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    Robert and Claude were two of the founders, with Jean Derome and Pierre St-Jacques, of L'Ensemble de Musique Improvisée de Montréal, supporting jazz and improvised music in the late '70s and early '80s.

    A1. Intervalée
    A2. Téléphone

    B1. Jeu De Rome
    B2. Danse A Trois

    Robert Leriche, alto saxophone
    Claude Simard, double bass
    Mathieu Léger, drums
    Jean Beaudet, piano

    Les Disques Cadence ‎– CAD-1006

    Vinyl Rip

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    Michael Smith's 1977 ,Solo for Horo, the Odyssey continues!...
    Rather better than Totality on Red... this is an all Original program.
    click on the Back Cover to view session details!

    PS...  lots of wow and Flutter, as well as a pressing fault on this one , so expect a bit of noise , i cant fix those problems without reducing the Quality of the music, or flattening out the frequency spectrum and bleaching out the sound.

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    A1. Sleeping Beauty
    A2. Segue To My Heart
    A3. Adios Half Cowboy
    A4. Up In The Paint Cards
    A5. Ça N'Est Pas Mon Chat; Je Suis Son Homme
    A6. Thru And Thru
    A7. Cat's Whiskers
    A8. Calamity Joan

    B1. Emus In The Zone
    B2. Nopan Kissa
    B3. A Horse With No Hooves
    B4. Hank's Pantry
    B5. The Old Coffity Pot
    B6. The Burning Rosebush
    B7. Yes Sir

    David Toop, alto flute, electric guitar, steel guitar, drum machine, Casio Mt-68
    Peter Cusack, acoustic guitar, bowed guitar, bottleneck guitar, prepared guitar, gatecrasher guitar, bouzouki,  effects, tape
    Terry Day, percussion, piano, water bottle, alto saxophone, trumpet, prepared guitar, bamboo reed, vocals, effects
    Steve Beresford, organ, bass guitar, turntables, whistle, tape, melodica, Casio Mt-68, flugelhorn, trumpet, drum tape, violin, vocals, crackle guitar, farfisa, univox

    Recorded at the chapel of Villedieu, 3-4 September 1984.

    Nato ‎– nato 280

    Vinyl Rip

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    A1. Untitled
    A2. Untitled
    A3. Untitled
    A4. Untitled

    B1. Untitled
    B2. Untitled

    John Kuipers, glass instruments
    Marvin Green, glass instruments
    Miguel Frasconi, glass instruments
    Paul Hodge, glass instruments
    V. Eric Cadesky, glass instruments

    Music Gallery Editions ‎– MGE 10

    Vinyl Rip

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    An old favourite , i thought i'd share here given that its never been issued on CD to my Knowledge,and we have so much Japanese improvised musics here..... i'm a huge fan of various traditional musics , both Classical and Folk.
    and this was an early OP shop discovery , one of the the most beautiful Gagaku records i've heard

    Nippon Gagaku Kai ‎– Gagaku - Ancient Japanese Court Music,Everest ‎– 3322,1972
    A1-Hyōjō Netori
    A2-Etenraku In Hyojo
    A3-Etenraku In Banshkicho
    A4-Etenraku In Oshikichō
    B1-Sahō Taiheiraku (Kyū)
    B2-Sahō Ranryō - Oh
    B3-Uhō Genjōraku (Yatara Byōshi)
    B4-Uhō Nasori (Ha)
    B5-Uhō Nasori (Kyū)

    basic info on the various strands, repertoire and instruments, relating to Gagaku, here

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    Tommy Björk, drums, percussion
    Dror Feiler, sopranino, alto & tenor saxophone, clarinet, contrabass clarinet, melodica, drinding machine, chain saw, jackhammer, sledgehammer
    Raymond King, electric cello
    Mats Lindström, zither, synthesizers, home-made electronics, face-grinding machine, electric drill, electric razor, jackhammer, sledgehammer
    Paul Pignon, clarinet (tr.2)
    Sören Runolf, electric guitar, synthesizer, ,elodica, electric drill, face-grinding machine

    1. Alka   26:28
    2. PoFor  17:53
    3. DiaMat 27:54

    Recorded: 'Alka' - Alka Arts Center, Linköping, Sweden on September 21, 1991.
    'OpFor' and 'DiaMat' at Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden in 1993 & 1995 (live).



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    A1. Flaps (To Pee Wee Russel)
    A2. Misera Plebs, Take 1
    A3. Misera Plebs, Take 2
    A4. Bowery 1
    B1. Steirish WC Nr. 2
    B2. Flops (To Charles Chaplin)
    B3. Bowery 2
    B4. Hommage To An Old Raincoat (To Fritz Kotrba)

    Toni Michlmayr, bass
    Muhammad Malli, drums
    Gerd Geier, electronics
    Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone
    Franz Koglmann, trumpet, flugelhorn

    Recorded April 26, 1973, Mueller Sound Studio 1, Vienna.

    Pipe Records ‎– PR 151

    Vinyl Rip

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    A. Wired I

    B. Wired II

    Mike Lewis, Hammond & Leslie organ, vocals, percussion
    Karl-Heinz Böttner, Hammond & Leslie organ, vox organ guitar, vocals, ocarina, flexatone, zither, electric bass
    Michael Ranta, percussion, home-made plucked instruments, vocals
    Conny Plank, diabolus in musica, live electronics

    Recorded on 28 April 1970 at Rhenus Studio, Godorf

    Deutsche Grammophon ‎– 2740 105

    Vinyl Rip

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    Following up the numerous Elton Dean postings, here is a set with a mixed British-Italian combo recorded in Rome in late 2000. Three long pieces with some very lively and dynamic playing from this group. Fairly late in Elton Dean's career, but full energy is still in abundance. A very nice set.

    Dean - Trovesi Double Quartet - Freedom in Jazz

    1. In Time ... No Time ... Ad lib
    2. Boundaries/Basho
    3. Baghet/Itzaroma

    Elton Dean - alto sax and saxello
    Gianluigi Trovesi - alto sax and clarinet
    Jim Dvorak - pocket trumpet
    Massimo Greco - trombone
    Paul Rogers - bass
    Marco Micheli - bass
    Mark Sanders - drums
    Fulvio Maras - percussion

    Recorded in hall B at the Centre for Radio Productions, Rome, 21-22 December 2000

    Thanks again to James Manion for files and scans.

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    A1. Painajaisia [Nightmares]
    A2. Nuken Itku [A Doll’s Cry]
    A3. Lohdutus [Consolation]

    B1. Öinen Vaikutelma [Nocturnal Impression]
    B2. Aallokko [The Waves]
    B3. Myytti Itkee Jälleen [The Myth Is Weeping Again]
    B4. Keskiyö [Midnight]

    Teppo Hauta-aho, bass
    Antero Honkanen, electronics, percussion
    Mikael Helasvuo, flute
    Edward Vesala, percussion
    Jarmo Sermilä, trumpet, organ, kantele
    Pirkkoliisa Tikka, vocals (A2)

    Recorded in November 1973, Finnish Broadcasting Company, Helsinki.

    Scandia ‎– SLP 608

    Vinyl Rip (thanks to M for the trade)

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    A1. The Feed-back 06:46       
    A2. Quasars       05:49   
    B1. Kumalo        14:17

    RCA Italiana PSL 10466 (1970)

    Founded 1964, Rome-based avant-garde ensemble Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuovo Conso was dedicated to the development of improvisation and new music methods. The ensemble functions as a laboratory of sorts, working with anti-musical systems and noise techniques in an attempt to redefine the new music ensemble and explore "New Consonance." The musical deconstructions were published on LP at the time, some of which have been reissued on CD. Many of the techniques reflect the influence of Luigi Nono and Scelsi, and the group created abrasive and intricate sound studies on classical instruments and occasionally employed electronics and tape music methods in the process. The group was the breeding ground for a group of avant-garde composers including the then-burgeoning soundtrack composer, one Ennio Morricone. Other group members included Franco Evangelisti, Egisto Macchi, Antonello Neri, Giovanni Piazza, Giancarlo Schiaffini, and Mario Bertoncini, although the project housed the activities of many guests over the course of the '60s through to the early '70s. Held in high regard in avant-garde music circles, they are considered to be the first experimental composers collective, their only peers being the British improvisation collective AMM. Recordings of the group have been reissued by the Ampersand label and Editions RZ in the '90s. Like the fellow Rome-based Musica Electronica Viva, they were a challenging group of established composers and shared progressive concepts as well as one group member, Fredrick Rzewski, who later became one of the leading interpreters of 20th century classical music.

    Through exposure to free improvised music and jazz as much as to post-serialism, music concrete, and avant-gardism of the '50s, the group developed an entirely new strategy of collective composition that functioned outside of any idiom. Their influence can be heard in free improvising ensembles from the European movements including Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble, Voice Crack, and in the techniques of modern classical music and avant-garde jazz groups. Group member Giancarlo Schiaffini carried the flame of G.I.N.C. into his Italian Instabile Orchestra, while Franco Evangelisti and Mario Bertoncini would work in contemporary classical music for the ensuing three decades. The ensemble's groundbreaking work informed their work in composition. While Morricone would become one of the most important cinema composers of the century, he would be the only member of the ensemble who could claim to have his work heard in every Western household while his peers would sit on the fringes of obscurity. The ensemble did perform in varying capacities with Morricone adding noise to some of his '60s Italian soundtracks, but their importance in music history remains to be in the avant-garde music world as the premier group for experimental improvisation. by Sylvie Harrison AMG

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    1. Duo Improvisation Part I
    2. Duo Improvisation Part II
    3. My Old Flame

    Mal Waldron, piano
    Yosuke Yamashita, piano

    Recorded at Pit Inn, Shinjuku, 17 September 1985

    CBS - 32DH 360

    CD Rip

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    total time 35:03

    NPR broadcast on Jazz Alive -  WBEZ Chicago, IL
    fm cass master recorded by writerguy83 
    transferred by allsoundz (Tascam 122 MK III>Numark 20 band equalizer>HHB CDR 830>cdr)
    tracked, edited and seeded by carville (cdr>eac(secure mode)>cdwav>flac(level 8))

    Paul Bley - piano

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    FM broadcast > Philips CDR765 > Adobe Audition 2.0 > dBpowerAMP Music Converter 11.5 

    Steve Potts (as, ss)
    Glenn Ferris (tb)
    Jean-Jacques Avenel (b)
    John Betsch (d)

    1. Intro by radio announcer  1:17
    2. Prospectus  
    3. The bath
    4. The rent
    5. As usual
    6. The blinks

    TT 58:55

    *Taped & Transfered by peterw

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    This one was intended as a Sampler To the EMI ,India catalog of Hindustani Instrumental  Music...
    A Real Gem and an early introduction and portal for me to this vast the time Magical world.

    V.A,Raga Moods-EMSE 102 ,1981
    Raga Yaman
    Vilayat Khan-Sitar
    Manik Rao Poptkar-tabla
    Lp-2-Side 1
    Raga Desh
    Imrat Hussain Khan-Sitar
    Shanta Prassad-Tabla
    Jugalbandi, Raga Jai Jaiwanti
    Bismillah Khan-Shehnai
    Mahapurush Misra-Tabla
    Lp-3-Side 1
    Jugalbandi-Raga Gurjaree Todi
    Vilayat Khan-Sitar
    Bismillah Khan-Shehnai
    Shanta Prassad-Tabla
    Raga Behag
    Bismillah Khan , and Party

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    A very beautiful Record by Shivukar Sharma, Master of the Santur, this one has never made it to Cd

    Ocora OCR 77
    Sivakumar Sarma - santur
    Kasinath Misra - tabla

    A-Raga Rageswari
    B-1- Raga sohani
    B-2-Pahadi Dhun

    Check out the prolific Sharma's website

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    John Tchicai - as, fl, perc
    Peter Oye - g, perc
    Hugo Rasmusen - b
    Aage Trangaard - dr


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    The Kings of Sming was the first live jazz that I heard (some of the first jazz that I heard), after Robert Leriche had taken over from Perry White on sax. I was lucky to catch them several times around Toronto. If they had not been enjoyable, I might not have been on IS now. If anyone has tapes from their CBC session or live performances that they would like to share, do let me know.

    1. Basement Wanderer / Ditteo / Heads Up
    2. Jessica's Lament
    3. Tango Oreo
    4. Under The Double Standard / Lift Off
    5. Jazz In The Zebra Zone / Alter Ego / Funky Fool

    Paul Cram, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, clarinet
    Perry White, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
    James Young, bass
    John Lennard, drums

    Recorded 29 June 1984, Toronto

    Cargo Culture Enterprises, self-released cassette tape

    Cassette Tape Rip

    ... and an earlier incarnation with Friedhelm Schonfeld on sax on You Tube

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    Elvira Plenar, piano
    Peter Kowald, bass
    John Betsch, drums

    1. Hi Hat             5:32        
    2. Clairvoyance II     5:33        
    3. Chaos Order      9:03    
    4. For Samuel B.     4:45        
    5. Filigree Snippety     5:42        
    6. Homunculus             9:12        
    7. Pavane             5:37        
    8. Beautiful Fractals     9:23    

    Recorded at Trion Sound, Frankfurt, Germany on January 17 & 18, 1991.

    FREE FLOW MUSIC ffm 0191

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    Here's another great Michael Ranta session , in a duo with Hartmut Geerken, From 1976 released in 2011 on the Qbico Omicron-Omega10 lp box set, unfortunately this is the only one in the set that i own.

    ..beautiful slowly unfolding waves of , Echo plex O.D , paradise, in  .. Taj Mahal travellers ....Kluster circa-Klopfzeichen, 1969....Psychedelic,continual Flux.......mode,no suggestion of imitation the textures rise and swell harshly at times...all .enveloped in a warm endless glow...

    All pieces are untitled

    Instruments [Mallet Instruments], Xylophone, Marimba, Metallophone, Vibraphone, Tabla, Idiophone [Flexatone], Castanets [Castagnets], Oboe [Japanese], Woodwind [Argool], Gong, Tam-tam [Tamtams], Electronics [Short-wave Receiver], Violin [Chinese], Erhu [Er-hu, Jung-hu], Wood Block, Effects [Echo Machine], Bells [Cup Bells], Esraj [Indian Israj], Electronics [Vco, Vcf], Vocals – Michael Ranta

    Piano, Piano [Prepared Piano, Piano Strings], Bells [Tibetan Tingshak, Water Tingshak], Bullroarer [Waldteufel], Rattle [Mokkatam Pot Rattles], Bells, Bells [Water Bells, Sleigh Bells], Gong [Gongs, Water Gongs], Performer [Tibetan Boo-chals, Water Boo-chals, Musical Clock], Horn [Tibetan Horn], Performer [Singing Tube], Maracas, Wood Block, Temple Block, Gong [Peking Opera Gongs], Castanets [Castagnets], Bells [Lead Camel Bell], Electronics [Short-wave Receiver], Swarmandel [Swarmandal], Whistle [Whistles], Woodwind [Argool], Percussion [Monkey Drum], Xylophone [Toy Xylophone], Bells [Lion Bell], Ektare [Gopichand], Cymbal [Egyptian Cymbals & Sagat], Waterphone, Voice, Glockenspiel [Toy Glockenspiele], Kalimba [Thumb Piano] – Hartmut Geerken

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