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    This album is still widely available as a second hand article as LP or CD. A great one, with Chris McGregor, maybe on unappropriate label...

    Chris McGregor - piano, vocals;
    Jim Dvorak - pocket trumpet, vocals;
    Brian Abrahams - drums, percussion, vocals;
    Dill Katz - fretless bass guitar;
    Harrison Smith - tenor and soprano saxes, flute, bass clarinet, vocals

    1. Ke A Rona (Power To The People) (Dvorak) 3.35
    2. Into The Light (Dvorak & Abrahams) 16.41
    3. Etlon-tu (Abrahams) 4.28
    4. Songs For Winnie Mandela (Abrahams) 17.30
      a) Reasons Of The Heart
      b) Kwa Tebugo (At Louis’s House)
      c) Unity Dance
    5. Kali-Mba (Night Song) (Abrahams)  6.31
    6. Mbiso (Abrahams) 8.31

    Recorded at Woodway Manor Studios, Wokingham, Berkshire, June 1987
    EGCD 53 (UK)

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    PAUL DUNMALL - tenor saxophone
    LIAM NOBLE - piano
    JOHN EDWARDS - bass
    MARK SANDERS - drums

    1. First piece   41:48
    2. Second piece  27:56

    Vortex, London.  29th September 2015

    Minidisc recording by Gus.  Thanks a lot Gus!
    Photos from the gig taken by John Sharpe.  Thanks John.

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    Here's a repost of a post from the early days of the blog. The text below is as it was posted back then. New links have been added at the bottom of the comments section.

    And now the same aforementioned friend brings us his rip of yet another mid sixties classic. Again taken from a well loved and played record. All the tunes here are C. Bley's save for Communications#7 which was recorded in Baarn, Holland, on 11th of january 1966.


    1/ Doctor
    2/ Oni Puladi
    3/ J.S.
    4/ Walking Batterie Woman
    5/ Closer
    6/ Communication No 7

    Mike Mantler: trumpet;
    Steve Lacy: soprano;
    Carla Bley: piano;
    Kent Carter: bass;
    Aldo Romano: drums.

    Fontana 1966/1990

    My friend feels this is a very special record, with which I can only concur as I've said elsewhere. This entire Phillips series ,was briefly reissued (for about 2 minutes) in Japan, first on vinyl in the early eighties and then cd for even less time in the early 90's. Those are now very high ticket items which I certainly cant afford. When will larger lables ever learn that there is a market for this stuff? I'd be the first to replace worn vinyl and rips from same, but I'm sure as hell not prepared to fork out up to USD 150 for a used cd.

     Just to add briefly to the last paragraph, the files are from the 1990 cd.

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    A. Part 1

    B. Part 2

    Takao Haga, alto and soprano saxophone, clarinet, recorder, harmonica, bells
    Iwase Shunji, upright piano, pianica

    Recorded on March 24, 1979 at Goodman.


    LP Rip

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    I got this rip through a kind trader - THANK YOU!! - and I post it as I've received it (only a tiny bit of manual declicking).

    Here is a loose translation of the cover's text:

    "The "alta ripa" group (Günter Christmann, Johannes Goebel and Gunter Lage) was formed to create a place in Hannover, were they could be presented unusual forms of dance, theater, text, new music, improvisation, new jazz a.o.
    In cooperation with the Hannoverschen Künstlerverein and with the help of the ministry of science and arts [region of Niedersachsen - in the nothern part of Germany], monthly Hohe Ufer concerts were held in the historical museum of Hannover.
    Parts of the program were held also in three other cities.
    The surprising success of the presentation gave the motive for the publication of this LP."

    The last piece "Tanka" is from another LP - probably released by the city of Langenhagen, which is located near Hannover.

    The lyrics on track 4 are from the german painter Kurt Schwitters.
    His activites were far broader than only painting - dada, surrealism, poetry, sound, sculpture, graphic design, typography and installation art. Most famous he is for his collages called "Merz Pictures".

    More about this astonishing artist >

    HOHE UFER KONZERTE + 1 (1976/77)

    1. Yukiko Sugawara

    Yukiko Sugawara, piano

    "Sonatas and Interludes von John Cage" (excerpt) 05:24

    2. Irene Schweizer solo

    Irène Schweizer, piano

    "Sofort" 05:42

    3.Evan Parker - Paul Lytton Duo

    Evan Parker, soprano saxophone
    Paul Lytton, percussion

    "Halt, we are specialists" 04:28

    4. Egon Hofmann

    Egon Hoffmann, voice

    "Welt voll Irrsinn"/"Cornelia"/"Bii büll ree"/"From dark to dawn" 06:04
    (Poems by Kurt Schwitters)

    5. Christmann-Schönenberg Duo

    Günter Christmann, trombone
    Detlef Schönenberg, percussion

    "We built our time" 08:02

    6. Achim Knispel

    Achim Knispel, guitar

    "Mushrooms for alta ripa" 02:49

    7. Christmann-Schönenberg-Duo

    Günter Christmann, trombone
    Detlef Schönenberg, percussion

    "Tanka" 06:06

    Track 1 - 6 (LP "Hohe Ufer Konzerte"),
    recorded between 1976 and 1977 in Hannover, Germany.
    Recorded by Günter Christmann and issued by the Hannoverschen Künstlerverein (1978 ?)

    Track 7 (LP "Musik in Langenhagen"),
    recorded probably 1976 in Langenhagen, Germany and issued probably by the city Langenhagen, 1976.


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    A.  R-1

    B1. G-1
    B2. G-2

    Motoharu Yoshizawa, cello, bass, voice, whistle, buzzer, paper, dead tree, organ

    Takao Haga, soprano and alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, voice, piano, harmonica, recorder, percussion, hosephone, radio

    Recorded live on 23 March 1980 at √-R and on 3 May 1980 at Goodman

    T.H.I.S. - 0200

    LP Rip

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    The "König Ludwig Lied" is a traditional song which came up shortly after the mysterious death of king Ludwig II from Bavaria.
    Lyrics vary sometimes - occaisonally with a strong incriminating political content.
    But it is also a quite 'kitschy' song which has also connotations to a superficial view of Bavaria and its history/customs.

    1. Die Volksweise (mit dem langen Bart) Das König Ludwig Lied 1:11
    2. Bauer - Nozati - Van Hove Trio = Das König Ludwig Lied 3:59
       Johannes Bauer, trombone
       Annick Nozati, vocals
       Fred van Hove, piano

    3. Evan Parker Trio = Das König Ludwig Lied  15:32
       Evan Parker, soprano + tenor saxophone
       Barry Guy, bass
       Paul Lytton, drums

    4. Alexander von Schlippenbach - Aki Takase = Thelonious Monk Variationen  24:52
       Alexander von Schlippenbach, piano
       Aki Takase, piano

    5. Alexander von Schlippenbach - Aki Takase = Das König Ludwig Lied  3:26
       Alexander von Schlippenbach, piano
       Aki Takase, piano

    6. Les Trois Dames = Das König Ludwig Lied  5:11
       Annick Nozati, vocals
       Joelle Léandre, bass
       Irene Schweizer, piano

    7. Les Trois Dames = o.T.  9:41
       Annick Nozati, vocals
       Joelle Léandre, bass
       Irene Schweizer, piano

    8. Italian Instabile String Trio = o.T. 10:00
       Paolo Damiani, cello
       Renato Geremia, violin
       Bruno Tommaso, bass

    Recorded in Füssen (southern Bavaria) between 1993 and 1995

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    KEITH TIPPETT - piano
    PAUL DUNMALL - clarinet, tenor and soprano saxophones
    PAUL ROGERS - bass
    TONY LEVIN - drums

    1. Set Two  48:27

    The Acorn, Penzance.  10 November 1989

    And here we go...over the sea to Skye!

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    DAVE HOLLAND - bass
    STEVE WILSON - alto and soprano saxophone
    ROBIN EUBANKS - trombone
    STEVE NELSON - vibraphone, marimba
    BILLY KILSON - drums

    1. Metamorphos  13:37
    2. In Your Arms  12:45
    3. The Balance  16:56
    4. How's Never  13:28

    Ronnie Scott's, London.  April 1998

    BBC Radio 3 broadcast

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    One of the first shows I ever torrented. I was so proud of myself. No idea who upped it then but all credit to him/her etc.....
    Original notes:

    Phil Minton,tp,voc Toshinoro Kondo,tp,shenai Heinz Becker,tp
    Conrad Bauer,tb Johannes Bauer,tb
    Ernst Ludwig Petrowsky,as,cl John Zorn,as,reeds Dudu Pukwana,ss,as Rüdiger Carl,ts
    Peter Brötzmann,bs Peter Kowald,tu

    1 Improvisation 46:10

    Total Time 46:10

    lineage: audience rec > cdr in trade > flac > dime

    sound rating: AUDIENCE RECORDING A-

    Remark: Grenzüberschreitung means in english „Cross-Border“. This was a music festival over two days in 1983 in Wuppertal, Germany.

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    1. Trio Clusone = o.T.(1) 8:44
       Michael Moore, clarinet + soprano saxophone
       Ernst Reijseger, cello
       Han Bennink, drums

    2. Trio Clusone = o.T.(2)  8:58
       Michael Moore, clarinet + soprano saxophone
       Ernst Reijseger, cello
       Han Bennink, drums

    3. Bauer - Nozati - Van Hove = o.T. 11:40
       Johannes Bauer, trombone
       Annick Nozati, vocals
       Fred van Hove, piano

    4. London Jazz Composers' Orchestra = Witch Gong Game lll/12 (Die Post Geht Ab)    44:24
       Barry Guy, bass, leader
       Henry Lowther, trumpet
       John Corbett, trumpet
       Marc Charig, trumpet
       Alan Tomlinson, trombone
       Paul Rutherford, trombone
       Chris Bridges, trombone
       Steve Wick, tuba
       Evan Parker, soprano & tenor saxophone
       Pete McPhail, soprano & alto saxophone
       Martin Speicher, soprano & alto saxophone
       Simon Picard, tenor saxophone
       Paul Dunmall, alto & tenor saxophone
       Phil Wachsmann, violin
       Howard Riley, piano
       Barre Phillips, bass
       Paul Lytton, drums

    "Die Post geht ab" recorded at the Kurhaus, Füssen, Germany on 14th October, 1995.

    Note: The piece "Die Post geht ab" was a commission of the city of Füssen
    for the 500th anniversary of the post-station Füssen.The event was held during the 700th
    anniversary of the city of Füssen and the 150th birthday of King Ludwig the second.
    Note 2: the first piece of the evening was "Harmos".

    Tracks 1 to 3 recorded (southern Bavaria) between 1993 and 1995
    Concerts produced by Peter Ernst

    0 0

    JACKIE MCLEAN - alto saxophone
    CEDAR WALTON - piano
    VICTOR LEWIS - drums

    1. trio  11:13
    2. unk  11:55
    3. Mr. E  6:29
    4. I fall in love too easily  9:01
    5. unk  7:41
    6. unk  5:02
    7. Interview with Geoffery Smith  14:43

    Recorded at Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham.  Cheltenham Jazz Festival. April 1997

    BBC Radio 3 b'cast.

    Help with titles would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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    Original notes:
    unknown aud source>shn>wav>flac(level 8)

    total time 45:46

    Billy Bang  Violin
    Don Cherry  Trumpet, Piano
    Wilbur Morris  Bass
    Dennis Charles  Drums

    One of only a handful of gigs they did in Support of the "Untitled Gift" LP
    originally a punkjazz seed in shn, I did the shn>wav>flac, other than that it's the same.

    flac fingerprints:

    0 0

    Disc 1:
    19 March 1999

    Anton Goudsmit (g)
    Erik Friedlander (cello)
    Fred Frith (g)
    Michael Moore (cl)
    Mary Oliver (violin)
    Alan Purves (perc)
    Marc Van Rooy (b)
    Jeoren Van Vliet (p)
    John Zorn (as, prompter)

    Disc 2:
    20 March 1999
    Masada Songbook

    Anton Goudsmit (g)
    Erik Friedlander (cello)
    Fred Frith (g on track 9)
    Michael Moore (cl)
    Mary Oliver (violin)
    Alan Purves (perc)
    Marc Van Rooy (b)
    Jeroen Van Vliet (p)
    John Zorn (conductor, as on 5 & 9)

    Disc 3:
    21 March 1999
    String Quartets
    performed by the Mondrian String Quartet

    fm > dat > cdr > eac > flac

    0 0

    A1. Improvisation
    A2. Intonation
    A3. Komposition
    A4. Inspiration

    B1. Windharfe
    B2. Percussion
    B3. Tradition
    B4. Toleranz

    Harry Klaffenböck, bass
    Manfred Karner, percussion
    Paul Fields, piano, violin, percussion

    Granit Records ‎– JFR 85504

    LP Rip

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    Here's a recording from France Musique of a concert earlier this week at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the AACM. Two sets, the first from Wadada Leo Smith's Golden Quartet, and the second a duet between Roscoe Mitchell and Mike Reed. Thoroughly excellent, especially the blistering performance by Roscoe Mitchell.

    I've not done much editing into separate pieces, mainly because the radio presenter speaks over the intro and outro, and at various times to remind the radio audience who is playing. It's only a minor distraction however.  

    Golden Quartet
    Wadada Leo Smith (trumpet / electronics)
    Anthony Davis (piano)
    John Lindberg (bass)
    Mike Reed (drums)

    Roscoe Mitchell (saxophones, flute)
    Mike Reed (drums)

    Théâtre du Châtelet, Paris; 19th October 2015

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    A very interesting set from the Wayne Horvitz European Orchestra, exploring the full scale, range and colour of the instrumentation, and making a strong case for free music rooted in big band and swing. Definitely one to return to frequently.

    Another great broadcast from the Italian radio station RAI3, one of the most interesting broadcasters of jazz & improvised music.

    Wayne Horvitz European Orchestra
    trumpet Luca Calabrese
    trumpet Eric Boeren
    reeds Massimiliano Milesi
    reeds Silke Eberhard
    reeds Edoardo Marraffa 
    reeds John Dikeman
    trombone Gerhard Gschlössl
    trombone Wolter Wierbos
    guitar, clarinet Alex Ward
    piano Alexander Hawkins
    bass Danilo Gallo
    drums Zeno de Rossi

    Wayne Horvitz 

    BimHuis, Amsterdam, 4th October 2014

    0 0

    Larry Ochs - tenor and sopranino saxophones
    Miya Masaoka - koto, electronics
    Peggy Lee - cello

    Eastern, Western, notated, cued and improvised musics meet on this beautiful beautiful gig.

    FM > WAV > FLAC

    0 0

    sbd > analog cassette (unknown gen) > cdr > eac (secure) > flac

    1. afternoon delight
    2. dictionary of handwriting
    3. thos. dudley ah! old must dye
    4. ursus arctos wonderfilis
    5. rebecca sylvester
    6. hello spiral
    7. a louse of a spouse is a spice for lice (a.k.a. vietnamese folk song)
    8. ?
    9. work from smoke
    10. talking
    11. dry bones in the valley

    edit during applause between tracks 9 and 10.

    0 0

    01 Overture: Fijn Veertje (from "Joy of Dance") (fade out)
          Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, December 29, 1995
    02 Surabaya Johnny (Kurt Weill)
    Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, December 30, 1995
    Bernard Hunnekink - "Uitgebreid Watertanden" (Extensive Mouth-Watering)
    03 Uitgebreid Watertanden, part 1
    04 Uitgebreid Watertanden, part 2
    05 Uitgebreid Watertanden, part 3
    06 Uitgebreid Watertanden, part 4
    07 Uitgebreid Watertanden, part 5
    08 Uitgebreid Watertanden, part 6
    Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, December 31, 1995
    09 Steaming
    11 Eight Pages of Eights (from "Joy of Dance") (fade out)
    Theater Frascati, Amsterdam, December 30, 1996
    Line-up Willem Breuker Kollektief:
    Willem Breuker – saxes, clarinets
    Alex Coke – saxes, clarinets
    Peter Barkema – saxes, clarinets
    Andy Altenfelder – trumpet
    Boy Raaymakers – trumpet
    Bernard Hunnekink – trombone
    Nico Nijholt – trombone
    Henk de Jonge – piano
    Arjen Gorter – bass
    Rob Verdurmen – drums
    Lorre Lynn Trytten – violin (1996)

    Guest musicians, 1995:
    Mondriaan Strings:
    Erik Kromhout – violin
    Tjamke Roelofs – violin
    Wieke Meyer – cello
    Suzanna Degerfors – cello
    Rena Scholtens – viola
    Michael Klier – viola
    Aimee Versloot – viola
    Alfred Jansson – accordeon, vocals
    Ole Edvard Antonsen – trumpet

    Line-up "Uitgebreid Watertanden":
    Alex Coke - flute, tenorsax, altosax
    Bernard Hunnekink - tuba trombone
    Henk de Jonge - piano
    Aimee Versloot - viola
    Lorre Lynn Trytten - violin
    Hanneke Hoogerwerf - cello
    Bo van de Graaf - sopranosax, altosax
    Wim Jonas - bassoon
    John Korsrud - trumpet
    Martin van Duynhoven - drums
    Ernst Glerum - bass
    FM > cassette > CDR > EAC > WAV > Audacity (minor track editing) > FLAC

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