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    What to say about this fine recording? At least we have this bit of lovely slippery wedging.


    Evan Parker, soprano saxophone
    Frank Perry, percussion

    1. Wedged Into Release          03:25
    2. For The Love Of...(Part 1)   16:18
    3. For The Love Of...(Part 2)   15:29

    In Concert - 11th February 1972, Royal Commomwealth Society.

    QBICO 004

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    A1. Charred Earth
    A2. Seven Steps To Heaven

    B1. Tree Tops
    B2. Happiness Tears
    B3. Peace

    Bob Reid, bass
    Sunny Murray, drums
    Dave Burrell, piano
    Byard Lancaster, reeds

    Kharma - PK-1, 1977

    Viny Rip

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    A1. Africa Is Calling Me
    A2. 500 Miles High

    B1. Jurakudai
    B2. Emergency Theme

    Boulou Ferre, guitar
    Bob Reid, bass, rhythm, bells, vocals
    Sabu Toyozumi, percussion
    Takashi Kako, piano
    Glenn Spearman, soprano and tenor saxophone, rhythm, vocals

    Recorded live at The Exit, Rotterdam - June 15, 1975.

    Kwela Records ‎– 30 K 020

    Vinyl Rip

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    PAUL DUNMALL, soprano (1, 2) and baritone (3) sax
    PAUL ROGERS, bass
    TONY ORRELL, drums
    + SIMON PICARD, tenor sax (Track 3)

    1. That's my life  24:37
    2. Marriage in India (?)  16:44
    3. Untitled  40.08

    The Albert,  Bristol.  1 July 1989

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    Only 25 minutes but interesting to hear John Stevens (and Paul Rogers) playing standards.  Simon Picard is still an unrecognised wonder on the saxophone.

    SIMON PICARD, tenor sax
    PAUL ROGERS, bass
    JOHN STEVENS, drums

    1. Like someone in love.  8:15
    2. My one and only love.  8:53
    3. Track 3  (Somebody identify this tune for me please)  8:19

    Duke of Wellington, London.  14 October 1989

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    A1. Unit A
    A2. Unit B
    A3. Unit C Part 1
    B1. Unit C Part 2
    B2. Unit D
    B3. Unit E Part 1
    C1. Unit E Part 2
    C2. Unit F Part 1
    D1. Unit F Part 2
    D2. Unit G
    E1. Unit H
    E2. Unit I
    F1. Unit J
    F2. Unit K
    F3. Unit L

    Gilbert Aloir, tuba
    Jean Bauchard, alto sax
    Pancho Blumenzweig, bass
    Anthony Braxton, reeds
    Joachim Kuhn, piano
    Hugh Levick, tenor & soprano sax
    Ambrose Jackson, trumpet
    Oliver Johnson, percussion
    James Maceda, trumpet
    Cesare Massarenti, trumpet
    François Mechali, bass
    Ray Stephen Oche, trumpet
    Bob Taylor, tenor sax
    Sabu Toyozumi, percussion

    Recorded live at the Festival of Chatellerault, France, on 11 March 1972.

    Ring Records ‎– Ring 01024/5/6, 1972

    Vinyl Rip

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    This one goes out to Andy and all the Dime-a-Dozen Tapers, seeders/uploaders whose shows we have both enjoyed and posted over the years.

    A-1-Maggie Nicols,,Marcel Cuypers-duo
    A-2-Roger Turner-solo
    A-3-Luc Houtkamp-solo
    A-4-John Rose-Richard Ratajczack-duo
    A-5-Jim Denley, solo
    A-6-Group improv
    B-1-Group Improv
    B-2-Group Improv
    B-3-Roger Turner-solo
    The Relative Band
    John Rose-violin
    Maggie Nicols-Vox
    Jim Denley-Flute
    Marcel Cuypers-Pno
    Roger Turner-Percussion
    Luc Houtkamp-Tenor, Alto Saxes
    Richard Ratajczack-DB

    Recorded March 1984, ABC Studios Sydney (N.S.W. Australia)
    Linneage- tdk c90 2nd gen----Nakamichi 500----Zoom---'puter---Traders little helper--wav to Flac 
    Soundforge (raise levels-split tracks)

    What we have here appears to be either a pre FM recording or raw soundboard studio,recordings of an adhoc configuration for what would be released under the rubric of John Rose's Relative band, as part of the compilation 'Forward of short leg'on the Dossier Label (Dossier ST 7529),A few longer fragments,also later appeared on a 3 disc compilation of Rose's Fringe Benefits Label, (Entropy 006 (CD), both of these are out of print, but in any case no more than ten minutes from these sessions was ever used.

    All the Performers are still active , though i have to confess to never having heard Marcel Cuypers on anything else, and also to having heard precious little of the respective Oeuvres of Houtkamp and Ratajczack.

    I Like Maggie Nicols  a lot, her performance here is exemplary and hugely exiting! ,Jim Denley and John Rose (both of whom i saw separately and in different groupings live at around the time this session was recorded) ,and Roger Turner are now pretty much household names, the others though less well known are all Composer Improvisers who are still putting out records.

    All pieces are freely improvised, the bulk of the material is comprised of group performances , interspersed with short Duos and Solos.
    the Music is wonderful and still as fresh as paint!
    here ae some links to the artists pages, and relevant sites, all including Marcel Cuypers have available recordings for sale!
    Jim Denley
    Maggie Nicols 
    Luc Houtkamp
    John Rose
    Marcel Cuypers
    Richard Ratajzack
    Roger Turner

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    Great Paul Dunmall is 60 today -- Happy Birthday Paul, and Thank You for the Music!

    This wonderful duo recording was posted around last Christmas by Andy in Contributions section as wav. I did some minor fixations and converted it to flac recently, so here we go with modified photo from 4cd box Folks History (DLE 063), taken by Lynda Dunmall.

    More thanks, Lady & Gentlemen.

    Paul Dunmall - soprano sax, bagpipes, clarinet
    Paul Rogers - double bass

    Phoenix Arts Centre, Leicester, UK
    27 September 1997

    Five untitled improvised pieces, over 46 mins in total.

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     A couple of vintage gems here, recorded for the BBC in the late 60s.

     First is the Blue Notes Sextet from 1967:

    1. Traveling Somewhere
    2. Sun Song
    3. Sophisticated Lady
    4. Pibroch

     BBC Broadcast, late 1967

    Mongezi Feza ~ trumpet
    Dudu Pukwana ~ alto sax
    Chris McGregor ~ piano
    Ronnie Beer ~ tenor sax
    Dave Holland ~ bass
    Louis Moholo ~ drums

    Strictly speaking, it is not really the Blue Notes as Johnny Dyani is absent from these recordings, but it's possible it was announced as such at the time.

     Secondly, we have the Chris McGregor Sextet from 1968:

    Chris McGregor Sextet
    BBC Studio, London

    Mongezi Feza (tpt);
    Dudu Pukwana (as);
    Ronnie Beers (ts);
    Chris McGregor (p);
    Dave Holland (b);
    Laurence Allen (d);
    Unknown (ann)

    1 Sabendye Baye (C. McGregor) 6:55
    2 Introduction 1:10
    3 Nikomakwe
    4a Fazumizaza Izela (C. McGregor) 4:36
    4b Introduction 0:19
    5 Yekiti Squidiocious (C. McGregor) 9:43
    6 Tikoloshi (C. McGregor)

    The titles are taken from the Plosin database, but they match well with the announcements (as far as can be heard).

     I've pieced together the second radio concert from two sources so as to retain the right sequence. I think the announcer could be Ronnie Scott. Anyone knows?

    Thanks to online chums for supplying these treasures!

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    Happy Birthday Miloo!  Come on down to the party one and all.  Enjoy.

    ELTON DEAN, alto sax, saxello
    KEITH TIPPETT, piano
    TONY LEVIN, drums

    SET 1

    1. First piece  35:23

    2. Next piece  13:27

    Vortex. London.  18 April 1993

    Set 2 available here

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    This is the third contribution from Can. The other two you'll find here and there.
     In fact this LP was somehow the reason why we got to know each other.

    Before Can Tutuğ mailed me the first time I didn't know about Takao Haga at all.
    So all Kudos goes to him.
    He has also a (web) radio show with Free Jazz and Free Improvisation "Bodrum Kat"- check it out:


    Takao Haga, alto saxophone, voice

    A. Piyo  20:36       
    B. Pio   18:42

    Released (and recorded?) in 1982 (in Japan?).


    Notes: Comes in a handpainted, fold-out jacket. Takao Haga is a free altoist in the Kaoru Abe style.


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    Its been a while, since we've featured any Horace Tapscott.
     lately,  i've been listening to this quite a bit , a satellite recording in Fulsome sound, from the mid 90's ..
    I havent doctored the original file set in anyway.... wonderful music,many thanks to the original uploader.
    here is his text file.

    Horace Tapscott - Pan African People's Arkestra, 1995.06.03, Moers (Germany),Festivalzelt

    33. Internationales New Jazz Festival,Moers, Germany ,3. June 1995

    source: DVB-S > MP2/48kHz > Audio-CD-Recorder > CDRW >
    EAC > WAV > Audacity > FLAC 6

    Horace Tapscott - Pan African People's Arkestra

    Horace Tapscott - p
    Nate Morgan - p
    Arthurn Blythe - as
    Michael Session - as,ss
    Jesse Sharps - ss,basson,cl
    Charles Owens - ts,bars
    Steve Smith - tp
    Fundi Legon - frh
    Therman Green - tb
    Roger Williams - tuba
    Roberto Miranda - b
    David Bryant - b
    Sunship Theus - dr,perc
    Fritz Wise - dr
    Dwight Trible - voc

    1. The Black Apostles - 16:52
    2. Motherless Child - 14:31
    3. A Ballad For Deadwood Dick - 11:43
    4. Little Africa - 9:17
    5. Dem Folk 3:52 faded out (complete 22:35)

    total time 56:17 incomplete

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    Third in a short series.

    1. Untitled
    2. Untitled
    3. Untitled
    4. Untitled

    Fred Frith, guitar
    Onnyk (Yoshiaki Kinno), guitar, alto and soprano saxophone, keyboards
    John Zorn, alto saxophone, bird calls
    Sabu Toyozumi, drums, percussion

    Recorded live at Gallery Saiensu, Morioka, Iwate, Japan, on 4th of February, 1985 (2, 4) and 13th of December, 1987 (1, 3).

    Allelopathy ‎– ALL-2, 2000.

    CD Rip

    For Zippyshare users - track 1 exceeds the file size limit, so it is split into track 1 and 1b. You can either join them, or play with no gap.

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     We had requests for some of the Baden-Baden Free Jazz Meetings recently, so I thought it opportune to check the archives for more of these meetings. What's offered here are three sets, the first of which are excerpts from the 1967 meeting, the second is also at the Süd-West Rundfunk studios in Baden-Baden, but a little bit previous to the actual meeting of that year, and the third is unrelated, made for Radio Bremen, but also from 1967.

    Also opportune to put Joachim-Ernst Behrendt at the top, the producer of both the Baden-Baden sessions and a key figure in bringing jazz to the public in Germany. The Baden-Baden meetings were very much his idea and he kept them going for years. We'll get to the 1970 and 1977 meetings in a little while.

    The first set (bb67-1):

    December 16-18, 1967

    1. ANDALUSIAN PROVERB (Jeanne Lee/Gunter Hampel) – 5:37
    Jeanne Lee voc; Albert Mangelsdorff tb; Gunter Hampel vib; Buschi Niebergall b; Pierre Courbois d.

    2. CUBIC (Marion Brown) – 4:13
    Marion Brown as; Peter Kowald b; Sven Åke Johansson d.

    3. JEPA (Albert Mangelsdorff/Evan Parker) – 5:31
    Albert Mangelsdorff tb; Evan Parker ss; Peter Kowald b; John Stevens d.

    4. RELATIONSHIP (Don Cherry/Evan Parker) – 9:03
    Don Cherry p-tp; Evan Parker ss; Peter Kowald b; Buschi Niebergall b; John Stevens d.

    The second set (bb67-2):

    October/November 1967 – Baden-Baden (G), SWF Studio Session
    Irene Schweizer p; Uli Trepte b; Mani Neumeier d/tabla.

    1. STOP TWICE (Irene Schweizer) – 3:22
    2. FOR KESHAV, dedicated to Keshav Sathe (Mani Neumeier) – 4:38
    3. PRE-BEAT CONCEPTION (Irene Schweizer) – 6:57

    and, finally, the third set (fb67):

    September 12 1967

    1. ANYTHING GOES (Irene Schweizer) – 9:11 
    Irene Schweizer p; Uli Trepte b; Mani Neumeier d.

    2. EVERYTHING (Peter Brötzmann) – 6:36
    Peter Brötzmann ts; Fred van Hove p; Peter Kowald b; Sven Åke Johansson d.

    3. PIANO SKETCHES (Irene Schweizer) – 10:14
    Fred van Hove, Irene Schweizer, Alexander von Schlippenbach p; Peter Kowald, Uli Trepte, Buschi Niebergall b; Sven Åke Johansson, Mani Neumeier, Jaki Liebezeit d.

    4. THREE (Peter Brötzmann) – 7:59
    Peter Brötzmann ts; Fred van Hove, Irene Schweizer, Alexander von Schlippenbach p; Peter Kowald, Uli Trepte, Buschi Niebergall b; Sven Åke Johansson, Mani Neumeier, Jaki Liebezeit d.

    5. IMPROVISATIONEN (Sven Åke Johansson) – 15:12
    Irene Schweizer Trio + Peter Brötzmann Quartet + Manfred Schoof Quintet

    These were all recordings made by "sammler kk" and made available on the Dime torrent site in late 2007. None of these recordings has to my knowledge been publically released. 

    Some fodder for the weekend, eh?

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    Twelve sets played over three successive nights on 27-29 May 1992 at the Badenscher Hof, Berlin.

    Rüdiger Carl, tenor saxophone, clarinet
    Alexander von Schlippenbach, piano
    Jay Oliver, bass
    Sven-Åke Johansson, drums

    3-1. Poinciana
    3-2. La Vie En Rose
    3-3. Secret Love
    3-4. Embracable You
    3-5. Tea For Two
    3-6. Out Of Nowhere
    3-7. Moonlight In Vermont
    3-8. April In Paris
    3-9. When You're Smiling

    Edition Artlier Graz, 2003

    CD rip

    Set 1
    Set 2
    Set 3
    Set 4

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    Upon request from Colin Green - found it on my hd - watch out for more...

    ....and buy their excellent new CD on No Business


    Evan Parker, tenor & soprano saxophone
    Barry Guy, bass
    Paul Lytton, percussion

    01. radio introduction     01:06
    02. unknown title          16:57
    03. radio announcer        00:14
    04. unknown title          11:17
    05. radio announcer        00:16
    06. unknown title          09:17
    07. radio announcer        00:33
    08. unknown title          14:40
    09. radio outro            00:14

    Recorded at the Banlieues Bleues Festival, Théâtre de la Commune, Aubervilliers, France -
    March 31, 2005.

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    A totally fabulous gig!  Played to a packed house who knew they were part of something very special.

    Elton Dean,  alto sax and saxello
    Paul Dunmall,  tenor sax
    Paul Rogers,  bass
    Tony Levin,  drums

    1. The Duke  (set one)  43:15
    2. The Haus  (set two)  43:33

    Live at the Jazzhaus at the Duke of Wellington, London.  18th August 1989

    Originally available on ED Tapes ED03.  Cassette artwork by John Gardiner.

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  • 05/15/13--14:55: ELTON

  • Elton Dean,  alto sax, saxello
    Paul Dunmall,  tenor sax
    Paul Rogers,  double bass
    Tony Levin,  drums

    1. Two and eleven  41.16
    2. Eeedy Peedy   25.18

    Recorded live at the Vortex, London.  September 28th 1997

    DUNS Limited Edition DLE 051



    That unique sound played with passion and spirit.  A dear friend.        A good laugh.  Generous and unfazed by anything.  His band-leader skills.  His compositions.  His commitment to free playing.

    His Shamanist beliefs.  His encouragement for any good musician he heard and not afraid to tell them.  His flat in Stoke Newington, London, a gathering place and watering hole for musicians and friends for thirty years or more.  His gallery of photographs on the wall, some very faded.  His love of sport and getting high.

    Family, friends, musicians - we will all miss him greatly.

    Paul Dunmall


    Maybe you too were drawn to the jazz spirit by Elton Dean playing with Soft Machine thirty five years ago!  Elton's fabulous solo at the end of Slightly All The Time on Third still sounds fabulous but it never moved me as much as listening to it after learning that he was no longer with us.

    Elton Dean only ever sounded like himself, which was always heartfelt and beautiful.  The vitality of this thing we call jazz, improvised music, is so great, so inspiring and so useful that we must embrace and treasure it.

    Like any sax player on the scene, Elton recognised Paul Dunmall to be the giant that he is, and once said he thought Mujician was the best band since Coltrane's.  So to play in the grouping presented here with Paul and the superlative Paul Rogers and legendary Tony Levin, I know was special to him.

    And the music was happening, like it always did when Elton played.  Everyone plays great and is great.

    So please forgive a bit of pre-echo from my cassette and be thrilled by four men reminding us there's a whole other dimension out there!

    Thank you Elton.

    Andy Isham                                                            Feb 2006


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    I saw this trio only once at the Nigglmühle (in the very southern part of  Germany) about 13 years ago.
    It was this tour were Barry Guy played the Guy/Dawson Travelbass for the first time -


    Evan Parker, soprano & tenor saxophone
    Barry Guy, bass
    Paul Lytton, drums

    01. radio introduction + interviews with Evan Parker & Barry Guy 04:51
    02. unknown title 07:55
    03. unknown title (solo soprano saxophone) 09:39
    04. radio interview with Evan Parker 02:38
    05. Distinction (Evan Parker, Barry Guy & Paul Lytton) 19:22
    06. radio interview with Evan Parker 01:23
    07. unknown title 07:19
    08. unknown title 05:32
    09. radio outro 00:17

    Recorded at the Jubez (or Tollhaus), Karlsruhe in 2004.


    0 0

    Just by nice coincidence, Alex Hawkins informed me at FB today about this new video being uploaded - HD recording of full duo concert at the Gateshead International Jazz Festival, The Sage, Gateshead. So I think it is appropriate to post it here. Louis and Alex released a studio recording Keep Your Heart Straight on Ogun last year. Another good message is that Ogun just reissued Brotherhood of Breath's Procession, remastered with 3 songs (over 20 mins) from original Toulouse performance (I believe) added, and it is already available from Wayside Music!

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