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    ANDY ISHAM  percussion +
    PAUL DUNMALL  baritone saxophone, wood flute

    1. What about you?  25:32
    2. Ossie  4:08
    3. Where are we now?  17:22
    4. Great days  21:53

    Long Meadow, Beausale.  28th October 1997

    I know a couple of people who will be interested to hear a generous serving of Paul Dunmall playing baritone saxophone (something he hasn’t done for some years now).  Something a bit different.  

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    Nunnu Big Band:
    Hannu Saxelin, alto saxophone, clarinet, birchbark flute
    Paavo Honkanen, alto saxophone, clarinet, birchbark flute
    Juhani Aaltonen, tenor & soprano saxophone, flute
    Pekka Pöyry, tenor & soprano saxophone, flute
    Penntti Lahti, baritone & soprano saxophone, birchbark flute
    Kaj Backlund, trumpet
    Markku Johansson, trumpet
    Mike Koskinen, trumpet
    Emppu Peltola, trumpet
    Mircea Stan, trumpet
    Heikki Sarmanto, electric piano
    Teemu Hauta-aho, bass

    Karelia Group:
    Pekka Sarmanto, electric violin
    Ilja Saastamoinen, guitar
    Edward Vesala, drums, vocals, percussion, birchbark flute
    Seppo Paakunainen, violin, birchbark flute, birchbark korn, birchbark clarinet, kantele, baritone saxophone

    A1. Optaatus Marssi (Optaatus March)  7:20
    A2. Kantelon Koetus (Trying Kantele)  8:26
    B1. Joikujuttu (Joiku Story)  6:30
    B2. Tuohi Soi (Sound Of Birchbark)  3:47
    B3. Uusi Hymni Vapaudelle (A New Hymn For Freedom)  2:27
    B4. Kahella Sarvella (With Two Horns)  3:47

    All composed by Seppo Paakunainen

    Recorded September 8, 1971 at Finnvox Studios, Helsinki

    BLUE MASTER SPEL301 (vinyl rip)

    The original Finnish instruments used when Nunnu was recorded:
    Birchbark Clarinet (a birchbark pipe, mouthpiece resembling the embouchre of an oboe)
    Birchbark Flutes (5 holes)
    Birchbark Horn (5 holes, blown like a trumpet)
    Kantele (with 5 strings to be held on knees or on a table, played with fingers)

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    A1. Introduction
    A2. Taxi To Musberg
    A3. Rischka's Light Faces
    A4. Heikideiki

    B1. Rischka For Rogue's Gallery
    B2. Om Mami Padme Hum
    B3. Bumm-Bumm's Lullaby

    Eberhard Weber, electric bass, vocals, percussion
    Roland Wittich, drums, melodron, vocals, percussion
    Fred Braceful, drums, percussion, vocals
    Siegfried Schwab, electric guitar, concert guitar, sambul-karang, percussion
    Wolfgang Dauner, piano, organ, cembalo, clavinet, ring-modulator, bass trumpet, electra-melodica, sound-horn, vocals, percussion

    Recorded on 13 December 1970 at Orange Recording Studios Ltd., 3+4 New Compton Street, London, WC2.

    CTR-Produktion ‎– CTR 34694 ST

    LP Rip

    Best wishes to all

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  • 12/24/14--14:24: AMM - Glasgow 2003

  • Wishing all AMMerry Christmas.

    EDDIE PREVOST - percussion
    JOHN TILBURY - piano
    KEITH ROWE - guitar, electronics

    1. 28:40

    Instal Festival, Glasgow.  12th November 2003

    BBC Radio 3 'Mixing It'

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    Perusing the comments, I noticed that Hum Dono, the record Joe Harriott made with Amancio D'Silva back in 1969, is now finally out again on cd and vinyl. We have posted it in the past, with a little help from friends across the Atlantic, so its rerelease calls for a celebration here on the blog.

    I've selected to post a two-part documentary on Harriott origninally broadcast on Jazz File on BBC Radio 3 on 7 and 14 October 2006. The series which were given to artist profiles has in the meantime been discontinued. I got it on two cdrs from a contact at the BBC, so the sound quality is top notch. Presented by Soweto Kinch, we get to hear snips of his entire oeuvre from the 50s and up to the late 60s and many interviews with fellow musicians, acquaintances and biographers. It's a revelation to hear Joe Harriott's voice and l just love his uppercrust accent!

    There is a subtext which shines through in Harriott's comments in that he was quite conscious of taking an indedenpent stance against the predominance of American jazz at the time. For him, it was quite important to demonstrate that there was more than one place for jazz which might indicate why he chose the UK which after all was further away from his native Jamaica than the US. He also became a victim of the gradual withering away of the live market for jazz in the early 70s which made a luminary such as Stan Tracey consider giving up his jazz career and taking a job as a postman!

    For the sake of convenience, I've spliced the two parts into one for your listening pleasure. There seems to be a little bit missing right at the beginning of part 1, but not too distracting, I hope, so what else to say but enjoy!

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    A1. Out Of Each
    A2. Via Nostalgia
    A3. Triple Trip

    B1. Nuggis
    B2. Sweet Lament
    B3. Figurations
    B4. Buildings

    Emil Mangelsdorff, alto saxophone
    Günter Lenz, bass
    Michel Pilz, bass clarinet
    Ralf Hübner, drums
    Wolfgang Dauner, piano
    Gerd Dudek, tenor saxophone
    Heinz Sauer, tenor saxophone
    Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
    Rudi Füsers, trombone
    Ack Van Rooyen, trumpet
    Manfred Schoof, trumpet
    Willie Johanns, vocals

    Recorded at on 25 February 1971 at Columbia First Studio, Tokyo

    Columbia ‎– YS-2500-N

    LP Rip

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    DEWEY REDMAN QUARTET - Prague, Baráčnická rychta, April 1999

    DEWEY REDMAN - tenor sax, musette
    RiTA MARCOTULLi - piano
    JOHN MENEGON - bass
    MATT WiLSON - drums

    01 Dewey square 13.44 (fade in)
    02 The very thought of you 14.51
    03 I-Pimp 13.29
    04 Everything happens to me 8.31
    05 Stablemates 12.35
    06 I should care 13.49
    07 Turn Over Baby 9.20
    08 Turn Over Baby 9.08
    09 Take the A train (encore 1) 5.51
    10 Thren (encore 2) 12.51 74:09

    The concert was announced at last minute and was a real treat at tradititional pub hall.

    Soundboard recording, total time 114:12

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    This recording seems to be somewhat incomplete - but great playing from all four members.
    Wish you all a 'Happy New Year' -

    Hans Koller, tenor saxophone
    Zbigniew Seifert, electric violin
    Adelhard Roidinger, bass
    Janusz Stefanski, drums

    1. Part I   35:09
    2. Part II  42:59

    Recorded in Hamburg, Germany on May 12, 1974.

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    A1. Baloyi
    A2. Ezilalini
    A3. Zukude

    B1. Sonia
    B2. Angel Nemali
    B3. Nobomvu
    B4. Sekela Khuluma

    Dudu Pukwana, alto saxophone, piano, congas, percussion, vocals
    Harry Miller, bass, bass guitar
    Louis Monolo, drums, percussion
    Bizo Mngqikana, tenor saxophone, percussion, vocals
    Mongezi Feza, trumpet, congas, percussion, vocals

    Recorded and mixed at the Manor Studio on 25th August and 10th November, 1973.

    Caroline ‎– C1504

    LP Rip

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    A1. バグワン
    A2. 英吉花吉
    A3. コーリャン
    A4. サーカス I
    A5. サーカス II
    A6. アイルランド (The Grenadier & The Lady)

    B1. エピストロフィー (Epistrophy)
    B2. チリもつもればヤマとなり
    B3. レインボーン・スティーブ
    B4. 砂漠の隊商 (Caravan)

    Lee Won Hui, soprano and tenor sax
    Kikuchi Koji, drums

    Recorded on 1-3 June 1985 at Johnny's, Rikuzentakata, Iwate

    Johnny’s Disk JD-13

    LP Rip

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    RAI 3 broadcast a great Tim Berne concert last night. Good to have some decent jazz on the radio for once, so here it is.

    Best wishes to everyone for 2015!

    Tim Berne Snakeoil

    Tim Berne - alto saxophone
    Oscar Noriega - clarinet, bass clarinet
    Matt Mitchell - piano
    Ches Smith - drums, percussion, vibraphone
    Recorded on 26th October 2013, at the  Teatro Comunale, Cormòns, Gorizia, Italy

    Broadcast RAI3 on 30th December 2014

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    Happy New Year :)

    Here is the album I thought some of you like to hear: Rocky fusion of Blue Efect group (named M. Efekt then) cobbled with Czech Radio bigband. I like it constantly. It is currently still available with 9CD box only with complete group's output, so I believe I will make no harm to our mighty Supraphon label. Enjoy.

    M. EFEKT & JAZZOVÝ ORCHESTR ČS. ROZHLASU - Nová syntéza 2 (Panton 1974)

    1. Nová syntéza 2 / New synthesis 2 (22:05)
    2. Je třeba obout boty a pak dlouho jít / One must first put on shoes and then walk for quite a while (9:57)
    3. Klíště / The tick (3:25)
    4. Jedenáctého října / October 11 (7:29)


    - Radim Hladík / electric guitar
    - Josef Kůstka / bass, electric violin, vocals (2-4)
    - Lešek Semelka / vocals (all)
    - Vlado Čech / drums

    - Laco Deczi / trumpet solo (1)
    - Karel Růžička / organ solo (1)
    - Petr Král / tenor saxophone solo (1)
    - The Pavel Kühn Choir / chorus (1)

    - The Czechoslovak Radio Jazz Orchestra, directed by Kamil Hála

    Recorded August 1973 in Prague

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    1. Untitled

    Mototeru Takagi, tenor saxophone

    Recorded live in 1998 at Makaya Temple, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka

    CDr Rip

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    A1. Brilliant Corners
    A2. Drops
    A3. Bone
    A4. Drift
    A5. Stone Blues

    B.  Concrete Voices

    Morio Yoshida, bass, percussion
    Mototeru Takagi, soprano & tenor saxophone, alto & bass clarinet, percussion
    Toshinori Kondo, trumpet, alto horn, percussion

    A Side recorded live at Kalavinka on 2 November 1976.
    B Side recorded live at EEU concert at Space Out on 24 September 1976.

    EEU ‎– EEU-001, Alm Records ‎– AL-3003

    LP Rip

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    SHIKU YANO - shakuhachi
    MARCIO MATTOS - bass,cello
    EDDIE PREVOST - percussion

    1. 7:45  (SY.CM)
    2. 5:56  (SY)
    3. 15:20 (SY.MM.EP)
    4. 7:15  (SY.MM)
    5. 29:21 (SY.CM.MM.EP)

    Sutton House, London.  July 1993

    BBC Radio 3

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    Another from number of still-not-yet-on-CD Stivín albums. This one is special for his collaboration with singer Mirka Křivánková (now mainly not musically active). Křivánková was singing on live occasions with these musicians, but album story is different. She recorded some solo voice improvisations in studio in 1982. Two years after Jiří Stivín used them as compositional material, adding his instruments and rhythm colleagues. Alan Vitouš is of course brother of famous bassist Miroslav. I don't have this vinyl, recordings comes somehow direcly from Mirka K., so included pics are from discogs.

    Mirka Křivánková + Jiří Stivín & Co. Jazz System - Zrcadlení / Reflections (Supraphon 1984)

    Jiří Stivín: Odrazy / Reflections

    1.    Odrazy hlasů / Reflections of Voices        4:30
    2.     Odrazy Obrazů / Reflections of Images        3:55
    3.    Odrazy rytmů / Reflections of Rhythm        5:05
    4.    Odrazy minulosti / Reflections of the Past    5:10
    5.    Odrazy odvazů / Reflections of Actions        3:00

    Jiří Stivín: Doteky / Contacts

    6.    Minimální doteky / Minimal Contacts        7:30
    7.    Mlhavé doteky / Misty Contacts        3:05
    8.    Bludné doteky / Erratic Contacts        2:40
    9.    Hravé doteky / Playful Contacts        2:35
    10.  Žhavé doteky / Ardent Contacts        5:10

    Mirka Křivánková – voice
    Jiří Stivín – flutes, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto sax, marimba, treating the voice tapes
    Ondřej Soukup – double bass, bass guitar
    Alan Vitouš – percussion

    Recorded 1982 at Czechoslovak Radio Studio A (Křivánková) & 1984 at Mozarteum Studio, Prague (others).

    LP Supraphon 1115 3116 

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    A. Solo

    B. Duo

    Nonaka "Goku" Mitsumasa, drums, percussion

    Jiro Shoda, piccolo trumpet

    Recorded on 1 November 1982 at the Cheshire Cat

    M&M Records - LM-1392

    LP Rip

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    PAUL DUNMALL - baritone, tenor, soprano saxophones
    KEITH TIPPETT - piano, bells, music box
    PAUL ROGERS - bass
    TONY LEVIN - drums

    1. 36:33
    2. 17:55
    3. 12:58

    Band on the Wall, Manchester.  16th November 1989

    Some absolutely gorgeous music from our heroes.
    What an amazing group this was!  Enjoy.

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    1-5. Untitled

    Mototeru Takagi, saxophone

    Recorded at Kuku, Nagoya, on 11 February 2002

    Kuku - 810009

    CDr Rip

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    TONY LEVIN - drums
    PAUL DUNMALL - tenor and c-melody saxophones
    PAUL ROGERS - bass

    Set One

    1. One for Len  40:21

    City Gallery.  Leicester. 19 September 1991

    The trio went on to be called the Babu Trio and then the Deep Joy Trio.
    If you haven't yet heard the wonderful 4 cd set Deep Joy on DUNS Limited Edition, download it here.

    Hear also Deep Joy Trio Live in Austria FMR CD298-1210

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