    03. Bei Mein Diandl Ihrn Fenster     2:34
    04. Innviertler Gstanzln     3:21
    05. Bua, Waunst Schiaßn Wüst     2:46
    06. Heut Scheint Der Mond So Schen     2:54
    07. Geh Is Her Über D'Alm     2:28
    08. A Bleamal Und A Herz     3:02
    09. Liebe Leidln, Hörts Mi Au     2:57
    10. Die Zufriedenheit     2:58
    11. Beim Gmoawirt Is Hochzeit     3:06
    12. Erzherzog-Johann-Jodler     2:34
    13. Innviertler Landler     2:26
    14. Die Gamserl Schwarz Und Braun     2:54
    15. Drunt' Im Unterland     2:31
    16. Doppelt Doppelt     2:46
    17. 's Roserl     2:39
    18. Auf Bergen Is So Lieblich     3:05
    19. Jägers Abschied     3:15
    20. Das Schnupftabak-Doserl     3:06
    21. Waun I In Woid Nei Geh     3:13
    22. Jetzt Drahn Ma Amoi Zua     2:54
    23. Ei, Du Liabe, Siaße Nachtigall     2:54
    24. Mei Hoamat Hob I Im Zillertal Drin     3:00

    Subtitle: Innviertler Landla & Sentimentale Weisen

    Shellac recordings from 1931 - 1933

    Fischrecords # 006 (Austria, 1999 - OOP)

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    1 Ein Hauch Von Ewigkeit (Touch Of Eternity)
    2 Nat's Limp Dance
    3 Alpöhis Erben (The Heirs Of Heidi's Grandfather)
    4 Three Improvisations (Native Discourses)
    5 Improvisation Four (Steel Elbows)
    6 Improvisation Five (Concrete Edelweiss)
    7 Time Unit A
    8 Velvet Caves

    -Jürg Solothurnmann: tenor, alto, soprano sax.
    -Urs Brendle: guitar, guitar synth.
    -Roland Schiltknecht: hackbrett.
    -Gabriel Schiltknecht: drums, percussions.

    The hackbrett is a table cithare with strings that are knocked with mallet, this instrument can be found in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and in Slovenia. It have a relation with the Santour.

    1990/Plainisphare PL-1267-51 CD

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    A1. Dance No. 87
    A2. One Day Before
    A3. The Meeting
    A4. Chains And Pedals
    A5. Stumple And Rumble
    A6. Dance No. 88
    A7. Pro And Con
    A8. The Procession

    B1. Lungs And Legs
    B2. Pro And Con
    B3. Three Months Later
    B4. The Sound From A Fox
    B5. Dance No. 85
    B6. ... Or Never

    Raymond Strid, drums
    Ulf Strandberg, drums
    Sören Runolf, electric guitar
    Sten Sandell, piano, sampling, percussion
    Johan Petri, soprano saxophone
    Mats Gustafsson, tenor and baritone saxophone
    Marie Selander, vocals

    Recorded Spring 1988

    Bauta Records ‎– BAR 8803

    LP Rip

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    A new contribution by mvns.
    Great Jazz: with 'Dragon Dance' my favourite tune after a first listening session this afternoon.

    Harold Land, tenor saxophone
    Makoto Terashita, piano
    Yasushi Yoneki, bass
    Mike Reznikoff, drums

    A1.     Dragon Dance     12:35
    A2.     World Peace     7:47
    A3.     Dear Friends     3:50
    B1.     Takeuma     7:49
    B2.     I•Ha•To•Bo     6:17
    B3.     Crossing     9:04

    Composed by M. Tersashita (tracks A1, A3 to B3) and H. Land (track A2)

    Recorded at Victor Aoyama Studio, Tokyo on June 11, 1984.

    Aketa's Disk AD-16
    (vinyl rip - high def)

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    Here on side A we have monks chanting with Jazz. I know only one other project which mixes Jazz with Buddhist chanting: Bardo State Orchestra - Wheels within wheels.

    Thanks to mvns!

    Tetsuo Fushimi, trumpet
    Konosuke Saijo, tenor saxophone
    Norio Maeda, piano
    Yasuo Arakawa, bass
    Takeshi Inomata, drums

    A1. 般若心経     5:11
    A2. 般若理趣経     19:03
    B1. フォー  (Four)           9:15
    B2. キュート   (Cute)  10:57
    B3. 奠供             1:39

    Recorded in front of a live audience. Side A has (three?) monks chanting, while side B contains regular jazz playing.

    CBS / Sony ‎– 25AG 234 (1977)
    (vinyl rip - high def)

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    Jim Dvorak, trumpet, pocket trumpet, whistles, voice, percussion
    Marcio Mattos, double bass, cello, electronics, percussion
    Ken Hyder, drums, percussion, khoomei & kargiraa vocals

    Tibetan Buddhist Monks of the Schechen Tennyid Dhargyeling Monastery:


    Thung-Chen - long, deep-toned instrument similar to alpine horn
    Jya-Ling - double-reeded shenai
    Kangling - thigh bone trumpet
    Dun-Kar - conch shell trumpet
    Rollmo - small cymbals
    Sinyin - large cymbals
    Na - large double-headed bass drum

    1. Who's Watching the Watcher I (Trowo) 2:14
    2. Light Shower (Benzasattva)  8:33
    3. Horn Of Plenty  8:33
    4. Minder's Kindly Eye (Shiva) 5:40
    5. A) An Essence Of Its Own (Du Sum Sange) B) Mountain Journey  7:13
    6. Inner Voice 121 (Chin Bep)  5:04
    7. A) Good Beat B) Skeleton Dance (Dördak)  2:03
    8. Who's Watching the Watcher II (Trowo) 2:08

    Recorded at The Premises, May 28th 1995.

    Impetus IMP CD 19527 (1996)

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    The latest contribution of mvns - a more funky side of Jazz.

    Tsunemichi Oka, electric guitar, acoustic guitar
    Hiroshi Yaita, drums
    Shigeyoshi Sekiguchi, percussion
    Noriko Nishihara, piano, fender rhodes, clavinet, synthesizer
    Jun Tochizawa, electric bass
    Junichi Kikuta, electric guitar (rhythm guitar)
    Akihiko Kotani, alto saxophone
    Tsunehiko Yashiro, synthesizer programming (B1), synthesizer & solina strings-ensemble (B2)

    A1. My Favorite Fellows    
    A2. Gentle Rainy Night    
    A3. Theme From Three Days Of Condor    
    B1. Arrival Point    
    B2. Summer Breeze    
    B3. Nymph Of The Sea

    Recorded on January 22 & February 11, 1980 at Pale Green Studio, Akasaka, Tokyo.

    West Wells WWL-1003
    (vinyl rip - high def)

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    Shoji Aketegawa, piano
    Yamazaki Kouichi, bass
    Miyazaka Takashi, drums

    Aketa's Disk - AD-1

    LP Rip

    A side tracks are not separated

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    C. M. Madhuranath
    T.R. Mahalingam
    K.N. Krishnamurthy
    Bangalore H.P. Ramachar
    Srimushnam V. Raja Rao
    Christian Ledoux

    1 Kriti / «O Jagddamba... » Raga Anandabhairavi (S. Sastri)
    2 Kriti / «Parmatmudu...» Raga Vagadeeswari (St. Thyagaraja)
    3 Ragam / Raga Kalyani
    4 Kriti / «Vetavunnara» Raga Kalyani (St. Thyagaraja)
    5 Ragam, Thanam / Raga Begade
    6 Pallavi, 1ère Partie / Ragas Kamavardini, Dhanyasi et Mohana
    7 Pallavi, 2e Partie / Ragas Vachaspathi, Hamsananda et Behag
    8 Tani Avartanam
    9 Javali / «Appaduru...» Raga Kamaj (Traditionnel)

    Intégrale du concert enregistrée le 1er décembre 1978 à la Maison de la Culture de Rennes

    Stil cd 0112 S 78 0212 previously published as a double lp.

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    David Murray & Friends   
    WXPN FM Studio 
    Philadelphia PA  
    Aug 21 1975

    David Murray - tenor sax
    Sunny Murray - drums
    Khan Jamal - vibraphone
    Monnette Sudler - e.guitar
    Sonny Johnson - bass

    One for Wallofsound, this one, I would think. Following on from my earlier post of Sunny Murray at Studio Rivbea, this is from approximately two months later at a radio station in Philadelphia. The line-up retains the Murrays and Monnette Sudler from the earlier recording, but adds interestingly Khan Jamal on vibes and Sonny Johnson on bass.

    Six tunes, all untitled according to the info file accompanying this set. Not really a free jam, as it is described, but rather well-structured tunes, imho. And quite melodic, too.

    More to come!

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    Audience recording made by a friend some time ago.

    Willem Breuker, tenor & soprano saxophone, clarinet
    Han Bennink, drums, percussion, violin, piano, soprano saxophone, sirene

    1. unknown titles  14:37
    2. unknown titles  30:05

    Recorded at the Meistersingerhalle (little hall) in Nürnberg on April 30, 1988.

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    A1. Striped Slacks
    A2. Invitation
    A3. Intrepid Fox – Take I

    B1. Intrepid Fox – Take II
    B2. When Sonny Gets Blue

    Kazumi Odagiri, soprano and tenor saxophone
    Koichi Yamazaki, bass
    Kenichi Kameyam, drums

    Recorded on 1-15 August 1976 at Aketa No Mise

    Aketa's Disk - AD-2

    LP Rip

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    Here is some info by our donator mvns about this LP: "...It's part 10 of 11 educational LPs meant to accompany an elementary school-level music textbook. Side A contains a sidelong track composed by Masahiko Satoh that depicts a journey through the history of jazz. It features a lot of J-jazz heavyweights. Side B is an unsettling choral work by the renowned Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus about the nuclear bomb."

     Side A:
    Akira Miyazawa (saxophone)
    Norio Maeda (piano)
    Masanaga Harada (bass)
    Jimmy Takeuchi (drums)
    Kenichi Sonoda and Dixie Kings
    George Otsuka Quintet
    Masahiko Satoh's Garandoh [Hozumi Tanaka, Keiki Midorikawa, Masahiko Satoh]
    Side B: 
    Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus
    A.  ジャズの歴史
    B1. 水ヲ下サイ
    B2. 日ノ暮レチカク
    B3. 夜

    HEm ‎– H-201 (Japan, 1974)
    [vinyl rip]

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    RAU Records 1005
    Vinyl, LP

    Paul Fickel - violin, percussions
    Sepp Mitterbauer - Trumpet, piano, percussions
    Günther Rabl - bass, xylophone
    Fritz Novotny - soprano sax, oriental reeds, flutes, xylophone, percussions
    Muhammad Malli - drums, soprano sax, percussions

    A1 - Railway East         19:00
    B1 - Stillstand         10:50
    B2 - Metallische Gebilde     12:10

    Recorded December 4th and 5th, 1975 in Vienna

    0 0

    Park Je Chun, drums, percussion
    Masahiko Satoh, piano (1)
    Kang Tae Hwan, alto saxophone (2, 4)
    Wadada Leo Smith, trumpet, bamboo flute (3)
    Gustavo Aguilar, percussion (4)
    Richard Maurer Jr., percussion (4)

    1. Song I     11:56
    2. Song II     12:31
    3. Song III     7:19
    4. Song IV     10:34
    5. Song V     9:21

    Recorded live at Yeongang Hall, March 10, 1999 (1) and June 30, 1998 (5);
    at Duo Mull Workshop Hall, February 14, 1998 (2);
    at Jung Dong Art Hall, May 4, 1997 (3); and at Live I Hall, March 21, 1996 (4)

    Sang-Joong-Ha Music SJHCD-001 (South Korea, 2001)

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