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    A tribute to Derek Bailey

    1. An overview of the music of guitarist Derek Bailey.
    With commentary by Tony Oxley, Gavin Bryars, Evan Parker, Pat Metheny and Alex Ward.  47:26

    2. Music Improvisation Company  10:32

    3. Interview  4:24

    4. Derek Bailey and Susie Ibarra  16:52

    5. Derek Bailey and Alex Ward  7:18

    Presented by Jez Nelson.  Jazz on 3.  BBC Radio 3.  Broadcast 20th January 2006


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    KEITH TIPPETT - piano
    PAUL DUNMALL - tenor saxophone
    PAUL ROGERS - bass
    TONY LEVIN - drums

    1. 44:22

    The Custard Factory, Birmingham. 5th May 1995

    I love Keith Tippett's less-is-more feature.

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    PAUL DUNMALL - tenor saxophone
    KEITH TIPPETT - piano
    PAUL ROGERS - bass
    TONY LEVIN - drums

    1. 28:05
    2.  7:38

    Barbican Foyer, London.  8th May 1995  afternoon

    May Bank Holiday in 1995 was moved to the second Monday to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the end of WWII.  So that's why it felt like a Sunday.  It was a mini jazz fest, I think, in the foyer of the Barbican.  Mujician were just one of several bands playing.  So there were loads of people who'd come out, sitting on the floor, kids running round.  I managed to hunker down near the piano and got this amazing cassette recording.  Enjoy.

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    Narada Burton Greene -  Acoustic Piano, Prepared Piano, Bell, Wooden Flute, Misc. Percussion

    A1 - Renaissance Variations I. Languan Lijornson     6:20    
    A2 - Variations on Roumanian Folk         14:55    
    B1 - March Sun                 9:00    
    B2 - Museums                 5:54    
    B3 - Renaissance Variations II. Kalenda Maya         5:32    

    Recorded live in De Koepelkerk, Purmerend, Holland, November 12, 1978

    Circle Records, RK 121178/18
    Vinyl, 1978

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    Label: CNLF - CNLF-1
    Format: Vinyl
    Country: US
    Released: 1988

    Dennis Charles -  Drums, African Hand Drum, Indian Bells, Cymbals
    Sue Ann Harkey - Prepared 12 String Guitar, Percussion, Train Whistle
    Sharon Gannon - Words, Vocals, Violin Echo-plex, Tibetan Bells, Indian Ankle Bells
    David Life - Sarengi, African Lyre, Steel Drums
    Don Cherry - Pocket Trumpet, Doussn' Gouni, Berimbau, Flutes and Whistles

    A1 - Paracelsus Paradigm    
    A2 - Is This A Bridge Exactly?    
    A3 - Gajananam    
    B1 - Liberation From Samsara    
    B2 - Neti-Neti    
    B3 - Fading Green

    Recorded on Mothers Day 1987 at Harold Dessau Studio, NYC.
    Direct Metal Mastering at Europadisc NYC Hannukah 1987.

    About Audio Letter:
    The Past... In 1979, long before Seattle was known for Cobain and Cornell, vocalist/violinist Sharon Gannon and guitarist Sue Ann Harkey formed, as Gannon describes it, "a stream-of-consciousness experiment" which they dubbed Audio Letter. Although other musicians would drift in and out of their orbit, the duo remained a constant as their experimental nature allowed Gannon to incorporate her interests in alchemy, meditation, and Eastern philosophy into their work.

    Relocating to New York in 1983, Gannon and Harkey became fixtures in the downtown experimental and world music scene, finding fellow musicians such as John Zorn, Fred Firth and Ikue More to be kindred spirits. Audio Letter's wholly improvised gigs in East Village venues like Life Cafe and 8BC attracted a growing number of fans including legendary jazz trumpeter Don Cherry, drummer Denis Charles, and artist/musician David Life. Collaborations with Cherry, Charles, and Life resulted in It Is This, It Is Not This, Audio Letter's first album, released in 1987.

    The album garnered enthusiastic critical acclaim in the underground music world exemplified by future Rolling Stone critic Ann Powers who, then writing for The Rocket, described it as a "philosophical and musical stew different than any other aural communication in Seattle." However, the world had not yet awakened from the Reagan years and Audio Letter disbanded in 1988. Gannon and Harkey simply waited for the times to catch up to them

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    This is the second installment from two cassettes featuring the CMIF, I've received some years ago.
    The first one I've reupped two days ago.
    And off course there is also the only official LP this cluster of musicians has ever released.
    I got these cassettes from a dear colleague who got it from Bobby Naughton sometime during the seventies. 

    Only collective personnel is available for this rare recording:

    Muhal Richard Abrams, p
    George Alford, tp
    Marion Brandis, fl
    Anthony Braxton,reeds
    Wes Brown,b
    Phil Buettner,reeds
    Harrysson Busker,perc
    Courtney Winter,reeds
    Andrew Cyrille, perc
    Joe Fonda, b
    Frank Gordon, tp
    Craig Harris, tb
    Gerry Hemingway, perc
    Leroy Jenkins, v
    Bill Lowe, tp,tu
    Peter McEachern,tb
    Amina Claudine Myers, p
    Scott Munson,vib
    Bobby Naughton, vib
    Genghis Nor, tp
    Mahasin Nor, tb
    Mario Pavone, b
    Ned Rothenberg, reeds
    Leo Smith, tp
    Mark Whitecage, reeds
    Yoharu [Yohura] Ralph Williams, perc

    CD 1
    1. Melancholia (Ellington)                    08:17
    2. Two Pieces from Orch. Set No.3 (L.Smith)   24:44
    3. Picric Wobble (Naughton)                   13:26

    1. Concert Song No.3 (Abrams)                 19:13
    2. Composition No.100 (Braxton)               11:22
    3. Variations On A Duke Theme (Abrams)        07:38
    4. Blue Rose (Hemingway) (incomplete)         08:49

    Recorded at Hartford Jazz Society, [prob. Hartford, CT] on Dec.5, 1982

    [ripped from a cassette]
    all text found on the cassette and handwritten insert except [...] and no timings were given -
    on CD2 tracking is a bit uncertain for track 4. Probably the last few seconds on the cassette/CD are the incomplete "Blue Rose".

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    DIZZY GILLESPIE - trumpet
    GLEN DREWES - trumpet
    VIRGIL JONES - trumpet
    EARL GARDNER - trumpet
    JON FADDIS - trumpet
    FRANK LACY - trombone
    STEVE TURRE - trombone, conch
    BRITT WOODMAN - trombone
    BOB STEWART - tuba
    JUKKA PERKO - alto saxophone
    JERRY DODGION - alto saxophone, flute
    SAM RIVERS - tenor and soprano saxophones, flute
    RALPH MOORE - tenor saxophone
    HOWARD JOHNSON - baritone saxophone
    JAMES WILLIAMS - piano
    ED CHERRY - guitar
    JOHN LEE - bass
    IGNACIO BERROA - drums
    DANIEL PONCE - congas

    SET 1

    01 Intro - Charles Fox  2:35
    02 Prelude and Tocatta  12:54
    03 Emanon  4:44
    04 Lover Come Back to Me  5:44
    05 'Round Midnight  10:30
    06 Things to Come  8:13
    07 Interview  20:19

    SET 2

    01 Manteca  14:46
    02 Without You, No Me  9:33
    03 Night In Tunisia  16:53
    04 The Champ  12:04
    05 Olinga  11:52
    06 Outro - Brian Morton  1:41

    Royal Festival Hall, London.  July 1987

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    Since July 9 we're almost flooded by a wealth of Ornette Coleman ROIO's.
    The last offer was given yesterday.....

    We believe this more than generous contribution deserves a proper post.
    Our appreciation goes to our anonymous donor!

    Ornette Coleman live Paris 11-4-1965 in FLAC.!bNZVEYgZ!6fUNWl_BAR_ycU-FoxR6qlVbskXv6Qf8tHs2QzqxDzQ

    Ornette Coleman live Amherst 11-30-1967 in FLAC.!nVgSxT5J!5aWiGyge3c20FGPT9wmgz6hTVG_YnjttxFoXKCgOGTc

    Ornette Coleman live Belgrade 11-2-1971 in FLAC.!nQoTlTBT!c80qWUr7EMvHLX1x1WCzueQl5VHMxtYZsep35UlVzcE

    Ornette Coleman live Bilzen 8-24-1969 in FLAC.!uM4yxRwS!qWHeRNNBN8XnvZXuyj68bkz0_zxdJVsK8lgMFLV0F34

    Ornette Coleman live Copenhagen 10-31-1965 in FLAC.!HBZ2BB7a!DWu9XFDfxAtxM_bOcCdLf05MTsXkaHRgnubD4ltzpJs

    Ornette Coleman live Berlin 10-30-1965, Bremen 12-3-1965 and San Remo 3-27-1966 in FLAC.!mF5UjCgI!_yMOHHM1k1AB64Am2Pml9D4U6VBbFPsHR-1hNv-n48g

    Ornette Coleman live Cologne 11-11-1971 in FLAC.!GZ5lWayL!dUcpo4wHU5kqOqbyQBToKVeJ8o2JOappG93eC_seYZU

    Ornette Coleman solo live Cologne 11-11-1971or1972 in FLAC.!3RgzHC7I!phHu5f-7yDKES1XmOX2j5tvaesvO-4H03Xu-0vDtNZ0

    Ornette Coleman live Paris 2-12-1966 in FLAC.!TQp0HCza!2m8ajuK_JUM1oV2NFhRW038yPFnl8QnWwYHpvQOmxQw

    Ornette Coleman live NYC 7-4-1972 in FLAC.!nRYxkQLD!yv6aewKbLAK-tmSF9F1_dxFenJWWSH2wQ4mAAw37gu4

    Ornette Coleman live Bracknell 7-8-1978 in FLAC.!TRIDCCoa!9zWW_c1b2AChZc4mf4_jReJPVV6esHLg-DGW6I2_7gY

    Ornette Coleman live Moers 6-8-1981 in FLAC.!OI4jzS7b!POSQtESMt3PXmQLWEwmk1xXId93qdYrts_bvmCZ2biw

    Ornette Coleman live Hartford 6-30-1985 in FLAC.!iBRBhZYL!UAxbGqfn-O0AKJHW1PJPBXYh0Gxio_ICTknQ0C6FMoM

    Ornette Coleman live Zuerich 10-30-1987 in FLAC.!LQo1WYyZ!vt6_lkgU9MqYhprqJzzO69SwvNb-Hbbviwq_zLduHAs

    Ornette Coleman live Austin 11-14-2004 in FLAC.!vRJVWIqQ!sv6p4NPHX6Z-yODc5VDBhO5IC72t0rUqzgl9wVVFjDg

    Ornette Coleman live Antwerpen 8-19-2007 in FLAC.!qEBlmSbZ!nQOt_HZVDqYdrI0obYA2eNlGKAnrd_OpFbOSlJU2ERg

    Ornette Coleman live Essen 2-14-2007 in FLAC.!DF5yESjS!wVOEKjlLNuowZjjU0WfGCQKwXhVYRHnYp7rNypZVXms

    Ornette Coleman live Rotterdam 7-15-2007 in FLAC.!6IZlEZJD!Aj80GHt9f9Oz7G8hlBylT8Vv0BBGPH0jQuLDKrfqRrc

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  • 07/17/16--13:46: ALTENA '72 (JG RECORDS)

  • Thanks to the original uploader. Shame on me but I've forgotten whom I have to thank for this rip...

    SIDE A:

    Urszula Dudziak, voice, synthesizer
    Michal Urbaniak, violin, saxophone
    Adam Makowicz, electric piano
    Roman Dylag, bass
    Czeslaw Bartkowski, drums

    SIDE B:

    Bobo Stenson, electric piano, accordion
    Palle Danielsson, bass
    Lennart Aberg, tenor & soprano saxophone
    Kjell Westling, soprano saxophone
    Bengt Berger , drums, percussion

    SIDE C:

    Wolfgang Dauner, keyboards, sitar
    Attila Zoller, guitar
    Armen Halburian, percussion
    Fred Braceful, drums

    SIDE D:

    Karl Berger, vibraphone, piano
    Ingrid Berger, voice
    Peter Kowald, bass
    Allan Blairman, drums

    Recorded at the 3. Internationales New Jazz Meeting auf Burg Altena, June 24 and 25, 1972.

    JG RECORDS JG 32/33 (vinyl rip)

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  • 08/02/17--11:28: Contributions
  • Anything our readers and followers would like to contribute goes here. That may include recommendations, reviews, recordings, you name it.

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    This is not my rip - so thanks goes to the original uploader!

    Evert Brettschneider, acoustic & electric guitar
    Aloys Kott, bass
    Michael Jüllich, percussion, marimba, vibes

    A1. Happy 7:30
    A2. Circle 12:57
    B1. The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog 3:49
    B2. Stoned Tunes 3:56
    B3. New Marks 10:17

    Recorded January 1978 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg.

    Japo Records – JAPO 60024  (vinyl rip)

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  • 07/22/16--07:04: DOMINIC DUVAL FUND
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    Again my thanks goes to the original uploader.

    Evert Brettschneider, electric & acoustic guitar
    Aloys Kott, electric & acoustic bass
    Peter Eisold, drums, percussion

    A1. Air Lines 8:15
    A2. String Games 8:36
    A3. Daddy Longleg 3:37
    B1. Simply Symphony 9:00
    B2. Silence 7:23
    B3. Elbow Dance 6:06

    Recorded October 1980 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg.

    Japo Records – JAPO 60036 (vinyl rip)

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    KEITH TIPPETT - piano, music box
    PAUL DUNMALL - penny whistles, tenor and soprano saxophones
    PAUL ROGERS - bass
    TONY LEVIN - drums

    Set 1
    1. 45:24

    Birmingham and Midland Institute, Birmingham.  14th January 1989

    The very first concert under the name Mujician.  What Keith Tippett does in the first ten minutes, taking it down to an exquisite, hear-a-pin-drop, almost-stop, is a beautiful thing.


    Nice recording by Stu.

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    The hits keep coming...

    KEITH TIPPETT - piano, music box
    PAUL DUNMALL - penny whistles, tenor and soprano saxophones
    PAUL ROGERS - bass
    TONY LEVIN - drums
    SET 2
    1. 26:04
    2. 23:37

    Birmingham and Midland Institute, Birmingham.  14th January 1989

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    Terje Rypdal, guitar, soprano saxophone
    Bjørnar Andresen, bass
    Espen Rud, drums

    1. I Cried A Million Tears Last Night     4:17
    2. Invocation     4:09
    3. Champagne Of Course     11:06
    4. Ved Sørevatn     6:03
    5. Nøtteliten     7:32
    6. Strange Beauty     5:47

    Recorded at Rosenborg Studios, Oslo, Norway, September, 1970.

    Originally released on Polydor 2382 003 (Norway, 1970)

    (This rip from Take5 TAKE5 35015, 2010 - bootleg)

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    Since there seems to be a bit of interest in Rypdal at the moment, here is a set I dragged out of the archives. This was posted in our conributions section as high-grade mp3s, but since I had the flac files lying about, I thought I might as well put them here.

    Terje Rypdal Trio
    April 4, 1973
    Sendesaal, Bremen

    Terje Rypdal (g, fl)
    Barre Phillips (b)
    Jon Christensen (d)

    Disc 1
    Journal (B. Phillips)    7:04
    Horizon (T. Rypdal)    11:12
    Black Boy (T. Rypdal)    9:36
    Back of J. (B. Phillips)    4:05
    Bend It (T. Rypdal) (inc)    14:52

    Disc 2
    Electric Fantasy (T. Rypdal)    11:00
    Event IV (G. Russell)    5:33
    Rainbow (T. Rypdal)    8:18
    Icing (T. Rypdal-J. Christensen)    15:02
    Tough Enough (T. Rypdal) (inc)    6:45

    More than 90 minutes in all.

    Jon Christensen was with the Jan Garbararek Group at the time and so was Rypdal initially, though I think he might have left by the time of this recording. Barre Phillips was in John Surman's Trio, but the trio might have disbanded by 1973.

    Basically improvisational, good sound and to my knowledge, never officially released. 

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    Following up the earlier posting of Min Bul, here is a 25 - minute clip from Norwegian TV archives. It was shown om 27 February 1970 and is divided into two parts. First is an introduction by composer Kåre Kolberg and Svein Finnerud himself and then there is a twenty-minute clip from a performance at Centralteateret in Oslo on 14 November 1969.

    Bjørnar Andresen (bass) and Espen Rud (drums) made up two-thirds of Min Bul and the Svein Finnerud Trio continued in this form until the mid-70s. The trio was resurrected in the early 90s, but with new drummers replacing Espen Rud. Svein Finnerud died in 2000 and Bjørnar Andresen in 2004. Finnerud and Andresen had known each other since childhood days and they cooperated right until the end. While Jan Garbarek and Terje Rypdal launched international careers through their association with the ECM label, the Finnerud Trio reamined fairly unknown despite being very much part of the scene in the late 60s.

    I have transcribed the introductions, which are in Norwegian, but will need some time to have them translated.  Two key terms are found sounds and musical theatre and how those can be combined will be fairly obvious in the first part of their performance. After that they seque into Plastic Sun, the title tune of their second album.

    This was taken from a series of programmes titled "Musikk utenfor alfarvei" (literally Music outside the main road) and we will have more programmes posted here in the time to come.

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    Carmell Jones, trumpet
    Robert Politzer, trumpe
    Erich Kleinschuster, trombone
    Hans Salomon, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
    Fritz Pauer, piano, electric piano
    Jimmy Woode, bass
    Erich Bachträgl, drums

    1. The J-Dance (C. Jones)                                  06:10
    Solos: Bachträgl, Politzer, Jones

    2. A Time For Peace (C. Jones)                                  06:09
    Solos: Politzer, Salomon (ts), Jones, Pauer

    3. Rush Hour (C. Jones)                                  05:44
    Solos: Jones, Kleinschuster, Pauer, Bachträgl

    4. Tantagolin (C. Jones)                                  06:19
    Solos: Kleinschuster, Jones, Pauer, Woode

    5. Just Swingin' With The Cats (E. Kleinschuster)          05:56
    Solos: Kleinschuster, Politzer, Salomon (ts), Jones

    6. And Things Will Change (F. Pauer)                          06:45
    Solos: Jones, Salomon (as), Pauer

    Recorded on January 9, 1969 at Austrophon Studio, Vienna.

    0 0

    Here we have a rather obscure example of improvised music. I've stumbled on this release while doing my regular unsystematic but occaisonally fruitful researches.

    Lilli Friedemann (* 17. Juni 1906 in Kiel; † 20. Dezember 1991 in Mölln) was a German violin and viola player and an improviser.
    A pupil of a.o. Paul Hindemith she developed from the mid 1950s onward the socalled „Musikalische Gruppenimprovisation“ (musical group improvisation).
    1964 she founded the „Ring für Gruppenimprovisation“ (ring for group improvisation). This was followed by the a series of writings called „Ringgespräch für Gruppenimprovisation“ (ring-talks for group improvisation).
    Her first experiments towards an improvised music were through accompanying theatre performances.
    In 1986 she founded the group "Ex Tempore". With this ensemble she brougt her way of group-improvising to the public.
    She was also a pioneer in historically informed performances of baroque-music in Germany.

    1968 she became university lecturer in Hamburg.
    Today her knowledge in playing and her writings are applied mainly in music-therapy.
    Her script "Ordnung ohne Herrschaft" (order without lesdership/dominance), on which she worked until her death, remains unfinished.
    Her first example of improvised music was released in 1969: "kollektivimprovisation als studium und gestaltung neuer musik".

    Somehow, while reading the book, I had the impression, that the music on this vinyl was produced without much knowledge of what was going on in improvised music all around the world since the end of the 1950s.
    But wether this is an approbriate observation is a moot point.

    The title in Englisch: A1- meter and opposition; A2 - two sound-pictures as a riddle; B1 - fog-horns; B2 - mot-play
    "einstiege in neue klangbereiche durch gruppenimprovisation"means "entering into new areas of sound through group improvising"

    Arend Schmidt, Beate Quaas, Brigitte Emmel, Frank Grootaers,
    Lilli Friedemann, Reiner Juhl, Ulrike Gruß, Wilhelm Schulz

    A1. Metrum Und Opposition  4:26
    A2. Zwei Klangbilder Als Rätsel  2:11
    B1. Nebelhörner 3:34
    B2. Mot-Spiel 2:40

    - Metrum und Opposition (seven players)
    - Zwei Klangbilder als Rätsel (for seven to eight players)
    - Nebelhörner (eight players)
    - Mot-Spiel (a. two players with identical instruments improvise over a "Mot";
    a third one offers contrast. b. two players with different instruments improvise over a "Mot";
    a third one uses a simple "Contra-Mot". )

    No instruments given on the vinyl. But in the book in which the 7" is housed the following instruments are listed for track B1:
    organ-pipe ("trombone"-organ pipe), voice, contrabass, cello, viola, tenor-recorder.

    Universal Edition – 20 P 050, Universal Edition – UE 20050  (7" - 1973)

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