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    A1. Alone, Alone And Alone
    A2. Soulful

    B1. Summertime
    B2. Downswing
    B3. B-Lunch

    Terumasa Hino, trumpet
    Motohiko Hino, drums
    Yuji Ohno, piano
    Kunimitsu Inaba, bass

    Recorded at Teichikukaikan Studio, Nov. 16, 17 1967 

    Columbia, Takt Jazz Series  ‎– XMS-10023 - 1970
    This re-issue, Columbia Tact Jazz Series YS-7037-CT, 1980. 

    Vinyl Rip


    A. Introduction - Alone Together

    B1. Satsuki
    B2. Make Left

    Steve Grossman, alto & soprano saxophone
    Richard Davis, bass, electric bass
    Motohiko Hino, drums
    Harold Mabern, piano, electric piano 
    Terumasa Hino, trumpet, flugelhorn

    Recorded at "Sound Media" Studio, New York, Apr. 6, 7, 1970 

    Takt Jazz Series, Columbia ‎– XMS-10027-CT - 1970
    This re-issue, Columbia Tact Jazz Series - YS7510-CT, 1977.

    Vinyl Rip

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    1. In a certain state of consciousness those questions don't exist  9:59
    2. Islands of conclusions  9:38
    3. The lair  4:54
    4. The saint  3:21
    5. New bag explorations  11:49
    6. Andean Candy  13:11

    Recorded at Lanes End Studio, Farlow by Jim Murphy. 1st November 1999.
    Tracks 1, 2, 5, 6 Border pipes.  3, 4 Northumberland pipes.
    Cover painting by Paul Dunmall


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    Paul Dunmall, tenor saxophone
    John Adams, guitar
    Mark Sanders, drums

    1. Yelling for you (part one)  29:45
    2. Yelling for you (part two)  33:42

    Recorded at the Subtone Club, Cheltenham.  28 Feb 1999
    Recording: Andy Isham. Mastering: Marco at Andersonshelta
    Cover painting: Paul Dunmall


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    Paul Dunmall, tenor and soprano saxophones
    Tony Marsh, drums
    Philip Gibbs, electric and acoustic guitars

    1. It escapes me  13:14
    2. Thousands on a raft  21:26
    3. Zachary problem  4:59
    4. Never mind what they say  8:49
    5. Two people, one oxen  11:41
    6. Spirit boy  6:37

    Recorded: 4 July 2000 at Bath College
    Engineer: Paul Morris
    Mastering: Marco Anderson
    Painting: Tony Marsh


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    Paul Dunmall, tenor saxophone
    John Adams, guitar
    Oren Marshall, tuba
    Mark Sanders, drums
    Steve Noble, drums

    1. Zap II (part one)  45:07
    2. Zap II (part two)  28:51

    Live at the Vortex, London.  20 April 1997
    Recording: Andy Isham
    Mastering: Marco Anderson
    Painting: Dorothy Dunmall (Paul's mum)

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    Paul Dunmall, tenor saxophone
    Philip Gibbs, guitar
    John Adams, guitar
    Oren Marshall, tuba
    Tony Marsh, drums
    Steve Noble, drums

    1. Zap III (part one)  35:22
    2. Zap III (part two)  25:59
    3. Zap III (part three)  9:34

    Recorded: Victoria Rooms, Bristol.  23 October 2000
    Engineer: Jonathan Scott

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    If my memory serves right this was first posted on "FollyForToSeeWhat".
    Sadly no proper release has surfaced.

    Barry Guy, bass, director
    Evan Parker, tenor & soprano saxophone
    Mats Gustafsson, reeds
    Trevor Watts, reeds
    Per Texas Johansson, bass clarinet
    Herb Robertson, trumpet
    Johannes Bauer, trombone
    Per Åke Holmlander, tuba
    Agusti Fernandez, piano
    Paul Lytton, drums
    Raymond Strid, drums
    Elliott Sharp, guitar, electronics

    1. Danaus (Barry Guy) 23:41
    2. Radio Rondo (Barry Guy) 30:32 

    Recorded live at Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Main Stage during the Jazzfestival Berlin on November 6, 2009.

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    Paul Dunmall, soprano saxophone
    Philip Gibbs, guitars
    M. Balachandar, mridangam

    1. Soonachudra  11:22
    2. I could yak it  22:23
    3. Manjah  9:21
    4. Speaking about others  8:22
    5. Yellow paste  5:17

    Recorded at Victoria Rooms, Bristol.  8 February 2001
    Engineer: Jonathan Scott

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    1. Woofin' And Tweetin'
    2. Half Nelson
    3. Drums
    4. Rue Chaptal
    5. Woofin' And Tweetin'
    6. Meaningless

    Allan Wajda, piano
    Bengt "Frippe" Nordström, alto & tenor saxophone
    Bernt Rosengren, tenor saxophone
    Lalle Svensson, trumpet
    Fredrik Norén, drums
    Björn Alke, bass
    Bertil Löfgren, trumpet (2)
    Bo Skoglund, drums (3)

    Recorded in Stockholm, 1962-64

    Blue Tower Records - BTCD08

    CD Rip

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    The above picture is part of the art-work which went along with the files I got from the "follyforto seewhat" blog some years ago. Thanks once more to the original uploader.

    The music of the two George Russell Sextets posted here is really very good!

    Bernt Rosengren, tenor saxophone
    Thad Jones, trumpet
    Garnett Brown, trombone
    George Russell, piano
    Barre Phillips, bass
    Al Heath, drums

    1. radio introduction 0:44
    2. Stratosphunk (Russell)/ 'Round Midnight (Monk)/ Sippin' At Bells (Davis) 23:54

    Recorded at the Gyllene Cirkeln in Stockholm in October, 1964.


    Bernt Rosengren, tenor saxophone
    Bertil Lövgren, trumpet
    Eje Thelin, trombone
    George Russell, piano
    Roman Dylag, bass
    Al Heath, drums

    3. radio introduction 0:08
    4. Out Of You / Kentucky Oysters / Stratosphunk (all tunes by Russell) 28:09

    Recorded at the Gyllene Cirkeln in Stockholm on April 9, 1965.

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    Re-discovered these three audience recordings last week on one of my external hd.
    Enjoyed them quiet a bit -

    ISKRA 1904  "BERLIN 1976"
    Paul Rutherford, trombone
    Derek Bailey, guitar
    Tristan Honsinger, cello
    Peter Kowald, bass

    1 >improv<  14:08

    Recorded at the "Workshop Freie Musik", Akademie der Künste, Berlin on 24.3. - 28.3.1976.


    Mark Charig, trumpet
    Paul Rutherford, trombone
    Peter Brötzmann, tenor & bass saxophone, clarinet
    Peter Kowald, bass
    Barry Guy, bass
    John Stevens, drums, cornet

    1,. >unknown title<    37:35

    Recorded at an unknown venue in Bracknell, UK on July 5, 1980.


    George Lewis, trombone
    Evan Parker, tenor & soprano saxophone
    Alex Schlippenbach, piano
    Maarten Altena, bass
    Paul Lovens, percussion
    Paul Lytton, percussion

    1. >improv<  27:46

    Recorded at an unknow venue in London on August 23, 1981.

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    A. Bird Notes And Folk Tunes

    B. Spontaneous Creation

    Bengt Nordström, alto & tenor saxophone
    Sven Hessle, bass

    Bird Notes ‎– BNLP 2

    Vinyl Rip

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    This is partially a re-up from Sotise's March 2010 post. Apart from a more detailed line-up and track listing (plus the picture above) it's the same post with new links.
    The following is from Sotise's original post >

    Here's another , magnificent radio broadcast of European Free music . this time from NDR Hamburg.

    For those who missed the Short lived seed recently at Dime-a-Dozen... here it is again!

    Incredible that this has been preserved , a wonderfully detailed vibrant music which catches Riley and Oxley at the tail end of mainstream Musical culture's ,very brief flirtation with Free music .
    Both had been recorded by CBS releasing perhaps the least pop radio friendly records ever .

    The good news is that for the most part Oxley and Riley's CBS albums have recently been made available again.

    This is more or less an extention of the material on those records particularly Tony Oxley's the Baptised Traveller, 1969 ( now on-Sony Columbia -494438)
    and Four compositions for Sextet - 1970(Sony Columbia-494437)
    Indeed the final track on this radio broadcast is Saturnalia , from 4 compositions ,performed by an extended group of 12.

    the line up reads like a who's who of European free Improv in 1970 , and the sound on this is Outstanding! .. kudos to NDR studios , you can be sure these guys were barely registering on the BBC Radar back in the UK at that time...

    thanks to Ernst , and 'Jazzrita'.

    Howard Riley / Tony Oxley : "Convolution"-Hamburg,Funkhaus des NDR,Studio 10, 23.01.1970

    Kenny Wheeler, trumpet, fluegelhorn
    Manfred Schoof, trumpet, fluegelhorn
    Paul Rutherford, trombone
    Michel Portal, bass clarinet, alto saxophone
    Gerd Dudek, clarinet, tenor saxophone
    Evan Parker,s soprano & tenor saxophone
    Howard Riley, piano
    Derek Bailey, guitar
    Jeff Clyne, bass
    Barry Guy, bass
    Tony Oxley, drums, percussion
    Alan Jackson, drums

    1. Convolution (H. Riley)     42:44
       Solos: Parker (ts); Dudek (ts); Wheeler (tpt); Schoof (tpt); Parker (ts); Rutherford; Riley; Bailey; Guy (arco); Clyne (pizzacato); Guy/Clyne (pizzacato); Oxley/Jackson

    2. Deeper (H. Riley)     8:06
    3. Eclipse (H. Riley) (fade out))     7:50
       Riley, Guy, Oxley only. Solos: Oxley/Guy, Riley

    4. Saturnalian (T. Oxley)     9:32
       Solos: Guy (arco); Parker (ts); Rutherford; Schoof (tpt)

    Recorded at Studio 10, Großer Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg January 23, 1970.

    Whirlpool aka Saturnalian, officially released on the promo lp Die jazz werkstatt, NDR 1970,see Barry Guys Discography

    here are 2 personal the vein of larger ensembles ... a little suggested listening to those discovering this music, other than the 2 mentioned early in the post.

    Tony Oxley celebration orchestra-'the enchanted messenger'-Soul Note 121284 ( one of the greatest!!)
    Barry Guy & the London Jazz Composers Orchestra -'Ode 'featuring both Oxley & Riley- 1972  (originally on Incus ,now on Intakt- CD 041)

    RELEVANT link...( all in print and available anywhere)

    and here you can find a list of NDR Broadcasts


    from the comments
    Johann says
    "It is MICHEL PORTAL who plays cl and as,here - and not MICHEL PILZ! There is amistake in the circulating list of theNDR jazz workshops."

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    Manfred Schoof, trumpet & fluegelhorn
    Peter Trunk, bass, cello
    Cees See, drums, percussion, zither
    Koenraad Ellegiers, violin
    Christel-Renate Wüstenbecker, violin
    Herbert Krey, viola
    Manfred Niehaus, viola
    Othello Liesmann, cello
    Dietrich Schulz-Köhn, announcement

    1. radio introduction                   00:40
    2. introduction (Dietrich Schulz-Köhn)     00:39
    3. Ludus Totalis (M. Schoof)             03:52
    4. Feathered Friends (M. Schoof)     04:23
    5. Currents (M. Schoof)             04:34
    6. Portraits > Hommage (M. Schoof)     09:57
    7. Summoonata - Absolute (M. Schoof)     11:24

    Recorded on March 26, 1972 at the Kongresshalle, Frankfurt during the 13th German Jazzfestival.

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    Philip Gibbs, guitar
    Paul Rogers, double bass
    Paul Dunmall, soprano saxophone, bagpipes

    1. Bird on a mountain  29:59
    2. Gwinks  9:10
    3. Cherpers  12:42
    4. Two dogs digs feathers  11:11

    Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jonathan Scott
    Victoria Rooms, Bristol.  16 February 2001
    Painting: Paul Dunmall

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    Philip Gibbs, guitars, ukulele banjo
    John Adams, guitars, banjo, mandolin
    Paul Dunmall, soprano saxophone, swanee sax, flute, pregnophone, moxeno, bagpipes

    Disc A

    1. Deprived of oxygen  3:18
    2. Fens to the right, boilerman  5:55
    3. Hey! He's eating my teeth  15:08
    4. Disturbing events  11:32
    5. I'll drink to that  7:20
    6. Discussions with an astral being  9:42
    7. Full moon creeper  4:04
    8. Beautiful young lady  0:55

    Disc B

    1. Come on in the seats are filthy  14:34
    2. Psycho snuffling  1:37
    3. The boyman who ate a whole sweet  3:05
    4. Normal past, out future  12:49
    5. True phenomenon  4:57
    6. The ambrosia of Kuppaswamy  9:00
    7. Shiva's gift  5:34
    8. The final wedge  1:40

    Recorded at the Victoria Rooms, Bristol.  10 April 2001
    Engineer: Jonathan Scott.  Painting: Paul Dunmall

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    A1. Incus: The Bones Of Contention

    B1. Vein Forms: Peter Riley
    B2. In Memoriam: Laurent Goddet
    B3. NYC: E & K

    Derek Bailey, guitar
    Evan Parker, saxophone

    A. Recorded 22 April 1985 at the Arts Theatre London during the Incus Festival.
    B1-3. Recorded 27 July 1985 at the Bethnal Green Music Library, London.

    Incus Records ‎– 50

    Vinyl Rip

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    Ack Van Rooyen, trumpet, fluegelhorn
    Walter "Joki" Freund, soprano & tenor saxophone
    Frank St. Peter, alto & tenor saxophone
    Gerd Dudek, soprano & tenor saxophone, flute
    Karl Berger, vibraphone
    Wolfgang Dauner, piano, ring modulator
    Eberhard Weber, bass, cello
    Fred Braceful, drums
    Allen Blairman, drums

    1. We Are You (K. Berger) (Dedicated to Albert Ayler)     15:56
    2. Announcement                                     00:25
    3. Sounds (K. Berger) (inc)                             05:42
    4. It's Your Turn (K. Berger) (first version (inc))     16:55
    5. Introduction (Dieter Zimmerle)                     00:40
    6. It's Your Turn (K. Berger) (second version (inc))     11:44

    Recorded ar Radio Studio SWR Villa Berg, Stuttgart on July 29, 1971.


    Ack Van Rooyen, trumpet, fluegelhorn
    Walter "Joki" Freund, soprano & tenor saxophone
    Frank St. Peter, alto & tenor saxophone
    Karl Berger, vibraphone
    Wolfgang Dauner, piano, ring modulator
    Eberhard Weber, bass, cello
    Fred Braceful, drums
    Makaya Ntshoko, drums
    Ingrid Berger, vocals

    7. Introduction                             00:51
    8. Catch Up - Who is Blind? (K. Berger) (inc)     17:23

    Recorded at Radio Studio SWR Villa Berg, Stuttgart in July, 1972.

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  • 06/03/14--13:28: John Stevens - Chemistry

  • Here is a repost of a post back in 2009, due to a request in our comments section.

    Led by John Stevens, this is a different mix from his chamber-like SME or his foray into jazz-rock fusion with Away (similarly to Trevor Watts' Amalgam). The accent here is on chemistry, finding a group of players who have not interacted much before, doing it on the spur and creating that live feeling and keeping in the rough edges; anything to avoid that smoothness. Although John had played with the others individually and in smaller groups before, the group as such was new to this adventure.

    The line-up:

    Kenny Wheeler - trumpet/flugelhorn
    Ray Warleigh - alto sax
    Trevor Watts - alto sax
    Jeff Clyne - bass
    John Stevens - drums

    01_Bass Is
    03_The Bird

    The legacy of Coleman is quite evident in these pieces, certainly in the lightness and rhythmic fluidity of Watts' playing, another Colemanian trait and one Watts was going to refine in the years to come. Warleigh inserts a grittier, earthier counterpart to Watts' flights of fancy. Wheeler juts in with some tight, jagged spurts on both the second and third tracks. Clyne leads in the first piece slowly and deliberately with the group gradually joining in and with Stevens holding down an airy, light and very elegant groove. While the first piece is tentative, the two following pieces are machine-gun charged. Both open with short, sharp statements played at a breakneck pace with Watts heading off into the first solo on the second piece and Warleigh on the third. Both Clyde and Stevens get to do short, succinct solos, only broken up by restatements of the theme. However, at the mid-point of the third and last piece, the urgency of the piece suddenly breaks off into an introspective, elegiac mood which might recall the chamber intimacy of the SME, though never getting as taut and abstract. With John Stevens, always expect the unexpected!

    All in all, ultra-fine playing from all concerned, indicating that the chemistry was indeed there on the day or more precisely, during three hours of studio recordings in November 1975. This was made at the Riverside Studio, presumably in London, but released on the Berlin-based Vinyl label in 1977 and never rereleased on cd, as far as is known. Steve Lake provided detailed sleeve notes on the back cover of the record, which has been reproduced here and appended to the tracks.

    0 0

    A1. Dji-Dji-Eitch-Eitch

    B1. Flying To The Sky
    B2. Floating On The Sea

    Günter Lenz, bass
    Motohiko Hino, drums
    Takehiro Honda, piano, electric piano
    Gerd Dudek, tenor & sopranino saxophone

    Recorded March 1, 1971

    Trio Records ‎– RSP-9019

    Vinyl Rip

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