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    B. Local Fair

    Artur Beck, accordion
    Birgit Reitz, accordion
    Dirk Heinen, accordion
    Ewald Wirths, accordion
    Gabriele Joest, accordion
    Hans Eikermann, accordion
    Hans-Peter Fresen, accordion
    Harald Heinz, accordion
    Harald Pauli, accordion
    Heinz Neyen, accordion
    Horst Stark, accordion
    Jörg Stepputat, accordion
    Klaus Bächler, accordion
    Klaus Krapp, accordion
    Martina Apfelbaum, accordion
    Martina Joest, accordion
    Monika Lusebrink, accordion
    Peter Eikermann, accordion
    Rosemarie Spormann, accordion
    Ursula Gruner, accordion
    Ursula Göge, accordion
    Ursula Saale, accordion
    Wolfgang Gries, accordion
    Wolfgang Göge, accordion
    Wolfgang Weckelmann, accordion
    Bernhard Kleinert, alto saxophone
    Peter Brötzmann, alto saxophone, baritone saxophone
    Hans-Peter Krummenauer, clarinet
    Vangelis Zikas, clarinet
    Theo Powiton, clarinet, alto saxophone
    Peter Spormann, drums
    Vassilis Zikas, drums
    Manfred Gruner, electric bass
    Alekos Zagoras, guitar
    Rolf Schmitz, guitar
    Werner Orf, guitar
    Günter Christmann, alpine horn
    Paul Rutherford, alpine horn
    Hugo Dönch, tenor horn
    Kurt Dönch, tenor horn
    Friedel Kolb, trumpet
    Hans Möllmann, oboe
    Willi Hengstenberg, barrel organ
    Mousikon Synkrotima, performer
    Spirou Papandreou, vocals, guitar
    Helmut Griesbeck, tenor saxophone
    Josef Gallitelli, trobome
    Friedel Hettrich, trumpet
    Heinz Maurer, trumpet
    Karl Wadenbach, trumpet
    Karl-Heinz Bilewski, trumpet
    Klaus Striebe, trumpet
    Lothar Wagener, trumpet
    Manfred Schoof, trumpet
    Vito Gallitelli, trumpet
    Jochen Windgassen, tuba

    Wuppermusikanten Orchestra
    Wupperspatzen Orchestra

    Recorded live open-air June 5, 1976 in Wuppertal during the 4th Wuppertaler Free Jazz Workshop.

    Po Torch Records - PTR/JWD 2.

    Artwork is from the reprint, around 1989 - with corrected credits.

    A side was released subsequently on FMP.

    Vinyl Rip

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    A.  Unbounded II

    B1. Body And Soul
    B2. The Furnace II

    Ali Haurand, bass
    Tony Oxley, drums
    Rob van den Broeck, piano
    Gerd Dudek, saxophones

    Recorded 28 August 1987 at Viersen International Jazz Festival.

    Konnex Records ‎– ST 5016.

    Vinyl Rip

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    Dror Feiler, contrabass saxophone + live electronics

    1. Zvug  11:56

    Recorded and mixed by Dror Feiler in April, 2005.

    (originally released on Kning Disk [edition of 8])

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    A1. Version I
    A2. Version II

    B.  Version III

    Michel Portal, clarinet, saxophone
    Jean-Pierre Drouet, percussion
    Carlos Roqué Alsina, piano, electric organ, percussion, flute, oboe
    Vinko Globokar, trombone, alphorn, oboe

    Recorded in Baden-Baden on 23-24 January 1971.

    WERGO ‎– WER 60060

    Vinyl Rip

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    A1. For My Mother
    A2. Walking Through The Land
    A3. Dear Old Morocco

    B1. A Train In A Very Small Town
    B2. Our Meanings And Our Feelings

    Jean-François Jenny-Clark, bass
    Aldo Romano, drums
    Jacques Thollot, drums, percussion
    Joachim Kühn, piano, alto saxophone, shenai, antilope horn, steel drum, bells, tambourine
    Michel Portal, tenor saxophone, piccolo clarinet, mi bémol, cor de basset, targot, zoukra, steel drum

    Recorded at Pathé Marconi studios, Paris, June 27 1969.

    Pathé ‎– 2 C 054-10525

    Vinyl Rip

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    Evan Parker, soprano & tenor saxophone
    Paul Rutherford, trombone
    Dave Holland, double bass, cello
    Paul Lovens, selected drums and cymbals, singing saw

    LP 1
    1. To meet a (23:45)
    2. To meet b (15:28)

    Quartet recording from 3 November 1976 at the Quartier Latin,
    Berlin during the 9. Total Music Meeting.

    LP 2
    1. To stay a (first part) (24:21)
    2. To stay a (continued) (17:27)
    3. To stay b (06:10)

    Trio (without Holland) recording from 27 April 1985 at the Arts Theatre,
    London during the Incus festival.

    PTR/JWD 13/14

    (my lp rip & Nick's scans)

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    ELTON DEAN, alto sax, saxello
    PAUL DUNMALL, tenor sax
    NICK EVANS, trombone
    TONY LEVIN, drums
    JIM DVORAK, trumpet (Set 2)

    Track 1  33:30
    Track 2  31:46

    Vortex 29th October 1995

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    A1. Ultima Thule
    A2. Duet
    A3. Luna Tuna
    A4. Shoot Winnebagos

    "Small Life"

    B1. Necrotic Spots
    B2. Paramecium Parade
    B3. Calm
    B4. Bulbous Jumbo

    B5. Harkness

    Ned Rothenberg, reeds
    Jim Katzin, violin
    Bob Ostertag, electronics

    David Wiles, percussion (B5)
    Richard Rogers, piano (B1-5)

    Recorded 'live' in various studios, November-December 1978.
    B5 recorded in concert at Harkness Co-op, Oberlin, Ohio, May 1978.

    Parachute ‎– P009

    Vinyl Rip

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    Happy Canada Day - Part 1.

    A.  October Fourth

    B1. September Twentieth
    B2. June Seventh

    Michael Snow, trumpet, piano
    Al Mattes, bass, clarinet
    Larry Dubin, drums, marimba, percussion
    Peter Anson, guitar
    Casey Sokol, piano, percussion
    Nobuo Kubota, alto & tenor saxophone, marimba

    Music Gallery Editions ‎– MGE 6

    Vinyl Rip

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    Happy Canada Day - Part 2

    A1. C
    A2. A
    A3. B

    B1. H
    B2. D
    B3. B
    B4. HK
    B5. G
    B6. I
    B7. B

    Henry Kaiser, guitar
    John Oswald, alto saxophone
    Toshinori Kondo, trumpet, alto horn

    Recorded live.

    Music Gallery Editions ‎– MGE 30

    Vinyl Rip

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    A1. Orca
    A2. The Blue Whale
    A3. Deep

    B1. Migrating
    B2. Shallow
    B3. Belugas In The St. Lawrence

    Harry Pavelson, electric guitar
    Ross Mendes, electric guitar
    Steve Aikenhead, reeds, gong, cymbal, tube
    Robert Kaiser, saxophone & parts of the instrument
    Pierre Ouellet, soprano saxophone, flute, synthesizer
    Harri Palm, trumpet, electric guitar, percussion
    Luce Gautier, tubevoice
    Marie Tiido, voice, percussion, piano

    Recorded at Kensington Sound and the Music Gallery, Toronto, July, 1977.

    Music Gallery Editions ‎– MGE 5.

    Vinyl Rip

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    Happy Canada Day - Part 4

    A1. Ruby My Dear
    A2. Grease Lightning
    A3. Stonehenge

    B1. Euclid
    B2. Over The Rainbow
    B3. Meditation

    Al Neil, piano, vocals, tape

    Music Gallery Editions ‎– MGE 33

    Vinyl Rip

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    Another Parachute Classic , with a unique sound world all of its own, i've always loved this one ..which in a lot of quarters gets a pretty bum rap... including one by Kaiser Himself !
    One wonders what became of some of these people..anyone ever heard.Laurel Sprigg  who's extraordinary, spine chilling vocals (and Cello)grace 3 tracks,on anything else???


    Ice Death
    Parachute 05
    SIDE A
    1) Dali's Car 1:30
    2) From the Heart 3:20
    3) Trio 19 1:22
    4) Trio 242 4:50
    5) Ice Death 2:08
    6) Harry the Possum 2:26
    7) Blue Dolphin 10:20
    8) Duo 06 2:04
    SIDE B
    1) Wind Crystals 15:14
    2) Trio SC1 1:15
    3) Happy Hour 1:34
    4) Trio SC5 1:35
    5) Duo 07 1:45
    6) Old Missouri 1:28
    7) Welcome Space Friends 1:17
    8) Victoria B.C. 3:57
    9) Bagpipes 1:00

     Eugene Chadbourne (tracks: B1),
    Henry Kaiser (tracks: A8, B1 to B3)
    Alto Saxophone – John Gruntfest (tracks: A8),
    John Oswald (tracks: A2, A6, B2 to B4, B6, B8)
    Cello, Vocals – Laurel Sprigg (tracks: A3, A4, A7)
    Electric Guitar – Chris Muir (tracks: B9),
    Evan Cornog (tracks: A1),
    Henry Kaiser (tracks: A1 to A7, B4 to B9)
    Tenor Saxophone – Henry Kuntz (tracks: A2 to A4, A5, A6, B2 to B4, B7)
    Trombone – Loren Means (tracks: B5, B7)


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    Dror Feiler, alto & sopranino saxophone, clarinet, contrabass clarinet, synthesizer
    Lars Liljeholm, bass trombone
    Pär Nordfält, bass trombone
    Sören Runolf, cello, piano
    Tommy Björk, drums

    A1. Harakiri                                          (05:44)    
    A2. Gambit                                          (12:43)    
    A3. Lokomotivet                                  (06:59)    
    B1. Spårvagn Abstrakt (Dedikerad Till Lasse Werner)  (13:57)    
    B2. Distorsion 1                                  (07:11)

    All compositions are from Lokomotiv Konkret except "Harakiri" and "Lokomotivet" which are by Dror Feiler.

    Recorded at Stockholms Kulturhus on August 25, 1978.


    (lp rip)

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    well known to skeep presentation, I believe, but just in case:

    A1 - The Ballad Or The Bullet?     5:05    
    A2 - Bayan Ko / El Pueblo Unido Jamas Sera Vencido!     14:14    
    B1 - Hymn To Happy Lim     4:30    
    B2 - Prayer For Melvin Truss     6:10    
    B3 - Year To Slay The Paper Dragon!     6:52    

    Francis Wong - Tenor Saxophone, Flute
    James Lewis - Bass –
    Eddie Moore - Drums, Gong And The Saw
    Jon Jang - Piano
    Fred Houn - Baritone Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone (track B3)
    Alejandra Diaz - Vocals (track A2)

    Recorded on June 1986 and January 1987 at the Music Annex, Menlo Park, CA

    Asian Improv Records – AIR 0001, LP

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    We can't limit Canada to just one day of the year.

    A1. Duo Music From Calgary
    A2. In And Out (Piano Solo)

    B1. ffff (Guitar Solo)
    B2. Duo Music From Toronto

    Eugene Chadbourne, guitar
    Casey Sokol, piano

    Music Gallery Editions ‎– MGE 9.

    Vinyl Rip

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    Cecil Taylor, piano
    Tony Oxley, drums

    1. unknown title                  18:49
    2. unknown title                  13:57
    3. unknown title                  09:08
    4. unknown title                  05:17
    5. unknown title + final applause 13:15

    Recorded at the Birdland Jazz Club, Am Karlsplatz A 52, Neuburg an der Donau, Germany on 18th October, 2011.

    This concert was held during the 1. Birdland Radio Jazz-Festival.
    Recorded by the BR (Bavarian Broadcast) for the "Jazz auf Reisen" series.

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    Twelve sets played over three successive nights on 27-29 May 1992 at the Badenscher Hof, Berlin.

    Rüdiger Carl, tenor saxophone, clarinet
    Alexander von Schlippenbach, piano
    Jay Oliver, bass
    Sven-Åke Johansson, drums

    4-1. Stareyes
    4-2. After You Have Gone
    4-3. Five Minutes More
    4-4. I Concentrate On You
    4-5. Like Someone In Love
    4-6. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
    4-7. If I Were A Bell
    4-8. September Song

    Edition Artlier Graz, 2003

    CD rip

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    Maurice Merle, soprano & alto saxophone
    Louis Sclavis, soprano saxophone & bass clarinet
    Jean Bolcato, bass
    Christian Rollet, drums, trombone

    Side A (18:48)
    A1. Ostraca (Bolcato)
    A2. Va Jouer Dans Ta Cour! (Sclavis)

    Side B (19:24)
    B1. Khoni Dya Fi (Merle)
    B2. Coup De Semonce (Rollet)
    B3. Mélodie Divisée (Merle)

    Recorded live at Forum des Halles, Paris in June 1980.
    'Mélodie Divisée' was recorded at Studio Althéa.

    ARFI  680 WDL 004

    (lp rip)

    Note: No tracking (almost) - it's not clear where one tune ends and the next one begins. So only three tracks - but it fits as this is a live concert.

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    A1. Existence
    A2. The Way
    A3. Bone
    A4. Name

    B1. The Breath
    B2. Life On It's Way


    B3. Snips
    B4. Stabs

    Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone

    Recorded on June 8, 1975 at Mandara, Kichijoji, Tokyo.

    ALM Records, ‎半夏社 ‎– AL-5

    Vinyl Rip - I have not split the tracks for Tao.

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