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    This a re-up from a post I made in January 2012. The words below are from this year.
    But most of them are still good. Especially why is there no re-issue and more particularly > Enjoy!

    When I got to hear this recording at a friends house (thank you A.) I immediately knew I had to obtain this extraordinary and marvelous composition (and playing!!) by Fred Van Hove.

    Some days ago it arrived - and upon second hearing I wasn't disappointed - Au Contraire!

    Hopefully Nato is preparing a proper reissue...


    FRED VAN HOVE "KKWTT" (Pour Quintette À Cuivres Et Piano Improvisé)

    Arthur Van Der Hoeft, alto horn, trumpet
    Leo Verheyen, trombone
    Wim Becu, trombone
    Hubert Sleymer, trombone, euphonium
    Jozef Matthessen, tuba
    Fred Van Hove, piano, composition

    1ère Partie: A

    A1. A1 à 4 04:34
    A2. A5 à 8 07:41

    2éme Partie: B

    A3. B 07:47

    3ème Partie: C

    B1. C1 à 3 08:48
    B2. C4 05:47
    B3. C5: Marche Finale 03:22

    Recorded: 17 June at King Kong (Antwerpen), Belgium & 18 July 1984 at Butte aux Oies (Tassé 72), France.

    NATO 355

    (lp rip)


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     Several months ago I acquired several DVD-r full of Jazz recorded at France's fertile scene during the seventies.
    As I tend to listen to music more than view footage I started to rip these video's for my listening pleasure.
    ...and shared pleasure is more...

     Joachim Kühn, piano
    Jacques Thollot, electric piano, drums
    Earl Freeman, bass

    1. Up Down (Thollot) 9:04
    2. Go Mine (Thollot) 5:57

    Recorded at Salon des Artistes Décorateurs, Paris on September 3, 1972.

    Howard Riley, piano
    Barry Guy, bass
    Tony Oxley,  percussion

    3. Cirrus (Oxley) 9:28
    4. Motion (Riley) 3:29

    Recorded at Salon des Artistes Décorateurs, Paris on September 3, 1972.

    Note: filmed for the "Jazz Harmonie" series - Marc Pavaux (director).

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    Sabir Mateen, alto & tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet, voice
    Daniel Carter, alto & tenor saxophone, flute, trumpet, voice
    Matthew Heyner, bass
    Tom Bruno, drums

    1. First Peace That Ever Was, Is, To Be 27:05
    2. Dis-Astor Place 14:39
    3. A Journey Into The Love, Light And Power Of The Creator - Part 1 24:02

    Record at Second Home, NYC, September 29, 1996.


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    JR1. Bedroom Music 1
    JR2. Bedroom Music 2 - A, B

    John Russell, guitar

    Recorded in Ruckinge, Kent on 17 December 1978.

    RC1. Fret Buzz
    RC2. Breaking Through
    RC3. Nose Trouble
    RC4. High Notes
    RC5. One-Man-Band

    Richard Coldman, 6 string and 12 string amplified acoustic guitar, metal items, foam, Barry Leigh's motorised bow

    Recorded at Riverside Studios, London on 11 April 1979

    Incus Records ‎– 31

    Vinyl Rip

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    Michel Portal, alto & tenor saxophone, bandoneon, bass clarinet, clarinet
    Beb Guérin, double bass
    Lêon Francioli, double bass, trombone
    Bernard Lubat, percussion, piano

    Side A:
    01. Souffrière - Volcan (8:22)   
    02. Souffrière - Erruption (5:52)   
    03. En Voiture Simone     (2:50)
    Side B:
    04. À La Niche (6:40)   
    05. 1, 2, 3, 4 (1:49)   
    06. Angels  (3:26)
    07. Los Inclassables  (4:39)

    Recorded during Festival de Jazz de Châteauvallon, France on August 23, 1976.

    Music on track 1,2,7 by M.Portal; track 3 by B.Lubat; track 4 by B.Guerin; track 5 by L.Francioli; track 6 by A.Ayler.

    L'ESCARGOT ESC 382 (vinyl rip)

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    Some hours ago there was a request for this album - I believe it is OOP.
    This post contains the title "The Lie" which was for the first time released on the Japanese LP re-edition. The package included a one-sided single which wasn't part of the original Jihad LP.
    The CD contains both - single + LP.
    What to say else about the music - it is a classic and it should appeal to everyone who digs f.e. ESP.
    Soundwise it is a bit murky and sadly the bassists are best heard in the quieter parts.
    But the intensity of the music will make up for those shortcomings and Mr. Murray IS a master of the drums.

    Sunny Murray, drums
    Albert Ayler, tenor saxophone
    Don Cherry, trumpet
    Henry Grimes, bass
    Lewis Worrell, bass
    Amiri Baraka, spoken words

    01. Virtue             11:03
    02. Justice (pt.1 + 2) 12:51
    03. Black Art          06:41
    04. The Lie            05:55

    TT 36:32

    Recorded Brooklyn, NY, November 17, 1965.

    Amiri Baraka was known as LeRoi Jones at this time and is so credited on the issues.
    Sunny Murray spelled his name "Sonny" at this time.

    DIW Records – DIW-355 (CD)

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    This a contribution by Mew23 - thanks again!

    Amina Claudine Myers, piano, organ, voice
    Pheeroan akLaff, drums, percussion, voice

    1. I'm Not Afraid [04:42]
    2. 3/4's of 4/4 [05:15]
    3. Have Mercy Upon Us Chant [10:53]
    4. Song for Mother E [03:43]
    5. The Real Side [05:51]
    6. The Immortal [05:39]
    7. Inner Destruction [07:38]
    8. I'm Not Afraid, Refrain [03:14]
    total time [46:55]

    "This album is dedicated to my mother, Mrs. Elnora M. Thurman."
    All compositions by Amina Claudine Myers

    Recorded October 9, 1979, at Big Apple Recording Studios, NY.
    Leo Records LR100

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    TONY OXLEY, drums, electronics
    HOWARD RILEY, piano
    PHIL WACHSMANN, violin
    HUGH METCALF, guitar

    1. Oxley, Stabbins, Wachsmann, Riley  11:48
    2. Oxley, Riley  11:45
    3. Metcalf, Riley, Wachsmann  10:18
    4. Oxley, Stabbins, Wachsmann, Metcalf (?)  13:00
    5. Metcalf  3:57
    5. Quintet  24:50

    Goldsmiths College, London.  21 February, 1981

    Thanks to AP for his live cassette recording.

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    EDDIE PREVOST, percussion
    LOU GARE, tenor sax
    KEITH ROWE, guitar, electronics
    JOHN TILBURY, piano

    Set 1.  39:34

    October Gallery, London.  15 December 1991

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    I believe this item is OOP - if not please post a comment - otherwise also appreciated ;-)

    Keizo Inoue, clarinet, alto clarinet, recorder, alto saxophone, little instruments
    Günter Christmann, trombone, bass
    Paul Lovens, percussion

    01. Himmel              05:31    
    02. Wasser              06:36    
    03. Feuer              07:09    
    04. Passionato I     03:20    
    05. Passionato II      02:32    
    06. Passionato III      01:14    
    07. Passionato IV      02:56    
    08. Passionato V     03:48    
    09. Passionato VI      05:25    
    10. Passionato VII      05:05    
    11. Passionato VIII      02:20
    12. Passionato IX       02:07    
    13. Passionato X      01:53    
    14. Passionato XI      01:20    
    15. Passionato XII      01:56    
    16. Passionato XIII      04:41    
    17. Passionato XIV      02:51    
    18. Passionato XV      01:44

    Recorded by Elke Schipper in Moers, Germany on 7th & 8th June, 1981.

    (this version MTCJ 5508 - CD)

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    I have posted the companion to this recording more than four years ago.
    New links over there...and now to:

    Masahiko Sato, piano, celesta

    Toshiyuki Miyama, conductor

    Koji Hatori, Bunji Murata, Kenichi Sano, Kunio Fujisaki, trumpet
    Teruhiko Kataoka, Masamichi Uetaka, Seiichi Tokura, Takeshi Aoki, trombone
    Hiroshi Takami, Shinji Nakayama, alto saxophone
    Kosuke Ichihara, Shoji Maeda, tenor saxophone
    Shunzo Sunahara, baritone saxophone
    Yoshinobu Imashiro, piano
    Kozaburo Yamaki, guitar
    Masao Kurisada, bass
    Teiichi Tabata, drums

    1. Canto I    11:21
    2. Canto II   05:48
    3. Canto III  08:02
    4. Canto IV   05:36
    5. Canto V    05:29

    Music composed and arranged by Masahiko Sato.

    Recorded in Tokyo on July 15 & 18, 1970.

    COLUMBIA NB-7001 (LP)
    (COCB-53493 CD)

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    There was a request for this one from Roberto T. a while back in our comments section at the top. I knew I had it on the Ipod, so it must be retrievable from the archives. Perseverance shall be rewarded, they say, so here it is.

    This is a classic, needless to say. British improv; understated, chamber-like, light-footed, intimate, attentive, cohesive, whatever adjectives may apply. And a fine thing, all in all.

    Guitar [Electric] - Derek Bailey
    Saxophone [Soprano] - Evan Parker
    Trumpet, Flugelhorn - Kenny Wheeler
    Bass - Dave Holland
    Drums - John Stevens

    Recorded at Olympic Sound Studios 18/2/68.

    Producer - Eddie Kramer
    Recorded By - Eddie Kramer

    Artwork By [Painting Of Karyobin] - Robert Macauley

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    EDDIE PREVOST, percussion
    LOU GARE, violin, tenor sax
    KEITH ROWE, guitar, electronics
    JOHN TILBURY, piano

    Second set  45:09

    October Gallery, London.  15 December 1991

    Maybe this only applies to non-drivers like myself, but have you ever been at a gig/concert when you know you have to leave by a certain time to catch the last train/bus and, as good as the music is, you’d like it to finish, but it doesn’t, it seems to go on forever, even when there was a natural obvious ending five minutes ago?  Well this gig wasn’t like that, not for me anyway. I was getting a lift from the wonderful girl who used to drive to most of the venues around England where I made the recordings I’ve been posting.  (Eternal thanks to her.) No, I was relaxed, knowing I could hear every last note, scrape and thrum.  But John Tilbury, on the other hand, needed to catch his train and left halfway through this second set.  Thus turning AMM into the Masters of Disorientation I suppose.

    Thank you to the six people who kindly left a comment to set 1.  Your encouragement gives me a sense of purpose.
    @Maready, Lou Gare was the opposite of a front-man.  He would stand, or walk around at the back of the rest of the group.  I only met him a few times but he came across as a very humble, gentle and thoroughly nice man.  It’s a shame we don’t hear more of him.  It’s well worth hearing the AMM albums made when it was just the duo of Prevost and Gare:  ‘At the Roundhouse’ (Anomalous Records) and ‘To Here and Back Again’ (Matchless Recordings).  Also his solo (tenor) album ‘No Strings Atttached’ (Matchless Recordings).  Obviously ALL the AMM albums are worth hearing.

    Lou Gare on YouTube 

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    1. 野百合 / 作曲:宮澤昭
    2. 12+2 / 作曲:宮澤昭
    3. 秋意 / 作曲:渋谷毅
    4. Beyond the flames / 作曲:渋谷毅
    5. Sea horse / 作曲:宮澤昭
    6. 浜名湖 / 作曲:宮澤昭
    7. Water beetle / 作曲:宮澤昭
    8. Dozing blues / 作曲:宮澤昭

    Akira Miyazawa, tenor saxophone
    Takeshi Shibuya, piano, organ

    Recorded 5-6 December 1991

    Eastworld - TOCT-6631

    CD Rip

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    This rare LP is a contribution by Alex from Solex.
    He posted it in the request section. But it deserves a proper post IMHO.
    Thank you, Alex!

    Vasilis Sitras, tenor saxophone (on side A only)
    Hristos Papageorgiou, trombone(1,2), guitar(3), violin(4,5)
    George Kostoulis, double bass(1,2,4,5), electric bass(3)
    Sakis Grimboulis, drums, percussion

    Side A:
    1. Quartet a  13:06
    2. Quartet b  10:05
    Side B:
    3. Trio a  9:34
    4. Trio b  8:00
    5. Trio c  4:21

    Recorded on February 11, 1984 at Municipal "Sineac" on Piraeus, Greece.

    Art work: Efi Sdoukou

    LARISSA IMPROVISER' GUILD 1 (private pressing)

    (vinyl rip)

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    Mongezi Feza, trumpet
    Uli Beckerhoff, trumpet
    Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
    Perry Robinson, clarinet
    Charlie Mariano, alto saxophone
    Dieter Scherf, alto saxophone
    Bobby Jones, tenor saxophone
    Zbigniew Seifert, violin
    Toto Blanke, guitar
    Philip Catherine, guitar
    Jasper Van't Hof, keyboards
    Dave McRae, keyboards
    Wolfgang Dauner, keyboards
    Chris McGregor, keyboards
    Palle Danielsson, bass
    Peter Trunk, bass
    Jean François Jenny-Clark, bass
    Edward Vesala, drums
    John Marshall, drums
    Okay Temiz , percussion
    Norma Winstone, vocals
    Joachim-Ernst Berendt, announcement

    Disc 1
    01. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     1:30
    02. Ballad for B.B. (P. Catherine)     6:57
        Blanke (L), Catherine (R)

    03. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     0:45
    04. Normal (A. Mangelsdorff)     2:47
        Mangelsdorff, Winstone

    05. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     1:25
    06. Ohne Mühe (W. Dauner)     9:32
        van't Hof (el-p, org) (L), Dauner (p, synth) (R)

    07. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     1:14
    08. Angel Wings (P. Catherine)     16:38
        Catherine, Seifert, McRae (p), van't Hof (el-p, org), Trunk, Marshall

    09. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     0:52
    10. Fugavi (J. van't Hof) (second version)     11:47
        Mariano, van't Hof, Trunk, Marshall

    11. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     0:49
    12. Lopez (A. Mangelsdorff)     17:30
        Mangelsdorff, Breckerhoff, Scherf, Mariano, Dauner, Danielsson, Vesala

    13. Announcement (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     0:04

    Disc 2
    01. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     1:16
    02. Blasting Off (P. Robinson)     5:46
        Robinson, McRae, Jenny-Clark, Vesala

    03. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     0:49
    04. Moon Quake (J. van't Hof)     2:28
        Mariano, van't Hof, Trunk, Marshall

    05. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     1:10
    06. Trio Tronic (W. Dauner)     5:35
        van't Hof (el-p, org) (L), McRae (el-p), Dauner (p, synth) (R)

    07. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     1:00
    08. Questions to Come (A. Mangelsdorff)     1:37
        Mangelsdorff, Vesala

    09. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     1:31
    10. Kasilana (O. Temiz) (inc)     8:41
        Feza, Mariano, McGregor, Danielsson, Temiz

    11. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     0:29
    12. Indifferent (D. Scherf)     2:31
        Mangelsdorff, Scherf, Robinson, Danielsson, Winstone

    13. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     0:45
    14. Before (P. Catherine)     5:50
        Blanke (L), Catherine (R)

    15. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     0:48
    16. Electric Circus No. 1 (T. Blanke)     9:48
        Blanke, van't Hof, Vesala

    17. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     0:59
    18. Human Being (N. Winstone)     10:59
        Winstone, Mangelsdorff, Mariano, McRae, van't Hof, Danielsson, Marshall, Vesala

    19. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     2:45
    20. St. Nikolaus (C. McGregor) (inc)     6:05
        Winstone, Jones, Robinson, Mariano, Scherf, Feza, Beckerhoff, Mangelsdorff, Catherine, Blanke, Seifert, McRae (el-p), van't Hof (el-p, org), Dauner (p, synth), McGregor (p), Danielsson, Jenny-Clark, Vesala, Marshall, Temiz

    Disc 3
    01. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     1:11
    02. Peter's Bass Meet (P. Trunk)     8:56
        Jenny-Clark (L), Danielsson, Trunk (R)

    03. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     0:39
    04. Fugavi (J. van't Hof) (first version)     7:50
        Mariano, van't Hof, Trunk, Marshall

    05. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     2:02
    06. Lion (P. Trunk)     6:45
        Breckerhoff, Feza, Mangelsdorff, Robinson, Scherf, Mariano, Jones, Seifert, Blanke, Catherine, van't Hof, Trunk, Vesala, Marshall, Temiz

    07. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     1:02
    08. Walk Softly, Carry a Black Stick (B. Jones)     6:37
        Jones (cl), Robinson, Trunk, Danielsson

    09. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     1:42
    10. Electric Circus No. 2 (T. Blanke)     6:02
        van't Hof (L), Blanke (R), Vesala

    11. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     0:40
    12. Trio Electric (W. Dauner)     3:04
        van't Hof (el-p, org) (L), McRae (el-p), Dauner (p, synth) (R)

    13. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     0:47
    14. Voyage (E. Vesala)     7:08
        Breckerhoff, Feza, Mangelsdorff, Mariano, Jones, Robinson, Danielsson, Jenny-Clark, Vesala

    15. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     0:43
    16. My Night, My Day (Z. Seifert) (inc)     11:25
        Mariano, Jones, Seifert, Dauner, Danielsson, Vesala

    Disc 4
    01. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     1:51
    02. Lopez (A. Mangelsdorff)     16:53
        Mangelsdorff, Breckerhoff, Scherf, Mariano, Dauner, Danielsson, Vesala

    03. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     1:39
    04. Angel Wings (P. Catherine)     15:07
        Catherine, Seifert, van't Hof, McRae, Trunk, Marshall

    05. Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)     0:45
    06. Duo Electron (W. Dauner-J. van't Hof)     11:04
        Dauner (p, synth), van't Hof (el-p, org)

    07. Introduction     0:45
    08. Blasting Off (P. Robinson)     7:51
        Robinson, Scherf, McRae, Jenny-Clark, Vesala

    09. Introduction     0:11

    Disc 5
    01. Introduction     0:29
    02. Kasilana (O. Temiz)     9:14
        Feza, Mariano, McGregor, Danielsson, Temiz

    03. Introduction     0:41
    04. Lion (P. Trunk)     5:03
        Breckerhoff, Feza, Mangelsdorff, Scherf, Mariano, Jones, Robinson, Seifert, Blanke, Catherine, van't Hof, Vesala, Marshall, Temiz

    05. Introduction     0:18
    06. Before (P. Catherine)     5:14
        Blanke, Catherine

    07. Introduction     0:33
    08. Human Being (N. Winstone)     10:48
        Winstone, Mangelsdorff, Mariano, van't Hof, McRae, Danielsson, Vesala, Marshall

    09. Closing announcement  0:04

    Discs 1-3 include music recorded during the Baden-Baden New Jazz Meeting in Südwestfunk Studios in Baden-Baden early December.
    Most probably before Discs 4-5 were recorded at a public performance on December 7, 1973 at Kurfürstliches Schloss in Mainz.

    0 0

    1. Green Dolphin Street
    2. In A Sentimental Mood
    3. Poor Butterfly
    4. Baby Sea Horse
    5. Stardust
    6. Tenor Madness
    7. I Can't Get Started
    8. Take The A Train
    9. If Ever I Would Leave You

    Akira Miyazawa, tenor sax
    Harumi Takeuchi, piano
    Shunsuke Takeuchi, bass
    Masahiko Ozu, drums

    Recorded on 21 December 1989 at the Grand Hotel, Hammamatsu

    Pony Canyon - M & I - MYCJ-30145

    CD Rip

    0 0

    (Portrait For A Small Woman)

    Georges Menousek, alto saxophone
    Georges Gaumont, soprano saxophone
    Jo Maka, alto & soprano saxophone
    Francois Cotinaud, tenor saxophpoe, oboe
    Luc Le Masne, bass saxophone
    Jouk Minor, baritone saxophone, contabass clarinet
    Denis Colin, bass clarinet, octocontra alto-clarinet
    Robert Garrison, trumpet
    Pierre Sauvageot, trumpet
    Bernard Vitet, trumpet
    Itaru Oki, trumpet
    Adolf Winkler, trombone
    Michael Zwerin, trombone
    Pierre Faure, flute
    Jacques Dolias, violin
    Catherine Lienhardt, violin
    Bruno Girard, violin
    Helene Bass,cello
    Pierre Jacquet, bass
    Armand Assouline, percussion
    Michel Coffi, drums
    Muhammad Ali, drums

    1. Golden Flower 10:14
    2. The Shout 05:51
    3. Le Voile Pastel 03:06
    4. Ijo 06:33
    5. Broadway 09:12
    6. Communications 03:15
    7. Stepping 02:05

    Recorded at Studio Davout, Paris in November, 1978.


    Soloists on:
    Tr.1 Itaru Oki - Jo Maka - Francois Cotinaud - Bernard Vitet
    Tr.2 Muhammad Ali
    Tr.3 Jo Maka
    Tr.4 Denis Colin - Luc Le Masne - Michael Zwerin
    Tr.5 Jo Maka - Adolf Winkler
    Tr.6 Jouk Minor
    Tr.7 Itaru Oki
    Note: Luc Le Masne is not listed in the line-up.
    He most probably plays some kind of clarinet.

    Update (25.08.2013) - Now I know that Le Masne did play bass saxophone and not clarinet.
    See his comment below!

    0 0

    On this and the previous Alan Silva post, he is not playing himself but it's "his" music nonetheless.

    These sprawling vistas - like flying and/or floating over vast sky- and landscapes. Immersed but somehow not attached.

    On this LP the music has sometimes a dreamlike quality (see/hear "Desert Mirage") and au contraire to his LPs on BYG the music here has a more "structured" sound. Not that I would dislike "unstructured" sounds from Alan Silva or per se...

    The Silva - as ever.


    Pierre Faure, flute
    Carl Schlosser, flute, piccolo
    Aldridge Hansberry, flute, alto flute
    Karo, alto clarinet
    Denis Colin, bass clarinet
    Jean Querlier, oboe, cor anglais
    Bruno Girard, violin
    Pascal Morrow, violin
    Didier Petit, cello
    Itaru Oki, trumpet, bugle
    Jeff Beer, trumpet
    Serge Adam, trumpet
    Bernard Vitet, trumpet
    Michael Zwerin, trombone
    Doménico Criseo, trombone
    Francois Cotinaud, tenor saxophone
    Georges Gaumont, tenor saxophone
    Arthur Doyle, tenor saxophone
    Philippe Sellam, alto saxophone
    Sébastien Franck, alto saxophone
    Henri Grinberg, soprano saxophone
    Antoine Mizrah, electric bass
    Rosine Feferman, bass
    Francis Gorge, guitar
    Francois Leymarie, electric bass
    Jacques Marugg, vibes, marimba, timbales
    Adrien Bitan, vibes, marimba
    Ron Pittner,drums
    Bernard Drouillet, drums
    Gilles Premel, percussion
    Alan Silva, conductor

    LP 1

    1. Desert Mirage 20:06
    2. A D N 08:20
    3. After Coda 09:40

    LP 2

    1. February The Third (1st Part) 14:41
    2. February The Third (2nd Part) 09:29
    3. Procession 10:57

    Recorded on June 25,26 & 27, 1982 at Aquarium Studio, Paris.

    IACP 7004-5

    Soloists on:
    Tr.1 Jean Querlier - Aldridge Hansberry - Itaru Oki - Michael Zwerin
    Tr.2 Philippe Sellam - Denis Colin - Jacques Marugg - Bruno Girard - Arthur Doyle - Bruno Girard - Georges Gaumont - Jeff Beer - Jean Querlier
    Tr.3 Francois Cotinaud - Pierre Faure
    Tr.1 Bruno Girard - Bernard Vitet - Georges Gaumont - Denis Colin - Sébastien Franck - Francois Cotinaud
    Tr.2 Jean Querlier
    Tr.3 Sébastien Franck - Arthur Doyle - Francis Gorge - Carl Schlosser - Bernard Vitet - Georges Gaumont - Denis Colin

    0 0

    A rare one by eclectic Italian Jazz and improvising bassist and later electro - acoustic composer Giorgio Buratti , heard here in an impromptu studio session with members of Charles Mingus's touring band at the time..
     An unexpectedly intense foray into total improvisation, rather similar in substance and perhaps inspired by Mingus's 1961 free-cut up Collaged piece 'Passions of a man' , similarly alternating rambunctious, abrupt explosive polytonal gospel romps with elided pointillistic textural abstraction.. .
    ....besides which the fun being had by all involved is palpable and infectious...and very clearly audible..almost relentlessly so!

    Amazing !.. what a joy to hear the great Jaki Byard in completely free mode for an entire record  , his contribution is outrageously fluid ..and certainly among the busiest and most genuinely interactive i've ever heard him..

    Not much info to be gleaned online  about this particular session,
    Here's a link to Buratti's website
    Buratti made a string of interesting experimental albums from the late 60's to the mid 70's , some of which don't easily fit into genre classifications,one of those" Explosions "can still be found here, see the last comment by al66

    PS.. this was a garage sale find years ago , the record is pockmarked with tiny indentations ... not a great copy .. to be sure.!.

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