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    This is an audience recording - not as sonically excellent as the two previous EPT posts.
    But the music is again top notch and certainly worth a listen.


    Evan Parker, tenor & soprano saxophone
    Barry Guy, bass
    Paul Lytton, percussion

    1. unknown title   13:39
    2. unknown title   10:18
    3. unknown title   17:38
    4. unknown title   08:40
    5. unknown title   05:02

    Recorded at the Schloßpark, Karlsruhe, Germany on September 9, 1989.

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    A. ,Stranger Than Love (Part 1)

    B. ,Stranger Than Love (Continued)

    The two sides are joined back into continuous piece.

    Alexander von Schlippenbach, piano
    Paul Lovens, drums, cymbals, singing saw, zither

    Recorded in "Flöz", West Berlin, on June 17th, 1984.

    Po Torch Records ‎– PTR/JWD 12

    Vinyl Rip

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    1. To the Sky (Sora e) 28:16

    2. Eternity (Eien) 17:49

    Kang Tae Hwan, alto saxophone

    Kim Suk Chul, hojeok

    Kim Young Taek, changgo

    Recorded at Seoul Studio, Seoul, Korea April 12 1991

    Released on Zen, manufactured and distributed by JVC/Victor Music Industries, Inc.  VICG-8025

    CD Rip

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    Paul Rutherford, trombone, euphonium
    Paul Lovens, percussion, instruments, zither, etc.

    Side A:

    1. And When I Slowly, I Mean As Soon As Possible  27:34

    Recorded November 1976 in Berlin, Live at the QUartier Latin during the 9th Total Music Meeting.

    Side B:

    1. Du Chat Botté                                  09:05
    2. Armand Schulthess                              05:10
    3. As Deafness Increases                          12:14

    Recorded November 1977 in Berlin at the FMP-Studio on a day off.


    (lp rip)

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    Evan Parker, tenor saxophone
    Agustí Fernández, piano
    Barry Guy, bass
    Paul Lytton, percussion

    1. improvisation one 43:15
    2. improvisation two 25:46

    Recorded during the 23rd Vancouver Jazz Festival, at The Roundhouse, Vancouver, BC on June 23, 2008.

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    One more , Lp on Paul Lovens Po-Torch label, to go with the Wonderful  Shares Below by Onxi and Nick 
    Free Improvised Mock Cabaret?
     I've never been sure what to make of this, whatever it is , its nothing if not playful, and savagely ironic.
    a great one on its own terms, plenty of characteristically delightful wobbly sprechstimme.
     More Keystone Cops than Company!!

    a) Der schornsteinfeger; b) Im taubenschlag; c) Entfernungen (11.35)
    Paul solo (01.35)
    Bonbonbäcker asturiet (02.53)
    Ensemble I (02.25)
    Maarten solo (01.15)
    Fichtengrün und tannengrün (06.33)
    Zum teil mit filz (04.15)
    Der westwind (02.38)
    Derek solo (02.10)
    Das lied von der äffin (03.05)
    Candace solo (01.12)
    Derek + Paul (02.04)
    Günter solo (01.35)
    Ensemble II (03.28)
    Trio [DB/S-ÅJ/CN] (02.30)
    Bugsierschiff (03.00)
    Recorded on 26 November 1979 at Norddeutscher Rundfunk, Hamburg.
    Cover drawing  by Marina Kern.

    Sven-Åke Johansson, voice, accordion, percussion; 
    Alexander von Schlippenbach, piano, drahtklavier, celeste; 
    Maarten Altena, double bass, cello;
     Derek Bailey, guitar, voice;
     Wolfgang Fuchs, sopranino saxophone, bass clarinet;
     Paul Lovens, percussion, singing saw, zither;
     Candace Natvig, violin, voice.

                                                            Po Torch Records PTR/JWD 6

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    A1. Raum-Und Zeitpfleger(in)
    A2. Tink-Dur
    A3. Lokale Beliebtheit

    B1. Für Julien Beck
    B2. Liebe Jazz & Übermut
    B3. Bain Marie

    A1 and A2 are not separated

    Rüdiger Carl, clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, concertina, water-pipe
    Irène Schweizer, piano, drums

    Recorded on Oct 28, 1978 at Theaterwerkstatt Kleine Bühne, Stadttheater, Basel, Switzerland.

    Hat Hut Records ‎– X.

    Vinyl Rip

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    Great version of Stańko Quartet, which recorded albums Matka Joanna and Leosia. This collection on Polish label Gowi preceeded them, and songs 3 and 4 were recorded again at Rainbow Studio for ECM. Bosonossa is out of print for long years - I remember Czech distributor for Gowi telling me when I saw empty jewel box with cover in his shop that the master was lost and cd will not be re-pressed. Radio broadcast with this line-up from 1996 was posted earlier by Andy an can be found here. Enjoy.


    1. Sunia [13:14]
    2. White Ballad [9:51]
    3. Maldoror's War Song [9:06]
    4. Morning Heavy Song [8:15]
    5. Bosonossa [8:19]
    6. Die Weisheit von Isidore Ducasse [9:34]

    TOMASZ STANKO - trumpet
    BOBO STENSON - piano
    ANDERS JORMiN - double bass
    TONY OXLEY - drums

    Recorded at S4 Studio, Warszawa, March 29, 30 & April 1, 1993

    Gowi Records CDG 08 (OOP)

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    One good Sol brother once commented how it’s better to share this stuff than to have a pile of cassettes doing nothing in a box.  So here’s another one  that won’t eventually end up in a skip without a trace.  If any of you connoisseurs out there can help with titles, that would be appreciated.
    At the gig I remember particularly enjoying Gerd Dudek’s gorgeous soprano on The Peacocks and being mesmerised by Connie Bauer’s amazing multiphonics.  In memory of the great Tony Levin and Rob Van Den Broeck.  Enjoy.  (It’s a big file)

    GERD DUDEK, tenor and soprano sax
    CONNIE BAUER, trombone
    ALI HAURAND, bass
    TONY LEVIN, drums

    SET 1

    1. 25:48
    2. 21:44
    3. 21:17

    SET 2

    1. 28:48
    2. The Peacocks 13:34
    3. Connie Bauer solo 12:48
    4. 10:36

    Band on the Wall, Manchester.  19th March 1992


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    A1. Tao
    A2. Lagrima

    B1. Little Boy
    B2. 石仏
    B3. EVOL

    Toshi Tsuchitori, drums, percussion, voice
    Mototeru Takagi, reeds

    Alm Records - AL-4

    Vinyl Rip

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    Some of you may recall this album which was out on the MPS label in 1970. It featured American and European musicians in the free jazz idiom, many of the former affiliated with the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM), based in Chicago. The colloquial title, "Gittin' to know y'all" underlined the Baden-Baden sessions as a meeting point and as a meeting of minds.

    Of course, the record could only be an excerpt of everything that happened, so here is a much fuller compilation of the meetings. I can't say whether this one is truly comprehensive, but in any case, what's on the table are approximately three and half hours of collaborations. This is a follow-up to earlier postings of the 1967, 1971 and 1976 meetings. We still have the 1970 and 1977 sessions to go, so hang in there.

    The facts of the matter:

     va - Baden-Baden Free Jazz Meeting

     Disc 1

    1-Hollow's Ecliptic No. 3 (J. Jarman) [18:09] Jarman (fl, p, voc); Mitchell (piccolo); Burrell (p); Krog (voc). Texts by Eldridge Cleaver and Joseph Jarman.
    2-Announcement [2:56]
    3-Getting to Know You All (L. Bowie) [34:41] Baden-Baden New Jazz Orchestra. Solos: Rypdal, Phillips (L) - Danielsson (R), Cuypers (prep-p), Burrell (p), Wheeler, Mangelsdorff, Mitchell - Jarman
    4-Down with the Revisionists (B. Rosengren) [13:37] Thelin (tb); Rosengren (fl, ts); Cuypers (p); Rypdal (g); Danielsson (b - right); Phillips (b - left); Oxley (d - right); Delcloo (d - left)

    Disc 2

    1-Babudah (S. McCall) [17:04] Baden-Baden New Jazz Orchestra. Solos: Skidmore (ts); Wheeler (flh); Dudek (bamboo fl); Thelin (tb); Breuker (cl); Mitchell (as); Bowie (tpt)
    2-Glancing Backwards (for Junior) (J. Surman) [10:45] Baden-Baden New Jazz Orchestra
    3-Now (D. Burrell) (part 1) [15:37] Baden-Baden New Jazz Orchestra
    4-Now (D. Burrell) (part 2) [13:16] Baden-Baden New Jazz Orchestra
    5-Unknown Title [13:06] Wheeler (flh); Thelin (tb); Rosengren (ts); Sauer (ts); Skidmore (ts); Phillips (b); Danielsson (b); Oxley (d); McCall (d)
    6-Unknown Title [1:33] Mangelsdorff (tb + ring modulator) 

    Disc 3

    1-Open Space (A. Mangelsdorff) [17:26] Mangelsdorff (tb); Sauer (ts); Surman (bs); unknown rhythm section
    2-Hello Soerste (K. Krog-J. Surman) [7:46] Wheeler (flh); Sauer (ts); Skidmore (ts); Surman (p); Phillips (b); Danielsson (b); Oxley (d); Krog (voc)
    3-Unknown Title [7:17] Wheeler (flh); Thelin (tb); Rosengren (ts); Sauer (ts); Skidmore (ts); Phillips (b); Danielsson (b); Oxley (d); McCall (d)
    4-Unknown Title [5:44] Thelin (tb); Breuker (bcl); Phillips (b); Danielsson (b); Krog (voc)
    5-Unknown Title [10:49] Baden-Baden New Jazz Orchestra
    6-Ved Sørevatn (T. Rypdal) [8:38] Jarman (fl); Rosengren (fl, oboe); Rypdal (g); Phillips (b); Danielsson (b); McCall (d); Delcloo (d, glockenspiel); Krog (voc)
    7-Unknown Title [8:24] Jarman (fl); Rosengren (fl, oboe); Rypdal (g); Phillips (b); Danielsson (b); McCall (perc); Oxley (perc); Krog (voc)
    Unknown Title [4:xx] Phillips (b); Danielsson (b)

    Kenny Wheeler (flh)
    Hugh Steinmetz (tpt)
    Lester Bowie (tpt)
    Eje Thelin (tb)
    Albert Mangelsdorff (tb
    Roscoe Mitchell (ss, as, fl
    John Surman (ss, bs)
    Joseph Jarman (as, voc);
    Willem Breuker (ts, cl);
    Bernt Rosengren (ts, fl, oboe);
    Alan Skidmore (ts);
    Gerd Dudek (ts, fl);
    Heinz Sauer (ts);
    Terje Rypdal (g);
    Dave Burrell (p, celeste)
    Leo Cuypers (p, prep-p)
    Palle Danielsson (b)
    Barre Phillips (b)
    Arjen Gorter (b)
    Steve McCall (d)
    Tony Oxley (d, perc);
    Claude Delcloo (d);
    Karin Krog (voc, p);
    Unknown (ann)

     Recorded at Südwestfunk Studios, Baden-Baden
     (Dec 1969, Bootleg)

     Thanks to blogger chum Sotise for mailing me these nuggets alongside a bunch of other goodies.

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    A1. Lonely Woman
    A2. Kary's Trance
    A3. Sketches

    B1. Song For Che
    B2. Lennie's Pennies
    B3. Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair

    Masayuki Takayanagi, electric guitar

    Recorded August 21 & 22 1982 at Sound Sky Studio, Tokyo.

    Three Blind Mice ‎– PAP-25030; TBM-CD-1893

    LP artwork & CD Rip

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    Finally I found the place where I had "hidden" the recordings of Maarten van Regteren Altena.
    Prior doing some re-ups I thought to share one which wasn't on Inconstant Soll before.


    Maarten Altena, bass & cello
    Lindsay Cooper, bassoon, sopranino saxophone
    Maartje ten Horn, violin
    Guus Jansen, piano
    Maud Sauer, oboe & alto oboe
    Paul Termos, alto saxophone
    Kenny Wheeler, trumpet
    Wolter Wierbos, trombone

    1. Tel                5:23
    2. Improvisations     6:15
    3. Pukkel             8:01
    4. Johan Van Wely     5:35
    5. Rottum             6:04
    6. Beertje            4:20
    7. C-Melody           5:26

    All compositions by Maarten Altena.

    Recorded October 8 & 10, 1982 at De Ijsbreker, Amsterdam and 't Hoogt, Utrecht, Netherlands.

    CLAXON 83.12

    [Note: in the text-file included in the download I wrote soprano but it is sopranino!)


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    A1. Elephant Off The Bone
    A2. What's Yours Then?
    A3. Panacea For

    B1. Rüdiger's Tune Is Called 0202 Which Is The New Code For Wuppertal (Part A)
    B2. Rüdiger's Tune Is Called 0202 Which Is The New Code For Wuppertal (Part B)
    B3. FMP

    Irene Schweizer, piano
    Rüdiger Carl, tenor saxophone
    Radu Malfatti, trombone
    Harry Miller, bass
    Paul Lovens, drums

    Recorded in September 1973 at the Kunsthaus, Zürich.

    Ogun - OG 500

    Vinyl Rip

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    This LP is one of my favourite recordings concerning Lovens playing.
    Watch out for a bit more of the great duo.


    Toshinori Kondo, trumpet, mutes

    Paul Lovens, selected drums and cymbals, percussion, zither, säge, etc.

    1. The Last Supper (1st half) 21:45

    2. The Last Supper (2nd half) 22:29

    Recorded at the University of Bremen, Germany on 4th November 1980.


    (lp rip)

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    1.  Froggy Day
    2.  These Things
    3.  Hi Beck
    4.  Palo Alto
    5.  317 East 32nd
    6.  Subconscious Lee
    7.  My New Flame
    8.  Lennie's Pennies
    9.  Froggy Day [Alternate Take]
    10. Hi Beck [Alternate Take]
    11. 317 East 32nd [Alternate Take]
    12. Subconscious Lee [Alternate Take]

    Nobuyoshi Ino, bass
    Yasuhiro Yamazaki, drums
    Masayuki Takayanagi, guitar
    Kenji Kohsei, piano, electric piano

    Recorded at Epicurus Studio, Tokyo on 3-5 December, 1979. Digitally remastered at JVC Mastering Centre on August 2, 2000.


    CD Rip

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    Seven years after the only LP both ever recorded [as duo] ("The Last Supper") Kondo and Lovens made at least one concert in Switzerland. It was recorded and later seeded at Dime.
    Thanks to the unknown fellows who captured and upped it.


    Toshinoro Kondo, trumpet
    Paul Lovens, percussion

    01. unknown title 26:03

    Recorded at the 'Kaserne' in Basel, Switzerland on March 20, 1987.

    0 0

    A1. Noah II
    A2. The Furness

    B1. Starting Point
    B2. November Light
    B3. Chant Nr. II
    B4. Witches
    B5. Connections

    Ali Haurand, bass
    Tony Oxley, drums
    Rob van den Broeck, piano
    Gerd Dudek, soprano and tenor saxophone

    Recorded December 23th, 1983 at Studio 44, Max Bollemann, Monster/Holland.

    Konnex Records ‎– ST 5002

    Vinyl Rip

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    This concert was recorded 15 months after the LP "Flaps" here.
    Part of "Flaps was released on CD there. Lacy and Koglmann made one more LP where Bill Dixon + Koglmann (without Lacy) can be heard on the first side . A few tracks also made it on to the mentioned CD.
    But this recording remains unreleased except the first track:


    Franz Koglmann, trumpet
    Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone
    Toni Michlmayr, bass
    Muhammad Malli, drums, soprano saxophone
    Gerd Geier, electronics

    1. Flaps                 10:41
    2. Der Vogel / Opium     09:12
    3. Wünschelrute          14:57
    4. Weanerisch Dearn      06:15
    5. Life On Its Way       05:10

    Recorded at the Balver Höhle, Balve, Germany on July 28, 1974.


    Note: "Flaps" was issued on JG RECORDS JG 036-039 (4xLP) - OOP
    Take a look at the artwork of the LP.

    Some translations: 'Wünschelrute' means divining rod / dowser.  'Weanerisch Dearn' is the Vienesse girl in Vienesse dialect and finally a bird is "Der Vogel".


    0 0

    A1. Bohimei
    A2. Resistance

    B1. Mass Hysterism
    B2. Subconscious Lee

    Kenji Mori, alto saxophone, alto flute, clarinet & bass clarinet, shinobue
    Nobuyoshi Ino, cello
    Yasuhiro Yamazaki, drums, percussion
    Akira Iijima, electric & acoustic guitar
    Masayuki Takayanagi, electric & acoustic guitar

    Recorded live at Moers New Jazz Festival, Moers, West Germany, on May 26th, 1980.

    Three Blind Mice ‎– TBM (P) 5023

    Vinyl Artwork and CD Rip

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