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    In Concert At Yale University - Vol. 1

    A.  P.G. I

    B.  P.G. II

    In Concert At Yale University - Vol. 2


    A1. P.G. III
    A2. P.G. IV

    B.  P.G. V

    Don Pullen, piano
    Milford Graves, drums, percussion

    Recorded on 30 April 1966 and originally released on their private Self-Reliance Project label.

    SRP Records - PG 286 (Vol. 1)
    SRP Records - SRP-LP 290; PG 290 (Vol. 2)
    IPS - IPS 290, IPS ST290 (Vol. 2, re-issues on Milford Graves/Andrew Cyrille's Institute of Percussive Studies label)

    Vinyl Rips

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    In Memoriam, Graham Rogers, aka glmlr- 1948-2013
    a Friend and occasional contributor here , avid/rabid, music aficionado,who died of a heart attack in his home in Athens, dec 21st, he raved frequently about Sunny Murray's sizzle cymbal , and loved David Murray also.... R.I.P (whatever that means stripped of all religious context)

    This is a great audience recording , one i often return to............He particularly liked it too.

    Many thanks to whoever recorded this
    Seeder/Taper's original notes

    David Murray - Sunny Murray Duo, 1986.02.18, Muenster (Germany)

    Rheinisches Landesmuseum-Münster, Germany,18. February 1986

    David Murray - Sunny Murray Duo

    David Murray - ts,bcl
    Sunny Murray - dr

    1. - 10:40
    2. Patricia - 6:49
    3. - 12:16
    4. Duet - 9:03
    5. Hope Scope - 10:09
    6. - 7:54
    7. Medley incl. Gosts 20:38
    8. Let The Music Take You - 8:17
    9. Naima 5:35


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    Recently I had the chance to buy a mint copy of a LP I've never heard about.
    After listening to it I thought to share it with you - hope you don't mind my helpless efforts to make a picture from the front. My scanner won't work and the winter-light in Germany doesn't really help.
    So you have the cover including the flash - which I tried to dim out with my finger...
    Not at least this recording shows again the mastery of John Carter - recommended listening.

    John Carter, clarinet, soprano saxophone
    Stanley Carter, acoustic bass, electric bass
    Chris Carter, finger cymbals
    William Jeffrey, drums
    Melba Joyce, vocals

    A1. Echoes From Rudolph's     10:24    
    A2. To A Fallen Poppy             06:24    
    B1. Angles                     06:22    
    B2. Amin                     10:14    
    B3. The Last Sunday             05:30

    Recorded: September 6, 1976 and July 14, 1977.

    IBEDON IAS 1000

    (lp rip)

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     This one goes out to Brother H, by way of potential inspiration!

    A pioneer of the use of Synths in Jazz, along with Sun Ra , Burton Green , and Masahiko Satoh....
    Bley made several recordings with Peacock in this lyrical spacey free style, this is very similar territory to the better known , America lp, Improvisie-(AM6121),
    More concise, and probably heavily edited from longer live performances , this has the added bonus of featuring more of Annette Peacocks , distinctive voice, seemingly pitched somewhere between , insouciant  bored irony , and heartbroken agony...

    Bleys incredible solo on Gargantuan encounter, is a marvel ,threatening to recklessly career out of control and fly off the rails into some bottomless abyss.. hell of a ride,

    ripped from a friends well worn copy years ago , its last reissue  on cd was  in Japan ,2 decades ago...
    would be great to be able to buy a Bley produced cd of further contemporaneous live material  in this vein!

    INFO FR Discogs
    Annette Peacock & Paul Bley ‎– Dual Unity-1972
    Gargantuan Encounter4:40
    Richter Scale8:10
    Dual Unity3:15

    Bass – Mario Pavone
    Drums – Han Bennink, Laurence Cook
    Electric Bass, Piano, Voice – Annette Peacock
    Synthesizer, Electric Piano – Paul Bley

    Recorded in concert in Europe, 1970.
    Freedom-FLP 40109, 2383-105
    lp rip

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    Recently, in email Conversations with Dan Serro former Kharma label boss and also  producer of David Murray's wonderfully vivid, viscerally exiting, live at the Peace Church, released in 1991, he shared some recollections about the circumstances relating to its creation,
    which with his permission i'd like to relay here in edited form...

    Before i do that i'll state that i also want to unashamedly ,advertise the fact that D.Serro ,is interested in releasing a couple of very worthwhile projects,on lp, including a duo from the 70's by Byard Lancaster and Yusef Yancy..
    a costly exercise that requires a lot of money... i told Dan that we have no hesitation , advertising the fact that he has new Sealed copies of Live at peace church for sale for twenty dollars U.S , about half the price that second hand copies sell for.
    My appeal is to Vinyl Aficionados, who might want to buy or are considering buying peace church , to do so directly from Dan Serro, in the knowledge that  you will be helping fund further releases.

    i asked Him about the circumstances of its recording and release, saying i felt it was the most vivid aural document he had produced!
    here are a few ruminations by him

    "It was something that happened by accident.   I had just gotten my recording equipment and a friend told me that i should record this concert at the Peace Church.  I did not know who David was at the time.
     He had just come from California and was new on the scene.   I asked if the musicians would mind and was told no. So i got a truck and took the equipment to the Church and set up.   Just 4 mikes and a small mixer with 4 inputs.
     Many years later i played the tape for a Japanese  custmer who had come in from Japan and was at my place buying records.
     By then David was famous and had a lot of records out.  the guy was a big Murray fan and he wanted me to put out the record.
     I had ran out of money for the records i had pt out on Kharma and told him and he said he would go partners with me on it.
     I contacted David and we made a deal (expensive) and then after paying David and the others i contacted the guy in Japan.
     The Japanese had just had a big stock market loss and he said he couldn't come up with the money.
     Since i had already paid David i could do nothing else but put the record out.
     Limited by contract to 1500 copies.
    I agree that it is the best job of recording i ever did....    Don't know if maybe it was the Church that helped or just the way i had miked them but it came out fantastic.

    Things happen in strange ways sometimes.   Like the Burton Greene record.   Keshavan was not supposed to be on that record.
    He got up on stage while i was recording and i was afraid i would not have enough to put the record out.
    It was supposed to be a solo piano record.It is my second favorite record of all of the ones i put out."
    Dan Serro

    Again,Please consider buying a copy directly from Dan , who is a nice , approachable Man, in the knowledge that you will be helping fund worthwhile projects.
    he can be contacted at.

    PS ... hope my confreres here don't mind if this stays at the top of the page for awhile...
    We don't go in for paid advertising here on this blog , nor do we use spurious disclaimers about our shares or ask for donations for ourselves  ...,.i'd like to state categorically that neither i or anyone else here is being paid in cash or kind for this !

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    pierre brings us another inspired , rare shandar release.
    francois tusques intercommunal music from 1971.
    pierre says
    'Know that this record is a good one ! One of my favourite of this period where the French musicians played and recorded with the Americans in Paris. And for those who understand French, don't forget to take a look at the song titles.'

    those who prefer mp3 may want to visit our friend sunmyth at the brewing luminous blog.
    its in the links under t not b

    François Tusques, piano, guitar, maracas
    Alan Shorter, trumpet
    Steve Potts, alto saxophone
    Alan Silva, cello
    Beb Guerin, bass
    Bob Reid, bass
    Sunny Murray, drums
    Louis Armfield, percussion

         Intercommunal Music (24:40)
    A1. Intercommunal Music     08:00    
    A2. Les Forces Progressistes     10:10    
    B1. Les Forces Réactionnaires     03:00    
    B2. La Bourgeoisie Périra Noyée Dans Les Eaux Glacées Du Calcul Égoïste 03:30
          Intercommunal Music! (6:00)
    B3. L'Impérialisme Est Un Tigre En Papier 06:00
          Portrait D'Erika Huggins (8:04)
    B4.         Untitled     00:44    
    B5.         Untitled     07:20

    Recorded May 11, 1971 in Paris.

    SHANDAR SR 10010

    Track 1 (18:20) is A1 + A2;
    Track 2 (12:36) is B1, B2 +  B3;
    Track 3 (8:31) is B4 + B5.

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    Paul Rutherford, trombone
    Evan Parker, tenor saxophone
    Barry Guy, bass
    Paul Lovens, drums
    Paul Lytton, drums

    1. announcement speaker/ quintet  35:55
    2. encore  4:09

    Recorded on May 30, 1977 during the New Jazz Festival in Moers, Germany.

    Note: Use headphones for listening. It was recorded as a dummy head recording (Kunstkopf).

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    A1. Georges Jackson Assassiné Par Les "Pigs" D'Une Balle Dans Le Dos
    A2. Attica 71
    A3. Seize The Time

    B. La Zone Des Tempêtes

    Piano – François  Tusques

    Futura Records ‎– GER 32

    Vinyl Rip

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    A back to the Roots style post, some astonishing rhythmically complex music from Burkina Faso (formerly Upper Volta)
    Very Beautiful!!
    Various ‎– Musique Bisa De Haute-Volta,Ocora ‎– OCR 58
     LP, Mono
    A1-Duo De Sanza
    A2-Récitativ Chanté
    A3-Ensemble Choral Avec Cordes
    A4-Solo De Luth
    A5-Musique Pour La Danse 'Diassa'
    B1-Déclamations Chantées
    B2-Chant Avec Clarinette Et Arc Musical
    B3-Musique Pour Accompagner La Danse 'Diassa'
    B4-Chant Avec Luth
    B5-Solo de Flûte
    B6-Appels De Chasse
    Liner Notes – Charles Duvelle
    Photography – Charles Duvelle
    Recorded By – Charles Duvelle, in 1961


    some scant info about the Bissa
    contemporary Bissa sounds

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    1. Florida
    2. Keetje Tippel
    3. Ricochet
    4. Taibe Duet


    Personnel unlisted

    Radio Nederland - 6808.653/659

    Vinyl Rip

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    1. Group Composing, March 31, 1976
    2. Group Composing, April 1, 1976 - Part I
    3. Group Composing, April 1, 1976 - Part II
    4. Armwheel

    One year later ...

    MIDWOUD (ICP, 1978)

    A. Groen

    B. Rood

    Recorded at Nederlands Hervormde Kerk, Midwoud on 5 March 1977. Too low recording quality for the compilation box-set, but worth hearing.

    Misha Mengelberg, piano
    Han Bennink, drums, precussion, saw, saxophone, trumpet

    Radio Nederland ‎– 6808.653/659

    Instant Composers Pool ‎– ICP 013

    Vinyl Rips

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    A little request fulfillment,2 monster live sets by one of the great bands of its day, 
    These are among my favorite jazz records period!!!
    . To my knowledge, both were also issued in Japan by Paddle Wheel , and once on CD combined  in the early 90's..

    The Band has a very distinct unique sound, with Bob Stewart and Abdul Wadud  given plenty of space , all the instruments more or less have an equal weight.
    in the ensemble passages, there's a lot here that is delightfully  reminiscent of earlier free wheeling New Orleans , collective playing....

    Beautiful Stuff .
    and btw,Blythe hasn't been well the last couple of years, and you can help him by buying some of his available cds from reputable sources, such as the labels Cadence..Enja or in an out .

    for Info Click on the back Covers or go Here and Here


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    JERRY UNDERWOOD,  tenor sax
    GEOFF WILLIAMS,  el piano
    CHRIS BOLTON,  bass
    MARK SANDERS,  drums

    First set.

    1.  11:42
    2.  10:24
    3.  9:12
    4.  13:24

    Cannonball, Birmingham.  9th June 1989

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    Monsieur, Just one more wafer thin slice of.....another wonderfully eclectic piece of the 70's Solo B.Greene , puzzle, the usual mix of bop tunes, free improvisation, compositions , with a little Dadaism thrown in!
    Check out "Milestones"and you'll no what i mean.....

    We hope in all sincerity that the many Greene albums here will whet your appetite for more recent stuff, Greene also has a Klezmer ensemble , which is a lot of fun!

    An interesting ,Paris Transatlantic interview,, 
    Some great CD's out, on C.I.M.P , Cadence, and NoBuisness, among others! (incidentally though..the Cimp Cadence , Klompfoot site is still down)

    We've always felt Greene got short shrift in shitty coffee table Jazz guides , especially the Penguin Guide to Jazz which in the early editions seemed to dismiss him  almost entirely as uneven at best , or as a mediocrity at worst... Much loved classics like aquariana , only rating a meagre, 2 stars...and nothing much rating above that.

    Fuck it , throw those old jazz guides away and lend Greene's genius your  Actuel ears!!

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  • 01/11/14--11:27: Mal Waldron - The Opening

  • Dark blues-tinged solo concert from 1970.

    A1 Right On
    A2 Of Pigs And Panthers
    A3 Cry Out

    B1 Die Fludel
    B2 Petite Gemaux
    B3 Sieg Haile

    Recorded on 19th November 1970, at the American Cultural Centre, Paris

    Epic EPIA 53901F (Futura Records)

    Vinyl rip, from a Japanese reissue on Epic that doesn't seem to be listed in Discogs.

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    A1. Aandeel 1+2
    A2. Rabbit
    A3. Für Leo Und Wim (Und Rudy)
    A4. Ham And Egg Stango

    B1. Once There Was
    B2. Churchy
    B3. Bouquet Mélancholique

    Leo Cuypers, piano
    Willem Breuker, alto & soprano saxophone, bass clarinet

    Recorded 28 September 1974 at Shaffy Theatre in Amsterdam.

    BV Haast Records ‎– BVHAAST 005

    Vinyl Rip

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    JERRY UNDERWOOD,  tenor sax
    CHRIS BOLTON,  bass

    1.  15:31
    2.  10:37
    3.  9:27
    4.  10:18

    Cannonball, Birmingham.  30th November 1990

    Thanks for those of you who showed interest in my previous Jerry Underwood post.  There's more to come!

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    JERRY UNDERWOOD,  tenor sax
    PAUL DUNMALL,  baritone and soprano sax
    CHRIS BOLTON,  bass
    TONY LEVIN,  drums

    1.  21:00
    2.  22:09
    3.  15:03
    4.  17:16

    Cannonball, Birmingham.  13th May 1988

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  • 01/13/14--11:53: Yusef Lateef in Europe 1971

  • To commemorate Yusef Lateef, who died 23. december 2013 at the age of 93, here are three concerts from Europe in 1971. In fact, not only from the same year, but on three consecutive nights! I don't think we have done anything like this on the blog before, so this is a rare opportunity to catch the artist at work over a short, but intense period of time. The first two were in Germany and the last one in the Netherlands. All three were broadcast on radio, taped from there and uploaded to the Dime torrent site.

    All solid grooves here and blue notes all around. Nothing to scare the chickens, just persistent, dependable musicianship! To be enjoyed unreservedly!

    Yusef Lateef

    (1) Bremen, Germany Lila Eule 1971-10-20

    02 Lowland Lullaby (Albert Heath)
     05 band intro
    06 -fades out-

    min 52:47

     Nordwestradio Globale Dorfmusik Live 2013-01-04


    Hamburg, Germany October 21, 1971

    01. Out Of Nowhere
    02. Untitled
    03. Habibi
    04. Yesterdays/I'll Remember April


    Davenport Jazz Festival
    Restaurant/Zaal Groenendaal,
    Doetinchem (The Netherlands) October 22, 1971 "sort of" *RESEED*

    01. Broadcast introduction 1 (cut in) (0:51)
    02. Yesterdays (Jerome Kern, Otto Harbach) (11:44)
    03. I'll Remember April (Don Raye, Gene DePaul, Patricia Johnston) (9:14)
    04. Broadcast presentation (0:20)
    05. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You (Ned Washington, George Bassman) (13:00)
    06. Broadcast presentation (0:18)
    07. Broadcast introduction 2 (cut in) (0:07)
    08. In The Evening When The Sun Goes Down (Don Raye, LeRoy Carr) (16:01)
    09. Broadcast presentation (0:24)
    10. Yusef's Mood (Yusef Lateef) (Broadcast outro (17:17)
    xx. (title) (not included/broadcasted)
    xx. (title) (not included/broadcasted)

    Yusef Lateef - flute, oboe, tenorsax
    Kenny Barron - piano
    Bob Cunningham - bass
    Albert 'Tootie' Heath - drums

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    For J and Onxi
    Trane's spirit hovers gently over this neglected BYG gem, which to my ears is a companion piece to the Outrageously campily eclectic monster psychedellica of  dear professor Leary..

    the chemistry's so good , Kuhn , Jenny- Clarke and Romano , seemed to have forged a lasting musical friendship  , resulting in many further collaborations over the years...
    Kuhn is still recording prolifically ..take a look

    J, sorry we cant help with "Paris is beautiful" i don't think any of us has heard it, and certainly should any of our readers want to share a nice raw syrup free, vinyl rip , we would all be most appreciative ..

    . our belief is that the BYG catalog, ought by now to be firmly in the Public Domain given that so few of the artists actually saw a dime from recordings which have by and  large been circulating in so many dubious semi legitimate issues over the decades ..

    Bass, Flute, Bells –Jean Francois Jenny-Clarke

    Drums, Flute, Tambourine, Bells –Aldo Romano

    Piano, Saxophone [Alto], Shenai, Flute, Tambourine, Bells –Joachim Kuhn

    Recorded  in Hamburg ,25th of January 1969

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