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    Three sessions from two quartets and a trio, from 2014, with a mixture of standards and original material.

    Eijiro Nakagawa Quartet - NHK Fureai Hall, Tokyo; 23 June 2014 (54:59)

    C Jam Blues (Ellington)
    Boot City
    Focal Point
    Heaven’s Kitchen
    Next Page
    Samba de Rio

    Eijiro Nakagawa - trombone
    Masaki Hayashi - piano
    Yuji Yajima - electric bass
    Tappi Iwase - drums

    Hisatsugu Suzuki Quartet - NHK Fureai Hall, Tokyo; 5 June 2014 (53:59)

    Little Girl Blue (Richard Rogers)
    I Should Care (Sammy Cahn)
    In Love In the Rain
    Waltz of August
    Four Brothers

    Suzuki Hisatsugu - Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone
    Yuya Wakai - piano
    Yasuhiko Sato - bass
    Dairiki Hara - drums

    Toshio Osumi Trio - NHK Fureai Hall, Tokyo; 28 August 2014 (27:26)

    Speak Low
    The Look of Love
    You Don’t Know What Love Is
    A Hard Day’s Night

    Toshi Yuki Sakane - piano (Speak Low, The Look of Love)
    Hakuri Kim - piano (You Don’t Know What Love Is)
    Hiromu Aoki - piano (A Hard Day’s Night)
    Yutaka Yokoyama - bass
    Toshio Osumi - drums

    Broadcast on France Musique on 16 September 2015; the radio commentary is included as it includes set dates and set list and band member details. Apologies in advance for any misspelling of names - all corrections appreciated.

    I hope you enjoy this, and best wishes for 2017 to everyone.

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    maybe a bit too mellow for the standard here, but  I'm sure many can enjoy it in the right moment

    Jan Edvard Wallgren (1935-1996) - Piano et direction d'orchestre with Swedish Radio Jazz Group:
    Bengt Ernryd - trumpet, flugelhorn, piccola trumpet
    Gustavo Bergalli - trumpet
    Hakan Niquist - trumpet, french horn
    Lasse Oloffson - trombone
    Sven Larsson - bass trombone
    Lennart Aberg - alto and soprano saxophones , alto flute
    Krister Andersson - tenor saxophone, clarinet
    Erik Nilsson - baritone saxophone, bass clarinet
    Palle Danielsson - bass
    Orjan Fahlström - percussion
    Petur Ostlund - drums
    Bengt Berger - tablas, percussion

    side A
    A1. Dur Och Moll Ar Var Paroll
    A2. Come, Creative Spirit
    A3. A Ground for these Distracted Times
    A4. In Search of Traditions Lost
    side B
    B1. Would You Like to Play the Blues with Me?
    B2. Alexander Skryabin's Raga-Time Band
    B3. Aria and Blues in G

    Compositions by Jan Edvard Wallgren
    Recorded in Stockholm, march 29, 1984

    Dragon Records, DRLP 89
    Vinyl, Sweden, 1985

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    Frank Gratkowski, clarinet, alto saxophone
    Georg Gräwe, piano
    Kent Kesller, double bass
    Hamid Drake, drums, djembe, percussion

    1. Improvisation 1  (09:43)
    2. Improvisation 2  (31:24)

    Recorded live at the Nigglmühle, Eschach (Germany) on March 5, 1999.

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    Frank Gratkowski, clarinet, alto saxophone
    Georg Gräwe, piano
    Kent Kessler, double bass
    Hamid Drake, drums, djembe, percussion

    1. Improvisation 1  (40:43)
    2. Improvisation 2  (02:45)
    3. Improvisation 3  (10:36)

    Recorded live at the Nigglmühle, Eschach (Germany) on March 5, 1999.

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    Greg Goodman, piano
    George Cremaschi, bass
    Mats Gustafsson, tenor + baritone saxophone
    Paul Lovens, selected drums, saw

    1. performance 45:22

    Recorded live in Nickelsdorf, Austria on July 20, 2001 during 'Konfrontationen 2001'.

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    Contemporary Guitar Music Composed and Performed by Philip Gibbs

    1. From Darkness to Light            28:39
       prelude - improvisation - finale

    2. 20th Century Malady                18:44

    Vital Communications  1993  VCOM A11-CD

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    I have listened to this many more times since the last post, but the transition in Sundance from the spoken-word poem to the dance between Jack Gregg's bass and Jeanne Lee's vocal is still spine-tingling.

    A1. Sundance
    A2. Yeh Come T' Be
    A3. Jamaica
    A4. Subway Couple

    B1. The Miracle
    B2. Your Ballad
    B3. Angel Chile
    B4. Conspiracy

    Allan Praskin, clarinet (B2)
    Perry Robinson, clarinet (B2)
    Mark Whitecage, alto clarinet (B2)
    Jack Gregg, bass
    Steve McCall, drums
    Gunter Hampel, flute, piano, vibraphone, alto and bass clarinet
    Sam Rivers, soprano and tenor saxophone, flute
    Marty Cook, trombone (B2)

    Ensemble tracks recorded by George Klabin, Sound Ideas Studio, New York, February 1974.

    Solo tracks and mix by Jan Rathbun, Blue Rock Studio and Good Vibration Studio, April and May 1974.

    Seeds Records 5, Earthform Records - 814

    Vinyl Rip

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    Franz Koglmann ~ The Use Of Memory ~ Hat Hut Records 1991

    1. Chateau De Bouges 9:39
    2. For Max 4:33
    3. The Use Of Memory: Bix, Miles And Chet 7:39
    4. Das Ratsel Eines Tages 6:54
    5. Der Vogel 10:12
    6. Uccello 6:26
    7. Monoblue 6:21
    8. Die Kuhle, Der Duft, Der Glanz 6:16
    9. Constantin's Dream 6:29

    Franz Koglmann Pipetet:

    Mario Arcari: oboe & english horn
    Martin Schelling: clarinet & bass clarinet
    Tony Coe: clarinet, bassclarinet & tenor saxophone
    Roberto Ottaviano: soprano- & sopranino saxophone
    Guillermo Gregorio: alto saxophone
    Franz Koglmann: flugelhorn
    Jean-Christophe Mastnak: french horn
    Radu Malfatti: trombone
    Raoul Herget: tuba
    Burkhard Stangl: guitar
    Robert M. Weiss: piano
    Klaus Koch: bass
    Fritz Hauser: drums

    Conducted by Gustav Bauer

    1. dedicated to Alain Resnais
    2. dedicated to Max Aichinger
    3. quoting from Miles Davis''Tune Up', passages from an improvisation by Chet Baker on 'Tune Up' and Larry Shields''Clarinet Marmelade'
    4. inspired by Giorgio de Chirico
    5. dedicated to Jean Cocteau
    7. dedicated to Yves Klein
    8. hommage a Franz Schubert, dedicated to Ingrid Karl
    9. inspired by Piero della Francesca

    All compositions by Franz Koglmann

    Hat Hut Records hat ART CD 6078

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    A1. Ballad
    A2. Ednilgeis
    A3. Voice

    B1. Inside
    B2. Tasten
    B3. Andrea

    Harry Klaffenböck, bass
    Fritz Novotny, flute, reeds, piano, percussion
    Andrea Haindl, guitar
    Niko Polymenakos, keyboards, tape
    Richard Isaiah, trombone
    Paul Fields, violin, piano
    Linda Sharrock, voice

    Recorded: January 26th 1985

    Kovarik's Musikothek, R.A.U. ‎– KK-M 1013

    LP Rip

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    In 1980, the Italian radio programme Un Certo Discorso organised and broadcast eleven concerts with several of the leading jazz musicians at that time, together with the RAI big band. Several of the broadcasts of these concerts have already been shared on this blog. The RAI3 programme Battiti has been revisiting several of these performances recently, including one that has not appeared either here or on Dime. So here it is - it's just great to hear Steve Lacy on such ecstatic form, together with John Tchicai, Roswell Rudd, Kent Carter and Steve McCall, and of course, the RAI big band. As little editing as possible has been done, to give continuity to the actual concert; any corrections to the setlist or other details are welcome.

    La foresta nello zoo / The Forest and the Zoo

    Roswell Rudd trombone
    John Tchicai saxophone
    Steve Lacy soprano saxophone
    Kent Carter bass
    Steve McCall drums

    and the RAI Big Band

    Teatro dell’Opera, Rome; 24th March 1980


    01 - radio introduction
    02 - 'S Crazy Pad  - Skippy - Warm Valley - Reuniosis
    03 - radio continuity
    04 - Il saluto del mattino - Bud's Brother
    05 - radio continuity
    06 - Well You Needn't

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    Manfred Schoof, cornet & flugelhorn
    Peter Trunk, double bass  cello
    Cees See, drums, percussion
    Johannes Fritsch, viola
    Manfred Niehaus, viola
    Christel-Renate Wüstenbecker, violin
    Koenraad Ellegiers, violin
    Othello Liesmann, cello

    A1. Currents     4:31
    A2. Feathered Friends     5:30
    A3. ...... And Accents     4:12
    A4. Sunmoonata     5:47
    A5. Ludus Totalis     5:09
    B1. Dolbi     3:09
    B2. Open Zoo     7:02
    B3. Portraits     4:26
    B4. Hommage     5:06
    B5. Absolute     3:07

    Recorded at Rhenus Studio, Godorf, February 6, 1972.

    Original release on MPS 21 21295-2 (LP - 1972)

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    Peter Evans, trumpet
    Okkyung Lee, cello

    1. ~~*~   11:29
    2. <<<<   14:43
    3. >>>>   10:53
    4. encore 03:44

    Recorded at Schl8hof, Wels, Austria on November 8, 2009 during "Unlimited 23",
    >Whispers & Cries<, curated by Ikue Mori (2009, Nov.6.7.8)

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    A.  Illusions Of Reality, Part I & II

    B1. Illusions Of Reality, Part III
    B2. Getting It Together

    Nick Steinhaus, alto saxophone
    Sirone, bass
    Anthony Brown, drums
    Thomas Borgmann, soprano saxophone
    Jacques Nobili, trombone
    Jason Hwang, violin

    Sagittarius A-Star 13

    LP Rip

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    0. Radio Speaker Intro [05:40]

    Tony Oxley Celebration Orchestra

    Bill Dixon, trumpet
    Phil Minton, voice
    Johannes Bauer, trombone
    Frank Gratkowski, Hayden Chisholm, Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, saxophones, clarinets
    Phil Wachsmann, Aleks Kolkowsky, violin 
    Peter Koch, Alfred Zimmerlin, cello
    Pat Thomas, Matt Wand, electronics
    Sven-Ake Johansson, accordion
    Fred van Hove, piano
    Mark Nauseef, Jo Thönes, Jochen Büttner, Tony Oxley, drums, percussion
    rec. Sept. 11, 1998

    1.  Paradigm 1998 (Bill Dixon)  47:42
    2.  The Medicine Man, Manifestations 5-7 (Tony Oxley) 20:12


    Sextet (Joseph Holbrooke Trio with guests)
    Derek Bailey, guitar
    Gavin Bryars, bass
    Tony Oxley, drums, percussion
    Bill Dixon, trumpet
    Phil Wachsmann, violin
    Matt Wand, electronics
    rec. Sept. 10, 1998

    3. Cadilla II (Tony Oxley) 38:13


    Vinko Globokar, trombone
    rec. Sept. 11, 1998

    4. Res/AS/EX/Insp-Pirer 05:38

    Recorded at the Stadtgarten, Cologne, Germany, September 10 & 11, 1998.
    Radio WDR3 broadcast, Dec. 07, 1998

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    A1. Prayer For Love And Peace
    A2. Winds Of Change

    B1. Sons And Daughters Of The Sun
    B2. Triumph

    Cecil McBee, bass
    Jothan Callins, trumpet, bells
    Roland Duval, congas, percussion
    Norman Connors, drums, percussion
    Joseph Bonner, piano, tambourine

    Triumph Records ‎– 006

    LP Rip

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    Sonny Simmons - Alto Saxophone
    Jeffrey Shurdut - Guitar, Amplifier, Computer, Indian Chimes

    Frontier Music Composition : The Future Is Ancient Suite

    1 - Untitled
    2 - Untitled    
    3 - Untitled    
    4 - Untitled    
    5 - Untitled    
    6 - Untitled    

    Recorded March 9, 2004, T.H.E. FMA Studio, NYC, USA

    Liner Notes - Julien Palomo
    Recorded, Edited, Mixed by Jeffrey Shurdut

    Nolabel  363, CDr
    Released 2004

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    A1. Illusions Of Reality
    A2. Breath Of Life

    B1. Circumstances
    B2. Libido

    Muneer Bernard Fennell, cello
    Sirone, double bass
    Famoudou Don Moye, drums, percussion
    James Newton, flute

    Recorded at Generation Sound, NYC, 7 May 1978

    Of The Cosmos ‎– OTC 801

    LP Rip

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    Had this recording on a hd since at least six years - most probably I got it from the contributions section or from Dime.

    Jan Garbarek, tenor & soprano saxophone, flute
    Arild Andersen, bass
    Edvard Vesala, drums

    01. Rim  (Garbarek/Andersen/Vesala) 16:30
    02. A.I.R.  (C.Bley) 4:00
    03. J.E.V.  (Garbarek/Andersen/Vesala) 7:34
    04. Bruremarsj  (trad.) 14:44

    Recorded June 6, 1973 in Kirchheim, Germany (unknown venue).


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    A1. Non Dimenticar Le Mie Parole
    A2. Ipotesi Per Simpatia

    B1. Riff
    B2. Studio N. 2,6
    B3. Echi
    B4. Gospel

    Mario Schiano, alto saxophone, hammond organd, piano, voice
    Guido Mazzon, trombone, French horn, flicorno, piano

    L'Orchestra ‎– OLP 10015

    LP Rip

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