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    1. Max Breeze
    2. Le Cras (Needle's Eye)
    3. Kagai
    4. Steps
    5. Fumon
    6. Sans Titre
    7. Palladium
    8. Little Eyes

    Masahiko Togashi, percussion
    Masahiko Sato, piano
    J-F Jenny Clark, bass

    Recorded 18 September 1992 at Harmony Hall, Matsumoto

    Ninety-One - CRCJ-9111

    CD Rip

    A Mudai Trio 1990 live recording, called "Crossing Orbits", was released on CD in 2012 and still available.

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    A.  White String's Attached 1

    B1. White String's Attached 2
    B2. White String's Attached 3

    Steve Beresford, piano, toy piano, bird call, toys
    Nigel Coombes, violin

    Side A recorded on 20 May 1979 and side B recorded on 24 March 1979 at the London Musicians' Collective .

    Bead Records ‎– BEAD 16

    Vinyl Rip

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  • 08/05/13--07:59: MASTERS OF DISORIENTATION


    LOU GARE, tenor sax, violin
    EDDIE PREVOST, drums, percussion
    KEITH ROWE, guitar, electronics, radio

    1. First set  46:22
    2. Second set  46:06

    Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham.

    25th February, 1990

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    Mr Dunmall  has suggested this could be posted for people to enjoy!

    Thanks to Dave Tucker (soundman for the evening) who left his recorder going on a table at the front.

    SET 1

    PAUL DUNMALL, tenor sax
    SIMON PICARD, tenor sax
    NEIL METCALFE, flute
    NICK JURD, bass
    JIM BASHFORD, drums

    1. First piece  19:22
    2. Second piece  14:06
    3. Third piece  11:42

    SET 2

    PAUL DUNMALL, tenor sax
    HOWARD COTTLE, tenor sax
    GARY CURSON, alto sax
    JIM DVORAK, trumpet
    PAUL ROGERS, bass
    TONY BIANCO, drums

    4. Ascension  49:48

    Vortex.  London.  28th May 2013

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  • 08/05/13--15:18: TOM-MIX. The Others, 2009


    MARK HANSLIP, tenor sax
    OLIE BRICE, bass
    TONY MARSH, drums

    1. 28:48
    2. 43:12

    The Others, Stoke Newington, London.  16th Sept 2013

    This was a terrific group which deserved far greater exposure in it's short life.  Mark very kindly sent me a cdr of this live gig which I have played a lot. Very highly recommended.  Enjoy.

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    Although rather difficult to track down now, The Unprecedented Music of Ornette Coleman was actually a generously distributed bootleg....(excerpt of Brandon Burke's review).


    Ornette Coleman, alto saxophone, trumpet, shanai
    Charlie Haden, bass
    David Izenzon, bass
    Ed Blackwell, drums

    1. Lonely Woman
    2. Monsieur Le Prince
    3. Forgotten Children
    4. Buddah Blues

    Recorded in Rome, Italy on February 8, 1968.

    LOTUS LPPS 11.116 (also PASSPORT LPPS 11.116)

    Note: This is a bootleg!

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    A1. November Cotton Flower
    A2. La Placita

    B1. Angel Eyes ~ Hurry Sundown
    B2. Sunshine Road

    Marion Brown, alto saxophone
    Gon Mizuhashi, bass
    Warren Smith, drums
    Dave Burrell, piano

    Recorded November 8, 1979 at Shiminkaikan Hall, Hirosaki, Japan

    DIW Records ‎– DIW-1083 (later reissued as CD, DIW-356, with extra track "Africa").

    Vinyl Rip

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    This was the first time I saw AMM and it had a great effect on me. Some of that being a confirmation that sound didn't have to be music as such to convey emotion, and be an uplifting and enlightening experience.  The concert took place in the London Lighthouse, a centre for people affected by HIV and AIDS.  The whole thing was of great sensitivity, beauty and I suppose a touch of melancholy.

    Take time to listen.  Let me know what you think.

    For Sotise, a big AMM fan.


    LOU GARE, tenor sax, violin
    IAN MITCHELL, clarinet, bass clarinet, wood flute, bicycle pump
    KEITH ROWE, guitar, electronics, radio
    JOHN TILBURY, piano
    EDDIE PREVOST, drums, percussion

    1. 46:39
    2. 46:36

    at the London Lighthouse, London.  7th October 1989

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    A1. Outside
    A2. Still Outside
    A3. Syrup Of Figs
    A4. Music For The Art Emporium
    A5. The End
    A6. L.M.S. 44736
    A7. Bo-Bo 86213 The Lancashire Witch

    B1. No Name No Title No Tune19:10
    B2. Boggart Hole Clough6:41

    Alan Tomlinson, tenor trombone (A1-2, B1-2), prepared tenor trombone (A3-5), bass trombone (A5), alto trombone (A6, B1) prepared alto trombone (A7)

    Recorded at various venues in London in 1980.

    Bead Records ‎– BEAD 17

    Vinyl Rip

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    A1. Noise From Far East
    A2. The Time To Live And The Time To Die
    A4. 6 And 14 Wave
    A5. Black And Blue
    A6. Green Bicycle
    A7. Intolerable Fellow

    B1. Short Tune
    B2. Mob?
    B3. For T.T.
    B4. Crying Sky
    B5. #7
    B6. Jalan
    B7. Don't Be Late!
    B8. Rip

    Junji Hirose, self-made instruments, toy rhythm box, toy voice-changer, toys, autoharp, tenor saxophone

    Otomo Yoshihide, turntables, cassette tapes, hand-made guitar, small instruments, toys

    Recorded live at Space Alta Yokohama, 28. April 1989

    Tanga-Tanga ‎– R-001

    Vinyl Rip

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    unknown venue, London, UK
    unidentified stereo source* > CDR > hard drive (via EAC) > flac (level6) > dime

    Lou Gare: sax, violin
    Keith Rowe: g,eletr,radio
    Cornelius Cardew: p,cello
    Eddie Prevost: perc
    Christopher Hobbs: perc

    1. free improvisation (40:35)
    (fades in + cuts out)

    - source:
    "I received this as "SB", though I'm not sure the overall acoustic ambience of this recording really is the one of a SB-source.
    - line-up & instrumentation:
    Given above is the line-up the factsheet in "The Crypt"-box lists as the regular one for 1970. At some point in the history of this particular recording, the exact line-up hasn't been passed along, it seems. So this is a little speculative (is there really a second percussionist, Christopher Hobbs, audible?)
    The instrumentation above is according to "The Crypt", so maybe not up-to-date for the group's point of development at this time (and I find it hard to clearly identify Gare's contributions)."

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    Padova, IT
    03 April 1998
    Teatro Antonianum

    Seeder/Tapers notes

    "Fine concert of ten years ago by this most classic English improvising ensemble, then in its trio format."

    Keith Rowe — guitar, radio
    John Tilbury — piano
    Eddie Prévost — percussion

    sound quality: AUD B+ [59:55](initial few seconds missing)
    DAT tape to CDR > EAC > FLAC
    checksum file by Trader's Little Helper 
    tricko bag o' tricks > august 2008

    Thanks to Tricko!

    Enjoy !!... and be sure to check out the Matchless Catalogue, again difficult to recommend single AMM albums, its all so good...
    my personal favourites are , the complete live at the Crypt, AMM music, the Inexhaustible document, and Newfoundland... an entirely subjective proposition , based on rotation 

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    A1. Gust
    A2. Fishing For A Thousand Monsters
    A3. Spray Paint In The Wind
    A4. Red Ochre
    A4. Bird Jumps Into Wood

    B1. Paradise Style
    B2. Searching For The Blue Hare
    B3. Slate
    B4. One Tongue Speaks As Two
    B5. To Them The Cicadas Sing From The Ground
    B6. Dontology

    Peter Cusack, guitar, prepared guitar, bouzouki, environmental tapes
    Clive Bell, flute, Chinese flute, shakuhachi, crumhorn, khene, balloon

    Recorded 1983-84 at London Musicians Collective.

    Bead Records ‎– BEAD 22

    Vinyl Rip

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    This is one of my very favourite of the gigs I recorded during the 1990s.

    Big thanks to John Russell who was cool with me uploading it for you lucky people.

    The wonderful 'Concert Moves' (Random Acoutics) and 'The Scenic Route' (Emanem) by the trio are available via John Butcher's website.

    JOHN BUTCHER, tenor and soprano sax
    PHIL DURRANT, violin
    JOHN RUSSELL, guitar

    + PAUL ROGERS, bass  (track 4)

    1.  10:48
    2.  8:38
    3.  5:24
    4.  28:19

    Sir Walter Scott pub, Finsbury Park, London

    8th October 1989

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    A1. Bolerito
    A2. Leyendas De Nahuelbuta Part One

    B1. Leyendas De Nahuelbuta Part Two
    B2. Quetzalcoatl

    Francois Mechali, bass
    Jean-Louis Mechali, drums
    Anna-Maria Villaroel, percussion
    Claudio Bertoni, percussion
    Keno Speller, percussion
    Patricio Villarroel, tablas
    Manuel Villarroel, piano
    Gérard Coppéré, reeds
    Hugh Levick, reeds
    Jean Querlier, reeds
    Jef Sicard, reeds
    Alphonse Leboucher, trombone
    Josef Traindl, trombone
    Alain Brunet, trumpet

    Recorded at PALM Studio, Paris, on 10-14 December 1975.

    Palm ‎– PALM 16

    Vinyl Rip

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    Old cassette of radio broadcast transferred by Gus.  Thanks to him.

    LOU GARE, tenor sax
    EDDIE PREVOST, drums
    TREVOR WATTS, soprano and alto sax
    BARRY GUY, bass
    JOHN STEVENS, drums

    1. Charles Fox introduction  2:10
    2. EARJOB  28:34

    Recorded by BBC, London.  2nd August 1978

    BBC Radio 3 'Jazz in Britain' broadcast 28th August 1978

    0 0

    A.  1
    B1. 1
    B2. 2
    B3. 3

    Polly Bradfield, violin

    Recorded At – Sorcerer Sound

    Parachute ‎– P008

    Vinyl Rip

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    This one's for Andy ... and anyone else who might enjoy it... musically if not quite sonically this is very fine... a nice if somewhat frustratingly flawed, but very listenable document of Rollins playing with British Legends Oxley and Tracey , whom i understand were virtually the house rhythm section at Ronnie Scott's in the Mid to late 60's, along with a variable array of Bassists including Rick Laird, Jeff Clyne, and Chris Lawrence.

    Original Trader/Seeders notes
    Sonny Rollins
    Ronnie Scott's Club
    London, England

    Sonny Rollins - Tenor Sax
    Ronnie Scott - Tenor Sax*
    Stan Tracey - Piano
    Tony Oxley - Drums
    Rick Laird???       - Bass

    Disc 1
    01. Bye Bye Blackbird* 18:03
    02. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes* 26:38

    Disc 2
    03. Sonnymoon for Two* 20:36
    04. Three Little Words(cut) 22:40
    05. My Reverie (cut) 4:02

    cassette trade/JVC stand alone cdr burner/CD wave editor/flac/ you

    0 0

    The first SME piece has been issued on the excellent 'Hot and Cold Heroes' (Emanem) as 'One for Terry Day', although with a small section edited out.  If you don't have that cd, I heartily recommend you buy it.

    On a side issue, I have only just realised that I've been zipping files rather than a folder of files.  Sorry about that.




        JOHN STEVENS, percussion, mini-trumpet

        NIGEL COOMBES, violin

        ROGER SMITH, guitar 


        JOHN STEVENS, percussion, mini-trumpet

        NIGEL COOMBES, violin

        ROGER SMITH, guitar

        PHIL MINTON, voice

        MAGGIE NICHOLS, voice

    3. LARRY STABBINS, tenor sax    17:45  

        PAUL ROGERS, bass

        JOHN STEVENS, drums         

    4. JOHN STEVENS - POEM     2:06 

    Part of a benefit concert for Terry Day, at the Red Rose, London.      1st December 1991. 

    Cassette recording.

    0 0

    A1. Subtitles
    A2. Punctuate
    A3. Cause And Effect (Two Parts)

    B1. Phonophilia - Fast
    B2. Acute
    B3. Inside The Narrative

    Chris Burn, piano, percussion, trumpet
    John Butcher, soprano & tenor saxophone

    Recorded November and December 1984 at Bark Studios, London

    Bead Records ‎– BEAD 24

    Vinyl Rip

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