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    While I'm in the business of reviving John Stevens posts, here are two more posted back in 2007, actually in the first year of this blog. They were posted here and here . The discussion back then went into a gresat deal of minutae about what was recorded when and where, but it ended up in consensus. What is on the record was from the Bracknell festival in 1982 where the non-released session was done for the BBC later in the year, but also in front of a live audience. Maybe that created some confusion.

    Freebop played as a sextet on both occasions with a core group of four, and two separate guests for each session. The Bracknell group is as follows:

    Gordon Beck - p
    Pete King - as
    Jon Corbett - trp
    Paul Rutherford - tmb
    Jeff Clyne - b
    John Stevens - d

    Side One:

    1. Blue Line
    2. Rhythm Is
    3. Take Care

    Side Two:

    1. Okko
    2. Kook

    The BBC session:

    Paul Rutherford (tb),
    Trevor Watts (as),
    Pete King (as),
    John Etheridge (g),
    Jeff Clyne (b),
    John Stevens (d).

    Rec. live by BBC Radio,
    prob. London, UK
    October 19th, 1982;

    transmitted : BBC R1, ‘Sounds of Jazz’ (‘Jazz Club’ slot),
    Sun November 7th, 1982.

    1. Blue Line (Stevens)  11.00
    2. announcer 00.55
    3. Take care (Stevens)   05.010
    4. announcer 00.41
    5. Rhythm is (Stevens) 10.32

    The group was conceived as a tribute to Phil Seamen, veteran drummer on the UK scene in the 50s and 60s and a source of inspiration for Stevens. With different lineups, the vibe is bond to differ as well. Gordon Beck is much to the fore on the Bracknell recordings, but Pete King is highly present on both. I kind think of this as a bit of showcase for King, not perhaps as appreciated as he should be back in the day. '

    As the name indicates, this was a meeting place for musicians coming from the bop mainstream and from the improv end of the spectrum, but it all gels beautifully here.

    The Freebop record was posted as an mp3 back in 2007 and that link is unbelievably still active. For this post, I've gone to the master wav file, so this is now posted in lossless flac. I'm hoping to post more Stevens in the near future, particularly his Away fusion group which made a few records in the 70s, on prog/mainstream labels.

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    You'll find some background to Ric Colbeck  here.

    Ric Colbeck, trumpet
    Mike Osborne, alto saxophone
    Jean-François Jenny-Clark, bass
    Selwyn Lissack, drums

    A1. Aphrodite  14:28
    A2. Subdued  6:27    
    B1. The Sun Is Coming Up  9:53    
    B2. Lowlands  11:39

    Recorded at Chalk Farm Studios London on 19-20 January 1970.

    FONTANA 6383 001 (vinyl rip)

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    Paul Dunmall - Gaida, Northumberland and Border bagpipes

    1. Infinity within a semitone  3:39
    2. No food to eat  2:46
    3. The day before freedom  6:19
    4. Loved ones  6:03
    5. Wild tiger mind  8:09
    6. A bag mistake  5:57
    7. The expanding universe  3:46
    8. Snatch us from the terrors of fear and pain  5:12
    9. The mountains love big pipes  15:23

    Recorded : Victoria Rooms, Bristol.  27 April 2001
    Engineered and mastered: Jonathan Scott
    Painting: Paul Dunmall
    Track 9 for Jerry and Nathalie

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    Kenny Wheeler, trumpet, fluegelhorn
    Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
    Eje Thelin, trombone
    John Surman, soprano and baritone saxophone, bass clarinet
    Mike Osborne, alto saxophone
    Anthony Braxton, alto & sopranino saxophone, contrabass clarinet
    Alan Skidmore, tenor saxophone
    Chick Corea, piano
    Dave Holland, bass
    Barre Phillips, bass
    Stu Martin, drums
    Barry Altschul, drums, percussion

    1. Conflagration (B. Phillips)             14:04
       Solos: Skidmore; Mangelsdorff/Corea; Martin/Altschul; Surman (ss)/Wheeler

    2. 6s and 7s (B. Phillips)             12:28
       Solos: Phillips; Surman (bs); Wheeler; Braxton; Skidmore; Mangelsdorff
    3. B (S. Martin)                     10:40
       Solos: Altschul; Mangelsdorff

    4. Malachite (J. Surman)             12:26
       Solos: Skidmore; Surman (bs); Mangelsdorff/Osborne; Braxton (cbcl); Corea

    5. Coins (C. Corea) (inc)             02:56
    6. Causes Are Events (K. Wheeler)     16:24
       Solos: Mangelsdorff; Braxton (as); Corea

    7. Sometime Ago (C. Corea) (inc)     16:32
       Solos: Braxton (sss); Corea; Wheeler

    Recorded at Studio 10, Grosser Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg on November 27, 1970.

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    Paul Dunmall - tenor saxophone, bagpipes
    Paul Rogers - five-string double bass

    1. Ja Ja Spoon  22:25
    2. Spoon Ja Ja  16:19
    3. Ja Spoon Ja  10:23

    Victoria Rooms, Bristol.  27 May 2001
    Recorded by Jonathan Scott.  Mastered by Chris Trent.
    Painting by Paul Dunmall

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    Paul Dunmall, tenor and soprano saxophones
    Tony Marsh, drums

    1. The Snapper  22:28
    2. It could have been you  10:26
    3. Geisha gig  28:57

    Klinker Club, London.  7 June 2001
    Recording: Tim Fletcher
    Painting: Tony Marsh

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    Paul Dunmall, tenor saxophone
    Philip Gibbs, guitar
    Keith Tippett, piano
    Roberto Bellatalla, bass
    Peter Fairclough, drums

    1. Kunikazu  28:22
    2. Samu  6:13
    3. Inissud  22:42

    Victoria Rooms, Bristol.  7 October 2001
    Recording engineer: Jonathan Scott
    Painting: Paul Dunmall

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    A1. The Milky Way
    A2. Dreams
    A3. The Trap
    A4. Apple

    B1. Get Magic Again
    B2. Foaming Around Sounds
    B3. Aspiration
    B4. End

    Masabumi Kikuchi, piano
    Masahiko Togashi, percussion
    Gary Peacock, bass

    Recorded at Victor Studio, Tokyo on June 30, July 13-16 1971

    Philips/Nippon Phonogram - FX8518, re-issued as FS-6507 and 18PJ-1007.

    Vinyl Rip

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    A1. Cho-Cho
    A2. Guzura In Wonderland
    A3. Strange Island

    B1. Do-In
    B2. R2 / Strange Island

    Akira Sakata, alto saxophone, alto clarinet
    Hiroshi Yoshino, bass
    Nobu Fujii, drums

    Better Days ‎– YF-7002-N

    Vinyl Rip

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    Paul Dunmall, tenor saxophone
    Philip Gibbs, guitar
    Chris Dodds, bass
    Tony Bianco, drums

    1. Contemplation  32:53
    2. Dark clouds gathering  29:04

    Recorded at Victoria Rooms, Bristol.  5 July 2001
    Engineer: Jonathan Scott
    Painting: Paul Dunmall

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    Paul Dunmall, tenor saxophone
    Hilary Jeffery, trombone
    Philip Gibbs, guitar
    John Adams, guitar
    Tony Marsh, drums

    1. Zooplngoma  38:45
    2. Epessimepeton  23:55

    Recorded at Victoria Rooms, Bristol.  18 January 2001
    Engineered, mixed, mastered: Jonathan Scott
    Painting: Paul Dunmall

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    Haven't heard this New Jazz Neeting - and I'm a bit confused regarding the line-up.......

    Kenny Wheeler, trumpet & fluegelhorn
    Manfred Schoof, trumpet & fluegelhorn
    Herbert Joos, trumpet & fluegelhorn
    Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
    Gerd Dudek, soprano & tenor saxophone
    Heinz Sauer, soprano & tenor saxophone
    Christoph Lauer, tenor saxophone
    Michel Pilz, bass clarinet
    Philip Catherine, guitar
    Toto Blanke, guitar
    Karl Berger, vibes, melodica
    Joachim Kühn, piano
    Barre Phillips, bass
    Jean François Jenny-Clark, bass
    Daniel Humair, drums
    Okay Temiz, drums
    Joachim-Ernst Berendt, annoumcement
    Werner Götze, annoumcement

    Disc 1
    01. Introduction     2:07
    02. Suggestion (M. Schoof)     10:57
        Solos: Kühn (p), Berger (vb), Catherine

    03. Introduction     1:25
    04. Walkie-Talkie (J. Kühn)     7:47
        Rolf and Joachim Kühn, Karl Berger, J.F. Jenny-Clark, Aldo Romano (1966)

    05. Introduction     0:51
    06. Walkie-Talkie (J. Kühn)     10:27
        Sauer, Kühn, Berger, Jenny-Clark, Humair

    07. Introduction     0:38
    08. After Ibiza (J. Kühn)     8:49
        Solos: Joos, Schoof, Wheeler (tpt), Catherine, Blanke

    09. Introduction     0:58
    10. From Time to Time (J. Kühn)     10:22
        Kühn, Jenny-Clark, Humair + Dudek, Sauer

    11. Introduction     1:04
    12. Gülay (J. Kühn)     2:59
        Kühn, Jenny-Clark, Humair

    13. Introduction     0:53
    14. Moving in Two Grooves (A. Mangelsdorff)     15:07
        Solos: Sauer (ts), Mangelsdorff (tb), Dudek (ts), Mariano (as), Kühn (p), Berger (vb), Wheeler (flh)

    15. Announcement     0:28

    Disc 2
    01. Introduction     0:43
    02. Morbidia (A. Mangelsdorff-C. Mariano)     4:36
        Mangelsdorff, Mariano

    03. Introduction     0:52
    04. I Dig It, You Dig It (A. Mangelsdorff-D. Cherry)     5:10
        Mangelsdorff, Don Cherry (1967)

    05. Introduction     0:58
    06. I Won't Forget You (B. Phillips)     6:00
        Catherine, Blanke, Phillips, Jenny-Clark

    07. Introduction     1:25
    08. God Bless the Child (B. Holiday-A. Herzog, Jr.)     6:12
        Sauer (ss), Kühn, Jenny-Clark, Humair

    09. Introduction     0:41
    10. God Bless the Child (B. Holiday-A. Herzog, Jr.)     6:12
        Sauer (ts), Berger (vb), Kühn, Jenny-Clark, Humair

    11. Introduction     1:02
    12. A.M. Blues (M. Schoof)     8:10
        Solos: Sauer (ts), Mangelsdorff; voiceover last 1:20

    13. Introduction     1:31
    14. Fast Nine (O. Temiz)     10:10
        Solos: Mariano (as), Dudek (ts), Temiz, Humair

    15. Introduction     1:14
    16. Yagapriya (C. Mariano)     16:15
        Solos: Berger (melodica), Mangelsdorff, Catherine, Pilz

    17. Announcement     0:07

    Disc 3
    01. Introduction     0:31
    02. The Cafe Parade (C. Mariano)     13:42
        Solos: Mangelsdorff, Wheeler, Catherine, Kühn, Humair, Phillips

    03. Introduction     0:33
    04. Dakar Dance (K. Berger)     4:35
        Berger with Dave Holland, Ed Blackwell

    05. Introduction     0:45
    06. Dakar Dance (K. Berger)     7:03
        Solos: Berger (melodica), Wheeler, Berger (vb)

    07. Introduction     2:03
    08. Winter Song (H. Joos)     8:04
        Solo: Joos (flh)

    09. Introduction     0:30
    10. Ketal Charlie (T. Blanke)     5:42
        Solos: Mariano (as), Blanke (g), Mangelsdorff

    11. Introduction     0:43
    12. L'Eternal Desire (P. Catherine)     5:46
        Solos: Schoof, Wheeler (tpt), Catherine

    13. Introduction     0:44
    14. Gentle Piece (K. Wheeler)     7:46
        Solos: Kühn, Sauer (ts), Mariano (as), Wheeler (flh), Blanke, Dudek/Kühn duo

    15. Introduction     1:39
    16. We Change (K. Berger)     18:57
        Solos: Joos, Schoof, Wheeler, Mangelsdorff, Pilz, Sauer (ts), Dudek (ts), Blanke, Temiz, Jenny-Clark, Phillips (arco), Kühn, Catherine, Humair

    17. Announcement     0:24

    Disc 4
    01. Introduction     5:05
    02. Moving in Two Grooves (A. Mangelsdorff)     8:29
    03. Introduction     2:50
    04. Gentle Piece (K. Wheeler)     8:27
        Solos: Blanke, Mariano (as), Dudek/Kühn, Wheeler (tpt)

    05. Introduction     1:04
    06. Be-Ma-Pil-Philz (M. Pilz-B. Phillips)     6:56
        Pilz, Phillips

    07. Morbidia (A. Mangelsdorff-C. Mariano)     5:25
        Mangelsdorff, Mariano

    08. Meadow Bells (H. Sauer-J. Kühn)     6:01
        Sauer (ts), Kühn

    09. Introduction     1:06
    10. Walkie-Talkie (J. Kühn) (inc)     1:10
        Rolf and Joachim Kühn, Karl Berger, J.F. Jenny-Clark, Aldo Romano (1966)

    11. Walkie-Talkie (J. Kühn)     11:55
        Sauer, Kühn, Berger, Jenny-Clark, Humair

    12. Announcement     0:35

    Disc 5
    01. Winter Song (H. Joos)     6:51
        Solo: Joos (flh)

    02. Introduction     2:11
    03. Yagapriya (C. Mariano)     14:17
        Solos: Berger (melodica), Mangelsdorff, Catherine, Pilz

    04. Dakar Dance (K. Berger)     13:36
    05. Fast Nine (O. Temiz)     7:59
        Solos: Mariano (as), Dudek (ts), Temiz, Humair

    06. Introduction     0:21
    07. After Ibiza (J. Kühn)     11:13
        Solos: Joos, Schoof, Wheeler (tpt), Blanke

    08. Announcement     0:24

    Disc 6
    01. Introduction     0:22
    02. Award for Christoph Lauer     7:22
    03. I Want to Talk About You (B. Eckstine)     4:15

    04. Introduction     1:08
    05. Everybody's Song But My Own (K. Wheeler)     8:33
        Wheeler, Catherine, Jenny-Clark

    06. Green Table Speech (G. Dudek)     10:38
        Schoof (tpt), Dudek (ts), Phillips, Temiz

    07. Gülay (J. Kühn)     10:19
        Kühn, Jenny-Clark, Humair

    08. Introduction     0:18
    09. L'Eternal Desire (P. Catherine)     6:20
        Solos: Schoof, Wheeler

    10. Introduction     0:10
    11. Suggestion (M. Schoof) (encore)     8:54
    12. Announcement     0:36

    Recorded at Südwestfunk Studios, Baden-Baden in December 1986.

    Discs 1-3 include music recorded during the Baden-Baden New Jazz Meeting in Südwestfunk Studios in Baden-Baden. Discs 4-6 were recorded at a public performance in early December 1986 at Kurfürstliches Schloss in Mainz.

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    Philip Gibbs, guitars, Indian banjo, theremin, autoharp, ukulele banjo
    Paul Dunmall, woodwinds, percussion, gopichand, voice, keyboard sitar
    (Jonathan Scott, djembe, darbuka on Track 12)

    1. Ritual One  6:01
    2. Ritual Two  1:40
    3. Ritual Three  5:03
    4. Ritual Four  6:50
    5. Ritual Five  1:04
    6. Ritual Six  6:33
    7. Ritual Seven  5:40
    8. Ritual Eight  4:23
    9. Ritual Nine  1:42
    10. Ritual Ten  1:00
    11. Ritual Eleven  2:14
    12. Ritual Twelve  13:20

    Victoria Rooms, Bristol.  19 November 2001
    Engineer: Jonathan Scott
    Painting: Paul Dunmall

    0 0

    Paul Dunmall, percussion, woodwinds, harmonica, vibraphone, melodica
    Philip Gibbs, autoharp, guitars

    1. The Vision (the words of Shri Ramakrishna)  38:30
    2. Thunder (words of Karl Jung)  11:26
    3. Earth matters  3:09

    Victoria Rooms, Bristol.  13 January 2002
    Engineer: Jonathan Scott
    Painting: Paul Dunmall

    0 0

    Paul Dunmall, soprano saxophone, vibraphone, voice, percussion, ocarina
    Paul Rogers, 6-string ALL bass
    Philip Gibbs, guitars, autoharp, gopichand, theremin

    1. The State of Moksha  61:48
    (words by Swami Sivananda) 

    Victoria Rooms, Bristol.  14 February 2002
    Engineer: Jonathan Scott
    Painting: Paul Dunmall

    0 0

    Paul Dunmall, soprano saxophone, bagpipes, woodwinds, melodica
    Paul Rogers, 6-string ALL bass
    Philip Gibbs, guitar, theremin

    1. 77 miles to Gleech  54:37

    Quaker Centre, Warwick.  27 September 2002
    Recorded by Chris Trent
    Mastered by Jonathan Scott
    Lino cut by Paul Dunmall

    0 0

    Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
    Willem Breuker, clarinet
    Wolfgang Dauner, piano, ring modulator, synthesizer
    Karl Berger, vibes
    Unknown (other musicians)

    1. Moonlight Alley (unknown) 10:35
    Unidentified Ensemble

    2. Longsmars' Ballad (Dauner/Mangelsdorff) 7:31
    Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
    Wolgang Dauner, piano

    3. Stratology (Dauner) 4:50
    Wolfgang Dauner, piano, ring modulator, synthesizer
    + bass(?)

    4. Way Beyond Cave (Berger/Mangelsdorff) 5:40
    Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
    Karl Berger, vibes

    5. unknown title 6:49
    Willem Breuker, clarinet

    Recorded at the Südwestfunk Studios, Baden-Baden in December 1968.

    Excerpts from the 1968 Baden-Baden New Jazz Meeting 1968.
    I don't know the personnel on the first title but the alto saxophonist sounds like Peter Brötzmann, and the pianist may be Joachim Kühn. The guitarist is probably Sonny Sharrock. Don Cherry's Eternal Rhythm Orchestra participated in the 1968 Baden-Baden New Jazz Meeting, and the personnel included Cherry (cornet, fl); Maffay Falay (tpt); Albert Mangelsdorff (tb); Eje Thelin (tb); Pharoah Sanders (ts); Bernt Rosengren (ts, fl); Sonny Sharrock (g); Karl Berger (vb, perc); Joachim Kühn (p); Arild Andersen (b); Jacques Thollot (d). (from Peter Losin's website)

    And that's what I got with the files:

    1 Moonlight Alley
    Manfred Schhoof, Mongezi Feza, John Tchicai, Evan Parker, Willem Breuker, Chris McGregor, Wolfgang Dauner, Eberhard Weber, Peter Kowald, Karl Berger, Pierre Favre, Louis Moholo

    2 Longsmars' Ballad
    Wolfgang Dauner, Albert Mangelsdorff

    3 Stratology
    Eberhard Weber, Wolfgang Dauner, Irene Schweizer, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Chris McGregor

    4 Way Beyond Cave
    Albert Mangelsdorff, Karl Berger

    5 Solo clarinet piece
    (not listed on the cassette, possibly Willem Breuker ?)

    0 0

    Paul Dunmall, soprano saxophone, woodwinds, bagpipes, voice
    Paul Rogers, 6-string ALL bass
    Philip Gibbs, guitars, autoharp, theremin

    1. The State of Moksha live  40:40

    Words by Swami Sivananda

    Rare Music Club at Wickham Theatre, Bristol.  5 April 2002
    Recorded by Jonathan Scott
    Painting by Paul Dunmall

    0 0

    Paul Dunmall, tenor saxophone
    Tony Bianco, drums

    1. Bread and wine  61:44

    Recorded at The Steam Rooms, Poplar, London.  28 March 2002
    by Jon Wilkinson
    Painting by Paul Dunmall

    Check out Dunmall / Bianco cds on Slam: Thank you to John Coltrane and Tribute to Coltrane
    Catch them on Youtube

    0 0

    1-21. Untitled

    Joëlle Léandre, bass
    Haruna Miyake, piano

    Recorded 5 April 1998 at Hall Egg Farm, Saitama, Japan.

    Egg Farm ‎– EF-005

    CD Rip

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